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IMPORTANT WARNING The contents of this book deal with Adult Topics and are of a Graphic Nature, As Such

Do Not Continue Reading if You Are Easily Offended or Shocked by Sexual items. DEDICATION This book entitled Hypnotism & Sex Subtitled: How To Get Laid 365+ Times A Year Using Hypnotic Techniques Written By: Dr. Jonathan Royle (Formerly Known As Alex-Leroy) is dedicated to: My Gorgeous Wife Karen Who Has Made Me The Happiest & Proudest Man Alive And Whom I Love Dearly And My Dad (who taught me the ropes in show-business) And My Mum (whom wrote the following poem)

The 13th of August 75 Was the happiest day that Ive had When you came screaming into the world The pain suddenly seemed not so bad. The years flew by so quickly And at 4 you started school. That first day I was so upset But you stayed oh, so cool. Until it came to lunchtime And then the tears came fast you wanted to stay for your dinner! Home for lunch? That day was the last. Remember the Christmas production? You were one of the Billy Goats Gruff. And watching you up there I felt so proud But for you it wasnt enough. You wanted to go on performing and went with your Dad as a Clown. You stole the show from the TV chimps When you appeared in New Brighton town Then again to Gandeys Circus With your Dad you once more set off. But you played in a place where you shouldnt And a Puma pulled your ear off. But it didnt stop you performing Off to hospital for treatment and pad, An injection and sweet then a quick change

And back in the ring with your Dad. We moved to a house in Ainsworth You didnt like it much there. But at church you sang a solo And at home showed your magical flair. Then we moved back to Heywood At one time wed nearly a zoo With rabbits (and babies) and pigeons And then there was Smokey too. No time and you were eleven And off to Siddal Moor. I was at work, so each morning You saw me off at the door. Then bad news we lost Granddad Nation. I couldnt be here for you then. He left us so many good memories Dont you wish we could live them again? You carried on with your magic, Fire-eating and juggling too. Then came the tarot and hypnotism Is there anything you cant do? Well your childhood has gone so quickly Weve seen all the illnesses through. Measles and Mumps, German Measles And a bad case of Chickenpox too. Now today youre 18 and an adult

Youve the rest of your life ahead But Ill always remember your years as a child When Id watch you asleep in bed And so, to the future youre looking. I wish you Good Luck and Success, Good Health, Good Friends and a long life, I hope filled with happiness. But Ill always be there if you need me. Youll always have somewhere to come. And therell always be someone who loves you While Im on this earth your Mum!! COPYRIGHT NOTICE The entire contents of Hypnotism & Sex (Subtitled: How To Get Laid 365+ Times A Year Using Hypnotic Techniques) by Jonathan Royle is strictly copyright in every way, shape and form! No part of this publication may be reproduced and/or transmitted in any conceivable existing form or by way of any other form of communication which may be invented in the future whether written, audio, filmed, mechanical, computer data, internet or otherwise without the prior express written permission of both the author Alex William Smith (Jonathan Royle) and also the publishers. This copyright does not exclude the use of short extracts for use in reviews of this book and other editorial purposes so long as the author is both credited and informed of your actions. 2006 Alex William Smith (Dr. Jonathan Royle)


Hi dudes! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is AlexLeroy and I expect you know yours! Now I'd like to

introduce you to what will be for most of you, I'm sure, a truly interesting, informative and entertaining book to read. Now the reason I say most of you is quite simply because many of you will use the self-hypnosis

techniques which are explained within these pages, and for all you people it will be a relaxing, enjoyable, if somewhat slightly unusual experience. Now although

you'll see the word "sleep" rather a lot in this book, none of you using these techniques will ever be asleep or at least I hope you won't, you see if your hypnotised you'll be

fully aware of everything going on at all times, you'll just have this overwhelming desire to do almost anything I say! (Sorry false of habit), almost anything you may wish to suggest to your own sub-conscious mind whilst under hypnosis. Having said that of course, it is impossible to make anyone say or do anything which would contradict their morals or their values, but then if you've bought this book you've probably got no morals or values so that will be o.k! Now in an ideal world I'd hypnotise all the people reading this book, then wake you up a few hours later and convince you it was the best book you'd ever read, unfortunately that's just not possible, as such I feel there's a couple of things which I must run past you before we begin. everybody can be First and most importantly almost hypnotised or use self-hypnosis

techniques successfully, that's in fact true, each and every reader of this book can be hypnotised or use self-

hypnosis techniques very successfully indeed.


said that, of course it is impossible to hypnotise anyone who does not wish to be hypnotised, so you must approach this subject with an open mind, with the idea of letting yourself go, relaxing and giving it a try, if you approach the subject with an open mind then that's all that really matters, now of course there are a few other types of people who I cannot hypnotise and who cannot hypnotise themselves! Firstly anyone who is high on

drugs cannot be hypnotised even though many people I've hypnotised in the past have said it felt better than having a few joints of Moroccan black. Secondly we can't

hypnotise anyone who's drunk and the reason for that is drunk people already think that they are hypnotised! Thirdly, I can't hypnotise anyone under the age of 18, it's not just that it's against the law, in fact it's mainly because purely and simply I hate kids. And finally by the

Law of the 1989 Government Guidelines of hypnosis I have to warn you that it's better in most cases if Asthmatics, Epileptics, pregnant women and Clinically depressed people did not use self-hypnosis techniques or allow themselves to be hypnotised unless the "treatment" to be used is for the known particular problem or for painless childbirth in the case of the pregnant female. By the way if you're female reading this book and not pregnant contact me via the publishers and we can sort that one out.

Now in case you're wondering hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness in which your abilities to taste, smell, see, feel and hear things are enhanced and it's also an experience which will leave you feeling full of energy, optimism and happiness. If used correctly as outlined in this book or carried out on you by a trained professional.

As I've already said anyone can be hypnotised, anyone that is providing they have the correct powers of intelligence, imagination and concentration which are three attributes that you require in order to be a good hypnotic subject, whether on the performers stage, in the therapists consulting room or when practising self hypnosis upon yourself at home. As to how it feels to be under a hypnotic trance I'll quote many women who have followed me to my dressing room after my outrageous stage shows "erotic hypnotics"; "Hypnotorious" or

"hypnotic party time"!

Nearly all these women would

agree that the relaxing and exhilarating experience of the hypnotic trance was better than any orgasm they'd ever had, to which I usually reply well in that case you've obviously never slept with me then have you? Having

said that of course many of these women have also been so "entranced" by my apparent domineering powers upon

the stage during my over the top adult shows in which amongst other things volunteers become sordid lesbian lovers, or copulating dogs that they have followed me to my dressing room with the intention of getting to know the dynamic performer they have seen upon the stage much better if you know what I mean. I usually ask them if they want to go under and when they say yes I know that very soon I'll be on top! You see many women (and even men, when I've worked in gay venues) see the power I have upon people on stage and they want me to dominate them. Some hypnotists or therapists say you

cannot possibly make someone do things they don't want to or do things against their will. Well that may be true (although I doubt it very much) but I know that locked deep within the realms of every women's mind are the most extreme sexual fantasies Using hypnosis and

techniques similar to those outlined in this publication I


just unlock the door to their subconscious mind, find this hiding place and then lie back and enjoy the results . Given the correct stimulation the most prim and proper woman can do the most outrageous things and with me they get that stimulation! And after reading this book

you'll be able to offer them that stimulation too and I'm sure you'll find, as I have in the past few years, that many women wish to fulfil fantasies of sleeping with famous pop stars or film actors which, yes, you can help them fulfil on the night, but the next day it's a bit like the morning after you pull someone in a night club then you wake up and wonder who the fuck's that. The women can get a bit

narked when they realise it was only a dream which seemed very real indeed due to hypnosis. Now although they will after the event realise it was imaginary and not sex with the real person at the time they will be able to taste, smell, feel see and hear everything just as though it


was in actuality occurring as 100% total reality.


think what a great chat up line it is to ask a women what she fancies most? And then for example when she replies Mel Gibson, you hand her your business card which says upon it hypnotherapist and sex therapist, as they look at it you say well if you let me hypnotise you then with me you'll believe as reality that you've slept with Mel Gibson. I tell you what guys you wouldn't believe until you try it just how successful this chat up line is and how, along with the other information in this book it can help you to get laid 365+ times a year and have better sex than you could possibly imagine. You could then follow this line up in a joking fashion of course with the line "seriously though, I can make sexual fantasies come true with hypnosis and that's what I do for a living, so would you like to go under later or would you prefer to go on top?" A little later on in the conversation, you can use the line of


"I should have brought my washing in for you tonight so you could wash it for me" When they ask why you say "Well you see I saw you in here a while ago and I've thought about you so much since that I've stained all my bedding!" This is a sub-vocal command and is a very

subtle and non offensive joking way to make them aware that you like them so much you'd have a good wank over them. On many occasions you'll find that later in the

conversation the woman will ask "Seriously though, can you hypnotise people to get them into bed" to which I usually reply "Well to be honest I once hypnotised a woman and told her that when she woke up she'd make made passionate love to me, I then said 1,2,3 wide awake and she just slapped me across the face and (pause) mind you a few seconds later she said slap me back and fuck me ridged - so yes I'm sure it's possible". After, make

comedy banter along these lines and use of the seduction


techniques detailed in this book you'll then be ready to make your move and make a pass at the female you've targeted. If this is accepted willingly enthusiastically then you know almost for certain that she'll be game for sex tonight! To put it bluntly - anyone with half an ounce of intelligence will be able, after reading this book, to take advantage of every opportunity that arises on a daily basis to obtain legally, sexual adventures with some of the worlds most beautiful women. How can I casually make such a statement, well the answer is simple, I know through experience that in the real world there are literally hundreds of single and married women who want no strings attached adult daytime fun or to put it bluntly one off sex sessions. I back this up by drawing your

attention to the large number of normal females who advertise for "playmates" on a daily basis within the adverts pages of such Daily newspapers as the Daily


Sport or in many cases the classified columns of your local paper. These adverts are usually placed by

single/married women who aren't getting enough sex and want regular adult day or night time fun. Those

interested in group sex and orgies will find also that married couples also advertise within these pages with the intention of finding a bisexual male or female for 3 in a bed sex or even another married couple for partner swapping group sex. Look also within the classifieds of adult magazines such as Fiesta, Men Only or Play Boy. You will very often see advertisements from adult style dating agencies who have on their files the contact details of literally thousands of women of all ages and types who want more sex with no emotional ties or commitment. Registering yourself with such a dating agency will ensure that you are never short of females contacting you for "no strings" sex. You'll also see supplies outlet (sex shop) a


monthly publication literally just called "Adult Contact Magazine", it's pages are full with adverts placed by readers at a small cost to themselves who are seeking sexual satisfaction on exploration of one kind or another from people such as yourself who have purchased the magazine. Some of the adverts say things such as "for

day time fun only". You can be sure that when it says day time fun it's an advert from a bored horny housewife who's not getting enough and who's husband is at work by day. Some say "Can Accommodate" - which means

quite simply, if you are travelling a fair distance for the "no strings" sex session your one night only sex partner can provide you with a bed for the night. Other adverts say "can travel", meaning quite literally that the female in question is prepared to travel to your residence for "no strings" sex. Bear in mind all those ways I've just detailed via which you can very easily obtain "no strings" sex and


you really have no excuse for not being able to have sex on a regular basis and getting laid 365+ times a year.

Whilst I think of it, although this book may be teaching you ways to get sexual adventures make easily, I am not advocating unprotected sex, in fact I would think it suicidal in today's climate where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are rife not to have protected sex. And by protected sex I mean the use of a good reliable brand name condom, as they say, if you want to go paddling without getting your feet wet then make sure you put on your wellies first. Some men think sex with a

condom is like making love to the inner tube of a bicycle wheel, but to be honest it has several very important advantages, (1) it is very reliable protection against most all S.T.D's including of course the killer of modern times, AIDS; (2) it's a good reliable contraceptive and should


ensure that you don't end up with kids you hadn't planned for; (3) As it slightly cuts down your stimulation as a man, it means it helps you to keep on going longer before you ejaculate; (4) As you can buy a huge variety of condoms these days, if you experiment with ribbed condoms, French tickler condoms and other varieties all available at your local sex shop or mail order from adult supply outlets from within the pages of adult magazines, then you'll find as I have done that not only can they make your sex sessions more pleasurable for both you and your partner, but a very good advantage of condoms is that after ejaculation, it's very easy to clean up, apply a new condom and get back to some more horizontal pleasure. Oh yes and after reading this book, that should be a great advantage, as you should have no problems in keeping your pecker up as long as you want to so that penetrative sex is possible time and time again all night or


even all day long. With all adult contact advertisements of the kind mentioned, you should find that the advertisers are genuine females who are offering "no strings" sex sessions free of charge in order to satisfy their own large sexual appetites. Now to continue before I

start to teach you my tried, tested and proven to work pick up and seduction techniques which can be used any time, any place, anywhere (a bit like the martini advert shaken but not stirred!) I would like to mention a few

other ways in which you can very easily obtain sexual satisfaction whenever you need or want it. Already I've mentioned adult contact mags or advertisements, please don't forget also that there are adult contact phone lines which you'll see advertised in the Daily Sport, other national newspapers and of course adult magazines. Now these numbers do cost around 48p a minute peak rate or 36p cheap rate, but to be honest my experience tells me


that they are well worth every penny for the sexual encounters you can experience and arrange due to their existence. In practise you call the number relevant to the type of woman you want sex with (e.g. busty women, 1821 years old, over 40's etc.). You then listen to the

messages which have been left by these people and after any of the messages you want to reply to you press a number on your telephone key pad or say yes as the service may be voice activated and then you leave a brief message about yourself and your telephone number so that the women you leave the messages for can contact you direct. And her alternative is to place a message

yourself on the service for other women to ring up, listen to, leave their message for you. Then at the end of each 24 hour period you call up and obtain your messages and contact the women who obviously want to meet you directly, and then it's as easy as A,B,C to arrange a time


to meet for "no strings" sex as that's what you are both after. Full details are available by calling the user's guide number printed on the company's advert. Rest assured though these phone messages do produce results, so if you're not likely to be in when people respond to your message, ensure you have purchased an answer machine and that it's switched on. As for married men reading

this book, get a mobile phone and leave the mobile number on the phone message you leave, that way your wife or live in lover is not likely to pick up the phone and find out what you're doing behind their back, and when you can get mobile phones for free, with free connection and low monthly tariffs these days, you really have no excuse for not having a mobile phone, which when carried around also has the added advantage of making you look like a successful business executive when you're also dressed in a similar successful way, and it goes without


saying, seemingly successful men attract more women than the losers in life - Honest!! Don't forget also that if you are married or living with someone and you're having an affair or you're going to get several relationships on the go at the same time, then it's very important to call all the women by the same pet name. It's also important to buy them all the same birthday and Christmas presents in order that in later conversation you don't forget who got what present and as such slip up in conversation. And it goes without saying that you should never take them to the same places, otherwise a barman etc. could make a comment on how you always seem to be with a different women and that could really mess things up. Whilst on the subject of having affairs, should you do so, and you get found out, never, and I mean never, admit to anything even if your wife finds you in bed naked with another women - deny it - don't admit it - say it's not what it


seems. Because most women don't want to believe they had just seen what they have seen, as such it is not impossible or unheard of in a situation such as this to deny everything and have the wife forget all about it on purpose - because it's easier for her to handle emotionally if she denies also in her own mind that the affair took place. And of course, it goes without saying, never tell

anyone you're married (if you are, don't wear a wedding ring when out on the pull). In fact the less your female sexual encounters know about you the better, if the aim of your game is fun sex, however honesty is always the best policy and faithfulness is also important if intending to find a long term secure loving relationship with long term prospects. I'm sure if you're reading this book

though, married will be at the bottom of your priority list. After all you only get 10 years for murder don't you! Yet another very simple way to obtain sex as and when you


need it is to hire a prostitute, hooker, call girl, escort or whatever you wish to call them. Now although to be

honest this will cost you money, in my experience during 1994 (year prior to writing this book) in the Greater Manchester area if you pick a pro up on the street in the red light area it costs about 20 to 25 for oral sex and about an extra 10 for full penetrative sex, which will in my experience usually take place in a nearby secluded back ally or in the lower (basement) levels of a multistorey car park. Should you wish to hire the girls services for a longer length of time to return with you to your hotel for a sex session, my experience in 1994 tells me that in Greater Manchester you can get anything goes sex (includes oral, front and rear entry, etc.) for a charge of 60 for two hours of the girls time, and an all night session (from say 12 midnight until 6 a.m. at which point they'd leave your hotel) will cost around 100 for anything


goes sex. Please note the prices quoted are a good guide at the time of going to press and although obviously some of the higher class girls can charge up to several hundred pounds an hour. The prices quoted should be a good

guide to the average you'll pay in Manchester, I say the average because with a bit of bargaining power you can get some good deals, for example the first time I had sex, when I lost my virginity was with a prostitute on a car park during 1992, before I started to use my hypnotic skills to take advantage of dozens of entranced females on a regular basis, it cost me 35 for full sex and oral sex and was worth it, as once I'd lost my virginity I had the confidence to go out and have sex with any female as I had this in my own mind already done it once successfully. As with anything in life, experience and

familiarity of the subject gives you an inner confidence which makes you more successful in that area in future


times and the subject of sexual encounters is no different. Once you've done it a few times and experimented with different sexual positions, techniques etc. then you'll have an inner confidence and will feel at ease going into a night-club, picking up a woman and later having sex with her, as you'll already have conquered your fears and

inhibitions. Of course it's also useful to find out if you're homosexual or bisexual, because if you are then you can have the best of both worlds and of course have some serious fun at orgies. As for me I used to be bisexual you see, if I couldn't get sex for free then I'd buy it, but these days I've turned trysexual. That's right I'll now try

anything once. After all they do say "don't put off doing what can be done today until tomorrow, because if you like it today then you can always do it again tomorrow".


Whilst It occurs to me, whilst I'm on the subject of sexuality, I'll just mention these few points, (1) if you give women the impression you are gay they will feel very relaxed when you are around and as such you'll always have loads of women around you in pubs and clubs. (2) If women think you are gay you'll always find some who'll make it their aim to turn you straight and get you into bed and of course you won't put up too much resistance will you? (3) Gay bars and clubs are great places to go even if you're not gay, as they have become the "in place" for people to go in recent years and many of the people there will be heterosexual and also don't forget that bisexual females who visit these clubs do on some occasions pick out a man that takes their fancy - believe me here I know this from personal experience. (4) If you are a Bisexual male or are homosexual or even a heterosexual male who likes anal sex with women please


don't forget that normal Durex condoms are not safe for anal sex. And in fact to be safe you must purchase

special extra strength anal sex compatible condoms from your local sexual supply shop. (5) For those readers who may be homosexual or bisexual don't forget that a popular way to obtain sexual favours from other men of a similar sexuality is through "Cottaging" which means hanging around in your local public toilets (the Cottage) and basically observing body language signals or responding to the gay code language malari. A favourite trick used by homosexual men in department store toilets is the leaving of telephone numbers on inside loo doors (usually mobile numbers) on which they can be contacted or a note saying a time and place where they can be met for sexual fun at a later date. Also if an empty shopping bag is

carried by a "Cottaging" male then if he gets lucky he can have his sexual partner sit down on the toilet with both of


them shut inside the cubicle, he can then stand inside the shopping bag so that anyone else coming into the toilet just sees under the door someone's feet who's obviously sitting on the loo and their shopping bag on the floor. The passers-by don't realise that the shopping bag is hiding the other blokes legs so that they can give each other oral sex or have other sexual fun. I'm sure the

homosexual or bisexual readers amongst you know a lot more about this subject than me so I'll just say each to his own and don't knock it before you try it - otherwise you'll never know what you're missing. I couldn't be

bisexual though as I couldn't stand getting rejected twice! - HA HA What a sad joke! Now that I've digressed totally from the subject of prostitutes and call girls, I will once again return to it - Why? Well quite simply because I

have some more advice for you which may be of use in your future sexual exploits with your "professional" sex


partner. Incidentally the female you are going to pay for sex is a "professional" and as such from my experience usually has no inhibitions and is prepared to do anything which can be a fascinating and exciting experience for the, until now, shy male individual. Just for the record I'll now confess that I've used the services of prostitutes and escorts many times when I was younger in order to lose my inhibitions totally and also to enable me to try out many different sexual positions and techniques before going out and putting them to use in the "real world" so to speak. The way I see it is, you're paying the girl for her services and as such you should get value for money, and as she's a professional I would also say you should learn from the experience. To take this to the extremes I once booked into Sacha's Hotel in Central Manchester. I went into the Hotel's night-club and after trapping off with the champagne technique detailed later and going upstairs to


my room for a good sex session with the female, who's name to this day I cannot remember, (she was several years my senior though!) I was still feeling really horny and so I decided to visit the red light area which for anyone visiting Manchester is on Sackville Street, and the area down the side of the Britannia Hotel and near the University in Central Manchester. I realised it was 2 a.m. in the morning and it took me half an hour before I found two girls who took my fancy. After approaching them

both and asking if they were looking for any business, I managed to hire the two girls, who incidentally were aged 29 years old and 35 years old respectively (I was literally just 18 years old at the time and had used hookers services at a much younger age), to return to my hotel room with me until 7.00 a.m. the same morning for a four hour sex session for just 100 cash. As it turned out I had such a good time I paid the girls some extra cash by


way of a bonus for their services which were very helpful indeed. You see although by the time of this experience I was quite sexually experienced I took this opportunity to ask the hookers what turned them on most, what positions they enjoyed most etc. I found this information to be very useful in my future adventures with women, as my experience shows me that although all women are very different, many, many cases I've encountered they are very much the same when it comes to the sexual side of things and they seem to experience things both psychologically and physically as all other women. what I'm basically saying here is any virgins So or

inexperienced males who are reading this book can lose all their inhibitions, gain experience and also try out many different techniques in a "no-pressure" situation by employing the services of several call girls and if you tell them its your "first time" with a hooker or indeed your


"first time" full stop they will, to use an old clich, be "gentle" with you. Most red light areas can be found in busy city centres, near car parks, hotels or night clubs. If visiting or living in London, Manchester, Birmingham or another large city you'll most always find that in the public telephone boxes are business cards from escorts and call girls which state the style of sex they offer and show a contact number. You simply call this number and you are either told an address to go and have sex with the hooker or they come and meet you at that location. Your local newspaper also will carry adverts for massage parlours offering a 24 hour service, many of these offer "sexual extras" at a small extra price, which range from hand relief during the massage up to full sex. In Sheffield there's one massage parlour where you can get the services of six, yes six gorgeous girls for 100 an hour (that's around 17 each an hour) all I'm going to say is


look at the local Sheffield newspaper, call all the massage parlour numbers and ask if they offer "all the extra's" you'll soon find out which establishment I'm referring to and all I'm going to say is it was the best money I've ever spent. Finally on the subject of prostitutes your local sex shop owner will usually be able to inform you of your own local Red light area or even, give you the mobile numbers of some local girls who offer services around the clock at their own premises.


Once whilst in High Wycombe (near London) performing my outrageous stage act twice a night, three nights a week at the London Bus Emporium Night-club I was helped out of a very tricky situation by a true gentleman,


Mr Raj Paul, who lived in the area and was not only a very successful business man with many vehicles including a Rolls Royce but was also an expert pick up artist, which was proven by his beautiful ladyfriend Jackie and his very lovely young baby son, Harley. Although his "pick-up"

days were now over as he was in a secure loving relationship he was well known in the area as a pick up artist and at one time ran an executive male escort service for female clientele which was well documented by a News of the World investigation, for those who may recall the article, my friend was running the escort service under the name of Bret Montana I seem to remember. His way with women was also documented in all his local newspapers in articles through which Mr Raj Paul told the male readers the correct gentlemanly way to treat females and thus became more successful with them. After

becoming friends with Mr Raj Paul, several years ago he


taught me all his most closely guarded pick up techniques and secrets for success with women. And for this I shall forever be indebted to him as I can personally confirm that every shred of advice which Mr Raj Paul and his fellow "playboy" friends told me to use works 100%. What is more I've found that after learning these techniques and putting them to use, far more women now approach me and chat me up, or is it just that I was blind to their opening lines in the past?? Well whichever it is, these

secrets, plays and techniques are worth their weight in gold to every man on this earth who wants to be far more successful with women, and literally get laid FREE OF CHARGE 365+ (PLUS) times a year. So without further ado lets now look at the methods I was taught by a real life "playboy" and "pick-up" expert which I have since put to use and can now personally guarantee are all tried, tested, proven to work and extremely successful in


practically all possible pick up situations with members of the opposite sex.


I am sure, like myself before learning the following techniques that there have been times when women have approached you in a pub, club, night club or some other social situation, and you have been unable to take advantage of the situation that presents itself because you don't have the articles required upon you to do so. Yes that's right, not only can a confident and assertive attitude with women seriously improve your sex life but there are also certain articles which you should carry around with you at all times and these are namely as follows:-


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Business Cards bearing your contact details. Blank visiting cards to write upon. A good quality wrist watch. A good quality working pen. A good quality working lighter. A pack of good quality cigarettes. A wallet with plenty of money in. A mobile telephone. A working phone card.

10. Car keys and nice looking car. 11. Your own house or flat to be able to go back to.


Well the reason these things when carried around by your or in your ownership can seriously improve your success with women is quite simply because most women still feel


its traditional for the man to chat up the female and not vice versa. However many women in this state of mind want to start a conversation with a man in such a way that it appears very innocent in the hope that the man they have approached will then take advantage of the situation and start to chat her up so to speak. As such you need the above mentioned articles to be in a position to take full advantage of these situations which do occur far more often than you could possibly ever imagine in your wildest dreams. You just need to open up your eyes and realise that every second of every day a potential situation occurs in which you can increase your sexual success with women. My experience after learning these techniques and obviously also the things that women use standard opening lines to initiate a conversation with men who interest them.



For example, have you got a pen? Here you would need to lend her a pen to take advantage of this situation.


Have you got the time? wearing a wrist watch.

For which you need to be

3. 4.

Have you got a light? For which you need the lighter. Have you got a cigarette? For which you need

cigarettes on you, whether you personally are a smoker or not. 5. Have you got a phone card? This usually happens in pubs where they only have a phone card phone and a lady needs to use the phone, here the working phone card is required. 6. Can I use your phone a second, I'll give you the money for the call" - I've had this happen many times for the same reason as mentioned with the phone card and when you hand over your mobile phone and


say o.k, you're instantly in the good books and then when you refuse payment for the call you get more brownie points and I've found the female then offers to buy you a drink instead as a thank you, and as such you have a chance to continue things. 7. Have you got a piece of paper to write on? - here the blank visiting cards come into their own and you can hand one over, ideally though give them one of your business cards, they can write on the back of it and already have your contact details then for future reference.

These are the articles required to take advantage of the usual opening lines used by women. Now for an

explanation of what you need the other articles for.



The Business Cards - These are for handing out to women when they ask for your contact details. If

printed saying your job is hypnotist and sex therapist they can also be used for the pick-up lines as described earlier in the book. The more women get these details, the more likely you are to be called everyday by beautiful women who want sexual relationships with you.


The Wallet and Cash - This is quite simply so you are able to buy your potential sex partner a drink. And enables you to use the oldest opening line of all time "do you fancy a drink", it may be old but it still works. Also don't forget you need money for night

clubs, the after clubbing meal and for most things in life. The wallet is useful for carrying the cash, your business cards etc., and if it's an Armani Designer


wallet with the tag on it, non-verbally gives the impression you have stacks of cash and sadly many women still go for the guys with dosh.

10. Your own car - With a car of your own you can offer the lone female at the bus stop a lift; you can give women a lift home from the night-club; you have a portable place for your sexual fun to be experienced in; you can be any place, anything, anywhere and don't have to rely on taxi's it also makes you look more desirable to many women.

11. Your own House/Flat - you need your own house or flat in order to be able to take females home at any hour of the day or night and get up to whatever you want, whenever you want. It's also a useful place to


run your own parties and as the party host have an increased chance of getting laid.

Round one over - How to win round two

Once you've been approached by the female, and you've taken advantage of the opening line used by her to initiate the conversation with you, at that point you need to carry the conversation on in such a way that the females instant reaction will be that your a nice guy who she'd like to get to know better. She obviously already likes the look of you, otherwise she would not have approached you, the fact you were able to help her out, so to speak, by taking full advantage of her opening line means she'll think even more of you as a person as long as you then carry on in a confident, friendly and assertive manner she'll be yours! Remember of course to always be a you -


you person and not at anytime a me - me individual. What do I mean? Well quite simply a me - me person is someone who talks about themselves all the time and takes very little interest in their potential sex partner, whereas a you - you person is the kind of person who talks a sincere deep interest in their potential sex partner's hobbies, life, interest, feelings etc. and gets the female in question to open up and talk about herself. As I'm sure you'll understand, people always like to be around other people who make them feel good and by getting the lady to talk about herself and showing a genuine interest it not only saves you from not knowing what to say next, but more importantly, she'll feel good talking about herself and will instantly warm to you as most men she will have met will have been "me - me" people who talk about themselves all the time and show off a lot and all in all take very little interest in her.


Obviously there will come a time in the conversation when she'll ask you questions and of course you should answer these as she's got an equal right to know about you as you have to know things about her, the thing here is though, because she'll have asked you these things she'll secretly and genuinely want to know the answers and as such will not think of you as a "me - me" person for telling her. You can, if running short of things to say, turn the conversation back into her ball-court by simply saying something such as "anyway, that's more than enough about me, I want to get to know you better rather than boring you with details about me!" Now I know this

sounds very corny, but it almost always works to get the conversation back into her ball court, on the rare occasions when the female insists on more details from you, quite simply be honest, give her the details, but always try to keep the conversation up beat and inject an


element of humour into things where possible as it is very true to say that most women love to be around a man who can make them laugh. Combine this with your sincere

interest in them and the fact you'll treat them like a true gentlemen would and you'll be able to move this encounter from a meeting into a sexual adventure very quickly. So to recap quickly, the lady has approached you and you've taken advantage of this initial encounter, she'll now either offer to buy you a drink, or if she doesn't you offer to get her one, whilst also complimenting her on her appearance. For example "by the way, what are you

drinking tonight?" (here get answer) "Barman, a double gin and tonic please" (then turn back to her) "incidentally may I just say how beautiful you're looking tonight, I'd be honoured if you'd join me at my table for a while".


This as I say, is only an example whatever you use must be spontaneous, apt to the situation and above all suit your own personality, this example does do several things however; 1. It carries on the conversation from her opening line question. 2. You've found out what she's drinking and ordered her a double measure of it. This makes you look It also

generous, flash and desirable all in one.

means you've ordered the drink before she can refuse and thus she'll feel more obliged to spend a little more time with you, which as we've discussed was no doubt her motive for approaching you in the first place. 3. You've also complimented her on her appearance which makes her both feel good and confirms to her that you have a genuine interest in her.



The final section asks her to join you at your table in a very gentlemanly manner, and believe me most women like to be treated in this way and put so nicely its harder for them to say no.

I know the example given sounds very corny but my personal experience and the experience of others shows me beyond doubt that the simplest and sometimes the stupidest things are the best, and work much better than an elaborate fancy worded chat up line. you will by this point of things either be stood at the bar with the female having a conversation or sat down at your table talking, at all times being a "you - you" person and getting her to open up about herself. When asked what you do for a

living either be totally honest or use the "I'm a hypnotist and sex therapist", series of chat up lines as described earlier in this book, always of course delivering the lines in a light hearted manner. This makes her laugh,


introduces some sexual non-offensive innuendo into the conversation and moves things on a stage or two in a very short space of time. This would also be an ideal time to use the magical tricks, balloon - modelling ploy or fortune telling technique as detailed later on to make the whole encounter move on very quickly so that the end of the night, or certainly if it's what you're after, the start of a long term relationship with her. Basically you're now in a position whereby to put it bluntly, if the female is still with you, then your chances of sex that night are very, very high indeed. From this point in the encounter the rest of the meeting prior to finding out if you're on for sex or not, will depend on the place you are in. For example in a night-club or dance bar it would be vital to get the female onto the dance floor during the night and of course most importantly for the slow dances, at which time if you haven't already made a pass at her now would be the time


to do so and when accepted successfully, you can be sure you're on for sex tonight. If in a pub or theatre bar or some other social situation you should get the female to accompany you either to a night club so you can continue as detailed later or to a restaurant which is the equivalent of a slow dance at a night-club and then proceed to be a "you - you" person and as the night moves on include more and more sexual innuendo into the conversation in a humorous way and you can be assured if the body language signals which you will be detailed later are there then you'll be on for sex that night or at the very least for the second date, at which you'd use the crazy gifts for dates ideas as a million brownie points and thus ensure that you get sex that night. Incidentally, at this point let me say that any professional pick up artist would proceed as follows: A. Try to pick up a new sexual partner that night.



If unsuccessful then phone up one of past dates who's telephone number you'll still have in your little black book and ask them out for a late night meal etc. and try to turn this into a sexual night.


If B is unsuccessful then call one of the numbers you have on file from the dating/contact services as mentioned earlier of women in your area who want "no strings" sex and try to arrange a meeting for that night.


As a last resort, if in a relationship already go home and have sex with that female, or if not in a relationship go to the red light area and pay for sex.

By working to the above action plan you can be 100% confident that you'll be getting sex that night. As such because confidence breeds confidence and women love to be around confident and assertive men, also as you'll be


more relaxed and less anxious to be successful your efforts will be improved 100% and as such you are far more likely to succeed with women on a more regular basis than the average man who goes out on the pull so to speak with no action plan, strategy or confidence. All of which you will have after reading this book. Once the end of the evening comes, whether in a night-club, pub or restaurant you have by then had enough time to find out if you're on for sex, now's the time to use the corniest line in the book "would you like to come back to my place for a coffee?" , or a slight improvement on this is to say "would you like me to give you a lift home now or would you prefer to come back to my place for a coffee?", this is an open ended question which cannot be merely answered by a yes or no. In fact you'll find 80% of the time they'll

come back to your place in which case you're guaranteed sex that night, around 18% of the time they'll want a lift


home and of this 18% most of them will invite you in for a coffee and usually sex will follow and a small percentage of the time you'll just be told "not on the first date", if this happens it means one of two things, either they are not interested in sex with you, which if you've got this far down the line is highly unlikely, or they just don't do it on the first date. To find out ask for their contact details and enter these into the memory of your mobile phone and then later at home into your little black book. You can then at a later date contact her and go on a second date which when accepted and the brownie point scoring gift ideas are used over a candlelit romantic meal in a restaurant are used you can be sure of sex that night. Here it occurs to me to point out that highly sexed individuals are usually far more confident and outgoing as they have less inhibitions and are not as sexually frustrated. As such they are far more relaxed about the


whole subject.

How does this relate to you?


basically, if you go out on the pull and are unsuccessful it's well worth paying for it so that you get that sexual release you need, or at the very least have a good session of masturbation, it's not as good as sex but it's pretty damn good and it's free of charge. The bottom line of

what I'm saying is that if you always ensure your sexual tensions are released as soon as possible then you wont ever become sexually frustrated and as such will approach the whole of your life in a far more confident and relaxed manner which will ensure you far greater success in all you do and ultimately a great success rate when picking up women for future sexual encounters and relationships. Other main important points which have

just occurred to me are as follows: 1. Picking up women is just a numbers and percentages game. The law of averages and the experience of


sales people shows that every no you get in life brings you much closer to a yes. As such to put it basically, if you go into a night-club and there are lot's of women there and you ask them to spend the night with you then the law of averages says that the more you ask the more likely you are to find one who says yes. So what I'm saying here is don't be bothered

about rejection as it's better to be rejected than to always wonder what would have happened if you'd asked. I know that principle to be true as another "playboy" friend of mine proved it to me in a very crude way once. We were in a night-club once and to illustrate to me that the law of averages in this case would he use the chat up line "do you fancy coming back to my place tonight for a really good sex session?, needless to say he got many women saying no, verbally abusing him back and in some cases


slapping him across the face, but within 10 minutes of approaching women in the club with this line he had found one who did indeed want sex and accepted. Now although it worked I'm not saying you should do what he did, I am however saying that the more women you approach on a daily basis with the intention of getting a date or a sexual encounter the more the law of averages will be working in your favour to get this. 2. "The most beautiful women are always the loneliest". This may sound like a really old clich but experience tells me it also happens to be very true indeed. To illustrate many men are either too scared to approach these "drop dead gorgeous women" or ask them for a date that they end up alone. Or many men presume that such a beautiful woman would either not be interested in them or would already be


spoken for and for the same reason these women end u lonely. As such many of these women will be glad of some sincere attention and like to be treated like a normal equal to you individual. Just as women like to be treated this way combine this fact with the law of averages technique and ask enough drop dead gorgeous women and you are bound to get laid on a regular basis. I know this from experience of

attending the Sunday Sport page 3 girl of the year awards at Stringfellows in London during 1993 and trapping off so to speak with one of the "drop dead gorgeous" contestants which proved to me this play works and is very true indeed. 3. Women love to be treated in a gentlemanly way. For example if you open the door for them, let them walk upstairs first, let them walk downstairs after you, stand up when they are about to sit down at the


table, stand up when they stand up to go to the loo, walk on the side nearest the road when walking down the street, treat them in a polite manner, always using words such as please, thank you, sorry, pardon me etc. at the correct times. If you do all this and observe the usual rules of etiquette, on which books are available at your local library or bookstore then as you'll be a rare individual who treats women as individuals, who are equal in all ways to us men, take a sincere interest in them and treat them in a true gentlemanly manner then you will be far more successful than the average man at succeeding with women, as you'd become known in all the places as a really nice person, a true gentlemen and as such women will want to get to know you and as such are even more likely to approach you or accept your advances. Also when you become known as a


"superstud" in bed as you will become known after reading this book and putting the contents to use, you'll get women approaching you who want sex with you as they've heard how good you are. It's also a funny phenomenon, but experience shows me that if you're seen around women (different ones) on a regular basis etc. then you are far more likely to get approached by women who will then see you as a desirable person, after all why should that women they saw you with weeks ago know you and not them? You're also more likely to attract the women who like a challenge and so try to get men into bed, and well you wont put up too much of a challenge will you? Hopefully by now you'll see it's not so much looks or physique that make women want to sleep with you (although these can be an advantage). It's more a case of psychology and the way you treat


them and make them feel that makes them want a sexual encounter with you in such a short space of time. Also the more you put all the methods in this book to use the more likely they are to become second nature to you and as such part of your personality which will then make you a "natural" pick up expert within a short space of time indeed! Most, if not all women want sex just as regularly as men, the only difference is they seem to be able to wait longer until the right person comes along, whereas us men usually want to do it with the first nice looking girl we meet who takes an interest in us. When you bear in mind that women need sexual satisfaction just as much as us men and also use the logic that if a single female has gone to a night-club she's probably out to find a man, especially so if she's dressed provocatively as invariably she will be. Bearing these things in mind you'll


understand why the next technique for trapping off with women works. You enter the night-club at say 11.00 p.m. knowing that the slower dances don't start until 1.30 a.m., in two and a half hours time. Once inside the club you go to the bar, get a drink and when paying for it tip the barmaid, this ensures that she remembers you and as such later on when you go to the bar even if it's busy she'll usually serve you quicker in the hope that she'll get another tip which of course she does, because then she'll remember you at the end of the night should you have to resort to the emergency plan of going to the barmaid at the end of the night and asking her to accompany you for a late night meal. If you've been establishing a rapport all night, had a little joke and generally been friendly then she'll usually accept. you can then use the time over the meal to turn the atmosphere into a more sexual one. Anyway, back to plan A, once you've bought a drink, take


a stroll around the club and establish eye contact and smile at as many women as you can, then return to the bar and stay there. This gives you a chance to do two

things (A) talk more with the barmaid who is plan B and (B) As more women arrive at the club and come to the bar to order drinks you can be the first man to establish eye contact with them, smile at them and say hello etc. With several a short conversation should occur. Continue in this way until around 12.00 p.m. (midnight) and then target one of the girls you've already said hello to who's still alone and approach her with your favourite opening line or by using the magical trick or astrology play to start off the encounter. Then carry things on in the way

described already. If things go O.K great. If not getting the correct body language signals and general

enthusiastic response from her, then make your excuses and leave to target another female. This can be done


until you strike lucky due to the numbers game or until on those rare occasions you haven't already trapped off that it gets to 1.30 a.m. and it's almost slow dance time. Should this time arrive and you still need to find a sex partner then approach the D.J. and basically give him a five pound note and a note saying the following as you say "here mate, this is for you (hand him the fiver) do me a favour and play as many of these records as you can in the next half hour (give him the list). on the list of songs should be the following in the same order and I give them:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. When I fall in love - Nat King Cole Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh Time of my Life - Dirty Dancing soundtrack Love is all around - Wet, Wet, Wet Everything I do I do it for you - Bryan Adams When a Man loves a woman -


7. 8.

I would do anything for love - Meatloaf Unchained melody - Righteous Brothers

The reason for the list is as follows: Most singles last for 3 to 3.5 minutes in duration as such if the DJ had all the records on the list they'd last for 8 records x 3.5 minutes approx., which equals a total of 28 minutes together with his talking and saying goodnight at the end gives a full 30 minutes which would fill up the rest of his time for the end of the night. It also happens to be a list of some of the best songs I've ever found for turning women on and getting them in the mood for sex. now you've got the full duration of the first song "When I fall in Love" to approach one of the females whom you made eye contact with at the start of the night, had a brief friendly conversation with and perhaps said hello to a few other times during the night when on your prowls around the club. She must still be on her own and without a


dance partner for the slow dances. now considering you made contact with so many people at the start of the night it should be no problem to find one of the females who's still on her own and in need of a dance partner. Now just approach her and say something such as "alright, we'll have to stop meeting like this you know people might start talking" (here allow her to respond then follow up with). "We could give them something to talk about though so how do you fancy doing me the honour of joining me on the dance floor"? Now women just like us men hate to still be alone in a night-club when it comes to slow dance time and will either leave shortly after the slow dances start of accept the first offer of a dance partner that comes their way. Now when you also bear in mind that you've already met them several times earlier in the night, had a brief friendly chat at the bar etc. and you now greet her like a long lost friend she'd


be hard put to say no to your offer as she will be happier to join someone on the dance floor who psychologically she'll feel she already knows and it means she'll have a dance partner also for the rest of the slow dances. Once on the dance floor bearing in mind that the DJ will probably play the tunes in the order on the list, bear in mind the following things, the greatest sons my mentor and tutor has ever found to get women turned on and that I've found from experience of using them do work are in order of their effectiveness as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Unchained Melody. When a man loves a woman. You've lost that loving feeling Time of my life.

Unchained melody has become even more effective since being used as the theme tune to Ghost and the others all


seem to get women into the correct psychological mood for sex also. Always remember to do actual dirty dancing when the films theme tune "time of my life" is played. It seems as if you're doing it because of the association with the film, but due to this innocent reason you have a good chance to do the grain rubbing motions as you'll see by renting the film out to learn a few of the moves, which will make the female become sexually aroused. Then your dancing should revert to close together hands around her hips style until you get to the final tune "Unchained Melody" and then its hold together as close as you can style slow dance, and obviously here your hands can, if not already there, move down to rest on her bottom area and before the song ends you should make a pass at her, which if she's on the dance floor with you at that point will be accepted as she'll be sexually aroused both physically (by


Dirty Dancing moves) and psychologically by the music which does seem to turn women on. The list of

recommended tunes given is also ideal for making up your own compilation tape for use as background seduction music when making out on the couch or in your bedroom at home and can be played on your home stereo which will preferably have auto-reverse mode on it, so that it will keep on automatically changing sides so that the music will not run out half way through the sex session. Some other love songs could be intermingled

amongst this recommended list for your home seduction music tape but those are the ones I've found to work best. The consistent thing with any situation in everyday life in which you could possibly pick up women is that the hardest part is the opening line, as once a conversation has started it's literally just a case of being yourself and using body language etc. to ensure that the relationship


moves on quicker than usual. Many people have written whole books full of opening lines for chatting up women, but to be honest the four methods of A. B. C. D. Champagne play Magical flirting Balloons play Astrology play.

will break the ice so to speak and start a good conversation with any woman, any place, anything far better than any fancy planned chat up line. And in the rare cases where these techniques are not usable, such as in a supermarket just use the direct approach and say something such as "I was just wondering if you fancied going for a drink tonight?" or some such similar line, the law of averages comes into plan and as you've been honest and direct to the point you have a far better


chance of success and a positive answer than using a fancy planning chat up line such as the examples which follow, all of which I've used in the past, successfully in a very much tongue in cheek manner, although I'd say they are a last resort (you'll see why!) 1. I've just opened this packet of Rolos (have a pack in hand) and I was wondering if I could give you one? 2. Are you on your own? (They say yes). Well so am I, so how's about we be on our own together? 3. If I told you, you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? 4. You should be in an antique shop with all the other little treasures! 5. (For this you need the 101 chat up lines booklet, usually sold in card and gift stores). (You walk up to the girl, with book in hand and stop in front of her, you look at one page then say no!, turn to another


page, pause and say no, and repeat this once more prior to throwing the book on the table and saying "well let me come straight to the point, can I get you a drink?". This, if done in a light hearted manner will usually break the ice and start the conversation. 6. "Whether it's true or not say), I've just moved in to this area and I was wondering if you could do me a favour? If I pay for all the food and drinks, could you show me where the best night-club and restaurant is in town? 7. It's Sarah isn't it? (Should she reply yes proceed to make up a story about the time you met in a nightclub, if she says no follow up by saying) "Oh I'm sorry you're just the spitting image of an old college friend called Sarah, anyway what's your name?" (You now get her name and it's easy to continue the




Hello, to be honest I've been standing over there for the last 10 minutes trying to think of the best way to tell you how much I'd like to buy you a drink, so can I?" (This must be delivered in a shy manner!)

Foolproof Dance Technique

Being a good dancer on the disco dance floor is in itself a great way to pick up women and if you are good at dancing in night-clubs then take advantage of it fully by going onto the dance floor and after dancing a while so that people get to see you, then approach a female who's obviously with no man and ask her to dance with you. When the dance ends you can say something such as "Boy am I thirsty now, what do you fancy to drink?" You're then able to sit down with her and have a chat as you've already broken the ice so to speak. Now for those


of you who aren't great dancers, have no fear, remember a few key things and dance success will be yours. (1) All the people stood round the dance floor are not staring at you because you look silly dancing, in actual fact the truth is most of them probably aren't even looking at you and the ones who are probably envy you for having the bottle to get on the dance floor in the first place. Now as to how to dance well, simply either go for dance lessons or copy what other men are doing, in a non obvious manner. For example you observe someone at the other side of the dance floor and copy what they do, as they are not nearby you it won't be guessed what you're doing and as such your dancing will seem o.k. Also never forget one other very important point, it doesn't really matter how good your dancing is as long as you keep eye contact with your female partner at all time and make her feel good about her dancing with the odd complimentary comment here


and there. Another useful thing to do is watch Top of the Pops each week, you'll keep up to date with current music trends and when a new "party dance" such as Whigfields "Saturday Night" comes out you can video it, watch it and learn it off by heart so you can be one of the first at the local night-club to know all the moves correctly. This

looks good and of course you can show the women on the dance floor what to do, also by observing other dancers and how they dance to certain pieces of music. It will

teach you through observation the correct way to dance.

"Over the Dinner Table"

We've now covered a complete plan for picking up women in disco's and now well do the same for turning a prearranged romantic dinner date into guaranteed sex the same night. Much of what I'm about to explain can quite












circumstances, for example the beer glass ploy will work just as well over a pub's table or in a night-club as it will when used with a glass of wine in a restaurant. So please remember, I've written this book in such a way that there's no index, this is a deliberate policy to ensure that you must re-read the book several times so that the full meaning and extent of what I'm teaching you gets embedded into your sub-conscious mind and as such becomes an automatic reflex action for you to carry out in your everyday life. The first thing that occurs to me here is to take women only to a restaurant which you have visited before and as such know will serve up a good spread so to speak. It is also vitally important that if this is a pre-arranged dinner date that you have booked a table in advance to save the embarrassment of being turned away. For those occasions where it's a spur of the


moment dinner date it would pay you to have found out which restaurants in the area do not require you to book in advance and also which are most likely on certain nights of the week to have space available so that you can choose a suitable establishment to suit the


Obviously ensure you have sufficient

means to pay for the meal and that you're dressed suitably for the place you are to visit. All this considered remember to act in a gentlemanly manner at all times and always call the lady by her first name as often as you can, because as Dale Carnegie stated in his excellent book "How to win friends and influence people" which you would be well advised to read, a persons name is to them the most beautiful word in the entire English language. It is also vital to keep eye contact at all times which is very easy to do by staring at the Bridge of the womans nose, to her it will appear you are staring her directly in the eye


and yet as you aren't in reality doing this you will never need to break eye contact with her, even if you're lying. So much for the old saying "A person won't be able to look you in the eye if they are lying!" As it will always be the female who breaks eye contact first, this will make you appear a most confident person and women do get turned on in general by a confident man. Ensure that if a prearranged date you're the person driving and any travelling is done by taxi cab. This

seriously improves your chances of getting her to return home with you, as she'll have no motor vehicle of her own to disappear in. The already explained rule of being a

"you - you" person most certainly applies as the more you can get the female to open up and talk about herself, the more she'll feel she's known you for a longer length of time and thus your chances of sex at the end of the night are seriously improved. After the meal you should, if you


can afford it, order champagne to be consumed in the lounge bar area. This does two things, it gives the

impression you are loaded and also the more alcohol she consumes, the more tipsy she'll become and as this happens her inhibitions will disappear, her defences will be down and she's far more likely to return home with you for sex. At the end of the night the do you want a lift home now or would you prefer to come back to my place for a coffee?, line is used and either way if you get her inside your house/flat or she invites you in hers and there's been sexual innuendo in the course of the evening conversation then you can be sure you're in for it. During the evening you can analyse how well you're doing with the "beer glass play", which I will now explain. Your wine glass is obviously on your side of the table, you pick up the glass and take a drink in the normal way and then replace the glass upon the table so it's near the centre of


the table. Next time you take a drink you replace it on the table casually so the drink is nearer to her than you. The glass will then be in her territory and "personal body space" if the glass is left there untouched you can usually take this along with other body language signals as acceptance of your advances. If, as sometimes will

happen, she casually pushes the glass back towards your side of the table, which she could do even without her consciously realising it then at that moment in time she's not quite ready to let you into her personal space and so sex isn't on yet. Should this occur use your charm and sense of humour as usual and try the play a little later in the evening either again with your glass or maybe this time using your lighter or cigarette packet. Once this

"play" has been accepted by her it's time to introduce a little sexual innuendo into the conversation so that things start to hot up a little, then continue as detailed in the


disco/night-club trapping off plan.

If the conversation

gets really sexual as it sometimes can, then you may prefer instead of the come back for a coffee line to use the line of "Sarah (or whatever her name is?) (as soon as she says yes, you say) sorry it's nothing! (This is then

repeated) and she'll usually say what is it to which you reply) "no it's o.k Sarah, I wanted to say something but I don't want to offend you!" (She'll usually insist you tell her) "Well if I tell you Sarah you promise not to hold it against me or to be upset!" (When she's agreed not to do these things, you are safe to say) "Well, Sarah, I've really enjoyed our evening together, I think you're really attractive and to be honest I was just thinking about how much I'd like to take you home (pause) and screw your brains out (pause) slowly!!


Now this may seem a very severe line to use, but she's promised to not be upset by it, her mind has already started to try and guess what you'd say and as you use the pauses for dramatic effect it takes the crude line of I want to screw your brains out and turns it into a strangely romantic line by adding that you want to do it slowly. For those of you with the correct personality and tongue in cheek humour this line can send a girl crazy, partly, I believe, because of your honesty in telling her you'd like to have sex with her now. A few other things occur to me, for example, being romantic is a guaranteed way to be successful with women so if it's a restaurant that sells roses, buy her one and say it's a thank you for being such good company and you'd love to spend as much time with her as possible. For a pound or two this single rose gift will score you a million brownie points in her books and this can only be good for you. When in a


Spanish restaurant you can get the wandering musician to serenade your senorita and this too will gain you many brownie points. Just as when in a disco, it's great to ask the DJ to dedicate a song to your new female friend (preferably her favourite song which you'll have found out from her earlier in the evening). This serenade will draw instant romantic/sexual interest from the lady you're with as it's highly unlikely any man will have done things like this for her before. It's useful also to seem apparently

knowledgeable about food and wines, the easy way to learn the things you need to know is to buy the series of books available in the U.K. from W.H. Smith stores entitled "The Bluffer's Guide Series". This is a range of thin paper back books which contain the main things you need to know in order to seemingly be an expert in all subjects from food and wine or current affairs to fortune telling or the occult. This will also give you useful



to use



conversations with

potential sex partners and also should you wish to lie to your female friend by telling her you're in similar career to hers or a more interesting career than you really are to gain interest from her then this "Bluffers Guide series" will be a vital tool in your armoury for success with dating and scoring with women. If in a foreign restaurant and the menu's written in the foreign language which you can't read, then you can avoid any embarrassing moments by simply asking for a bottle of the house wine and asking the chef to recommend the establishments most popular dish and then order that, working to the logic that if it's popular then people must like it so you probably will too. The only other thing I'd add on the

subject of dating in restaurants which can also be useful advice for any other style of dating are the crazy gift ideas which I'm about to mention, all of which can draw


romantic interest from the female you're after and can also score you a million brownie points. These ideas are all tried, tested and proven to work so although they may seem a little bizarre they do work (probably because they're weird). The Single Red Rose An oldie but a goody, it has romantic overtones attached to it and as such scores you a million brownie points whilst also instantly putting the female into a romantic mood and this means after an enjoyable romantic date sex will be much easier to get. When giving her the rose you can add romantic impact to the action by saying something such as "I just wanted to thank you for a great time last night by giving you a little present so please accept this as a token of my feelings towards you!"

Balloon in a Box


This is an idea to use on the day that a prearranged date is to occur. Ensure that you know where your date works and then go to a flower or gift shop that sells the helium balloons with messages on. Purchase one which says "I love you" on it and buy a gift box from the same place. Sellotape the card, the balloons attached onto the inside bottom of the box and then after pushing the balloon inside the box sellotape the lid down, attach a message card saying to (her name) from (your name) with love. Then deliver or have delivered the box to the place she works sometime during the day on he same date as your rendezvous is to occur. Always leave it at reception or

personnel so that when she gets given it you are not around. Basically she'll see the card, know its from you and wonder what's inside the box, which she'll then open. Upon opening the box in the middle of the office she


works in for example the balloon which says "I love you" upon it will instantly float up into the air so that not only will she see it but also will all her work colleagues. This may embarrass her a little at the time, but for the rest of the day all her work colleagues will be telling her what a nice bloke you must be and how lucky she must be to have found someone like you. In other words they will be brainwashing her into the state of mind which means she'll be easy game to get into bed at the end of your date that same evening and she won't even realise what an effect it's had on her.

Vase & Rose Ploy

This is another gift idea for dates which will cost around only 2.50 yet is extremely effective. To use this ploy

purchase a single red rose wrapped in the clear


cellophane which has little red love hearts all over it from a flower shop at a cost of about 2.00. Then visit your local charity shop and purchase a vase for around 50p which will hold the rose correctly and looks far more expensive when cleaned up by yourself at home prior to the date. The vase which is wrapped in gift paper is

inside your overcoat pocket and the rose is under your jacket. When you for example get to the restaurant and have sat down you give the vase to your date as you say "This is a token of my love for you", she'll then open it in anticipation and be quite disappointed to find it's just a vase. Then just a few seconds later, before she can react follow up by saying "oh yes and I almost forgot the most important bit that goes with it, this". You then remove the rose from under your jacket and place it into the vase for her on the table. As you lifted up her expectations

and they've then fallen rapidly as she unwrapped the


vase, when she receives the rose and her feelings rise for the better again she'll feel even more for you than if you'd just given her a rose at the outset. I know this is

manipulative psychology of the highest order, but it most certainly does work.

Teddy in a Balloon

Another present idea are those balloons you can buy from flower shops which contain a cute teddy within them holding a love heart that says upon it "I love you". That this to your dates house when you go to pick her up then you get to use the element of surprise giving it to her and also it can be left at home whilst you are out on the date.

Ring in Box of Chocolates


This gift is for use when and should you ever decide to pop the question to a female and ask her to marry you. From a confectionery shop purchase a love heart shaped box of chocolates in a bright red box with a bow on it (you can usually purchase these in places such as Thorntons). Open the box carefully and remove one of the chocolates on the lower level and in its place position the diamond engagement ring which you have also purchased. Then close up the chocolates and wrap up in gift paper. At the date you hand over the gift which is opened by her and seen to be a box of chocolates you then say something such as "This is the most important box of chocolates you've ever been given, I can guarantee this!" She is bound to ask what you mean, at which point you tell her to lift up the top level in the box and as soon as she picks up the ring which she invariably will, you instantly get down on bended knee and say "(her name) please would


you do me the great honour of marrying me?" Who could turn down such a romantic request? When accepted

instantly order the champagne to celebrate and make this a true night to remember.

Other Gift Ideas

Well those are the gift ideas for dates, now of course at some point you'll have to purchase valentines, birthday and Christmas presents so below is a list of things which are ideal gifts for the woman in your life. Flowers, Chocolates, Perfume, Silk Lingerie, Clothes, Jewellery, Teddies, Music, Novelties. And of course anything which has been specifically requested by her for a gift will never fail to score you brownie points. If in doubt ask the female shop assistant what she'd like to receive, at least then you'll get a


females opinion before purchasing and always keep the receipt so that she can change the gift for something else if she so desires.

The Champagne Ploy

As the law of averages states the more women you meet, the more likely you are to find one who wants to have sex with you, the champagne ploy is an ideal way to meet women. you simply enter an exclusive win bar or night club and purchase a bottle of champagne, ensuring that it's served unopened in a champagne bucket half filled with ice and half filled with water and also that six glasses are placed inside the bucket around the bottle. you then approach an area where several single women are in a group, open the champagne bottle with a bang as the cork flies out in the air and all eyes turn on to you for a


second, the man everyone perceives "must have money" you then invite the nearby ladies over for a glass of champagne as simple as that and they usually follow whilst starting up the conversation themselves which saves you the hassle. Then you just carry on being a "you - you" person and odds are in your favour that as you've now started talking to several women you should be able to find one who's interested in you also, and as such get laid that night.

Balloon-Modelling Ploy

Purchase some Qualatex modelling balloons and a book on balloon modelling from a magic company such as Repro Magic, 46 Queenstown Road, London, SW1 and then you'll be able to use this technique which I've found very effective to break the ice with women and thus start


off the conversation. you simply learn how to make from the balloon modelling books the following three things: 1. 2. 3. A flower. A teddy bear. A love heart.

You can then stand nearby to the female you wish to approach and start to make the balloon object which will invariably catch her attention at which point you establish eye contact and give her a smile. As you're

finishing the object you approach her and quite simply say "Hello my name is Alex" and you're ? (pause)", once she's answered by for example saying her name is Sarah, you then reply by for instance saying "Well Sarah they say that beautiful women like presents such as teddy bears so I've made you one". Then hand it over and you've broken the ice.


Continuing now as earlier described. For the flower you could say "Well Sarah they do say you give a beautiful girl such as yourself a red rose if you like her a lot, well I couldn't buy a rose this time of night so I made you one!" And for the love heart you could say "Sarah, they say men can't help acting on impulse, well I couldn't get any flowers like in the TV advert so I've made you this instead." Now I know this balloon modelling play is very corny but it's something which very few men use, it's easy to learn and most importantly it's extremely effective.

"Flirting with Magic"

In a great book entitled "Flirting with magic" written by Michael Jeffry's and available from Magic Books by post, 49 Hill Avenue, Bedminster, Bristol (comes with a free audio tuition tape) the reader is taught how to do simple


magical tricks and how to use them not only to be the life and sole of the party but also to "flirt" with women by breaking the ice and initiating the initial conversation with them. I would recommend this excellent book to all my readers as it's full of good ways to use magical tricks to trap off with women. To put it simply the tricks are used by just approaching the female and saying "Hi I'm Alex and I'm the in house magical entertainer for Yates Wine Lodge, so relax and enjoy the entertainment" You then do a trick or two, order a drink and then proceed into normal conversation as you'll have by then broken the ice. Mr Jeffrys in his book offers one liners and jokes which add a romantic slant to the tricks done. But for those readers wishing to just be the life and sole of the party and to use the magical tricks in the above way I unreservedly recommend "The Encyclopaedia of

Impromptu Magic" by Martin Gardener and available from


Magic Books by Post, it's full of literally hundreds of tricks you can do anything, anyplace, anywhere with ordinary everyday borrowed objects. Learn a few of these tricks

and you'll soon gain a reputation as a miracle worker and women will be wanting to associate themselves with you who they'll see as far more exciting than the average man. Astrology Ploy After reading "The Bluffers Guide to Fortune Telling" available in W.H. Smith and watching the Tarot Reading Course video by Joe Riding available from Mr Vic Pinto at Trick a Tape, Clerkenwell Road, London, you'll have all the women everywhere swarming around you and

wanting to talk to you when you become known as a "Fortune teller". To use this ploy to get stacks of women round you, approach all the women you want to target and say "Hi I'm Alex and I'm the In house Astrology provided courtesy of Yates Wine Lodge management, I'll


be available for free psychic readings all night and I'll be over there if you want to join me for one". You then walk off and sit down back at your table, women are fascinated by Astrology and that kind of thing so if you tell, say 10 women this story don't be surprised when all 10 women swarm to be around you. As you'll have read the above book and watched the video you'll be more than capable of giving a convincing reading and thus impressing all the women no end. Incidentally I've found I usually get

bought drinks when giving them a free reading so it saved you cash also. The women will want to be with you and around you all night and as you've found out a lot about their personal lives by doing the psychic readings they'll feel as though they've known you for ages because you know so much about them and as such it's very easy indeed to get one of the women (the one you choose) to come home with you for a late night drink which usually


leads to sex. Believe me when I say this technique is far more effective than you could ever possibly imagine and I urge you to try it as this one piece of advice is worth the entire price of the book and will ensure when used as described that you get laid at least 365 times every year with as many different women as you so desire.


You could also of course learn how to become a professionally trained hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist by purchasing my extensive hardback Training Manual "The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis and

Hypnotherapy" by Alex Leroy by contacting me via publishers of this book. This book will teach you all you need to know in order to hypnotise people and get anyone to do anything you want them to. A lot of hypnotists and


therapists say it's impossible to make anyone say or do anything to contradict their morals or their values, well this may be true (although I doubt it) but I know from experience that within the depths of all women's minds are locked away the most extreme sexual fantasies. As a hypnotist I just place the female into a trance with a few simple commands, then find the hiding place of her fantasies, unlock them and then I just lie back and enjoy the results. Given the correct stimulation the most prim and proper women can do the most outrageous things. Once under hypnosis it's very easy to say "sleep" to a woman and then suggest "In a few moments when I awaken you, you'll be convinced in every way that I'm the man of your dreams, the more I ignore you the more you'd instantly fall deeply in love with me and in fact with every breath you take, every noise you hear and every word that I say, you'll imagine as 100% total reality that I'm the


man of your dreams and you'll do everything within your power to prove to me that you're 100% woman". You then awaken the female by saying 1, 2, 3 wide awake and believe it or not if hypnotised deeply as detailed in my book "The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy" available from the publishers of this book, then she really will as 100% reality believe you are the man of her dreams and as such she will do all within her power to prove she's 100% woman to you, as such it's no problem to ask her back to your place for sex as she thinks you're the man of her dreams when he asks her to go home with him. Now let me point out something very important here, no-one can be hypnotised against their will, as such they have to co-operate and concentrate in order for you to be able to make them enter a genuinely deep hypnotic trance and then brainwash them slightly by using the techniques of:


1. 2. 3. 4.

Belief and expectancy Disorientation and confusion Suggestion and repetition Relaxation and sleep

As fully outlined in my in depth training course book on the subject. This being the case as English law states if you volunteer to do something then if any consequences occur which you later regret it's your own problem as you volunteered to take part, you can as such very legally hypnotise a female with her consent and once she's in a deep hypnotic trance suggest to her you're the man of her dreams and as such she'll prove she's 100% woman. Then when you awaken her leaving this suggestion in her mind as explained you have no problems getting her into bed as she believes as "total reality" you're the man of her dreams. This may not exactly be ethical, but it is , I

believe legal, anyway I've never had any legal problems


using this technique to bed women after my shows and also out and about in social situations, as has been documented on Local National and International network, satellite and cable TV channels or primetime radio and many, if not all, U.K. National Daily newspapers including of course Britain's most read Daily paper "The Sun". The fact that the Sun's undercover reporters managed to find women who had experienced sex with me whilst believing I was their favourite film star gives you documented evidence that this method does work, and as it says in the Sun report, (which is printed at the front of the book in Media Section) as they'd always consented to be

hypnotised. I was not legally in the wrong, although some would say what I did was unethical. Anyway that's the suggestion you use to get her into bed and then to remove her from trance fully you'd use a suggestion such as "In a few moments when I snap my fingers you'll be completely


awake, any suggestions I've given you tonight will be cancelled out in every way, in other words you'll be back to normal just as you were before we both met this evening, and you'll be your normal self in every way, full of energy, health, vitality and happiness. You'll awaken remembering only that you've had the best sex of your life and will be very happy!" You'd then bring her out of

trance totally by saying "1, 2, 3 wide awake" (and then snapping your fingers at which point she'll awaken). By awakening her in this way she'll remember she has had the best sex of her life, but will never realise that you used hypnotism to get her into bed. Incidentally, as a 500 page A4 size, hardback training manual my book "The professional Art of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy" can not only teach you everything you need to know in order to hypnotise women deeply enough to use the techniques and suggestions I've just outlined, but also after reading


my book available from Supreme Magic, you'll know enough to, should you wish, earn money and potentially lots of it from hypnotherapy sessions at 35 a time or from stage shows for which even a beginner hypnotist would receive around 125 a night at time of writing this book. Not only will the information improve your sex life, but it can also seriously improve your finances. Also bear in mind that like Bands, Hypnotists also get female groupies, so when you do a hypnotism show its a great way to meet dozens of women who will be so entranced by the domineering character they see perform that they will practically rip your trousers off in a bid to get you to make love to them in your dressing room. incidentally once

under hypnosis you can suggest to your sex partner that "In a few moments when I awake you, not only am I still the man of your dreams, but every time I say the word now, you'd have a multiple orgasm and experience it as


reality with each and every orgasm becoming more intense and enjoyable". You'd then awaken her as

detailed already and at anything during the sex session you said the word "now" she really would have a genuine multiple orgasm, as such you can guarantee that you both have an orgasm simultaneously by saying "now" just as you are about to ejaculate. Allow your own personal experience to prove to you that although you can't say to someone when you wake up you'll shoot that man dead!, you can make them play a game and do it in a game as long as they don't realise what they're doing. For example if a hypnotist hypnotised you and suggested that you return mentally to six years of age, you would do. Once acting and thinking as a six year old, our hypnotist could suggest to you that you were playing cowboys and Indians, you were the cowboy and your brother was the big chief Indian and in a few moments you'd awaken, pick


up the toy gun in front of you and go into the next room and shoot the nasty big chief Indian dead. This

suggestion would be accepted by your mind and you would pick up what was actually a real gun and go to your brother and shoot him thinking it was a toy gun and you were just playing a game. Now this example is

provided for information purposes only and incidentally could only be done by using severe brain washing techniques which are explained briefly in my Training Manual from me via the publishers. This section has

been for information purposes only, I am not encouraging anyone to commit any immoral or unethical acts which, although legal are, as I say not ethical. As such anyone doing as outlined in this book does so at their own risk and in full knowledge that the risk is theirs and that I Alex Leroy, as Author of this book cannot and will not be held responsible for your actions after reading this book


or my Hypnotism training manual "The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy". All I'm going to say is prior to quitting stage hypnosis "I was living out my sexual fantasies on stage, was a really perverted bastard and as it say's in the Sun report reported earlier in this book, I have taken advantage (legally) of literally hundreds of entranced women using my hypnotism skills and the techniques as outlined in this entire publication. Despite what some professional hypnotists say, once under hypnosis, if the suggestions are phrased correctly, you can get anyone to do anything, as all people who have seen or participated in my outrageous stage shows "erotic hypnotics" and "Hypnotorious" will testify.

Best Places to Meet Women


Traditionally, we have in life been conditioned to believe that the best place to pick up women is in night-clubs, pubs or wine-bars! Well to be totally honest the only

truth behind this tradition is that these are the places where you are most likely to find the highest number of women at one time, and as such the law of averages is therefore working in your favour to find a woman who will sleep with you. So you may ask why is it that some guys who are often nothing special to look at are so successful with girls? Well you should already know the answer if you've absorbed the things I've taught you so far. It's

quite simply that they know that every rejection brings them closer to a woman saying yes to them and as such they have the patience and persistence to keep on asking until they are successful. You'll usually find also that

these are the guys who treat women as equals and get the women to talk about themselves a lot which is one of the


most useful and important thing you can learn to do by reading this book. So what I'm saying is for a planned evening of picking up women, always go where plenty of women are as then your chances of sex is increased. However, every single day you are confronted with beautiful women who could be potential dates and or sex partners for you. On the public transport to and from

work, in the office, in the same building as you work in, at the shop where you buy your paper, the checkout girls at the supermarket or the woman in the queue next to you. They are all potential dates and should be regarded as such. Consequently every minutes of the day

opportunities arise to ask a woman to "join you for a drink after work to wind down" or to approach a woman you like the look of in the shopping centre and say in a shy manner so as to get the woman off guard "I know this may sound silly, but I just spotted you in the crowd and


you seemed to be a really nice person, so I was wondering if you'd like to join me for a drink now or if you'd sooner exchange telephone numbers and get together later in the week?" Here again we have an example of an open ended question which cannot merely be answered by a yes or no statement, as such your chances of a positive reply are much improved. Whether she agreed to a date there and then is not a worry, the main thing is to make that initial approach and exchange telephone numbers, as once again the law of averages say the more telephone numbers you get on a weekly basis the more likely you are to date some of these girls and then bed them at a later date. To illustrate many men complain they are

unsuccessful with women and yet they never really make much of an effort to find one, procrastination is the worst evil in life, after all, why put off doing what can be done today until tomorrow? Because if you like doing it today


then you can always do it again tomorrow! Lots of women can be found in the local coin operated laundry's so it could be worth your while to start doing your washing there, using the ice breaking methods I've already explained. You can initiate a conversation and who Ensure you go to a ladies

knows what will follow?

hairdressers to have your hair done and two advantages will present themselves to you (a) All the hairdressers will usually be women and (b) you can ask the good looking ones to do your hair in a style which they'd like to see on a man such as yourself. The likelihood is that if they, as a female like your hair the way they style it then many other women will do also, it also gives you another pick up opportunity by saying to the hairdresser something such as "cheers, my hair looks great and I feel great, how's about I take you for a drink tonight to say thanks for your help?" The worst that can happen is she says no,


in which case all is not lost, you can follow up by saying "o.k if tonights inconvenient how about a little later in the week?" It's hard for her to say no to this and as such at this point you then exchange telephone numbers and of course contact her at a later date. For those with half an ounce of intelligence you'll be able to see the most important message, secret, call it what you will, that I can teach you is on this page, take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Every woman you see on the

street, on the bus, on the train, in the supermarket etc. is a potential date. All you need to do is approach her and use the line I detailed earlier and invariably overall you'll have far more successes than failures as the women will be flattered that you asked them in such a spontaneous way and here the element of surprise works in your favour so you stand a good chance of getting a date there and then. Never pre-judge anyone, there's no reason


anyone should say no to you, but if they do you don't have to feel bad, just presume they are already in a relationship, are lesbian or just don't want a relationship at this moment in time and that will keep your spirits up to keep asking women until you hit lucky and get laid. The bottom line of what I'm saying here is that the more contact you are making on a regular basis with beautiful females the more the law of averages will be working in your favour. To find a woman who will not only be open to your advances but will also want sex with you, just as much as you want sex with her. As such never prejudge anyone, as the one person you pre-judge could

unfortunately be the woman who'd have said yes to you! To sum up this section of my instructional guide. Persistence and commitment to picking up women are the most important personality traits that a professional pick up artist can have. And always believe that today will be


another lucky day for you, because what the mind can perceive the body can then achieve. To put it another

way, if you fill your imagination with clear visions of you approaching women talking to them, having your proposal of a date accepted, then the date being successful and finally getting her into bed and having great sex with her. Then as these images will be embedded into your imagination and as all psychologists have proved "When the imagination (sub-conscious) and you go out on the "pull", even if your human will is telling you you'll be unsuccessful as the "Imagination always wins" as stated above the images in your imagination (sub-conscious) are far more likely to become reality than those negative thoughts in your conscious mind (THE WILL!). As will be explained later, these trial runs in the mind or "Mental rehearsals" are even more effective when you carry them out whilst in a state of self-hypnosis as then these


positive suggestions will be more firmly embedded in your imagination (sub-conscious) and as such will have a more positive, profound and obviously beneficial effect in your everyday life and as mentioned in this example, make you more successful with women which of course is the aim of this book. To put it yet another way "Positive thoughts breed positive actions" and invariably "Positive actions produce positive results". Now as all this is starting to

sound like an American Motivational Training Seminar in self-improvement techniques, allow me to say that's my intention! You see without improving your self first to

eliminate your negative personality traits, how do you ever expect people to find you irresistible? As such let me finish this section by saying that you can very

successfully use the self hypnosis techniques which I'll detail later to strengthen your weaknesses and eliminate your negative traits. Incidentally, for those readers who'd


like to be seriously successful not just with women but also in all other areas of your life I unreservedly recommend "Unlimited Personal Power" and "Awaken the Giant Within", two of the best self improvement books ever published, written by American Gun and

motivationalist Anthony Robbins.

These books can be

ordered via your local W.H. Smith's and really are worth their weight in gold. You would also have put your money to good use if you invested 140 into purchasing the "Unlimited Power" 30 day Training course for ultimate life success which comprises of 24 audio tapes and a course guide, is well worth every penny. Compiled and devised by Anthony Robbins. The course is available from: Nightingale Court 2 Aspens Units Devon


and will seriously improve your life, both sexual and other areas for the better.


If you've got a decent set of wedding tackle and enough confidence to remove your clothes in front of several hundred women who are all leering at you, the become a male stripper! You'll get paid from 50 to 100 per night for two 20 minutes spots and of course will be in a room cram packed full of women who are all in a hot and horny sexual state of mind. How do I know this? Well simply because I used to perform a Ladies only night show entitled "Erotic Hypnotist Alex Leroy presents the Stallions 'male strippers' and exotic dancers". These ladies only nights would usually be held in the top room of a pub and be promoted by myself with a ticket charge


being made on the door as the women enter. believe me when I say these ladies only nights were always well attended with no less than around 100 women each night, remember of course these women are all alone, no men with them and have come for a dirty night out, so are in a sexual state of mind. Once several male strippers have worked them into a frenzy, the women become very sexually frustrated and as all the bar people are female the only men in the venue would be me and the three male strippers. So there were say 100 women and four men , thats a ratio of 25 women to each man, and experience shows me that by the end of the show all the women are not only sexually frustrated and turned on but are also slightly tipsy, as such it would be the worlds easiest thing to approach one and say Do you fancy joining me in my dressing room for sex? Be as simple and direct as this and the answer will usually be


yes due to the hot and horny sexual state of mind which the women are now in. Youll usually find however that the women will approach you with offers of sex as my experience shows me that 100 women in a room whove had a little bit to much to drink, have been telling dirty jokes & watching male strippers can turn into veritable sexual beasts who will not take no for an answer in a quest to get laid! On many occasions when I performed my Hypnotism show at these ladies nights Ive been given oral sex in the toilets by several different women, Ive had a necking session with just about every woman in the joint & screwed the brains out of several throughout the evening, these women even told me they were married or involved in a relationship but they needed sex there and then to quench their appetite which had been worked up by the evenings events. So if you want to become a male stripper, consult your local Yellow pages, contact the


entertainment agencies tell them you have the confidence & body needed to become a male stripper and you just need to see a few in action to develop your own unique act, They will usually then be able if you make the right impression to sneak you into a closed doors Ladies only night show so that you can develop , observe and learn your own unique routine & then start working through the agent who has helped you along the way. Youd then be both earning money & getting into a position where being asked for sex by many women is GUARANTEED to happen, so the planning , developing of an act etc. for those this idea interests could be well worth the effort. You could of course just start promoting such shows by booking a venue direct, hiring the male strippers from a local agent & then selling the tickets. This could be a nice little earner for you but most importantly it would mean that you could be inside the


venues on the nights of the shows & as such be in a situation where women do my experience shows me go crazy for almost any type of sexual satisfaction. So if you want sex with several women on the same night who all approach you & ask for it then this option is most definitely for you! Those ladies only nights shows were certainly the most enjoyable shows Ive ever done, Imagine it getting paid to be in the company of stacks of women who after the show approach you & ask for no strings sex there & then, it seems too good to be true....But its 100% Total Reality!!!

BECOME A MODELLING AGENT. Another way to get paid for meeting the worlds most beautiful women on a Daily basis is to set up your own Modelling Agency. To do this youd just get information on setting


up an employment agency as basically thats what a Modelling Agency is! The Proprietor (you) finds people who wish to hire the services of beautiful women for TV ads, photographic shoots etc. (both nude & clothed), Fashion Shows, Promotional work etc. and then you supply them with one of the females who would have registered themselves with your agency and you receive a commission payment from the model of say 15 to 20% plus V.A.T based on the models wages for finding her the job. Once set up, being the owner of a modelling agency is an ideal way to get paid for meeting the worlds most beautiful women on a daily basis as theyd e coming to you to find work. Bring in also the law of averages & your bound to get dates with some of these women and also dont forget the casting couch still exists very much so in fact, both within the Modelling and general entertainment industry. As such you may just find the


female models finding it very hard to say no to your offers of a night out as they want to keep you happy at any means in the hope that youll keep them supplied with work on a regular basis in exchange for sexual favours. It may be wrong but this kind of thing most certainly goes on as your then in a very powerful position as far as the females are concerned and although its wrong some people do abuse positions of power for their own means & as the owner of a modelling agency you could most definitely abuse your position to obtain sexual favours, although I do not condone anyone using any ideas supplied in this book for information purposes only in an unethical manner or illegal way....anyone doing so does so at their own risk!! BECOME A MALE ESCORT Yet another way to get paid for meeting beautiful women & this time Definitely having sex with them is to become


a male escort. To do this in the simplest form youd just place a classified advertisement in all local media publications saying something such as Executive Male Escort Service available for Discerning female clientele only (all fees affordable). Now an advert such as this means any female replying to it does so in the knowledge that theyll have to pay for your services so dont feel bad in charging a decent fee! When they ring up ask if they require your company at their home, in a Hotel or for a social event? Should they say in their home or in a hotel you know 100% they require sex, as such tell them its say 30 an hour for your time and then take the appointment & when the time comes you go to the given address , have sex with the women ad get paid for this as an extra bonus! Remember though that as the women is paying for your professional services she says what goes and as such the most important thing to do is to bring


her to Orgasm as many times as possible, then as your customers will be satisfied you are more than likely to get repeat business and after a short while could have a nice income with regular and varied sexual adventures....so Heaven does exist after all then!!!! Incidentally some male escorts charge as low as 20 an hour whilst some charge up to 80 an hour. You could phone local escort agencies to find out the average prices charged by the competition in your immediate area. Should they require your services for a social situation ask them Will you be requiring my services in private as well at the end of the night? Should they answer Yes then you know you will get sex at the end of the night, after an evening of wining and dining etc. which you tell the female will all be at her own expense on top of your hourly fees. Although as a male escort your job is to bring your female client to Orgasm as many times as


possible or at least to satisfy her sexual appetite, it does mean however that not only will you be earning a nice extra income whilst getting laid on a regular basis, in fact youd most likely get laid far more than 365 times a year as this book promises to teach you to achieve!!


Just as a salesman whos successful really sells his product to each & every potential customer, so you as A MAN TRYING TO PICK UP A FEMALE SEX PARTNER MUST REALLY SELL yourself, your personality & your sense of humour along with all the other positive points about yourself to each & every potential female sex partner that you meet! The old saying that what you look like doesnt matter its whats inside that really matters is O.K. if your the personality kid of the 90s


otherwise its complete bullshit and its much truer to say You never get a second chance to make a first impression! And because first impressions last its vital yours is a good one at all times of the day as you never know when youll meet the woman of your dreams. Needless to say cleanliness is vitally important, teeth cleaned, nasal hair trimmed, cleanly shaved, washed & styled hair, clean body, aftershave, deodorant & all the other things which common-sense tells you must be done as part of your personal hygiene & cleanliness ritual on a daily basis. Dont forget also to cut your fingernails, it looks very nice & also it means when you end up in bed with a women youll be 100% prepared, to put it nicely the whole area of the womens vaginal and clitoral area is so tender and delicate that if your fingernails are too long you could cut her down there and believe me this would not go down to well. Once your


body is nice and clean, also being presented correctly the next thing to consider is the clothes you are to wear which ideally will make you look like cool dude with money to throw around. A few tips...Black will go with anything and contrasts well with bright shirts or jackets. Should you be a little overweight or short in height then shirts with stripes going upwards (vertically) will make you look slightly taller & thinner, whereas shirts with Horizontal stripes can make you look slightly bigger in build if your a seven stone weakling. Remember also a few golden rules when choosing clothing for when out purposely on the pull, by day it will of course be your working clothes so have no worries there, at nights or weekends however you should be wearing clothing that is both comfortable and also you must feel good in it whilst also making all the eyes turn onto you whenever you walk into a room. For example a very simple outfit is


black patent leather shoes, black socks, silk boxer shorts, black designer style trousers & chunky black genuine leather belt, A Blue silk shirt and a bright red mofflon jacket. This example outfit Ive worn on many occasions and really makes you stand out from the crowd due to the mixture of black, red & blue colours all of which contrast well with each other. The bright colours will make you look a bright & cheery person to be with and its also the ideal look to wear in order to look right using the pick up techniques which Ive taught you so far. A nice casual suit with contrasting coloured shirt can also work well & all in all its a case of you must stand out in the crowd, whilst feeling comfortable and able to dance in this clothing. Its also vitally important to look as you feel is right, it matters little what other men say as long as your 100% confident in your nighttime outfits then youll act 100% confident & as such be


100% more confident, s consequently youll be 100% more successful in your quest to get laid 365 plus times a year. Once again purchasing clothes in shops where there are female attractive store assistants can be very useful, as mentioned for the hairdressers here in the same WAY if the women think you look good in a certain outfit then the chances are many other women will do so to as many women think in the same way!! The trousers should show off your bums nice size as women seem to love mens bums. If you have skinny legs then pleated trousers can make you look bigger in build, you could of course start working out at the gym or at home a little in order to broaden your shoulders and put on a little muscle. Having said that Ive always got by with shoulder pads in the jackets to make my shoulders look broader, pleated trousers to make my build look bigger and in general use the clothing to my advantage which of


course you can do also!! Designer clothing although very expensive can be a very worthwhile investment as clothing of a one of a kind nature is bound to make you stand out in all circumstances as theres no chance of anyone wearing the same outfit as you. So now cleanliness and clothing are sorted, you may also wish to add jewellery. Ideally genuine jewellery is best, otherwise a good quality fake Rolex watch and some good costume jewellery can help add that final sparkle to your Richmans image and as youll look like a million dollars, your confident & also feel good within yourself then Sexcess with women will be yours! Remember breathspray in the pocket is usual for smokers although ideally its much better to give up smoking via self hypnosis. Once cleanliness, appearance & clothing are dealt with you are left only with mental attitude which will be dealt with later in the self hypnosis section. Youll


then be a true pick up expert and ready to be let loose into the world of the professional playboy!! As well as selling yourself in this way you can also use techniques of salesmen to your advantage to make a relationship move to the bedroom far more quickly. Techniques such as Mirroring and Matching which is basically where you observe the females body actions & a few seconds after she makes a change in her body posture you make the same identical change in your body posture...so in effect you are Mirroring her movements and then Matching them. But do ensure that you arent making it so obvious that it becomes mimicking as this is more likely to end the relationship than to move it on!! Used in the correct way though the technique of Mirroring and Matching can make the female think subconsciously you are very much the same as her and as such shell warm to you more quickly and sex is likely to result far more


rapidly. You can also use Subliminal messages to implant the idea into the females mind of sexual thoughts by hiding a message within a normal sentence and this is detailed fully in my hypnotism book available from me via the publishers of this book. A brief non sexual example of how this would work is as follows... As you listen to my voice you may feel that YOU WANT TO GO TO SLEEP NOW or maybe a little later. The words which are not in capitals are spoken in a normal quiet tone of voice, whereas the words in capitals are spoken in a slightly louder tone of voice so that the difference is spotted by her subconscious mind only & as such acts as a subliminal suggestion, so that it looks innocent but enters her subconscious mind just as YOU WANT TO GO TO SLEEP NOW. And remember the golden rule given earlier that when the imagination and the will are in conflict the imagination will always


win & as such your subliminally suggested message will be acted upon whether its of a sexual nature or not. A great book to read if you dont want to invest several hundred pounds into my stage hypnosis training course is The Hypnotic World Of Paul McKenna book by the man of the same name. It costs 5-00 and contains details in full on Mirroring and matching, obtaining a rapport with people, subliminally planting messages in a persons mind and much, much more... which can all be used together to seriously improve your chances of picking up women on a regular basis. Also Id recommend to all readers to borrow a few books on salesmens techniques from your local library as youll find many of these methods can be used in the dating environment. For example a sales principle is KISS meaning Keep It Simple Stupid which is used to remind you that the simplest methods and chat up lines are always the best. By far


the most successful chat up lines are those which are created on the spur of the moment, are spontaneous and as such are 100% tailored to the situation you are in & the female you have approached. These sales manuals or ideally my professional training manual in Hypnotic Ploys will also teach you how to use reverse psychology to get people to do things which they did not intend to do at that moment in time, or to get them to reveal more about themselves than theyd intended to. For example a girl says Ill come to your house at 8-00 tonight, you then say Well if you should decide to be there at 6-00 |I wont mind in fact Ill be very pleased to see you! A better non sexual example of reverse psychology is this.... When I was younger I used to get bullied a lot and one time after learning reverse psychology a bully said to me Get lost now Alex or Im going to hit you. I replied by saying Go on then why wait to do it, try to do it now if your so


hard!, This was a combination of reverse psychology as I was saying the reverse of what the person expected and also the law of reversed effort that says if you tell someone to try & do something, then it suggests to them they will be unable to do it and as such the harder they try to do it the more unsuccessful they will be!! A sexual example of the law of reversed effort is Go on then try to leave me, you cant The harder she tries to leave you the less shell be able to. An example of reverse psychology is Go on then leave me & oh by the way I wish you the best of luck & happiness said in a casual, sincere non emotional way this will be exactly the reverse of whats she expects you to say & as such will usually result in her doing the opposite (reverse) of what shed intended to do. So if shed intended to leave you dont be surprised if she changes her mind & stays with you! Do some research on reverse psychology & the law of reversed


effort they are both very useful techniques for manipulating people & getting anyone to do anything you want when you want them to do it. So the bottom line of this section is both a knowledge of psychology techniques & salesmens techniques can seriously improve your sex life and make you double if not triple your success with women. Here Ive told you the basics, my book The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy goes into complete depth about each of these subjects and also includes details of brainwashing and persuasion methods!


In this section I will reveal to you tried, tested and proven to work techniques which will make you the best lover which your female sex partner will have ever


experienced and as such will gain you a reputation as a SuperStud with very little effort on your part. It will also ensure that she always has the FIRST orgasm, whereas in most sexual encounters she will have had the man will have shot his load before the women is anywhere near to having an Orgasm herself hence the bad reputation which all men have been branded with as having a WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM attitude! The things which I am about to tell you have always worked in my own personal experience, but as all situations are very different, remember adaptability is also an important personality trait to have. In order to give a female the best sex session shell ever have in her life you need to understand a little bit about a females anatomy, how they think about sexual relationships and how they experience things, its also very useful to have a good varied knowledge of sexual positions & techniques


which can be used in your love making sessions. To this end I would say its vital for all men reading this book to widen their knowledge of women, their bodies & also of sexual techniques...as such I recommend you purchase, beg or borrow the following books,....

1) The Joy Of Sex

2) More Joy Of Sex

3) How To Make Love To The Same Person For The Rest Of Your Life.

4) The Male Multiple Orgasm And How To Achieve It.

These four books when read and the information within absorbed will give you a thorough knowledge of the male & female anatomy, how they both work, how they can be stimulated & in fact all you could ever need to know, not


least of which will be numerous and varied sexual positions. Armed with this knowledge youll be able to talk to a women about sexual matters in a way which she understands and also respects, and also youll know more about how her body works than even she perhaps knows & most certainly more than the average man does. All these publications are freely available in W.H. Smiths or any local bookstore! Id also recommend watching all the sex education videos you can to help broaden your horizons. Another very useful technique is to buy & read on a weekly basis several Womens Magazines, these will reveal to you the things happening to women, what women at the time are interested in & will give you some good interesting conversational material to discuss with your female friend which she WILL be interested in. The first important thing that Ive learnt about women is that unlike men 90% of their


Orgasms are induced psychologically via foreplay & fantasy and of course being treated correctly by their sex partner. Foreplay is I believe more important than the penetrative sex itself, and the act of foreplay starts from the very moment that you both meet until you actually penetrate her! This being the case your first impressions, your chat up lines, the conversations you both have, the date you go on, those close groin rubbing dances are all in some way part of the foreplay. When you ask her back to your place for a coffee its the start of the really serious foreplay and if its a one night stand your after then youve only got one chance to get things right. Back at your place it should have an atmosphere which helps get the women into the correct mood for sex! For example the seduction music I mentioned earlier should be playing on the stereo, it helps to have lights which are controlled by a remote control dimmer so that


you dont need to move from the couch to turn the lights off when things are hotting up, the decor should not be bachelor pad style in black ash effect furniture & all modern gimmicks etc. as this looks far to prearranged. It is much better to have a nice homely atmosphere and decor which although nicely colour co-ordinated suggests your a nice professional person as opposed to a professional pick up expert. A homely atmosphere will psychologically make women feel at ease and at home so to speak, so they are far more likely to unwind and let themselves go! A bottle of Champagne in the fridge when you get back can be very useful & also romantic and means youll get a little more tipsy & so both relax and as such lose your inhibitions. You will both be I presume & recommend sat next to each other on the couch, and as you drink will be adding more and more sexual innuendo into the conversation, this is done in order to


start getting the female into a really sexual state of mind. If you are both smokers of Wacky Backy (which incidentally Im not.....Honest!!) then a joint or two at this time can also relax you both a lot and also it helps induce an atmosphere where you both become very talkative. At this time (when both of you are a little drunk or stoned) Ive found three easy ways to get to the next stage of the game.

A) I would now add more humour to the conversation & suggest that a good way to get to know each other better would be to play truth or dare. Now before you say this is childish let me point out that I learnt this technique from a 35 yr. old playboy whos used it for years with great success. For those of you who dont know with truth or dare you take it in turns to ask each other a question about the other person which can be about


anything including sex & must be answered or the person must perform a dare of your choice. I usually play this game with my female friend and add more and more sexual innuendo into the questions I ask her and invariably means she does the same back so as the game turns sexual so does the atmosphere & the nature of the dares people have to carry out if they dont answer a question and as such as things hot up youll both become very horny indeed. There are two ways in which you can after a while turn the game into a sex session by either simply making a pass in the everyday way & working up to sex or as I usually do I ask her a question such as What turns you on most sexually in bed with a man! she will either then answer which means youll know exactly what to do when you get into bed to turn her on or shell accept the dare instead in which case you say OK you wont tell me so I dare you to show me


instead! she then has a choice accept or dont and if she doesnt at this point then the likelihood is you wont get it, another way to put it is to simply dare her by saying for my next question Would you sleep with me this will usually catch her unaware & even if she takes the dare instead her reaction will tell you the answer one way or the other. If she says yes or obviously transmits many body language signals saying yes then next time you get to give her a dare say I Dare you to come to bed with me now! I know its crude but the atmosphere will be such by this time that it seems totally normal.

B) The second way is to be sat on the couch together having a drink & a chat and then as the conversation becomes more sexual and all the body language signals are accepting you totally then just take hold of her drink and place it onto the table whilst keeping eye contact


with her at all times & either just make a pass by starting to kiss her or say Lets stop messing around, cause your driving me crazy. Then make a pass at her, if shes come to your place after a night out together, sexual topics have been discussed and all body language signals have been positive there is no reason for her to push you away and as such youd let the casual Kiss turn into an open mouthed full passionate style kiss & then start on your foreplay routine to get her turned on enough to have sex with you there and then on the couch or to join you upstairs in the bedroom.

C) The final technique which I have found to be very successful is once youve got back to your place and had a few drinks and the conversation has turned increasingly sexual, ask the female casually What time do you have to be away in the morning? If she answers


in a few hours or its not important then she has basically agreed to stay the night with you for sex as the question you have asked is just a subtle way to ask her if she will stay the night with you. As such if she answers in this positive way and seems to have the idea in her mind of sleeping with you which her answer will reveal then a little while later after a kiss & cuddle on the couch with perhaps your hand stimulating her nipples and stimulation of her clitoris through her clothing I would just stand up and whilst looking at her say Well I dont know about you but its warmer upstairs so Im going up to the bedroom, Ill see you up there! You then just turn & go upstairs without looking back & the fact you have acted so confidently that you expect her to follow you means shes far more likely too. And when she does which I have found happens most of the time you know


that sex is guaranteed, why else would she follow you to the bedroom?

You now know how I get from the living room chat to the sexual fun starting, all I can really add now is that most women have Orgasm in foreplay & not during penetrative sex, as such you must carry on the foreplay until the female achieves an orgasm or says something such as I want you now or Please get into me know or some such other thing along these lines. Foreplay techniques are detailed in the recommended reading Ive given you but some which Ive found very, very useful in turning a women on enough to satisfy her sexual needs with an Orgasm are.. 1) You obviously kiss, open mouthed, this can be varied by kissing the edges of her mouth & moving inwards before a full mouth to mouth kiss. You can also kiss around her mouth and then move back to


full open mouth kissing, you have the neck to kiss which is usually an Erogenous zone, you have the earlobes to lick and all other variations of kissing you can think of...be very imaginative there are literally 100s of different ways to kiss someone which are only limited by your own imagination.

2) The classic hand up the top or feeling through the ladies top technique of stimulating her nipples until they become erect is very useful, later when both naked its good to suck, lick & lightly bite in a playful way her nipples as it can be a big turn on. Also the full hand massage of her breasts Ive found can be a real turn on for her.


3) When fully clothed Ive found it useful to simulate that we are both having sex then, so that the movements stimulate her clitoris and as such turn her on move.

4) undressing each other can be a big turn on, undoing zips with your teeth can be a really nice touch and being able to undo a bra strap with one hand up her top is impressive & useful so have a look at a few different bra straps and see how they do up & also undo youll then stand a far better chance than the average man of not stumbling or fumbling when you try to do this!

5) Kissing her entire body that is covering her entire body from head to toe in little kisses can be a real turn on for both of you and is bound to find out where all her erogenous zones are, you can then concentrate on these most sensitive zones later.


6) I find it very useful to have discussed sex during the evenings conversation & then I can find out what foreplay and sexual techniques turn on my potential partner and then I am in a position to please her in the way she likes to be pleased when we later have sex,

7) Toe sucking known as Shrimping can be a turn on for her and of course dont forget that sensual massage can not only relax her but turn her on also in a really big way. Books teaching you basic massage can be purchased at your local bookstore and its well worth learning a little as its really useful in foreplay to get a girl in the right mood conducive for her to achieve Orgasm.

8) Manual stimulation of her vagina & clitoris is good, mainly of the clitoris. My tips on this are first casually


lick your middle finger of the right hand & then stick your middle finger out with all the other fingers curled closed against your hand, you can now move your hand down her body in slow motion until your finger ends up where her vaginal opening is, you then move your finger back upwards along the same route taking notice of when her body bucks slightly which will usually be the moment your finger comes into contact with her clitoris which is a small mound of flesh rather like a mini penis as it becomes hard & erect when the women is turned on so when your finger goes over a small bump youve found the magic button which will with enough stimulation bring her to orgasm!! To stimulate it press lightly upon the clitoris and move it gently backwards and forwards, sideways and also in a circular movement, you can also flick it with the end of your finger in fact do anything you can think of just so long as she responds positively.


9) It can then be good to go down on the women called (cunnilingus) or oral sex! you move your head down between her legs and you can do several things.. I usually thrust my tongue in & out of her vaginal opening for as long as I can and then use my finger to thrust in & out of her for penetrative stimulation whilst I also use my tongue to stimulate her clitoris by licking it, sucking it slightly and flicking it with the end of my tongue. By doing a combination of this and number eight together I find that after a while the female will usually experience a very satisfying Orgasm! And by a little while I must point out some women can come in a matter of a few minutes but on average Ive found it can take 15 to 25 minutes of clitoral stimulation to start the Orgasms coming thick and thin. Ive also found clitoral stimulation of this manner is the easiest way to bring the


woman to climax & once shes come once you can carry on stimulating her & very quickly shell have another orgasm & another as the clitoris by then will be so erect & sensitive that the slightest touch will send shivers of delight through her body. I would now after shes orgasmed kiss her entire body once more & then kiss her mouth to mouth for a while whilst caressing her breasts with my hand.

11) I would at this point mount her so to speak by getting into the standard missionary position for sex, achieving penetration and having penetrative sex in the usual way for a while prior to changing positions.

12) The best positions Ive found for when you finally feel you want to climax are Doggy style where the women is on her hands and knees whilst you enter her from


behind Doggy style! This in itself achieves much deeper penetration than usual, reaches the parts that other positions do not reach and as such turns her on more. It also means that your hand can be placed around her body and at the same time as your pens is thrusting in and out of her you can also stimulate her Clitoris with your free hand. Sideways on can also achieve a similar depth of penetration & gives the chance also of Clitoral stimulation at the same time. Another excellent position is where you lye on your back and the female is on top of you sat so to speak on your penis. It goes in much further & as shes on top she can control the movements, moving herself up & down as she so desires in a way thats guaranteed to turn her on.

13) There are many other positions, foreplay techniques and methods which you can use to make this the best


ever sex session shes experienced and if you read the books Ive recommended then youll get to know them also. But as a general rule of thumb I say you should NEVER penetrate a women until shes already had an Orgasm or demands that you get inside her. That way youll have always given her an Orgasm before you take your pleasure and as such will not get a reputation as a selfish man instead as most men think of themselves and you concentrate on her first youll get known as a SuperStud and as your reputation spreads as women do tend to talk to one another about their sexual encounters then you may just find that women start approaching you merely with the intention of finding out if you can live up to your reputation as a red hot lover! Also when you can Honestly say to a women if you sleep with me then youll be having the first Orgasm & also I guarantee you 100% satisfaction!, If she senses that you are sincere


& honest in this statement & also seem 100% confident that you can live up to your bold claims then she will be intrigued and want to know more, ultimately this can mean she will want to sleep with you as so few men ensure that the woman has an Orgasm or several of them prior to taking his won pleasure! Also consider that your erection will stay up longer & your stamina be increased by the self hypnosis techniques which Ill teach you a little later, so all in all youll probably be the best lover your female sex partner has ever had sex with & if shes Hypnotised to believe that your her favourite filmstar or the man of her dreams things will be even more enjoyable for both you and her. As such being a true pick up expert I take pride in giving a women at least one orgasm if not more before taking my own pleasure so that she is sexually satisfied and the penetrative sex to her is then just an added bonus. You


see I feel good knowing that a women has been sexually satisfied every time they spend a night with me and get turned on even more myself by hearing all the genuine pleasureable noises & seeing her facial expressions of delight that the effort is well worth while in more ways than one! A few other things which I feel will be very useful in improving your sex life are listed below...

A) Vacuum Penis Developers as advertised in Adult sex magazines and sold in sex shops do Ive found from personal experience increase the size of your Penis significantly if used on a regular basis!! This in itself can seriously increase your sexual self confidence, although in reality size doesnt matter its what you do that matters and the reason for this is because most women Orgasm during foreplay and not during penetration. However having a big penis wont do you any harm as indeed


many women still falsely believe a Big Penis is required for satisfying sex....this in fact is rubbish!! So as you can see the reason a big penis helps is that not only does it give you more self confidence but also she will psychologically believe sex will be better and to this extent it will be.

B) Spanish Fly available from sex supply shops will keep your erection up all night & ensure that you can do it time & time again. Available in both tablet or liquid forms I can personally recommend the effectiveness of Spanish Fly for improving your sex life.

C) As youll hopefully be practising safe sex I recommend Ribbed Condoms, French Tickler Condoms and Flavoured Condoms to add variety & extra fun to the sex sessions. Incidentally its even possible to purchase glow


in the dark condoms although I suppose wearing one of these the scene through the bedroom window would be one of a fridge door being opened and then closed and if you were going fast youd be strobing.

D) Also Ive personally found that a small selection of sex toys such as a vibrator, Anal probe etc. can add variety to the sex. For example a large SuperStud vibrator can be inserted into the womens vagina on high speed setting whilst you penetrate her anally and stimulate her clitoris with your finger at the same time, as such shed be sexually aroused Vaginally, Anally & via her Clitoris all at the same time, and believe me when I say Ive heard a women scream with delight during times such as this. Remember of course all sex toys should be cleaned & sterilised prior to usage on a new female sex


partner in order of both cleanliness and also to avoid any possible transmission of S.T.D.s via the sex toys.

E) Sex is normally & naturally very messy, as Ive said earlier when using condoms its easier to clear up. Otherwise Id recommend you have a change of bedding for each day & have some tissues by the bed in order to clean up after your sex session in your quest to become a professional pick up expert.

F)Pheromone spray as sold in sex shops does work and can seriously attract women towards you without their conscious knowledge of the fact. At a cost of around ten pounds per bottle this pheromone spray can seriously work to attract women towards you & helps to put them in the correct mood for sex. Youll still have to chat them up, however your job of doing this will be made far easier


by just wearing this musk scented aftershave Pheromone based aftershave spray on your wrists, behind your earlobes and a little on your chest as stated in the instructions which youll get with your purchase.

G) Having a King-size waterbed can make the sex you have much more enjoyable due to the fact that the water mattress moves around with a life of its own accord whilst both of your physical body movements during sex add to this movement and well to be honest this is something which words cannot describe and which only personal experience will reveal to you!!

H) It may sound obvious but simply asking your female sex partner during sex where shed like you to touch her, what shed like you to do etc. is very useful. It may seem far too embarrassing to do, but shell be grateful for your


consideration and interest in satisfying her sexual needs, and this in itself can turn her on even more sexually!!

I) And as well as using self hypnosis to increase the time it takes you to ejaculate, it is useful to masturbate until you feel yourself about to come & then stop just before you do so. You keep on repeating this process as many times as possible until you can take it no longer at which point youll ejaculate. This technique done on a daily basis will increase your stamina sexually & also your staying power prior to ejaculating during sex.

J) If you think you are going to come to quickly during an actual sex session then withdraw your penis from her and press just under the head of your penis with the forefinger and thumb of your hand, pressing quite hard


until the desire to ejaculate goes completely at which point you can carry on having sex again,

K) The fact that women think about sex in a different way to men is reflected in the fact that millions of pounds worth of porn magazines are sold each year to men in the UK whereas women spend millions of pounds on romantic Mills & Boon style books. This proves that True Romance is still the best winning way with women.

L) When you include Kissing etc., foreplay and actual penetrative sex....then a decent sex session should take at least a couple of hours and preferably three hours minimum, then you will start getting known as a stud. All night sessions are easy to achieve as you just do more oral sex and manual stimulation, massage or kissing etc. to kill the time until you can get another erection or have


enough energy again to have penetrative sex. And bearing in mind women have most of the Orgasms through this foreplay they arent going to complain about the time being killed in this way.

The final thought which Ill give you in this section of the book is that at the end of the sex session the women will like to be held & hugged & kissed etc. prior to you both going to sleep or getting dressed and going your own ways. This way by showing consideration you will always part on good terms & as such are in a position whereby you could meet and possibly have sex again at a future date!!



In order to become a Million percent confident when out on a women hunt, it helps to know that if a tricky situation occurs you can take care of yourself, and of course any female friend you may be with at the time! This knowledge and confidence that you can physically take care of yourself will in itself avoid many fights as your body language signals will be spotted by potential problem causers and then they will think twice prior to starting agro with you. Avoidance of a fight is the only real way to be a winner and to this end a good knowledge of psychology will be very useful as then you can usually talk your way out of a fight! Two books which will teach you the most effective street fighting techniques & are written by a top professional bouncer wholl teach you how to win fights & stay alive in the real world are THE SECRETS OF SELF DEFENCE VOLS. 1 & 2...both volumes are available at the special price of 19-95 inc.


p&p at the time of going to press from Casuti Ltd, Dept C, P.O. Box 115, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 8QZ...Access/Visa orders to them on 01534-617181 (24 hrs) and please do mention that you are ordering due to my personal recommendation! Read these books and you really will increase your personal self confidence when out in public by a million percent knowing that you are ready for anything.


90% if not more of communication is non verbal, for example a persons tone of voice, attitude, body-language, body posture & eyes can tell you far more about what a person is thinking than what their words are saying to you. For example when a persons eyes and pupils are enlarged it is obvious that they are in a sexually aroused


state of mind or at the very least that they are very happy to see you. So look for eye pupil enlargement when chatting to women as its a good non verbal indicator of whether they like you! Also should they move closer towards you during the conversation especially if the topic you are discussing at the time is sex or relationships then you can be fairly certain that your onto a good thing whereas if the female moves away from you, its obvious shed sooner not discuss the subject in hand and as such its time to quickly change the subject. Leaning towards you, calling you by your first name a lot & laughing with you are all very good signals to receive when chatting women up for sex. When a women nods a lot whilst you talk its an acceptance signal of what you are saying. Obviously if a women sits closer to you, moves closer to you when dancing etc. then these are all acceptance signals


showing that your chances of bedding this women are very high! Common-sense is the keyword of interpreting body language, just be aware of the females body movements & her apparent attitude when she makes them and your common-sense should tell you whether its a positive signal or a negative one which indicates its time to try and chat up a different woman! Obvious signals of whether a female is an easy target so to speak are not only her body language signals on which youd be well advised to study a few books from your library, remembering of course that to receive one signal on its own is not conclusive proof of being accepted by the female however several different positive signals within a short space of time and your onto a good thing. The other indicators that shes out to find sex can be the place where you both are, for example in some areas like seaside resorts & city centres certain clubs are known as


pick up zones & as such women there are more likely to be looking for a one night stand. To find out where these good places to trap off are in the certain areas ask a bouncer at the doorway in a club & my experience shows me that they will usually tell you the correct place to go even if its not the club they are working at themselves. Friday and Saturday nights in a Night-club are traditionally the nights when its easiest to trap off with women as there are more women out on the pull, However dont forget that every second of the day you can find places where women are & as such your never short of a chance to pick up women. Seductive clothing, with low bust line, lots of leg showing and the look that says F**k me are all ways women (Especially younger ones) attract attention to themselves when out to find a one night stand! Older women will usually dress in a sexy way but in more sophisticated clothing and will still


be easy to spot when looking for a one night stand, I feel its also time to state that from my experience Its easiest to pick up women for sex when on holiday. I feel the reason women let themselves go more on holiday is because they are somewhere no-one knows them & its more unlikely that they will ever bump into the man they have sex with again! Whilst on holiday they can do what they want & dont have to think of other commitments, so seem to relax more, lose their inhibitions and turn into veritable sexual monsters. Personally Ive never failed to pick up a women in a Blackpool night-club, they are so full of women that the law of averages is not only so high in your favour that its unreal but also the women are in the mood for fun, so sex will usually follow & this is why seaside resorts have got the classic reputation for Sun, Sea, Sand & sex! Also on the subject of Holidays I know that the Club 18/30s holidays are great ways to


get sex regularly as many women go on these holidays with the intent of having sex as much as possible with many different men! Working as a redcoat in a holiday camp is not a great way to earn money but it can be an excellent way to get laid every night with women of all ages. The people at the camp on holiday (here I mean both married & single women!) will my personal experience shows me proposition you for sex and although as a camp staff member you are not meant to liase with the customers, of course any red blooded male does and as such regular sex is almost inevitable when working as a Red coat on a Holiday camp! One male friend of mine who works on Haven Holidays Camps once bedded three different women within a 24 hour period and all three of them had approached him. (two of them were whilst he was off duty and the other one when he was supposed to be working). America is also an


excellent place to Holiday as Ive found as have many of my friends that most American women fall into the will have sex on the first date or the will have sex on the second date categories. Now I dont know if this is true for American men trying to pick up American omen...but for some reason American women love English accents and as such youve got a head start over the American men who are trying to pick them up.....as such I say viva America!

THE BASICS OF FLIRTING. The golden rule of successful flirting is that you must at all times do unto your potential flirting partners as you would have them do unto you, No matter what you think theyve already done unto you. In other words, never prejudge people & always treat others in a friendly manner. Friendliness is the key to flirting as the more


friends you make the more the law of averages says many of these will turn into sexual encounters. The three basic personality traits of a successful flirt are...

A) Be Smart

B) Be Patient

C) Be Prepared

To explain be smart means not only to be always dressed in a suitable way to attract the opposite sex but to also be smart enough to notice the flirting opportunities which will present themselves daily, and which people are transmitting the best acceptance body language signals so are as such worth targeting.


Be patient means quite simply what it says, be patient enough to persevere and carry on in your quest of flirting with women to gain sex. Here the law of averages will then be on your side at all times, and youll never miss a chance to flirt.

Be prepared, always be ready to say hello to someone to break the ice, to start a conversation, to accept a compliment, to speak to someone new etc.! It also means being emotionally prepared by being at all times confident enough to approach every single woman you meet. And of course being prepared means having it 100% clear in your mind what you want to gain from a flirtatious encounter which I presume after reading this book will be sex.


Its true to say that us men in general flirt so they can bed as many women as possible whereas in general terms women flirt so that they can find someone to marry them. Its also very true to say that for most men its impossible to have a lady just as a female friend, there is usually always some thought of sex in he mans mind at all times. Remember of course also you dont have to be single to flirt, in fact many married people flirt with other people in the presence of their partner not for revenge but just to make themselves noticed & also to feed their own ego with the interest which gets taken in them. You see married flirts who hide what they are doing are in fact CHEATS although I honestly feel in general most men cannot be faithful to one woman all their lives and as such us men do seem to be controlled by whats inside our trousers, as such this book should seriously improve the average mans chances of getting


laid 365 times a year with a different women every night. At this point allow me to say that if after reading this book & increasing your self confidence via self hypnosis you are still a little scared to flirt then dont despair! Everyone including professional pick up experts like myself get scared at various times. The flirts who say that they are confident & appear to be 100% of the time have just learned to hide their true inner feelings better than most! If your ready to start flirting on a serious basis then youll find your the kind of person who at all times out & about in social situations is friendly & talkative. At self help seminars, social gatherings, theatre shows etc. you are the person who has most of the fun during the breaks talking to people & making new friends, in other words your all encompassing goal in life on a daily basis will become TO GET LAID 365 TIMES A YEAR! and if you live by this rule that if


something you are about to do can bring you closer to your ultimate goal of getting laid then its worth doing & results will occur. So always remember the phrase..

Will my next action bring me closer to or further away from my ultimate goal of getting laid today!

If the answer to this question is that it could possibly bring you closer to your ultimate goal then do it without hesitation & without the fear of rejection as it will be another step closer for you on the road to success. It has just occurred to me the five personality traits which are most important for any pick up expert and they are as follows..

1) Always be the bearer of good news & as such put people into good optimistic moods.


2) Always be a good listener when others talk to you, always remembering that you have two ears and only one mouth so use them in those proportions.

3) Go out of your way to meet new people, incidentally just the act of others seeing you around different groups of people regularly gives others the instant impression you are a desirable person & well worth getting to know.

4) Pick up the telephone & keep in contact with old friends they may just introduce you to the girl of your dreams at a future time, and it also gives you a chance to gatecrash any social events or parties which they may mention are occurring soon, at which you can meet more females to gain sexual satisfaction from.


5) Learn when not to say anything as popularity comes from knowing when to hide feelings, desires or criticisms.

6) Leave them wanting more & by this I refer back to the telephone as in rule four. Always try to end calls after around 5 to 10 minutes so that conversation is always interesting, never becomes boring & as such you always get invited to social events.

Another very good way to increase your success with women is to show your vulnerability. By this I mean when you approach them & chat her up you are seen as the aggressor, so its then good to show your just as vulnerable as she is to put her at her ease and by far the best way to do this is to reveal little insecurities about yourself in a way that makes them seem like positive assets. In other words reveal the real, more tender side


of you, but dont ever open yourself up for attack & success will be yours on a daily basis.


1) Use flattery, yes the old saying that flattery gets you nowhere is complete and utter crap, the truth is that flattery will get you everywhere and anywhere and in fact every human being on earth loves to be complimented regularly.

2) Always say Hello with energy & enthusiasm and with body language which shows that you are in a happy optimistic mood as people will then want to be around you.


3) Shake hands, you may think that this is to formal to do when meeting a new female, but as its an ideal way to establish bodily contact even on just a brief basis its well worth doing and it also makes you look like a gentleman. At the end of the handshake, finish with a tiny extra squeeze (not tight though) and then let go of her hand this signals to her in a non verbal manner that you are warm, confident & far more than just pleased to meet her and that in fact you have a sexual interest in her.

4) Make immediate and direct eye contact the secret of how to maintain this is detailed earlier in this book.

5) Repeat the persons name as stated earlier a persons name is to them the most sweetest word in the English language & its also the easiest way to attract & maintain their attention in you.


6) Ask her questions which most men dont ask! In other words ask about the females life goals, basic beliefs, what they want from a relationship & the things most men usually dont ask women when flirting. When you hear a women say Noone has ever asked me that before, then you know that dating success will be yours.

7) Dont stare at people, instead do a double take, this means turn your head quickly to one side and then return it promptly back to its original position. (now pause for a few seconds) then turn back and establish eye contact with the female, smile and after about 10 seconds resume your normal position or approach her and talk. Staring pisses people off however doing a double take will intrigue them.


8) Get the female to talk more about herself & her life story than you do about yours, always be a you - you person.

9) Keep up to date with current affairs, pop music etc. & then you can never be accused of being stuck in your ways by women.

10) Whispering will bring an immediate response from women, If you whisper something to them, theyll move closer to you in a quest to hear & as such intimate contact is made.

11) Low sonics (that means a quiet tone of voice) is by far the best way to talk to women and many women say that a low voice tone is far more sexy and desirable.


12) Leave them wanting more as they say in showbusiness circles, end before things get boring so that they always want more & as such come back to you at a later date.

13) Name dropping? If you yourself are not famous then the next best thing is to know someone famous as dropping names in conversation can create interest from many women.

14) Use the 1, 2, 3 routine,

1) Your approach is dazzling, bold & spontaneous. 2) Once a rapport is established you back off completely, in other words order a drink or do something to change the females focus of attention from your flirtatious behaviour.


3) Renew the flirtatious behaviour after a suitable period of time, but not to the extent of your initial approach. This time in a more playful manner as opposed to seriously.

15) Set a goal that is say 20 women in a day youll approach with the aim of establishing a conversation, getting a telephone number or in fact an actual date....then the law of averages will be on your side and some will be successful!

DONTS OF WOMEN HUNTING. 1) Dont depend on others to make things happen. 2) Dont tease or criticise people. 3) Dont cling or be over protective. 4) Dont mentally dwell on flirting & certainly dont worry about it.


5) Never fidget as it shows a lack of self confidence.


1) He is comfortable & confident in his environment & projects ease and stability. 2) He has a low soft tone of voice. 3) He is confident enough to reveal something about himself & as such show he is vulnerable. 4) He has a real sincere interest in talking with a women about rather mundane things. 5) He is (apparently) honest and can be counted on to do what he says hell do. 6) He has good manners & treats women in a gentlemanly way. 7) He is curious about a woman and wants to know her opinions.


8) He knows when to end the pick up & either get down to initiating sex or arrange to meet another time. 9) He is affectionate and supportive. 10) He is protective... like a big brother figure. 11) He knows that the little things count, such as flowers, a goodnight call, a special place to eat or be etc.! 12) He knows that flirting will get him everywhere.

NETWORKING. Networking simply means using any female friends you have in order to meet all their female friends who could be a potential sex partner for you. As such just because you dont fancy having sex with a women its still well worth while exchanging telephone numbers in the hope that you can get invited to a party or social event which she may hold or attending the future, the idea being once there you can use the fact you know her as an opening


line to break the ice with her other female friends who are all potential sex partners for you. The fact you know her means her friends will be more open with you and as such this INSTANT ACCEPTANCE will seriously improve your chances of getting a date with one of her female friends. And dont forget of course that every one of your female friends have more friends of their own & these have friends etc. and so it goes on! As such after reading this book you can never have an excuse for not meeting lots of women on a regular basis. Just as salesmen create a network of people to whom they can sell things, so you can create your own network of female friends in order to meet loads of other females & as such get laid 365 times a year, which is incidentally far more times than the average man has sex (with different women) in an entire lifetime! So even if you only get laid with a different women once or twice a week on a weekly basis


then believe me when I say this would be two women a week by 52 weeks which equals 104 women. And lets say you play around like this for three years prior to getting involved in a serious relationship with someone then its three years by 104 women which equals a total of 312 women! And let me say any man whos slept with 312 women over a three year period is either a professional pick up expert such as myself or has read a copy of this or some other similar book. So once again here we have an example of how a salesmens success technique can be adapted & then used to increase our success with women.

DATING IDEAS. Before I introduce you to the subject of self hypnosis & how these hypnotic techniques can be used to make your sex life both more enjoyable and successful I would like


to include some ideas for unusual date ideas & also dates which are also highly effective in getting a women into the correct mood for sex whilst being easily affordable!! For example the usual dating ideas of Cinema, Night-club, Restaurant etc. are all OK as detailed within, but it can also be a nice surprise to the female in question & great fun for you both to choose a far more unusual date such as ice or roller skating, ten pin bowling, laser gun game centres, A day out at a theme park...in other words anywhere that your imagination can think of. You can of course go for the more conventional meal after the wacky date has ended prior to moving the date into a sexual conquest. An unusual date scenario such as those mentioned will be welcomed as a nice change by the female wholl see you as a little above the average run of the mill man who sticks to more convential dating ideas. Another unusual


dating idea which is also highly romantic is a picnic when the weather is nice, incidentally this is also ideal for when you are on a low budget. Also of course most restaurants have at least one night a week when everything is cheaper and they have specials on, as such you can buy a copy of your local WHATS ON? guide such as City Life (Manchester), City Limits (London) or Whats On (Birmingham)...in these magazines you can not only find out places to go on dates such as an alternative comedy venue, theatre shows etc. but it will also contain details of which restaurants there are in the local area, when they open, what food they offer and what nights the special deals are on. Knowing this every night of the week youll be able to find somewhere to date women at a bargain basement price! To end this section Id like to detail step by step the order in which meeting someone can then lead to sexual intercourse...


1) See a female you like. 2) Approach the female. 3) Use an opening line or ice breaking technique to get the conversation started. 4) Get the female to open up & talk about herself, generally being a you person.

5) Observe body language signals etc., add sexual innuendo into the conversation, dance together if in a night-club and use all the general methods as taught in this book to move the relationship onto the next stage. 6) When the end of the night comes use one of the lines detailed earlier to get the female to come home with you. 7) When at home, have a drink etc. & initiate the foreplay kissing. 8) Use one of the techniques as detailed to get both of you into the bedroom.


9) Use foreplay techniques. 10) Sexual intercourse follows. 11) Cuddle, Kiss, Talk etc. 12) To sleep & when the morning comes exchange telephone numbers over breakfast for future usage and say goodbye!!

Thats basically how events would go & as such youll see that all these things have been explained in great details along with many other ways in which you can get laid 365 times each year within the pages of this book. Id now like to in the next section of the book teach you self hypnosis techniques which can be used both easily and effectively to increase your sexual self confidence, stop impotence & premature Ejaculation whilst also helping to increase your Penis size! Put these Hypnotic Techniques to use along-side the things outlined in the


first half of this book and to put it bluntly youd be seriously sad if you couldnt get laid at least twice a week and as least twice as regularly as the average male on this planet. So now its time to enter my Hypnotic world where there really are no limits and the only limitations in your life are those which we impose upon our own minds, so become a no limits person & expand your mind for both emotional, financial and SEXUAL SEXCESS!!


Hypnosis is a mysterious, fascinating art which has entranced people for decades. Hypnosis is a power, a power which fascinates and astounds people, in fact Hypnosis is the most powerful force known to mankind. A skilled hypnotist can once he has gained a persons


consent to Hypnotise them, have that person do literally anything that he so desires (even of a sexual nature). Many people believe that Hypnosis cannot be used for sexual purposes, well my experience shows me that this is a very distorted view & the truth of the matter is to gain sexual favours via the use of Hypnotism and Hypnotic techniques is in fact far easier than you could possibly ever imagine in your wildest dreams!! Quite simply how can I say this, well here are four very good reasons,,,

1) Franz Anton Mesmer. who was one of the earliest exponents of Mesmerism now called Hypnosis was well known as many history books on the subject prove for his sexual exploits with women whilst they were under his Hypnotic influence.


2) As all Stage Hypnotists who genuinely hypnotise people are making people do things which they would not normally wish to do & as such these things are against their own volition, then common-sense should show you that if women will try to give me when commanded Oral Sex on stage whereby I stop them just in time, If I were to do this in private and not stop the female from doing it then Oral sex would occur! 3) The fact that several Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists using hypnosis etc. have assaulted their clients sexually whilst they were in a Hypnotic trance and they have been jailed for this then this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (there are numerous documented & PROVEN cases) that Hypnosis can most certainly be used to obtain sexual favours from women whilst they are under hypnosis.


4) My personal experience which has been documented in most all UK national daily & Sunday newspapers (some copies enclosed at start of book) and has also been extensively featured on most all UK Network, satellite and cable TV Channels along with national radio stations prove the point beyond a doubt that hypnosis can be used to obtain sex from women. At this point let me say that sex gained from women as in point three above is most certainly illegal as the therapist has broken his legal duty of care to the patient who had expected something else to occur. Hypnosis to obtain sex from women as Ive done in the past (documented by press) is very much on the borderline of being either legal or illegal and Ive been lucky thanks to a loophole in British law which states & also that none of the 200 to 300 women whove had Hypno sex with me have ever complained or been distressed when awoken from trance


in fact many have commented just how much they have enjoyed it. The only women who have talked to the newspapers about there Hypnotic sexual encounters with me have all admitted that whilst they may not have slept with me had they not been in trance that they only had themselves to blame for fully consenting to let me Hypnotise them without them first asking me what I was to get them to do under hypnosis....one or two have also said just how much they enjoyed it and how theyd love to sleep with me again!! All the women were over 18 and as such consenting adults, they were all intelligent women and as theyd just witnessed my Pornographic stage show EROTIC HYPNOTICS logic tells me that theyd have enough sense to realise that I was able to get them to do ANYTHING against their will if they consented to be Hypnotised by me which of course they all did. I also defend my past actions (Ive now stopped doing it) by


pointing out that none of these women ever struggled, refused to have sex, many asked for hypnosex with me and none have ever been upset enough to report me as they knew that I HADNT BROKEN THE LAW. Some even tried to contact me at a later date for Hypnosex... and on a few occasions they offered to pay for it! Furthermore English law states that should you as a consenting adult (over 18) in full mental state consent to participate in any activity which they at the time of consenting know or should as an intelligent adult know has possible side effects or dangers, possible consequences or injuries etc. then they as the consenting adult in full control of their mental state at time of consenting to be hypnotised and participate in what follows are 100 percent solely responsible for all risks involved & any consequences which occur due to you volunteering or consenting to be hypnotised or agreeing to participate in this activity in


knowledge that risks or consequences are possible!! This being the case as all women Ive hypnotised in this manner to believe Im their favourite filmstar are always asked first if I can hypnotise them and have their full consent to get them to do anything then they have by law consented to what I later did whilst they were under hypnosis. Also Ive only ever done this after my shows so the females in question would know I did a Porn style act and as such with the sexual innuendo I use to get their consent they were all very much in the state of mind where they had a damn good idea what I was going to do for them, and as Ive said many times Ive been asked by the women to give them Hypnosex as theyd seen me in the papers and wanted to experience it for themselves. The opening comedy routine of my act actually tells the audience quite bluntly that women can be hypnotised for sex so when the women later consent to be hypnotised


they are already aware of this fact!! The fact that once they were under hypnosis I convinced them I was the man of their dreams so that theyd WILLINGLY have sex with me is irrelevant & basically they consented to be in this situation & put themselves into this position and as such although it may be a little immoral to do this it is just on the borderline of whether its legal or illegal. Incidentally NOONE READING THIS BOOK IS ADVISED TO DO WHAT IVE STATED AND ANYONE DOING SO DOES SO AT THEIR OWN RISK! This publication is supplied for information purposes only and as such you have been warned. Also consider that in a court of law its impossible for someone to prove that they were hypnotized by you & also bear in mind D.N.A. (bodily fluid) evidence is not possible so I believe several weeks after the event has occurred, the person has had a bath etc. & as such it would be even harder for anyone to


prove their case. Any people pretending to be witnesses would of course be asked as would be the person who had allegedly been hypnotised of their own free will why they had not reported this to the police immediately after the event or within a reasonable space of time, also bear in mind anyone trying to set you up would have to prove you were with them on the night in question which if you were someplace else would be impossible, and even if you were with them how could they prove that anything had taken place? As all of these women put up no struggle believing I was the man of their dreams and as such willingly & enthusiastically had sexual intercourse with me none of these women could possibly claim they had put up a struggle and as such would have no injuries or bruises as evidence. Consider also that this only ever occurred in my dressing room or toilets of the venue in which I had just done my show there would be


numerous witnesses to testify no signs or noises of a struggle took place & in fact at the end of the night Id been saying goodnight in a friendly manner to all the people Id hypnotised in my show and also the female who Id had sex with! As there would be people to testify to this, the question a court of law would have to consider is why would a female who had just been forced to have sex with someone say good bye to them in a more than friendly manner at the end of the night in front of witnesses? And on the rare occasions when these women returned with me to my hotel room there would be many witnesses to testify that the female had not been forced into my car, witnesses at the hotel would testify they had not been forced into my hotel room, and reception staff would testify in the morning I had said goodbye to the female at the hotel reception prior to ordering her a cab home! Consider finally that once


hypnotised and they believed I was the man of their dreams I merely said something such as SHALL WE MAKE LOVE NOW? or SHALL WE HAVE SEX NOW? and she as the adult female over the age of consent said yes & then participated willingly & without any resistance, as such many psychologists & experts on Hypnosis could be found to support the view that in fact all people have an emergency detector in their brain & whilst under Hypnosis cannot be made to do things consciously which they would find morally wrong. Now this view itself may be right or wrong as detailed within the pages of this book but in a court of law it would along with all the other details I presented to you Im sure influence a jury to find me 100% NOT GUILTY of rape as some people such as Stage Hypnotist Eddie Burke of the Federation Of Ethical Stage Hypnotists has accused me of being on National Live TV! so to conclude on this subject I have


NEVER forced a women to have sex!, I have NEVER raped a women!, I have only ever had sex with women who although they may have been hypnotized have 100% WILLINGLY CONSENTED to participate and have sex with me!!

Now that Ive cleared up that little point its time to explain the basics of self hypnosis and then detail fully how you as a lay person can use these methods & techniques of self improvement to improve your own personal sex life 100% and change your life for the better for ever! To illustrate the fact that self hypnosis can remove the limitations which people impose on their own minds & as such we are all born as equals we just become less equal by negative ideas being programmed into our minds as we grow up! This results in many of us having an Inadequate Self Image (I.S.I). Using self


hypnosis we can strengthen our I.S.I and as such become equal with all men as we were born to be & consequently be far more successful in all areas of our life on a daily basis and to this end I quote.....

You are what you will yourself to be. In that great kingdom of the mind, you fashion in the precious mould of thoughts, the motive power which shapes your destiny. For what you think is what you will become, what you believe in indicates the way, and whilst you live, the will is never numb. Remember when your life you plan, it has been sagely said of man this, I CAN IF I THINK I CAN. Anon. ON THE SUBJECT OF PERSISTENCE. Nothing in the world Can take the place of persistence,


Talent will not, Nothing is more common than Unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not, Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not The world is full of educated derelicts, Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent, The slogan PRESS ON has solved and always will solve The problems of the human race.


And of course sooner or later in life the man who thinks he can achieve something and persevere will have more success than the average man. Incidentally the famous quotations which follow not only illustrate my points


clearly but can also be used as positive suggestions to yourself once in a state of self hypnosis.

As a Man thinketh so he becomes........THE BIBLE. When we stop fighting the inevitable, we realise energy which enables us to create a richer life..............ANON. We cannot change the inevitable but we can change ourselves... ANON. In quietness & confidence shall be your strength... ISIAH 30:15 Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which one has overcome trying to succeed......BOOKER T. WASHINGTON. Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.... ABRAHAM LINCOLN.


Most folks are about as successful in life as they make up their minds to be.....ALEX-LEROY. Most folks are about as successful with women as they make up their minds to be.....ALEX-LEROY.

Consider these words which are the wisdom of great men all of whom have been greatly successful themselves and you should realise that the power of your mind is the most powerful force known to mankind & it is yet not fully understood by scientists just how powerful our personal Necktop computers are!! It is believed however that the average human only uses 10% of their brainpower to full capacity, this being the case bear in mind that techniques of self hypnosis can help accelerate your abilities to learn new things & as such you should now fully understand that self hypnosis for Positive change really can be beneficial in a big way. Whatever


personal self improvement program you wish to follow there is always a set procedure to follow which is...

1) Create the correct environment for self hypnosis. 2) Induce yourself into a self hypnosis trance. 3) Deepen the relaxation suggestions in your mind. 4) Give yourself positive ego strengthening suggestions. 5) Next suggest an improvement in the area desired. 6) Implant the post hypnotic suggestion to renter trance more easily in the future. 7) Awaken yourself from the self hypnotic trance.

This seven step procedure is very easy to follow, with the only changes being the suggestions which you give yourself in order to improve the area of your life which you desire to change at that time. It is also very similar


to the procedure most professional Hypnotherapists follow which is...

1) Get rapport with the client. 2) Induce the hypnotic trance. 3) Deepen the state of relaxed trance. 4) Give client ego strengthening suggestions. 5) Use suggestions needed for the therapy in hand. 6) Implant major post hypnotic suggestion that person will renter trance more easily next time. 7) Awaken the person from trance.

This also happens to be the correct procedure to follow if you intended to get a female to sleep with you whilst she believed you were the man of her dreams. Here the only change would be at point three where the hypnotic trance is deepened, instead youd use techniques of


disorientation and confusion to slightly brainwash the female so that shed go into such a deep state of hypnosis & the critical faculty of her brain would be asleep so to speak that she would then be putty in your hands for Filmstar Sex Hypnosis. The procedure to follow would be... 1) Get rapport with the female & gain her consent to hypnotise her. 2) Lock her hands together via the locked hands suggestibility test & then induce hypnosis via the falling backwards induction (both detailed later) 3) Deepen the trance using techniques of disorientation & confusion. 4) Give the female a little ego strengthening therapy so she ends up in a great state of mind for sex.


5) Use post hypnotic suggestion of each time I awaken you & then return you into trance youll go 100 times deeper (and then do this several times). 6) Use the suggestions mentioned earlier in this book so that when awoken she thinks youre the man of her dreams and as such shell want to have sex with you. 7) Put her back into trance after having sex and suggest to her when taken out of trance will remember only that you both had great sex and shell be really happy about what she did. 8) Awaken her from the trance suggesting that shes back to normal & is no longer under hypnosis with all suggestions now having been removed from her mind, in other words shes now back to normal! Armed with this knowledge & the brief details included in the section Hypnotism Ploy earlier in this book, you should be able as an intelligent human being to after


reading this book to if you so desired Hypnotise women (with their consent) for filmstar sex hypnosis. I would however recommend that you study the subject a little further as a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and also Knowledge is POWER!! So now its neigh time to explain the self hypnosis procedure in a step by step basis.....


In order for self hypnosis to work efficiently for you not only must you be in a suitable environment which well come to in a few moments but also you must be in the following state of mind.... 1) You must have consciously made up your mind to get rid of your problem.


2) You must believe that hypnosis can help remove or seriously improve your problem. 3) You must have reasonably good concentration and imagination skills. 4)You must expect the self hypnosis treatment to work & as such stick to the treatment you prescribe yourself on a daily basis until your goals are achieved.

From an environmental point of view I is advisable to be alone in a warm homely room with subdued lighting. telephones should be off the hook & any other members of your household should be warned not to disturb you whilst at work on your self improvement programme. In other words you must create an environment for yourself in which you feel confident that youll be able to relax enough for your self hypnosis treatment to be a success. When proficient at inducing yourself into a state of


trance however, youll then be able to do so anytime, anyplace, anywhere irrespective of surrounding distractions as you will by then have trained your mind to focus fully on one thing to the exclusion of all other external distractions & stimuli.


Although there are numerous ways that you can induce a self hypnotic trance, I will for the purposes of this book explain one of the most simple & effective methods which will bring much success & positive results with very little effort on your part. To proceed ensure that step one is fully completed next draw the curtains and then either position yourself comfortably in a chair or lye down in a comfortable position on the couch. The next step is to enter the hypnotic trance state and as such gain access


to your subconscious which is rather like the database of a computer and as such can be reprogrammed to effect positive changes in your lifestyle and personal habits. To proceed as you are positioned comfortably you would now begin to breathe deeply and regularly in through your nose and then out through your mouth in a rhythmic fashion which will rapidly relax your entire body and enable you to concentrate (focus) your attention on your breathing rhythm to the exclusion of any external distractions. Once you have been paying attention to your breathing in this way for around one minute, its then time to be aware of the different areas of your body, your feet, your ankles, lower leg area, knees, upper leg area, pelvis, hips, stomach, chest, back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, face, head & scalp in that order. As you concentrate on each bodily part in turn you should at the same time tense the muscles in that


area of your body & then after a few seconds relax those muscles as you suggest to yourself with the little voice within your mind that EACH & EVERY MUSCLE, LIMP; LOOSE, RELAXED...SO HEAVY & SO TIRED!! Do this in turn for each area of your body, tensing the muscles for a few seconds then relaxing them as you suggest the above phrase to yourself and youll find that by the time you get to your forehead in the order of things as stated youll be in a beautifully serene deep state of self relaxation or as we prefer to call it self hypnosis. IN this state of mind any suggestions given to your mind will instantly enter your subconscious (imagination) and as such within a short space of time become an automatic reflex action in your life due to the principle I explained earlier in this book which proves that when the imagination and the conscious will are in conflict, the imagination will always win!! As such the suggestions


given to your subconscious (imagination) will be followed and success be yours. The next step is to deepen the level of self hypnotic trance and this is step three.

STEP THREE....DEEPEN THE SELF HYPNOTIC TRANCE. This is easily achieved by imagining as vividly as possible in your minds eye a place where you feel good, full of happiness & energy, a place where there are people praising you and in general thinking of all the things you are proud of so you in effect by doing this convince your mind that you are 100% capable of achieving the goal you have set yourself. Then after a few minutes change your mental picture to that of an escalator & imagine in your minds eye its an escalator of relaxation and it takes 60 seconds to journey down this escalator into the land of deep relaxation where self hypnosis success is assured. Next see yourself stepping onto the escalator


and as you see yourself journeying down further with every breath you take, every noise you hear & every suggestion which you give yourself, allow yourself to relax more & more and then start to count backwards from 60 to 1 believing that on each count backwards your mind will be taken one step further into trance & your body one step further into relaxation. When you reach the count of one its time to give yourself the ego strengthening therapy which is step four.

STEP FOUR......EGO STRENGTHENING THERAPY. To carry out the ego strengthening therapy youd just suggest any positive things to yourself which will make you feel both confident and happy and as such in a correct state of mind to believe that you are an excellent person with unlimited personal potential, which will then make the actual suggestions to be used for the desired


goal more easily accepted and as such more easily achieved. Some excellent ego strengthening suggestions to use at this point are detailed below although Im sure you can devise personal suggestions of your own.

Everyday in every way I am getting better and better & closer to achieving each of my personal goals.

I was born equal to all men, as such I am capable of equalling lifes highest acheivers accomplishments and am myself a most wonderful person.

Every day I shall be calm and confident, relaxed and happy, even when there is no reason for being so.

I now allow myself to totally forgive anyone who needs my forgiveness both now & in the past, I fully and


completely forgive. As such I am now totally forgiven by anyone who needs to forgive me, both now and in the past, I am fully & completely forgiven.

I am a valuable person because I am a human being.

I have the right to be popular, I have the right to speak up, I have the right to make mistakes....all these gifts are god given.

To put it bluntly its by far best to devise your own series of ego strengthening suggestions as then they will be 100% personal and as such more effective.



This I believe speaks for itself, Its now time to use self suggestion of a positive nature to effect a positive change in the area you want to change for the better. Here the self suggestions you use are always better if devised yourself for personal usage, however examples will be given shortly so that you have a good idea how to structure and phrase your positive self suggestions for success. Here as you can devise positive suggestions for any habit, phobia or problem you can as such use self hypnosis to change ANYTHING for the better. Obviously it goes without saying that to stop a habit or phobia suggestions saying you no longer wish or desire to have or carry on this inappropriate behaviour or habit would be used whereas for things you want to achieve suggestions stating you will notice a significant change for the better in a short space of time would be used.



Here youd use the following suggestion to your own mind, In a few moments when I awaken myself from this state of relaxation not only will I feel wonderful and achieve my aims with ease, but next time I wish to renter this state of Trance to effect more positive changes I will be able to relax more easily, deeply & more rapidly in order that each time I carry out these actions the suggestions which I give my mind will become even more powerful and effective.


Lastly you just need to awaken yourself from the trance in a positive state of mind whilst full of energy &


optimism, so that you can go on with your life with no conscious thought of this experience so that the self suggestions will then start to work on you as an automatic reflex action. To awaken yourself from the trance use a suggestion such as....

In a few moments when I count to 3 I shall awaken from this state of relaxation with a feeling of well being, contentment, self confidence and safe in the knowledge that my sub conscious mind will allow my self suggestions to work as an automatic reflex action to achieve positive change in my life in the area I desire. I command my conscious mind to have complete faith in my abilities to achieve success & will awaken full of energy, optimism & confidence with no side effects whatsoever.


1) All suggestions growing stronger every minute of the day. 2) Closer in every way to achieving my desired goals. 3) Wide awake and full of energy.

At this point you would then be wide awake & the self suggestions will have started to work to improve your life. The most important thing to remember is that you must allow the self suggestions to work automatically as an automatic reflex action & never must you will them to work. Have faith in the power of self hypnosis and success will be yours. My personal experience and the combined experience of thousands if not millions of people world-wide whove benefited from self hypnosis have just let it work for them & thats the important thing, once the suggestions are given to your mind and


you wake your self from trance you must then carry on with your life just as you would do normally.

Now I just need to teach you the ways in which to phrase self suggestions to your own mind in order to achieve total success through the power of self hypnosis, first though heres a list of things all of which given the correct self suggestions can be treated with self hypnosis.


Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, Increase Penis Size, Increase Breast size, Stop Period Pains, Painless child birth, Your first Orgasm, Become Fertile, Better sex for lovers, Increased sexual self confidence, overcome Fridigity,


Sexual fantasy hypnosis, attract the opposite sex, etc., etc.

NORMAL PROBLEMS WHICH CAN BE TREATED. Stop Smoking, Lose-Weight, Skin problems, Nail Biting, Insomnia, Alcoholism, and all other habits, problems, fears, phobias and nervous disorders.

SELF SUGGESTION CAN ALSO ACHIEVE. Speed Reading, Accelerated learning, Increased Sports Performance, Maximum Memory capacity, And quite simply enables you to achieve ANYTHING which you set your mind to by the use of positive self suggestion & the techniques as outlined herein. As Paul McKenna said in the Sunday people of march 19th 1995 we all have a personal necktop computer (our brain)


which far surpasses any other form of computer known to mankind & really does mean each of us humans has unlimited potential. Well the use of self hypnosis can enable you to tap this personal power so that your life can go the way you plan it to. As they say none plans to fail in life but many people do fail to plan. This shows us that success is achieved by setting goals & then through pure persistence we will achieve them, especially through the use of self hypnosis,


All self suggestions used MUST of course be of a positive nature & by positive I mean intended to create a positive result. If you devise your own self suggestions which you feel comfortable with then they should be OK! But ensure that these suggestions seem to have only one


possible meaning so that they cannot possibly be misinterpreted by your subconscious mind, here use of common-sense will pay dividends. I will now give you a few examples of the way to phrase positive self suggestions & then along with the details Ive taught you in these pages you should be more than capable of devising your own suggestions. If you have any specific queries which you cannot personally work out then Id be more than happy to hear from you via the publishers and I try to help you out.


I no longer need, want or crave for cigarettes in any way shape or form. All desire for cigarettes or Tobacco has left me totally and I look forward to a bright healthy cigarette free future, The Government health warning will now


read to me Smoke, Choke, Death & disease which reminds me that there are no good reasons to smoke but there are plenty of reasons not to smoke and start my life as a confident non smoker. I no longer wish to smell of cigarettes, have bad breath or yellow skin and I wish to stop killing myself & the people I love around me, as such I will now start my life again as a non smoker as I no longer need, want, crave or desire for cigarettes or tobacco of any form.

IMPOTENCE. From this day forward, each time I find myself in a sexual environment I will be full of energy, confidence & optimism. I will be relaxed and all stress or worry will leave my body effortlessly allowing me to become sexually aroused and as such achieve an erection. I will not be upset by this occurring, knowing that it is natural


for all men at some points in their life, I shall however relax and enjoy sex so much that an erection will automatically occur.


I command my mind to allow my body to release any chemicals required to allow an increase in my penis size. My penis is just a muscle which like all other muscles can get bigger through exercise (here masturbation can help) I understand the size increase may not be obviously visible to me but I will continue confident in life that an increase in size has and will occur.

ATTRACT THE OPPOSITE SEX. I am equal with all other men, as such I can be just as successful with women as the worlds greatest pick up


experts, I just need to relax, be confident & reveal my pleasing personality to women who will then warm to me. I will neither fear rejection or allow it to upset me, instead I shall persevere, continue to aim for my goals and sure enough success will be mine. Consequently I will gain the respect and admiration of others for overcoming my past fears and demonstrating what a popular person I can be with the opposite sex,.

SUMMING UP.. So there you have four examples of how suggestions would be phrased for certain things, use your commonsense & remember all you have been taught then successful self suggestions will be developed by you with ease! Basically though as the four previous examples show the self suggestions used are basically just affirmations to yourself convincing yourself that you can


achieve the goals you have set out. As this convincing yourself will be done to your subconscious mind as you are in a state of self hypnosis it will then become reality and as such your inner dreams and desires will come true. It may all seem far too easy, but trust me when I say that the simple things in life are usually the best and as such failure can only occur by trying to complicate matters. Yes Ill agree that Im asking you to have a lot of faith in the power of self hypnosis but do as Ive said and the positive results will be a much bigger reward for your efforts than you could possibly ever imagine. These self suggestions should be carried out as often as possible (no more than three times a day) until your goal is achieved. The best times are just as youve awoken in the morning & just prior to going to sleep at night as then you can gain access to your subconscious mind far more easily & thus enter trance more rapidly. It can be


useful to visit a professional hypnotherapist who can for a small fee guide you into the hypnotic trance state and then implant a suggestion into your mind that you can from that moment forward renter the trance state whenever you so desire just by thinking of a keyword or symbol in your minds eye. The professional hypnotherapist will also be able to help you devise your own self suggestions to be used for the particular problem which you wish to change or cure for the better. Your local hypnotherapist can be found in your local yellow pages directory or by looking at the personal or health classified adverts column in your local weekly or daily newspaper. I would now with particular reference to sexual matters dispel some myths which have been around since the dawn of time and in themselves can help cure many peoples psychologically induced problems.


MYTH ONE. My Penis is small, thus I am not going to be able to satisfy my partner. (or my husbands penis is small, thus he is not going to be able to satisfy me). THE TRUTH. There is no correlation what so ever between genital size and the pleasure which your partner experiences.

MYTH TWO. Taking visual delight in the nude figure of my wife/girlfriend is sinful. TRUTH. A wife wishes her husband to enjoy the sight of her body. MYTH THREE. An erection should occur automatically, it can be willed. TRUTH.


For some people especially those in their forties and over, some type of overt stimulation is needed in order to produce an erection. To will an erection is in fact impossible. MYTH FOUR. Sex is a kind of dirty word or activity. TRUTH. Sex and sexual activities are natural, essential and a wonderful part of living. MYTH FIVE. I am a real man only when I am sexually responsive to all women and capable of immediate sexual arousal. TRUTH. Various sensitising factors such as poor diet, fatigue from overwork, selection of distracting environments for attempted sexual interactions, poor health and alcohol problems can all decrease sexual response and interest.


MYTH SIX. Normal sexual intercourse is a manifestation of a male physically dominating a female, solely for the pleasure of and satisfaction of the male. TRUTH. A women intensely wants and needs penetration to feel fulfilled when this is what her psychological expectations have conditioned her to require. MYTH SEVEN. A good women does not want sexual intercourse, or only wants it for procreative purposes. TRUTH. A healthy women has just as strong a need & drive for intercourse as a healthy male does. MYTH EIGHT. I am frigid because I am capable of achieving only manually induced Clitoral Orgasms.


TRUTH. Penile....Vaginal intercourse may achieve Orgasm through providing indirect stimulation for the Clitoral situated genital corpuscles or in some copulative positions, it may result in direct stimulation for the Clitoris itself. No matter 99% of female Orgasms are clitorally induced, as such so called Vaginal Orgasm is a myth, this in itself is useful for both the male and female to know.

When you consider the truth explained to the above eight myths, it just goes to show that a distorted view of sex or a lack of knowledge on the subject can in itself be the cause of a persons problem, as such by reversing things and changing this view or gaining the required knowledge the problem can on many occasions be


eradicated. Remember also that self hypnosis can only work in anything where psychological forces are at work, it is a matter of personal will, or doctors have no other solution but to tell you its psychosomatic.....but in these instances as you will find Im sure with personal experience can be seriously helped if not cured with hypnosis.

HOW DOES IT FEEL. This is the final question I need to answer on self hypnosis, how does it feel? Well to be honest the experience is very much a personal thing & is very different for everyone who tries it. I will point out that you are not asleep however and in fact will be fully aware of everything going on around you at all times, in fact being able to taste, smell, feel & hear things better when in trance as its actually a state of heightened awareness.


So dont give up hope because it didnt feel like you were under hypnosis because hypnosis is not like sleep and there is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling as such please have faith in the techniques I have taught you and then I promise you will gain many positive results.

THE LOCKED HANDS TEST. This is a little test used by Stage Hypnotists in order to see how susceptible people are to being hypnotised. I personally also use this in a social setting to lock peoples hands together & break the ice at social gatherings. It is also very useful for instilling 100% belief into your Hypnotic subject that you can control their mind so to speak and as such they will enter the hypnotic trance more rapidly should you choose to get their consent to hypnotise and then you do so!! As I mentioned earlier this is also used in the procedure to gain sexual favours


from women via hypnosis. Basically its just down to the power of suggestion & how much belief your hypnotic subject has in this, it also works because the Knuckles are naturally such a shape that they are very hard to separate in the position required for this test....However most people never seem to realise this! Also bear in mind the law of reversed effort comes into play and you should be able to understand how this test works, so when you suggest to a subject that when they try to separate their hands they will stick together more tightly, it implies by the word try that you expect them not to be able to separate their hands as such they come to believe this themselves & consequently the harder they try to separate their hands the less effort it will have hence the name the law of reversed effort. Incidentally the law of Reversed effort was discovered by the French psychologist Emile Coue who also pioneered the self help


suggestion of Every Day in Every way I am getting better & better. Here I would like to digress totally by pointing out that if you observe a Stage Hypnotist live at work and learn word perfect off by heart the things he said, if you then said these things to a person who was led to believe that you had a thorough knowledge of Hypnosis most of these people would then enter a Hypnotic state as they would believe you could hypnotise people and as such would expect themselves to be hypnotised. Now by no means am I saying do this, in fact Id say you need as much knowledge as possible prior to hypnotising someone for the first time, having said that of course I hypnotised my first victim so to speak after watching a Hypnotist by the name of Payl Nyles at work and I had more success than I could possibly have expected. Bearing in mind what Ive just said I shall detail word for word the suggestions I would use in order to lock


someones hands together and as such impress them enough that they would then enter a hypnotic trance very rapidly & would believe they are under your complete control, and if a person believes this to be the case....then & only then does it become a matter of reality that you can get them to do literally anything! If you learn this word for word, off by heart and deliver the lines to a women whos hands are in the correct position as will be explained shortly, then 90% if not more of these women will find their hands are locked together by the count of three and will not be able to separate them until you touch the back of their hands. Their belief in you as a hypnotist will then be 100% and as such it will be easy to place them into trance with the falling backwards induction as explained a little later.....for now here goes with the wording for the locked hands test.


O.K> (her name) Just place your arms outstretched in front of you and interlock your fingers so that the fingers of your left hand are against the back of your right hand whilst the fingers of your right hand are against the back of your left hand. Now push your fingers together just as tightly as you can and concentrate on the sound of my voice at all times. Next (her name) push your hands away from you outstretched so that they are still interlocked but now the palms of your hands will be facing outwards whereas the backs of your hands will be facing towards your chest. Now just push your hands up above your head as high as you can, up, up, into the air as if your trying to reach the sky & continue to do this at all times until I say otherwise. From this moment forward Id like you to concentrate on your hands getting tighter and tighter and if you concentrate as Im sure you will then by the count of three, your hands will be stuck


fast tight together! In fact if you really concentrate and use your powers of Intelligence, Imagination and Concentration effectively then by the count of three when you try to separate your hands, as reality youll find the harder you try to separate your hands the more theyll stick together tightly. Three as you concentrate & push your hands up into the air as if your trying to reach the sky youll find that your hands are getting tighter and tighter. Two, with every breath you take, every noise you hear and every word that I say your hands are sticking together more tightly. And on One, Id like you to keep pushing your hands up into the air at all times until I say otherwise as now Id like you to try and separate your hands, as the more you try the more theyll just stick together (here pause for a few seconds whilst she tries) O.K. in a few moments


when I push on the back of your hands they will spring apart as an automatic reflex action....1,2,3, Now (here you push upwards on the backs of her hands so they separate).

The test is then complete, the lady will feel very vulnerable & will now have total belief in your hypnotic powers, so at this point its easy to say...As Im a Professional Hypnotist and your such good subject, Please may I have your consent to Hypnotise you! Once she says yes & consents she will have made a conscious decision that you can & will be able to hypnotise her with her full consent, so now YOU WILL BE ABLE to place her under hypnosis with the trance then being deepened by awakening her (1,2, wide awake!) and then returning her into trance (sleep & relax!). The reason being that each time someone renters a hypnotic trance they go deeper


and the more deeply they go into trance the more control you can take over their minds. Its now time to use the Falling backwards induction.....

THE FALLING BACKWARDS INDUCTION. Once again as with the locked hands test if you use the following wording as detailed and follow the instructions within the brackets then you will end up with a person in a Hypnotic Trance after carrying out this very quick falling backwards test as follows.....

Well (her name) that was excellent, the fact your hands locked together indicates to me that your an excellent person with great powers of intelligence, imagination & concentration for being placed into a beautifully relaxing state of hypnosis. so (her name) would you like to go under? or would you prefer to go on top?, seriously


though may I have your consent and co-operation to enable me to hypnotise you so that you can experience a most relaxing & enjoyable state of mind which some people have said is better than having a few joints of Moroccan Black! (when she says yes success will be yours!)..Thats great (her name) incidentally you are aware arent you (her name) that when under hypnosis you will do most anything I suggest? (here when she answers yes you are covered legally). Lastly (her name) do you believe totally that I can place you into a beautifully relaxing state of hypnosis (once answers yes...time to do it!). O.K. (her name) in that case please stand up straight, feet together, hands down by your sides, close your eyes, tilt your head well back and begin to breath deeply and regularly in through your nose and then out through your mouth. From this moment forward (her name) Id like you to concentrate only on


your breathing and the sound of my voice as this time when I count from 3 to 1 if you concentrate which Im sure you will then youll feel yourself falling gently backwards into my arms, now I wont let you fall and hurt yourself but I will let you fall into my arms and rest you onto the floor as you enter a beautifully relaxed state of relaxation....Your eyes will remain closed at all times unless I say otherwise and with every breath you take, every noise you hear and every word I say youll go 100 times deeper to sleep! Three, the deeper you go the better you feel and the better you feel the deeper you go as you relax every muscle in your body from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers, so limp, so loose and so relaxed....so heavy and so tired. Two, with every breath you take, every noise you hear and every word I say you feel yourself beginning to fall gently backwards into my arms. And on one Falling back, back, back and


Sleeeep (drawn out)....Relax and going deeper and deeper all the time with every breath you take, every noise you hear and every word that I say. (shes now under Hypnosis) OK (her name) from this moment onwards until I say otherwise whenever I say 1,2, wide awake youll instantly be wide awake and youll have an overwhelming desire to do anything I say as an automatic reflex action and whenever I say Sleep youll instantly close your eyes, let your heavy head fall forwards onto your chest and renter this state of trance except each time you renter this state it will be 100 times more relaxing and enjoyable for you. (At this point shes under your control and can be place in & out of trance as the suggestion states by saying 1,2, wide awake or by saying sleep & whilst under hypnosis any suggestions shes to carry out can be given to her!).


N.B....At this point she would fall backwards into your arms as from the moment you start this induction and she stands in the position described you are stood with your right foot up flat against the backs of her heels with your right middle finger on the centre of her forehead pulling her backwards slightly. On each count backwards you pull her back a little further so that on the count of one when you say falling back and sleep all you need do is move your right arm back a little and she will then fall backwards at which point you lower her to the ground and continue with the suggestions given above. A full explanation of this induction with photos is in Paul McKennas excellent Hypnotic world book available from WH Smiths. Basically the breathing in & out through her nose both relaxes her and also it closes down the critical faculty of her brain slightly so shell carry out your suggestions without question. The action


of falling backwards will so disorientate and confuse her that the end result will be a state of relaxation similar to a state of brainwashing in which anything is possible. The details of how to deepen the trance and how to awaken them from trance have already been given in this book, now at this point let me point out once more that this book is supplied for informative entertainment purposes only and anyone using the contents herein does so at their own risk and in full knowledge that they are 100% solely responsible for their own actions. The four steps to brainwashing are explained below and all four are contained within the falling backwards induction for good effect! 1) Belief and Expectancy. 2) Disorientation and Confusion. 3) Suggestion and Repetition. 4) Relaxation and Sleep.


These are the four main steps to obtaining a Hypnotic trance state, remember that Hypnosis is the most powerful force known to mankind it should therefore be treated as such, not be abused and respected for the very powerful force it is. I will say though that if all suggestions given to a Hypnotic subject are completely cleared from their minds at the end of the session then there are no dangers to Hypnosis and its usage.....as its just a state of mind and self belief.

CONCLUSION AND SUMMING UP. Well there you have it, by now readers you have probably realised that with hypnosis almost anything can happen. All that really happens with hypnosis is that imagination is enhanced so that what was one minute purely imaginary the next minute is very real indeed. At this


point Id like to thank all readers for purchasing this book which Im sure youll agree is both unique and represents remarkable value for money. One funny thought which has just occurred to me though is that some people early on in my career did not believe that I had COME TO BED EYES and could hypnotise women with their consent for Hypnotic sex! In fact many of them said if you had the secret of how to do that youd be able to sell it to every man on earth and become a multimillionaire very quickly....Well now I have wrote this book, its on sale and I hope it will as they all predicted make me rich. Its now time for me to bid you farewell...but do me one favour OK....always practise Safe Sex!




Many hypnotists & Psychologists say that it is impossible to make anyone say or do anything which would contradict their morals or their values, well that being the case Id like to provide you with some information from people other than myself the worlds leading expert on bedding women via hypnotic techniques which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the techniques in this book DO WORK & COULD WORK FOR YOU!

To quote Dr Eric Berne, author of Games People Play and also Sex In Human Loving, he said in a Penguin Book called A Laymans Guide To Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis on pages 284 & 285 on the subject of Hypnosis two very important things...


A) Some subjects CAN be Hypnotised without their knowledge and without their consent.

B) Hypnosis CAN be used for anti social and criminal purposes.

Here I will add that to hypnotise someone without their consent or knowledge requires expert use of Disorientation, Confusion & subliminal level communication combined with low sonics and a fixed gaze at all times but it is most definitely possible with some people.

Next to quote Delavars book The Hypnotists Bible....


1) If people are told under hypnosis that theyve got a sunburn then a sunburn will appear.

2) False memories can implanted into peoples minds and Hypnosis can be used for anti social purposes.

3) In Delevars book, despite the fact he personally taught me my craft he goes on record as saying what Ive done in the past as documented by the press is obscene. By saying this he is confirming that its 100% possible to do as Ive claimed.

Delavar is a respected Hypnotherapist & Stage Hypnotist of some 60 plus years experience and has taught many people their craft including some who are now household names and television stars, as such Im sure he knows what hes talking about and you too can have confidence


in the fact that all Ive taught you within these pages does work! To further prove that Hypnotic techniques do wok successfully in the quest to pick up women I would like to make a few more points ....It is widely known that Hypnosis and hypnotic techniques are used by cults and religions to entice new members and then to stop them leaving and even in some cult religions to have sex with all the other members, so dont you think that compared to achieving this what I have described would be far easier? And as was documented by Paul McKenna during March 1995 on his ITV Network First Documentary. Hypnosis and Hypnotic techniques can and have in the past been used to motivate assassins to kill people and are also used regularly to keep people in cults, make them do things against their will etc. etc.!! As Mr McKenna is regarded as one of the worlds leading experts on Hypnosis I feel this information which he broadcast


on his television documentary showed that when used alongside disorientation and confusion methods (mild brainwashing) that most definitely people can with Hypnosis be made to do things against their will! I will also quote Dr David Waxman president of the Society For Clinical and Dental Hypnosis who on the London show broadcast by LWT during 1994 said of a routine I used in my act in which I made a women believe she had just been raped...that in his own professional opinion She would wake up and believe that she had indeed been raped! This being the case his professional view also proves that once a person is hypnotised they can be made to do things against their will as no-one would want to experience such a feeling...would they? My last two points of proof are that firstly Mr Eddie Burke who is on the committee for F.E.S.H The Federation Of Ethical Stage Hypnotists said to me live on Central Weekend Live


during February 1994 that if I had done as Id claimed in the Sun newspaper then I should be in jail as it would make me a rapist! His comment proves that in his opinion what I claim is possible....However as he forgot that the women had to consented to take part it was slander as I HAVE NEVER BROKEN THE LAW AND NEVER WILL!! And secondly the fact many top psychologists agree what I claim is possible and the personal experience of many people who now and use these secrets show its possible proves that this is a 100% true expose of how its done. At this point let me say that any women reading this book can quite easily protect themselves by NOT CONSENTING to be hypnotised by anyone....The reason being if you dont consent to be hypnotised then as you have consciously decided not to be hypnotised 99.9.9% of Hypnotists will then find it Impossible to hypnotise you. So use your common-sense


and youll be safe at all times. Well its now time for me to say goodbye once and for all and wish you luck in your quest to become a professional pick up expert, any letters of appreciation or stories of your success picking up women can and should be sent to me via the publishers of this book. For now though good luck dudes and by the way how do you give a women an Orgasm?..............WHO CARES!!!!! Sincerely (Alex-LeRoy) HYPNOTISM & SEX IS PUBLISHED BY.... PROSPECT HOUSE PUBLISHING, PROSPECT HOUSE, P.O. BOX 12, HUDDERSFIELD, ENGLAND HD8 9YP.


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