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As this editorial is being written, we are in the second week of the federal government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers are sitting at home unable to return to work, all while our politicians are being paid. The shutdown occurred because the Senate and Congress couldnt agree on a budget to fund all portions of the government. Republicans and Democrats split along partisan lines, particularly over the funding of Obamacare, eventually resulting in the situation we are in
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Oct. 14-27, 2013 www.lcc.edu/lookout Staff Editoral

Politicians fail Americans with shutdown

now. Even if you arent a federal worker, this shutdown threatens us all in some way. Many federal agencies are closed. These include parts of law enforcement, financial regulators, some veterans services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, passports and unemployment benefits funded through the federal government. Even if the shutdown ends before you read this editorial, it is a chilling reminder that politicians are willing to set aside the good of the country if their terms arent met exactly. In todays state of politics, Republicans and Democrats refuse to negotiate over even the simplest manner. They default to a mindset of Its either my way or the highway, all too eager to sacrifice the common good of the people they were elected to serve. Ideological agendas and how they fare in the polls are of more concern to them. Instead of finding a solution, our Congressmen and Senators continue to bicker and behave like spoiled children. It feels like our hands are tied as

we are constantly faced with the threat of looming government shutdowns or debt ceiling showdowns. For this reason, we feel a lot of people become apathetic to politics and just dont care anymore. They dont vote or they dont educate themselves prior to voting. If this shutdown has done anything for our country, we hope its a wakeup call to Americans. Stop re-electing the same scheming politicians who put us on this path. Educate yourself before you vote and try to put some reformers in their place.


Pope champions reform, humility

Over the past few months, Ive been paying attention to Pope Francis since he was inaugurated as the head of the Catholic Church. Some of the things he has said in candid interviews have raised my eyebrows in shock. He strikes me as a very humble and sensible man, not someone who would use the power of the pulpit to exert his world views on the masses. What really got my attention was when he said the Catholic Church is obsessed with gay marriage and abortion. Pope Francis gives me hope that the Catholic Church can begin to send a more moderate message that would draw more people to God instead of turning them away. I can attest that I left the Catholic Church because it felt like it was becoming more of a political body obsessed with gay marriage, birth control, abortion and supervising construed as women being viewed as inferior in the eyes of the Church. I understand not everyone will agree with me on issues of reform within the Catholic Church. I dont expect you to agree with me. It doesnt matter if you agree with me; Im not going to engage in any petty squabbles over gay marriage, birth control or abortion. Im simply stating that Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air in a world so often dominated by overbearing demagogues. He seems more willing to accept and love everyone instead of casting aspersions and judgment. I commend him for trying to shift the Churchs focus to helping the poor and less fortunate instead of political schemes. Given the state of affairs in our world, we could use more positive people like him.

I am invincible!

Newspaper readers line the Michigan lakeshore all 3,288 miles of it.
Not really, but they could! The state of Michigan has more freshwater shoreline than any place in the world 17.4 million feet of it. And thats exactly the space required to fit, arm in arm, the 5.3 million adults reading Michigan newspapers in an average week. If youre a newspaper reader you might want to pick your spot now, if youre an advertiser you might want to cast your line with newspapers.

sex instead of preaching love, forgiveness and acceptance. I still consider myself a Christian, but not a Catholic. Much to my relief, even Pope Francis noted this obsession within the Church, and he said clergy must find a balance between their spiritual and political missions. However, he said the Churchs positions on gay marriage and abortion are clear and will not change. I was disappointed to hear him say that women still should not be ordained, but he added this shouldnt be

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