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Mikayla Murphy

Mikayla Murphy 345 S 2nd West Rexburg, ID 83440 623.236.6688 mikaylamurphy130@gmail.com

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Brochure Web Page Letterhead Business Card Logo Montage Photodesign Event Ad Flier

Description: A brochure showcasing the upcoming St. Patricks Day Parade. Date: March 31, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop Objectives: Set up and align a two-sided, folded document Wrap text around an image Learn how to use paragraph styles Process: I set up the brochure in Adobe InDesign. I put the front and the back on the same page in InDesign, knowing that when it printed and folded it would turn out correctly. For the image of the man dressed as a leprechaun, I used the quick selection tool in Photoshop to remove the image background. I then used the refine mask dialogue box to smooth, feather, shift edge, and apply contrast to the outline of the leprechaun. I used the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator to create the four-leaf clover and placed it in InDesign

Web Page
Description: A webpage created to display information about a logo I created. Date: March 17, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools Used: Notepad++ and Photoshop Objectives: Save a logo as a .png for a webpage Write content on the creation of the logo Design a web page with HTML and CSS Identify hex colors Process: I created an HTML page on Notepad++ and attached my image. I then used the colors from my logo as the colors for my web page. I also changed my fonts to Courier New and Lato. I also used padding around the logo and text so that they would not be too close to the edge of the web page. I changed the link color and changed the hover color and underline.

Description: Letterhead incorporating a logo Date: March 3, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign Objectives: Create a logo Design a layout for stationery Process: I created the logo using the pen, text, and circle tools on Adobe Illustrator. I put the logo in the top left corner of the image. Originally I had the text in a text box underneath the logo, but then I moved it to the side and changed the font color from black to red. I added in a larger version of the tree as a watermark with an opacity of 3%.

Business Card
Description: Business card incorporating a logo Date: March 3, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign Objectives: Create a new logo Design a layout for a business card Process: I used the rectangle tool to create two rectangles. I put a simplified version of the logo in one of the boxes, expanding it to fill the box. I then expanded and divided the box and the logo, and then got rid of the top and bottom parts of the box to make it look like it had rounded edges. On the other rectangle, I inserted the logo and some text. I made the name bigger than the other text and in red font to help it stand out.

Description: Three logo variations for my future design company. Date: February 24, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator Objectives: Create a variety of logos for a company Process: I used the circle and text tools to create the top logo. I used the ellipse, arc, and pen tools to create the middle logo. I created the third design by drawing shapes over a picture of a laptop. I used the rounded rectangle tool and then the direct select tool to give the boxes perspective like the original picture had.

Description: This is an inspirational montage made by blending three images and including a quote. Date: February 17, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop Objectives: Manage Photoshop layers Blend images together using masks Use filters and apply typography Process: I cropped the background image to 8.511 and used the clone stamp tool to get rid of a small bird in the sky. On the orange and yellow bird, I changed the levels and vibrance, messed with the selective color, and used the sharpen tool. I then dragged it onto the background image, added a mask, and used the brush tool to paint away the hard image edges. I repeated the process with the red hummingbird. I applied a Gaussian blur to both birds to make them a bit more dream-like, and then brushed away some of the blur to sharpen their faces.

Description: I did this project to show good photography and image editing skills. I incorporated color into a poster layout with a photograph. Date: February 10, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop Objectives: Take a photograph that matches a color scheme Edit the image in Photoshop Create a layout for the photodesign Process: I decided on a complementary color scheme. I went out and took several pictures with my digital camera. I picked a good quality photo that I thought had visual appeal and followed the rule of thirds. I then imported the photo into Photoshop and edited it for levels, sharpness, saturation, and color balance. I then created a poster for my photo with text and repeating rectangular shapes.

Event Ad
Description: A color full-bleed event ad to promote a fundraiser using only Microsoft Word and a scanner. Date: February 3, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools Used: Microsoft Word, an HP Deskjet 2512 series scanner, and PDF2JPG.net (PDF converter) Objectives: Scan in a high-quality image Create a full-bleed design Use text boxes Insert and edit the image Process: I scanned the photograph of myself in face paint. I then used Microsoft Word to create an event flyer. I put in the monochromatic squares to create repetition and bring out the green in the photo. I made the edges of the photo soft so that it would blend more readily with the black background. I chose a sans serif font for the title to go with the serif font in the body text, increasing the kerning of the title to make it go all the way across the top of the page.

Description: This is a black and white flier designed to provide graduating seniors with information about a conference about leadership. Date: January 27, 2014 Course/Instructor: COMM130-02 Caryn Esplin Programs/Tools used: Adobe InDesign Objectives: Create a project folder Create a basic flier using InDesign Use appropriate typography Process: I first sketched out four possible designs with a paper and pencil, dividing the paper into fourths. I then picked my favorite sketch and created it in Adobe InDesign. I realized that the sketch I initially picked was probably not the best one and then selected a different one and created that in InDesign. The image, logo, and content had already been given to me. I created a black box at the top and added the words Empower Yourself to grab the readers attention.