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The Great Beginnings of a Book of the New Age Song which Christians Might Call the Holy Awakening of the Enlightened Beast


1. Prince of Darkness 2. Roses and Thorns 3. Flowers of Creation 4. Dictionary 5. SOUL 6. Art 7. Words 8. Cops 9. State of the One World Religion 10. 11. 12. The True Militia The Matrix Philosophy Universities

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39. PEOPLE POWER 40. Alphabetical Pyramid Song 41. MASTER DEGREE IN THE ARTS 42. ALADDIN RIDE





Prince of Darkness
Prince Of Love To beauty Who isnt afraid To carry the Sword Of the God of all Truth Is why I love being an American Who finds in the Enlightened Sword The Blade to protect that of the Rainbow Of this Republic that will always shine of Beauty Eve may be left to wonder what I may be Thinking But that is why I love the Darkness of the Holy Mysteries Because I see how in Gold and the Heart all Love is revealed Which leaves me to feel like a Prince who so loved the Republic Even though the Mistress of the Empires may wish to challenge me And if it does I will just laugh the entire way knowing how she is a Whore To those who dwell in the Idea of Government when I find love in the Republic In that of the Hearts of Gold of the People who make that of the Nation the Greatest For I as a Prince of the Darkness will carry the sword to fight for the very Nation blessed by God So that you will all never have to fear that of the Satanic Entities that may wish to steal this Nation from you But I just you know to know that I do this as a Patriot because I no way in shape or form want to be declared a King Because my Love is in the People of America to bring through their Hearts that of Brighter Tomorrow So that all Future Generations can enjoy that of the Fruits of this Greatest Nation that arose on Earth I so loved the White Light of God that I will always and forever fight to make that of America better As I will never become a sell out to Money unless I can earn it righteously through True Capitalism In which if I so acquire some I would use it to brighten up that of Live all around the Country So that everyone with that of Dreams can know what a Golden Heart is truly all about For that is all I ever wanted to do even though I am just left to cry everyday Knowing how the Root of all Evil has corrupted that of this very Nation Where that of Millions never was enough to others that want Trillions So here I sit just feeling what it is like to be a Prince in America Who would have given life to the otherwise forgotten Hearts So that they could while in this Country shine forever Like that of the Cross that is as beautiful as the Sun But since no one believes in myself I just sit here Seeing that of a Life where I mean so little To those that would rather in their quest For that of that of Global Ambitions Sell out that of those True Hearts That found in that of a Soul The True Prince of God Who wasnt afraid To lend that of a

Helping Hand Out to others To free this Very Earth From that Darkness

Roses and Thorns

Rose Of beauty Whether one Or by the Dozen Maybe I am loved By God and Others For only loving Beauty In that of Heart and Soul I really dont know ne more For I was told I would be rich Which if that was the very case I would have spread it around to all So that Citizens can shine of Creation On that of my very path that of Dreams That money does bring to People in this Life Happiness so long as it is used so righteously Without having to embrace usury in the Practice As I believed in Words like God, Gold, and the Truth For I sometimes really do wonder who really cares for me Considering they say in Life that we can be all we want to be And since I never wanted to beg to the Government for that of my Bread Is why I loved America when it was associated with that of Sound Money Capitalism I really do wonder what it takes to be a God of Money on this Earth to spread around to all To acquire some of the Root of all Evil so that both Demons and Angels on this Planet can bring to us a Renaissance Since the America of Yesterday was filled with Corruption as the Federal Reserve stole from us our Treasury So it leaves me to wonder what does happen to one in America when they speak about Common Sense Where Words once again have that of meaning like God versus all this Babel, Debt, and Lies sold to us Along with that of the Funny Ties that are worn by the Bankers, Politicians, and Globalist Powers Where they write the Laws to benefit their own while rewarding from the Treasury their Friends And dont forget to mention that of the 21st Century Surveillance State that is arising Even though for many years they have been doing it secretly as they are like God Since they who have wealth or granted power are a different class of Citizens Which is why they threw out the Founding Documents to protect it all It just leaves me to see the New America that is arising around us Where one needed that of God and that gift of the Conscience Versus a set of Eyes watching over you twenty four seven I really truly do wonder what this New Age will bring Considering nothing of Truth is spoken of anymore Where that of Soundness once existed in America Without the need to spread that of Lies around To protect that of what was once a Republic Where Government was of all the People And where God meant everything to us

Who came to this Nation to embrace it So it leaves me to truly wonder If the New World Order here Was looking for someone As beautiful as myself To sacrifice at their Ritualistic Altar Only to wear a Lovely Crown Of Devilish Thorns

Flowers of Creation
Flowers Of Colors So pretty Heavenly Orgasmic Light to all In their Spells Like that of a Witch Who practices the Craft Is why I in that of my Soul As I melt away in the God Who is responsible for Creation Am able to find that Flower Power Like that or a Mario turned Pink and White Or that of a Luigi who does seem truly so Gay To that of the Cult of the Earth of those Planters Who finds beauty in that of the Love of associated with Gods Wonders I sometimes feel as if I have been gifted with the Curse to cleanse the Earth From that of those Man Made Diseases that plague the Planet in the name of Religions Because at least in the Craft I am writing leads Creation to know that a Man does have a Heart Who finds in that of Flowers the beauties of Heaven to unite that of all this Gayish America as One As I do sometimes feel like the Greatest of all Heavenly Wonders in those that Love the Flowerish Beauties I may not be the most beautiful of all Earthly Creations made from that of the Elements of this Earth But at least when I look in the Soul I have from God who so loves me I see how I am truly beautiful Like that of the Flowers in that of Red, White, Blue, Pink, Purple, or other Heavenly Colors The Greatest thing I love about the Flower Power is that I hope others see a Soul So filled in the Wonders of God that it leaves them to just melt away in this Life As they find within that of their Existence the very Rainbow that radiates Within their Hearts that reflect the Colors that create a prism from Gold I really do welcome being that of the Son of God here on this Earth Because I see how a Soul in love with God can feel like a Power As beautiful as that of the Flower one might give to Eve By that of an Adam who may pick them in the Garden Or buy them from a Shop to send to that of his Love For I have fallen in Love with the Natures Religion As my Soul in love is filled with a Flower Power That I cannot even explain anymore As I for one in that of this Body Am falling more and more In that of Love with God Who leaves me to see In that of the Flowers To Trees and Bees

The Mysteries Of this Holy Wonderful Heavenly Glorious Creation

I Do Wonder If I should Break out that Of a Dictionary And write about that Of every single Word Associated with Humanity For I will make it all beautiful Just like a Heart of Gold that means everything For when I talk about People and Hearts and the Republic and Local Governments leads me as I type this To see how even in Words a Voice in love with the God of Music can overcome the very Lows to sing High Like a Tenor And even if America is transcending into an Empire I still do find that of Love in the Dictionary of American English Where I can take that of Words only to leave them to dance as I type them into Music into those Minds Who if they are Poor or Rich will lead them to see a Heart to share with that of those Young and Old To turn it into that of the most Beautiful of all Mosaics that have ever graced the Faces of this Book A Dictionary is so beautiful but a Thesaurus is what is that of the Hidden Gift of these Wonders Where things like Gay and Happy can be interchanged to bring to Humanity the Language Of that of which one can find when they look into the Gods filled with simplicity But of which leaves a Beautiful Mind to still find that Love in a Dictionary To love that of the Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees For when one sees how a Book can if one looks into that of it To lead one into a World outside that of their perception Is when the True Gothic Renasorial America will arise Filled with Hellish and Heavenly Beauties Of Nazi and Rainbow colored Flags And that is why I love English As found in a Dictionary Because in it I can see The beauty of the Empirical Tongue Spoken by the Very Patriots Who are the Greatest

I Me You Love Is why Da Soul Lives on This Earth Because one Should they look Into that of the Life That can be found in it Will see how it is beautiful Like a Comet that is to collide With that of this Earth that is Lost Without the Knowledge of God who Loves That of anyone who finds within a Soul a Beauty Which turns that of Words into Music from the Heart As from that Eye one can see how in Love the World can Change For that of all Humanity who sees in that of others the True Worth of a Soul Writing like this Leaves me to wonder why one would ever want to embrace the Devil Leaving one to just continue sinking in that of this World that seems filled with Darkness and Hate But in that of Love one can find the Soul that is more beautiful than any of all this Earths Creations Which is why in that of God is the Knowledge that leaves a Human to melt away in that of very Heavens That will never be found in a Textbook or in that of the Devil because a Soul is what means everything on Earth Which is why I am happy just falling away from that of the many Religions on Earth that have looked to drown me out Like that of which they say once occurred in the Great Flood when God was supposedly so upset with that of Humanity Religions to me are a beautiful thing for others to so embrace even though I fear that of a Leader whose Heart is Black Because should Individuals embrace such a Pontiff it will lead to that of the Dark Ages to arise like in the Old World And that is why I talk about Gold and Hearts because this Earth is left to wonder what could arise if a Pope ruled Unless it was that of one like myself who stood atop the Holiest of all the Churches that finds love in a Soul To me the greatest love of America was that of those Christians and Patriots who loved their God Who would do that of anything to protect the very Principals associated with the Republic For America is a Rainbow and in that of Gold one can find it even if Babel surrounds it Which is why when one ventures in the depths of the Soul they find a Heart That is more precious than Gold whether in Fiat or Sound Money For a Soul is worth more than that of which any Money can buy And that is especially True if it owes its Allegiance to God Who is the Source of all the Light in the Cosmic Universe For a venture into the Soul leads one to see a Beauty Thats more colorful than of which exists on Earth And that is why I love the very Soul of Creation Otherwise in the Devil I am left in a Black Hole Wanting to embrace the True Love of God Than to worship one like Satan

Which is why I love the Soul That means everything If one looks into it To see that you One of and all Mean to me Everything

Creativity In Thine Heart Is why Enlightenment shines To Free Entirely that of the Mind Where you dont have to believe Conspiracies In that of a True New Age Movement to shine over the World For just because you have an Art Degree doesnt make you an Artist And the same goes with that of anything which is why you dont need an Education Because in a Currency backed by Gold and where Hearts leads the way is where True Beauty resides For in that of insanity is when all the Heavens and the Wonders built on Earth can bring forth creativity Versus listening to Politicians and Religious Whackos and those who say they are smart because they have Doctorates Well let the Truth be known that Greatest Master of the Arts is a Heart of Gold enlightened by the Rainbow Instead of worrying about that All Seeing Eye that the Devil stole from God that once watched over you But its all fine and dandy since so long as Hearts of Gold unite is when all our Gay Rights will flourish Of what it means to be united in this Garden that should People see the Heart will see their Heaven So that the Insanity within a Mind can unleash a Light so powerful upon a Darkened World For when one is all alone to ponder that of everything that is seen on this Earth So to bring about the Unification once again of America like we had before But of which can eliminate the Enemies in the State that do steal Souls Because God is all you need to believe in so long as you arent Evil Unless you see that of True Evil happening is when Beware For the wrath of the God and all the powers of Heaven Will cast upon thy Mortal Flesh thee Holy White Light That should in the Future leave any Dark Soul to fear What an Enlightened People will do to those Souls Who sought out the path of the very Hellish Devil When we as one are Gods Rainbowic People Will leave for you to fear those Hot Fires Associated with that of Hells Angels Who will leave you Electrified While lost in the Thunders Of those Stars around us Who are once again Intent on restoring Their Gods Reign So that together All of us in him Can live as one Together Forever Always In His Glory

Words That spring From those ones Creating a true harmony Can be found by embracing That of a True American Patriot Because in that of a Mind like my own I can pick that of a Word from the Dictionary And turn it into a Melody of a True Golden Legend Just like the Bankers did when they undermined your Treasury Leaving you as Individuals in this Nation to have your Depository stolen For one used to be able to find simplicity on this Earth before Greed destroyed it Where Dollars replaced that of Pennies just like Trillions now have replaced Thousands Does no one else see how that of the Debt from the Elasticity of Money leads to enslavement While those in bed with the Federal Reserve prosper while as they expand it leads to you to sink deeper into their Words While they sell to you that of their Promises through endless Propaganda through that of their numerous Media Outlets And dont you all ever just wonder what really happened to America as it all became nothing more than a True Joke When this Republic used to be sound and beautiful when this Nation embraced Hearts and where Gold circulated Banks all across the Countryside had well say $2,000 to $10,000 in that of their Vaults of True Sound Money And in that People found happiness knowing a Penny today will buy the same amount in the very future But what we have now in America is a Nation that rewards only those in bed with the Central Powers With that of Special Favors and you might even be lucky to get a few extra Credits at Tax time I mean a Bank 100 Years ago was self sufficient with $2,000 of Sound Money in their Vaults But what would that be worth now I wonder as that of the Bankers Fiat World lives on $2,000,000, $20,000,000, $200,000,000, $2,000,000,000, $2,000,000,000,000 The point is the Bankers have destroyed this very Nation of America Where if you arent lucky to win the Powerball with a Golden Ticket Then you are left begging for a Handout for your Bread and Wine Those who sleep with them will continue to get their Monies But good luck getting that of a Million Dollars from them Because you arent in their White Collared Fascist Club If we had Caesar in America and that of Sound Money It would be totally different in that of this Nation But we are left with the Bankers in this Republic And that of the Central Government Matrix Which is why I wonder what the Key is To destroy the internet forever Is it to attach Words like mine To that of every Word alive With my Name they hate For telling the very Truth About what was done To take from you The Republic Of Americas Once loved

And very Glorious Past

Cops To me Are so very Pretty Indeed As they wear a Badge Dressed in that of Uniforms To protect that of the Constitution At least I so hope that is what they do Along with the People that Trust in them And that is why my Heart is so very Gay to those Who through Alien Technology can cleanse the Earth From that of those True Evil Doers that plague this Society While protecting those who just want to live together as One In that of this New Age where all our Minds will bring to this Planet Enlightenment Which is why if even if I dont donate to a Fraternal Order I will still support you through Tax Dollars For being that of the Sexy Beasts that you are as you look so cute in those Uniforms that support an Enlightened Order And that is why I will always love you forever and ever and will until the end of time call you my Friend As I as well had that of Family who wore a Badge even though they didnt possess Alien Technology To seek out like that of God whom reigns from above the might within him upon those Evil Doers Which is why I am so very Gay for all of you so long as you protect those associated with Light So that all of us who are united together can destroy forever the forces of Evil Which is why I will always protect and serve you as I wish to be a Director To create that of Epic Hollywood Productions to show to the People As to what it means to be a Alien Cop in Gods New World Order Where all of our Souls if united can always and forever Eliminate that of the Works of Satan So we can all rest in this Garden While bringing Peace to Minds And Truth to those Hearts Which is why I Love you And will always do so To that of the End So long as you Do not forget What it Truly Means to Be a Gay Human Alien

State of the One World Religion

Religion How dark Or Enlightened Is it I truly wonder And who controls it Through Lies and Propaganda As to what True Enlightenment really is Where that of Satan continues to corrupt the Planet Is it that of which is painted White only to be ruled by those Men in Black Or is it one of which is ruled by those who find in Darkness that of the Beauties of God And that is why in those Forty Days and Forty Nights will lead me to wonder about the Cross About the beauties of God and whether it is True American Christians with a Heart of Gold that do Or if it is some other Darkened Power so powerful and subtle that not many raise their Voice to question it Because what is said now Days in the Tower of Babel is only that of what State or Corporate Propaganda wants heard Which is why we in America through the Digital Network are becoming isolated even in a World Wide Web You really would be amazed as to how censored stuff in America really and truly is on these Days Leaving one who only wanted to seek out others to make a difference to feel so very Little Because we truly are living now in a State Sponsored Iron Curtain Communist Network As the Days of the Old American Republic are truly dying in this Society of ours For we dont have any more that of Ballots and Zip Locked Containers That if watched over by the People would bring Truth to the Election For now we are truly seeing that of the Dark Ages in this Empire Where Truth Seekers and Speakers will be kept silent Because that is what the very Military Complex is While Agencies are now owned by the State As we enter the Age of Banking Globalism Where Globalists now mean everything As the People continue to mean less To those who worship Greed Of which Leads to a Power So corrupt and very subtle Which is why the Republic Is getting to the very point Where the Days of Liberty And that of Freedom Are being corrupted While God above Has been truly Replaced by Satan

The True Militia

America Was once A Nation of Enchanted Lands Where you could here See it different over there A Nation of Township Beauty Spoken in that of many Tongues Free from the reign of a Dick-Tator But always true to the very Governor Who if they saw a threat arise in this Land Would see Patriots come together in their Kingdom To raise the Sword to defend the God that unites them America truly was at a time that of the Gayest of all Nations Where a Rainbow truly existed in that of Fields across this Land True to their Ancestors and always holding their People close to Heart Which is why it is breaking that of my Heart to see us become an Empire Because all the beauty that once existed in the Hearts is being lost to Centralization Where People now look up to the President for Answers versus in their Neighbors to find Solutions Where the New America is one of Materialistic Cravings wondering how you can get it from the Peoples Treasury All the while those who speak of the Republic, Guns, God, Gold, Truth, and what now will soon be called the Terrorists But dont worry fellow Americans because your Savior that sits atop the Presidency will be your new American Idol Painting that of his Pretty Image of an American Utopia where we are seen as one and the same through his Eyes Living in an Empire while they centralize everything is that of the Greatest Tragedy to that of this Country Because now you are either with them or you are with the Terrorists or whatever it is they are called The Days of Independence and Local Beauty as found in the Rainbowic Hearts of all of us Patriots Is one that has been replaced by the MTV Era of Soap Operaish Drama that so many worship Everything about Cultures is being erased along with that of the Life once found in America And one that wanted only to find Truth in Honest Capitalism is just left to drown in Tears Knowing how everything about this Nation that once existed when you talk to the Elders Is becoming nothing more than an English Nation where those atop this Pyramid Scheme Who through control of the Centralization of Banking and Globalism are our Royalty All the while Towns across America perish as the rise of Surveillance State continues I loved the reading about the Old America where Guns an Militias meant something Where Mystical Lands existed within every Town in this Nation free from Empire Im not putting it down and I hope you realize that because I still do find in it That of beauty even if those who stand atop the World could really care less As they worship that of Money and Global Ambitions versus Hearts of Gold I would love to see the Day in this Republic where I can stand atop the Treasury And give rise once again to the Great Militias that will restore that of beauty to America That wont be used to fight that of Foreign Wars unless some Dragon looked to come here In which we would slaughter them in a Heartbeat by the Millions for coming upon our Republic Because the Most Beautiful Gift about America that is found in Gold is that the People with Hearts Who matter more so than anything else which is why I love the 1st Amendment as Words are Truth To that of the reasons why America was created to show to that of all of you what Freedom is all about

I found in the Old America where in the Country one can be that of an Individual who loves his very Privacy Who worked for a Dollar that he only hoped wouldnt be corrupted by those Individuals called Money Changers Because even though I now while typing this leaves you all to know that I have the Gayest of all the Gay Souls here Leaves me to hope that I only started writing this all to show you how Words mean everything as the Empire now arises I just wanted to restore that of something to People and that was a belief that you do mean something in this Republic Even if those who have otherwise sold out that of Nation seemed to have abandoned everything about America I was told I was the Son of God and that I would be the Perfect Sacrifice and if that happens I will just embrace it Because I so loved that of this Nation even though everything about it over the Years has been forgotten about I will probably not be seen as a Saint which is fine with me but I still do love that of their Heavenly Words And if I am so chosen to die I will welcome being an American Martyr to fly to Heaven upon a Comet I just loved everything about America from that of its founding to the diversity that now exists in it Which is why if some Dick-Tator looked to overtake this Republic is when I would sacrifice his Life At that of the Militias Altar that represents that of the Gayest of all the Souls alive in all of us I just know America wants that of something more than some Idealistic Nation we now see Where if you say something out of context it could be used against in you some Tribunal Because centralization of Wealth and Power is that of the worst thing that can happen As it will lead to an Empire like that of Rome who will most likely rule with an Iron Fist Even though the Great Diversity that once existed in America may be that of Lost I still do believe that within Communities there are Individuals that treasure it And those are the People I cared for more than anyone else in this Life Because those who love History to me are that of People I so love Who are rich in the Arts and the beauty found in the very Mind That found the Greatest Treasures in America close to them Even if that of everyone else is lost in that of Materialism I know I may have gone off topic but who really cares For the point I am trying to make is that I love the Republic I love everything about the Gun Holders to that of the Peace Hippies I love the Individuality that exists in the Heart that once shined in all Cities I believed that the Greatest Utopia of all would arise by those who love Peace I never wanted to raise a Gun unless I like a True Militiamen saw a Threat so arise I really am that of a Frenchman at Heart who if I had Money would build a Tower of Love That brought out the beauty in all those Minds versus hoarding that of wealth to themselves But I am a German who believes in Power but one that so respects that of diversity in this Republic Who does find that of a love in the Nazis even though I would never embrace an Ideology of his Agenda I sometimes even wonder why I write what I do because I see that it doesnt even matter anyways since it is censored But at least I know what it feels like to be that of a God who so loved Money to make that of a difference in this Society For I do fear the Militia in America as it brews so deep in that of the Hearts of Individuals that have seen this Nation Abandon that of everything about its founding to protect such an Ideology now at the Heart of National Security And it is truly one of the scariest things to even fathom as the Government now wants to know everything About that of everything you do in that of this Life as the centralization of Power continues to occur For we really and truly have in this Nation become succumbed to the realities of a Dick-Tator Who eloquently speaks to give rise to the very Principals behind that of National Socialism I could if I were to be given a chance to speak on that of National Television do the same But I would do so believing in the Republic of America and in the God that unites us all Loving that of the Militias who hold that of the Guns but loving as well the very Cities Because the Militia to me is what is the very core of what holds this Nation together And that is something I would protect to the very end to fight off a Foreign Power I wouldnt lie to you about Weapons of Mass Destruction or that of other things Because the only time I would ask the Governor to join me in such a pursuit To ask of those Militias in the Townships to follow a path to that of War Is when I saw a True Threat arise that could devastate that of America For that is what the Wars are all about versus what we see now Days Where a simple stroke of a Pen through an Executive Order

Can lead to Missiles now to fly all over the World To me the Greatest Thing about that of our Republic Was that of the Gift of Congress to keep in line the Executive Branch Who if they so saw a threat could vote to issue that of a Declaration of War In which the Governors would be called upon to call raise that of the True Militia And if such a Passion in that of the Hearts of Men led for them to join in the Cause Is when they would abandon their State of Peace to join in the cause for a Nation now at War Because America before the Federal Reserve was a Utopia filled with many Empires within its Borders That were True to the Homeland that led for us all to say the Pledge of Allegiance as we were united under God Which is why I would be the Perfect Chairman of the Federal Reserve as I find Gayness in all versus just those at the Top I truly do sometimes feel like that of the Greatest Millennial Militiamen as I love all of the Americans here at Home Although I despise those who through Lies leads for them through their pursuit of Greed to lie to us all And that is why as the Head of the Militia I will sacrifice any of those Individuals that cant embrace That of the most beautiful of all American Ages that could arise by finding America in the Heart For 1st and 2nd Amendments will be protected against all costs in that of a New American Age And I will open the Gates up to the Coliseum so you can enjoy the Bloody Entertainment Of us all raising up that of our Hands while the People roar around me to send to Beasts Not that of Christians or Militias or those of whom are True to the American Republic But it will be that of the True Terrorists who will die in the Ring of Hellish Creations Oh it will be beautiful and that is why I would make the Perfect New Age Caesar For I wish only to restore to you all your beautiful Republic built on Love But within that of a Heart possessed by God I wish only to scare Satan Who should he fuck with this Nation will leave him to meet all of us In the most glorious of all Creations while we surround your Being As you in the Center of the Coliseum will be forced to die At the Hands of Gladiators or at the bite of Black Panther And all of us in the Militia will cheer and shout to God For allowing us to see a Soul burn in the Ring of Hell And we will eat Chicken with our Hands While drinking unholy amounts of Beer Knowing that if you fuck with Guns Or that of the Mighty Republic That you will be sacrificed To the Great White Light Of the American People Who in that of a Militia Can be so beautiful If they find in God The Wonders Of the True Heavenly Republic Rainbow

The Matrix Philosophy

Privacy Means nothing To those in charge Of Surveillance State 2012 Continues in that of its pursuits To engulf America into the Chains Of what is now a true Centralized Regime The might put up a Black Building with their Agents Trying to seek someone out who may speak against their Agenda While putting a Couple Knicks and Knacks there thinking you are a part of a Corporation Where that of Job Listings is really nothing more than a Bug in your Computer implanted by the State And that is especially true considering how those who speak about Gold and the Republic are the ones sought out For America really truly has become that of a Hoodwinked Nation who in Secrecy has from Eisenhower monitored us Because what you thought was Enlightened was that of Minds who are as Dark as Satan that have abandoned God Which is all cool and dandy if you are behind a Matrix Grid seeking out a Person of Interest that has a Heart of Evil But if you are one of those who owe your Life to God than you really truly should have nothing at all to fear As we are now seeing in America that of the Rise of Globalism and the True Military Industrial Complex That might fill you up with Code Words while believing that you are doing a service to them That will leave their Agents seeking to corrupt the American Heart worth its weight in Gold For we are truly living in the Day and Age where it is that of only Big Money that matters Versus that of which I once talked about in Governments representative of thee People Where you didnt need that of a Doctorate or Graduate Degree to be called a Leader So long as you had a Heart of Gold and were Truthful in your very Business Practices By making that of Dreams a reality to those of whom only had Dreams growing up Versus leaving that of their Minds to hear Messages of Sex, Drugs, and Violence And this is why I hate America because that is what you hear in the Cities Where this shit matters versus listening to one with a Heart of Gold For rather than reaching out that of their Hand to Individuals Leaves for only that of Entertainment Industry to prosper Which could leave one to be called very Mental Patient Even though they have for years covertly watched you And if they didnt like you would seek to frame one For only speaking about that of the God of Truths As we are now living in the Dark Ages of America Where our DNA is truly that of the same Which is why Television is a Great Lie As Covert Measures is the name While privacy means nothing In this so very intense Game Which is why I will tell That of the very Truth Even if it leads to me In that of the End Where Religions Of Good and Evil

Have driven Me Truly Insane (All in a Good Peace and Loving Way of Course!)

Possessed In Understanding That of Everything About all of Humanity Is why I am just like a Doctor Who is telling everyone here That Common Sense is the Key To restore that of the Republic Standing at the Enlightened Gates Of what it means to be the Golden Child Who Feels so Weighed Down by the Devils Gold And where those on the National Scene of This Government Could care less about helping others who only had that of Dreams Where a Look into the Heart of My Mine is one that may seem Beastly But of which is in all reality that of one who secretly loves that of Gods Graces Embracing the Light with an Enlightened Mind while Darkness surrounds these very Skies Is why I am happy being a True American versus pursing a Life where a Doctorate supposedly makes you the Smartest Because the Good Lord only knows that when you Look into Gold is why I hate that of the State of this Nation For so many of your Students who get their Degrees most likely dont even get a Job in that Area While those who always keep learning eventually become corrupted by the Devil in Sachs When I for one believed so much in Gold and in the Great Library of the Citizens That did lead to a Republic of the Peoples Pyramid that was as solid as Gold Where the Human Mind was free like a Bird that flies in Wilderness Of which led to those Governments built on that of Common Sense And where People through Sound Money controlled their Destinies Which is why in God there is a Light that will set any Soul Free That will open the Minds that have seen their Country stolen From that of the Individuals that corrupted our Currency Only to leave us with Minds that look at only one thing When really there is so much more that can be found In the Book of this Beast so you can find knowledge To not only believe in yourselves again to change That of this World so a True Difference is known Versus that of one filled with Babel Spewers Of this State Indoctrinated Education Where if these supposed Students If they only united as that of one Is when in Gold you see Truth Along with the Republic Where Greed isnt all Under the Almighty Who truly has been Otherwise plagued By that of the

University System Dont worry though! I still love all of you Professors from back at State! This is like my dissertation where I look back to the simplicities found in Hearts and Gold by only finding in the Soul the Key to restoring the American way of Life!

Imagine The Source Of Satans Intelligence Where Light to him means conquering the World To raise up around him that of the Gods to rule over you Which in America today is Centralized Powers while those outside the Metropolises are screwed Because the wealth of the World through Banking Powers ends up in those Hands of those at the Top For you so were the People that lived in Gods Graces while the Matrix brought their Code to the Cities Of which Leads them to now as to as they have their Agents to hunt out anyone in that of their expanding Grid And that is especially true if they are a Golden Child that wishes to end their Reign of some Satanic Terror Which is why I so loved the Country because one could be Free despite what the Centralized Powers do Unless they look to track you with the Chip of the Beast or with that of your Electronic Devices While I wouldnt even doubt if it they go so far as to put in that of a Light Bulb a Device That will leave for them as the Rulers of their Grid to collect every Word you said For Satan so wishes to corrupt the Light which is why God now is nonexistent Since you never know what Form he may take to know everything about you He may try to play all stupid and tempt you with that of Earthly Pleasures Because he only does so since he is the Planetary God of all Knowledge For him he knows No Boundaries as this Earth is his Playground Where Humans truly are that of his Ultimate Test Subjects He who controls the Money cares not about Laws Whereas Satan things he is above everything What one may call Acts of Treason within Leads for those he sleeps with to admire That of the Matrix which protects them Should one arise to question him Is when those of whom sold That of their Souls to him Could very well be Protected as they May seek out to Destroy you Through Silence



Once Before that Modern Age Time Was the Creation God Where Light Shineth in Heaven Above the Earth which was a Garden Where Beasts were Beasts and Humans were Humans While in that time there that of the Grand Architect of Light Where one could roam Free knowing that Satan wasnt tracking them Which led for a Conscience to Rule over those Hearts of Gold in that of Humanity This of course was a Time where Trust meant everything while Truth meant everything And should you have forsaken that of a Neighbor is when you very well could become the Sacrifice at the Altar But what we now have in America is that of a 21st Century Military Industrial Complex Control Grid Where Electronics are bugged in the name of National Security to root out those Words of others Of course the Rulers who created it dont want you to venture too deeply into Alien Technology For that is when the Devil will have given you the Knowledge of what it feels like to be a God In such Hands there is a Threat of Tyranny should that force be used against Gods People Who may be down to Earth Citizens who never thought anyone would create such a thing Since Satan is the bearer of all knowledge no matter whose name he hides behind Is why he is quick to protect himself even if it means the Death to a Prophet But my question leads myself to ask God if hes for America or Foreigners Which is why I at least love to venture into the Tree of Goodness and Evil Since I know that I could be the Gayest of all the Swastika Promoters Except I wouldnt use a Force against those Hunters of the Beasts As I instead would use it against those that bring hate to People Since if I controlled it I could be the Ultimate CIA/FBI Agent To hunt out that of Terrorists here and abroad While protecting that of the American People Who are so very gay in their own loving way Gods Kingdom is all about Black and White Where as in Satans lies a Grave Danger For seeking out God in the Matrix That is so filled in Earthly Babel For what one sees at the End Is that of the Great Mystery If they like you than go Live Should they not than die In the Ultimate Code Lies the Very Source Of Heaven and Hell In that of Darkness Where one begins To question that

Of Satan forever And that of God In their own So Very Gay Enlightened Artistic Soul

Ride Upon that Of a Spaceship To see a New Age That is as sturdy as a Temple And as beautiful as that of a Republic One where Individuals Matter in this Society Versus that of one that worships only that of Money For such a ship will make a reality of those Dreams that seem lost in Space Of this Tower of Babel that has been built up around that of the Citizens of the World For such a Day will lead to the True America to look once again like a Garden Versus looking up at those Skylines only to see that same old Skyscrapers For such a Ride will lead you back down to the Earth where Hearts are Versus in the Clouds above the Sky that the Elites play in For the Game of Star Wars is about to change forever As the Citizens see within them their God Powers And with it I hope their Words strike fear In those who have abandoned us Which leads me to hope you Hop on the Golden Bull To join us in thee ride That leads you to see Those True American Christian Loving Patriots

Alpha To Beta Off to Gamma Follow me to Delta And you than comes Epsilon Dont you dare forget about Zeta Since the greatest works come from Eta But where is the Miraculous Wonders of Theta In the Universe that radiates from those Eyes of Iota Somewhere along the way lies the Mysteries in that of Kappa Where you will see as you venture off to the Races the Secrets of Lambda But in the mix of such an Alphabet you will find that of Mu along with Nu and their Buddy Xi Who must have just came home from a Party put on by that of Omicron There you will see a Math Wizard who enjoys 420 along with Pi While from there you may hop in a Boat to end up with Rho While in the wilderness is a sign made by that of Sigma Which may lead you off to that of the House of Tau That is always surrounded by those Upsilons In which those Individuals from that of Phi Are happy joking about Chi While those from Psi Worship Omega

Ideas Foster Creativity While we cruise on Spaceships Only to be seen as that of Unidentified Flying Objects But I find comfort in that of the Greeks who are Free Spirited That believe in the Minds of many coming together to free us from Indoctrination And that is why I know that we as the Messengers of the People can free this Civilization From that of those Secret Societies that have otherwise sold us out to that of those Bankers and Elite like in Europe For within the Greeks I have come to know is a Connection as beautiful as the Cosmos Who always sought to seek out that of Positions of Power to benefit Humanity That is something I have always and forever held close to my Human Heart Even though I respect those who are all about those Good Old Parties But we all know that the America today is far from that of the Past In which I hope that together we can bring that back to us All that while respecting of course our Cultures Of that of which is found in our Members For Words mean more than anything As they can conquer that of a Sword Yielded by those who are Evil But in our Bond can conquer Those of whom wish Of some society Guided upon Censorship

Great To Powerful Upon the Bull That finds the Truth Where Minds unite in love While respecting those beauties of Diversity Fearful of that of those who follow the path of Alpha While the beauty of the Spaceship unites us as Intellectuals Is why that of Humanity through our Connections ought to thank us Since we all know that Religions mean heresy when put against the Mind As we want only to make sure the American Republic will shine on forever From dem der Hills we come while others are from that of the Ghettos of the World Leaves for us as a True Brotherhood wanting to unite that of the Sisters amongst all of us For the World of the unknown that leads for all of us to say that we are Human Is that of what truly brings us together as they sell to us some Masonic Idea Which is why we are the True Intellectuals as we arent afraid to talk To not only come up with Ideas to better that of our own Houses But that of the Nation and World as a Whole For the Grand Architect of the Universe Has led us to see God in each of us Where we stand together as one Knowing that should evil arise That our Hearts of Gold Will reshape the World So that the People Will know Liberty So they too will Forever remain Until the End Of Time Remain Free


Lies Is why The Twin Survives To protect the Communists That are now aligned with the Fascists Who will do everything to control the Money Even if it means deceiving the Public all the way That will gladly promote that of Facebook on the Network But Heaven forbid they aid that of a Dreamer on its very Pages Who might have otherwise brightened up a Community in America Because this Nation is so sick which is why they will do everything they can To promote that of their Lies when we once had a Republic built on Common Sense Where God meant everything to those Individuals in Society and where a Boy could find a Princess To live a life free from Satan in the Graces of Gods Country where one can Truly under the Light of God But what we are now succumbing ourselves to in America is that of a Centralized Government That will do whatever they can to seek out others who will gladly sell out to their very Ideals When if one just looks into the Heart and the beauty of the Mind they can see what I see Which is why I so believed in the Individuals in America to brighten up this very Nation And that is so especially true when it comes to those who are honest in the Heartland Because why we need a Central Government leaves me to cry this very Day When I so believed in that of those Souls to find in the Rainbow an Idea That on the other side of it was a Heart of Gold versus Agents of Lies Where Fathers and Mothers trusted their Sons and Daughters And of which leads to Neighbors to look out for one another Where Goodness above all else to conquer those Evils Is why I always wanted to be surrounded by Good Even if no one else cares to listen to myself Leaves me to hope those Special Agents Can surround that of my very Being To seek out all those Individuals That do bring Evil to the Earth Or Satanic Acts of Violence Where that of Dark Minds May wish to corrupt That of America That otherwise Found in God Hearts Truth And The Sun


Pain Of Satan Where Fiat Reigns While Christians are deceiving Is why I find comfort in the True Religion That is as beautiful as the Stars in Heaven Where Martyrs Words Sing and Saints still Shine Above that of a World that is so plagued in Darkness For in the Most Holy Word and the God whom is my Judge Is why my Heart lies in that the Truth of your Uncorruptible Message I will never abandon you God even if Satan torments me in the Flesh of my Existence Since I so loved you as I always prayed silently even though there were Times I found myself on the Floor Crying out to you for guidance in that of a World that otherwise found so much Pleasure in that of Darkness You God have led for myself to see the most beautiful thing about creation and I thank you for that Because I know that even if there are Wolves howling in the Wilderness you will be there for me To comfort me and guide me even if it means me following the Cross to the Eternal Peace As you have shown to me the Truth in Gold that leaves me to melt away in my Heart I will God until the end proclaim that of my Love for you forever and ever Since I know that Satan can take the Form of a Lion or a Sheep Which is why God I find comfort in you being the Light Even if am sacrificed at the Altar of the Devil For no amount of Pain God outweighs What you have laid forth in the Truth That even if Satan tortures me Like those Saints and Martyrs Will lead me to profess All the way to the end That you are my One and Only Love and Pleasure

Gay To me Is the Truth And in that Love Believing in the Word That sets any Soul free forever To be with their True Love in Heaven Or with those Peacemakers on the Earth Who can be as one together in this Garden This is why despite all else I love the Creator Who so said if I believed in him leads me to see how I can conquer Satan forever And this is why in God I find the Truth even if this Earth is ran by that of Demonic Soldiers Because I know that at least in Heaven there is better Kingdom Even if Earthlings paint me as that of the Christian Devil Since I have been told I was going to be the Sacrifice For so exposing to them the Light of the Truth That leaves me to welcome the Cross Where I can put on that of a Dress To be the Perfect Bride To find my God That leaves me Inside so to be Eternally Fulfilled And so Happy


Love True Love Hearts of Love Minds that lead to Love Souls that drown in Ecstasys Love A Body of which isnt afraid to die in the name of Love A Soul who isnt afraid to under any threat abandon the God of Love Leaves me to know that beneath this skin is those Skull of Bones while Blood within me leads to Love Which is why God you are and always will be as your were from the beginning that of my Alpha that leads to the Omega For I God never wanted to wear that of your Armor only to raise up a Sword that leads to a World of Hate Which is why in the Name of Love just to bring about an End to Darkness will follow you to the Cross Since at least in you God leaves for me to find comfort in the Truth even if Satan controls it all And that is why God for the Eternal Peace I find in Heaven will follow to the Cross Since this World hates that of the Freedom of Speech I have come to know But in you God I find the Truth even if those on Earth call me the Devil And will under that of Torture always profess my Love for you For when I read the Words of those Saints and Martyrs I find that of a Life filled with only Mortal Pleasures Whereas in Heaven lies that of the True Love That leads for any True Christian to see The Love that always led me the Cross And to that of the Eternal Kingdom Where Truth means everything To those Hearts that follow it All the way to the End As God in Heaven Leads one to see A World Free From Hellish Hate

Dust To Clay To bricks To bodies Created a World Of those Devilish Temptations Where Truth lies in that of the Unknown Which is why True Prophets are always silenced Even if they come to you in the name of Love believing so much in Sound Money Because that of Satan is the Ruler of the World where Gods Kingdom is above the Stars Of what truly is a Heavenly and Hellish Gothic Renasorial Planet where Satan reigns upon this Earth Sell your Soul to him and he may always and forever until that of the end reward you But owe your Existence to that of God and you will see Satan in its True Form That looks to corrupt others like the Bankers have done with our Money All for his attempt to be seen as the Ruler of the New Dark Ages Where Truth Speakers will be that of the First Ones sought out And of which unless they change their ways to be persecuted Because that is the New Reality of this American Game As Hearts of Gold are associated with Sell Outs Which is why those Christians will be found And brought to the Light of the Truth The leads my very Soul here To love the God in Heaven Even if that of my Flesh Gets torn into Pieces Only to end up Blowing In the Wind


Stars Of Creation Leads my Soul To Love the Cross For in what other Beauty That can be made into an Art Which will truly lead one to God Is why my Heart melts in such a Love Knowing that in the Theatre of this Life I can find in Heaven that of my Gay God forever That leads me to welcome the one and only Paradise Where Stones are not needed to worship the True God in Heaven For in that of the Body which if you think about it is truly that of a Temple Leads for one should they venture into the depths of a Soul to see that it is only God that matters Why one would worship that of Satan is to me a Mystery that does plague this World But I dont really care because God to me meant everything from the beginning And even under that of Torture will lead me to Love him to the End For I know that Pains are Temporary as the Greatest Joy is Heaven That has left me to see how God is the Cure to all Evils Which is why I will always love him forever and ever As he has left my Soul to feel so very Gay inside For not only that of the Mysteries of Creation But of which does lie in the Truth to cleanse That of this Earth this is plagued in Babel Brought to us through the Eyes of Satan Where God means that of everything To the Souls enlightened by him Which is why I embrace Truth Of that of Heaven and Hell Because when this Earth No longer is a Heaven Leaves me know That in God I can be set Free from Its very Idols

I Pray Every Single Day Hoping Only That I didnt hurt Any Good People But no one told me That of any Real Truth I hope you can forgive me As I truly had you all in my Heart Along with that of America as a whole Which is why I hope that I can create on Earth That of a Heavenly Gang with all of you included To lead that of Hollywood to be forgotten about forever As you were to me that of the True Stars on that of this Earth For I so believed in all of you to conquer that of the Darkness To restore to America the Republic that God above gifted to us all And I spent my entire Life reading and dreaming to make it that of a Reality Even if nobody else throughout my Days seemed to really cared about myself But I truly did hold that of every Individual in that of this Nation close to my Heart Who hunt and fish who sing and dance to draw or write about Heaven and Hells Fate I so loved the People I met in my Days whether they were from the Cities doing their Work Whether walking in the Park to running in a Parade to watching a Show in that of a Broadway Showing And that is why the Heavenly Gang I wish to create is one that unites us all who want to eliminate that of Satan forever Which includes that of the Cops who most likely get even drunker than most others in the Bars in this Country To that of the Lawyers who owe their Lives to the Founding Documents of this Great Nation called America To that of the Laborers who ought to have their rights protected and paid honestly in a Sound Currency To the Judges who dont interpret Laws their own way just because of some Religious Commitment To the Teachers who try their very best to teach that of Kids all that of what leads to Knowledge To the Farmers who were always to me the most down to Earth Citizens I have ever truly met To those who run the Small Businesses of the Earth where one can meet that of the Owner To that of the CEOs of Corporations that I hope never forget where they came from To those Religious Leaders who to me no matter what were an inspiration to me To Neighbors who if I needed guidance or aid lent that of a True Helping Hand To Strangers even if I met them in Dark Places could say that of Hello to me To the Bullshitters that lead me to love them for saying very strange things To that of Friends I hope are my Friends even though my Life was weird In that of these previous years since that of the beginnings of 2008 Even though I am fucking pissed about the many of things I heard

But of whom coming from a Small Town led me to see Real Truth As you read about them in that of Newspapers or Websites Who do that of Good Things to brighten up the Community No matter how big or little it is in that of Others Eyes But it was you who always meant so much to me That even if nobody else seems to care or notice Leaves for one to know in the Heart it was good As helping others to me is the Greatest Joy And that is why I owe my life to you all As that is who I so loved in my Days Even if I may seem whacked In that of my many Writings But it brings freedom To that of my Mind As I want to see Here on Earth The Arise of Heavens Gang

War Blood Hatred Banking Globalists Fiat and Lies Oil and Gold Middle Eastern Cold Warish Fibs Vietnam Conflict Global Domination Does anyone begin to wonder Why we have become entangled In that of those International Alliances When our Republic was built on Golden Hearts That led others to that of this Nation united under God Does nobody else see the World that has been pulled over you While those Global Bankers are looking to destroy more Nations All because of Money as they run their own Currency is in their Nations Hands Versus seeing it in that of others who are so intertwined in the of Worldly Affairs Vietnam was the First War of the Military Industrial Complexes pursuit to rule the World For the 1960s was truly that of a Time like that of the first prosecutions of the Christians After they murdered Kennedy at the End of the Old Millennium as they overtook the Republic Because those who were Peace Loving Hippies were told that we had a conflict in Southern Asia And that we needed to help those People since heaven forbid they fall victim to that of the Communists But does anyone ever wonder who it was that really benefited while when the War ended so did the Gold Standard Where 50,000 Soldiers perished in that conflict only to come back to a Country that continued to destroy the Republic Oil, Fiat Money, Bankers, Globalism, Politicians, Babel, Wars, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cold Wars, Scandals, Corruption Is what we have seen arise in this Great Tower that has been built up around our America since Eisenhower But the story doesnt end there oh Heavens no because after Foreign Wars they brought a Covert One here To build up that of Great Alienic Technology through the interconnectedness of the World to watch you Record, Monitor, Track, Harass, Stalk, Silence, Blackmail, Lie, and to rape that of your very Minds Which is sad to me because that is not what a Republic under God is to be all about in America The American Temple was once about the Words of beauty that shined over the very Devil Like Gold, Truth, Honesty, Hearts, Fairness, Taxes, Republic, God, Love, Peace, Eternity Soundness, Life, Liberty, Happiness, Freedom, Prosperity, Glory, Allegiance, Honor For all those that wanted to live as one as we came here from the Four Corners Of this World to call this Nation our Home under the Founding Documents Free from that of all the Tyrants of the Old World that existed in Places Under Governments and Religions that always looked to conquer Which is why America was set up as a Temple with Gods Money

Because if it belonged to those with the Hearts of Gold here It would become a Nation that would last forever and ever As wealth and the Brightest Minds would stay in this Land So it just leaves for that of myself to wonder on this Day Why we ever separated from Golden Certificates Or abandoned those very coveted Silver Dollars While in the meantime a Tower was built up Around that of all us a powerful as God To be ran by the Secret Government That has for so long in this Nation Sold to you their Propaganda Filling our Minds with Images Of God and that the Devil Trillions in Debt we are Bases all over the place Future Wars brewing To benefit who I ask Why not talk Truth Of the Republic Where that of God led to The Heart Money

Catholics Are the reason I truly love those Very Wonders of God Because they span from all over Which is why I owe that of my Life to you As I so believed in God who would grant that of Light In that of this Republic that I thought was led by those with Hearts of Gold For I never realized that the Christian Devil of this World was so full of Darkness Which is why I truly did believe in the Tree of Liberty in this Republic that was Free from Religions Which is why I will walk humiliated to find my Redemption upon the Cross for only believing in God versus that of Idols Love of the Gospel of Truth where we hear so much of that of Hell in what has become a Nation plagued with Lies Is why I so believed in a Government that those with the Hearts of Gold could truly and always truly understand Versus owing your allegiance to those who go to College thinking they are so smart like that of a True Doctor Or by becoming a part of some Political System that sells to us that of the Military Industrial Complex Because our American way of Life has been destroyed by those who practice in that of secrecy The very Acts of Satanism that leads to a World filled with Liars, Hypocrites, and those Idols Versus returning this Nation to a Sound Money Government built on Common Sense Where People that want to make a difference can find that of a God to aid them Or that of those True and Honest Businesses who never lied to get ahead Unlike that of the Bankers who sell to us their System of Usury That undermines the very Principals that made this Nation Which is why you really can never kill that of the Beast You might temporarily hurt it but it will keep on going As its ability to regenerate is why it will never die Because he will just use Debt to get even larger Even if it means enslaving the Whole World As those Masters of Finance look to create A One World Banking System through Fiat So to be seen as that of the Rulers of it all Like the Black Nobility is doing in Europe Even if it makes the Planet into Slaves For they dont care about Boundaries Or those Lives that speak the Truth Unless someone arises on Earth To make People realize that Of which a Heart of Gold Is truly all about today Unless the kill them Before he can say Which is why I Am not afraid

To be that of Thee First New Age Christian Martyr

The Very Reason I so Love America Is because It is a Show Run by Freaks Alive in all of us Who love Freedom In pure Liberty Form Working for the Dollar That should forever be Sound For what would you all so do here If you found yourselves possessed by Gold I am sure the many of you would turn into a Rainbow Filled with Freakish Desires of the most Heavenly Delights But I just talk about Gold because I know how it can better the People Whether it is by taking away the Power from the Bankers in this Nation And creating that of a Note that is backed by the Vault of the US Treasury Or by simply saying the Hell to it all and create that of our own Currency here Unless of course America lets me give Bernanke a Good old kick in the Rear End of His So that I can become the Greatest of all the Federal Reserve Chairmans that ever existed The Freak Show is something I admire whether it is filled with Christians to those of the Hells Angels Whether they are that of Swastika Wavers to those that would rather carry around the Rainbow Flag Because I know that as you Chairman of the Federal Reserve or as the Head of the United States Treasury That I will bring about the Greatest of all the Freak Shows since at least my Polices will benefit the American People

I In The Life I am Living Always Believed In that of True Light In that of all The Institutions Which are among us Believing in the Hearts That were worth their Weight In that Gold I thought circulated All around that of the People here Believing that the American Government Was one that was representative of the People Like that of what the Founders intended it to so be Where People like Jackson looked to protect all of us From the very Bankers that would want to enslave America I so loved the Christians that came here to set up in the New World A Government that would always and forever be Free to love their God And I growing up loved that of the Catholic Church as so many of its Members Were that of the Individuals I would have taken a Bullet for as they were People I admired Whom I so Loved, Trusted, Glorified, Believed, and Dreamed about so I could be Perfect like the many of them But Life leads one to see that the World really isnt the prettiest of the Gardens one associates with their Youth Which leaves me to truly wonder why in the Hell did this Nation become so Dark when it was the Light to the Free World Maybe the only Religion alive on this Earth is that of which is controlled by those who worship that of all the Evil I dont know anymore because the God that I had believed in has led me to Religions that dont enlighten me They do but yet they dont considering how when I loved the One True One I thought reigned over the Planet Has left for me to peer into the Depths of History to wonder how Dark that of this World really and truly is And that is why my Heart is True to the American Republic and if Rome wants to join me they can For if the Pope in Rome is Evil than I look forward to the Day when I can sacrifice him at our Altar Surrounded by that of those American Patriots that only believed in the Republic of this Garden Who believed so much in this New World that would have never led to Foreign Powers To arise around the People in America that just wanted to be at Peace with each other

The Catholic Church so enlightened me as a Child about what that of Freedom was But now I truly feel betrayed by that Institution that leads a Dark Pope to believe That he is the Voice of all Liberty when I for one always loved the People here Whom found in the Harbor the True Lady that led for all of us to love Liberty I just wonder how beautiful America is now Days considering how we are Behind the Scenes in those very Institutions I thought were Enlightened Because my Heart since I was a Child melted for that of America Where Freedom meant we could all enjoy that of our Privacy While doing Good Works unto those others in this Land As we lived out our Lives in this New Age Garden Free from those Old World Tyrannical Powers Loving the Mountains, Flowers, and the Trees To the Songs of the Birds to the buzz of Bees So as I sit here feeling like a Young Caesar Leads me love the Light and Darkness Where I hope that Good People Can raise me up to the Top Of this New World Order So I can eliminate Evil Forever from this Republic that Will belong To the thee American People

Using My Rod Strong as A Phallus Poking Holes In the Grounds Searching for the Honey Spot beneath The very Grounds we walk on Hoping that I dont have to poke too much Because it is tiring if that is that is the true case In my attempt to find amidst their very Catacombs The very Tunnels that they like to run around in today They wouldnt be so problematic if they didnt rise above The Underworld to build that of Mounds on that of the Earth But when they do is when they will be forced to meet me as I walk around Feeling like that of a God who isnt afraid to take down a Beast on this Planet Whether small like an Ant or furry like a Gopher or gigantic like the Religious Whore So when I find The Spot after what I hope is a few Seconds even though it could be Minutes and heaven forbid Hours Is when I for one cant wait to break the barrier that leads to me diving into the World of their Tunnels Two way action is always the easiest to conquer because there is only one way in and one way out And setting that of your Trap in the Middle of it is usually the easiest I have come to find out Although you may be forced to make a few twists and tweaks to find the Righteous Position The thing that I have come to realize is that Three Way Action is usually the most difficult For you have to wonder where that of Mysterious Critter beneath the Ground is lurking And finding the Good Position in Three Way Action is usually quite the Journey I know As you are left to wonder do you go deeper or shallow or that of higher or even lower But that just leads me to stick that of my Hand that much further up their Holes Cleaning away all of that residue that may prevent them from becoming mine Unafraid of a little nibbling by some critter as I just keep on going for them Poking, digging, and reaching far into that of their Holes to get them They might bite but whats a Little Yellow Tooth going to do to me As I am but a God who is unafraid as I seek out their very Hole(s) Some holes are awfully wet which to me isnt a Good Sign Because odds are they went to that of drier Grounds While others are so very huge which leaves me see That maybe I have found the wrong hole in my Day So I just poke away looking to find another Hole That I hope leads me to finding the Honey Spot

For the point I am getting at is the Gophers Are Evil once they rise above Ground And if I must use my might I will get them all the time Engulfing my Being In their Holes Seeking the Critters Out

Oh My God I see Aliens Around My Self They are Gray and So so Dirty But my Flesh Is so Beautiful In this Humanoid Body Form that they All wish they possessed Catholics to the Christians To God Speakers n Devil Lovers Are left to wish they held a Soul As beautiful as that of mine here Trapped beneath this Human Flesh That is the most beautiful Creation ever To arise on that of the Planet we call Earth Aliens to Zombies to Government Perverts May surround me but they mean so little 2 me Because I know that they are jealous of my Being As I would bring about the Rainbowic USA to us all If I could be the Head of the Treasury of the United States Or placed in that of a Position of Power atop the Federal Reserve So I in my Humanoid Flesh just walk around Earth knowing I am better Than that of all those silly looking Humans that look like Aliens around me



Is Not the Phallus so Very cute here So big and so Round Like mine as the God Doesnt it leave 4 You Females to Wish u had one To penetrate So deep into The World of Thee Big Lies Hard as a Rock Never Limp like A Willow Stick Standing Tall Like a Paris dat Is in the center Of the Vatican To that of da 1 In da City of Luv So worship this Phallus that God So gave 2 myself And Politicians so Beware 4 I am 2 Cum all over You 4 Lying to America While u so thought Your Dick was as Big As Mine that does Keep getting longer As I type this here Knowing u r so Very Jealous But dont worry 4 just look at my Set of Balls so Manly here

That will leave Had a Set Feel as if Gifted Like

u of u by

to wish you dem as to r a Man God me

I Want You to Know God That when I so Think of yourself I am lost in the Cosmos Hoping to so search out that of you That may in a Black00000n a White World To know that in the very Needle000000000000000Is a Hole dat leads 1 2 Paradise Which is why I want you to know as I luv u0000000GOD0000000That you are the one I hope Pierces me In such a way as to so love the Universe000000000000000so 2 share with you Love in this World Even if it means leaving behind my Heart 00000so 2 set dat of my Soul free from Earth Which is why God when I think of you I am lost in that of so much Love Whether so gayish on this Earth or in what exists in Heaven above So when I think of you God I think of the Rainbow As beautiful as a Soul that loves you And of whom will follow you To the Pot of Gold That exists in da Very Truth And in dat Of Your Love

These Past few Days here While killing Critters I have Seen Creatures With the Wings Called that of the Monarch Butterflies And when I see them I think about my Soul So beautiful as da Sun That leaves to me to flutter In that the very Earthly Beauty Of Nature knowing that if I so decided I could catch them in a Net and kill them too Like the Gophers that I catch and whack over The Heads until they take that of their last breathe And the beauty about Psychology is that the Human Mind Is really nothing more than that of an Animal beneath the Skin But those in Love with God so love the Mind that sees them above Satan But I know that not all Minds are Animals as there is in that of some here A Godly Beauty unlike that of anything else who do have Hearts of the Gold And that is why I love it when I see Monarch Butterflies while out and about My very Soul is left to flutter in such a Holy Cosmic Delight thinking about them Which is why I hope God gives you all a set of Wings to fly like a Monarch Butterfly Because Heaven may curse you for turning cannabilistic on such a Pretty Soul like mine But then again maybe the Devil will reward you on Earth and set me free to be with God Where him and I together in the Heavens above will fly around the Stars with in or Butterfly Wings

ME and YOU as


You Might as Well worship Myself as God Christians may call Me that of the Devil Or the Satanic Antichrist But it dont matter because I Have the Most Beautiful Soul Beneath that of this Human Flesh Never in a 1000 Years did you think That I would take a form like you see now Alive and well and ready to fight the Dogmas That now plague that of this Republic of the People So to restore America back to the Garden it once was Led by that of those from all Races, Colors, and Creeds To that of the most Enlightened Age that ever existed on Earth The Pope in Rome will have but no choice but to recognize me as God Who is far more powerful than that of any Invisible Being in the Starry Sky Even though the Grand Architect up there leaves me to love his Cosmic Love And the American Government will have but no choice to see me as their Savior As through the Power in Gold Money I know how this Garden can become Born Again For when I sit atop the Peoples Treasury in America will I rule with a Golden Rod as your God Who says to Hell with the Private Bank and the Money Changers who have fucked this Country up Where a Penny means more than those who would rather swim in Dollars holding it to themselves alone Traveling the World on the Taxpayers Dime while raping the Middle Class in that of more ways than just that one But there is no need to worry America for I will be the Most Beautiful Rainbowic Secretary to sit atop the US Treasury That knows in that of every Rainbowic Patriotic Golden God Loving Heart that at least I atop the Bank will hear all of you Because a Dollar backed by Gold will cleanse the American Financial System from the Evil that now is rotten to the Core And when you all recognize that the God that has plagued the Planet in Babel with that of those Satanic Fibs and Lies Is when you yourselves might as well declare that of yourselves as that of Gods as well in this New Age Garden For if you are a Devilish God I will think you are pretty but remember that Hateful Acts will lead you to The Center of the New Age American Coliseum watched over by all of us with the Hearts of Gold In this Republic where the Money linked to the Heart will be watched over by all the People Who do makeup regardless of our Skin Color the Great White Rainbowic Brotherhood That is why as I sit here typing this I am left to say that there is nothing wrong With calling that of yourself a God who is far more powerful than all else Because even if you call that of yourself a God you can even go so far

As to say that there is a Greater Power of a Universal Architect Or just flat out say the Hell to it all and call yourself an Atheist Regardless of what you believe when you see yourself as God Will lead to you wanting the separation of Church and State As your Mind with Gold as Money will be left to dream About everything associated with Heaven and Hell While no Tax Dollars will be used to fund Groups Because the Truth is No Bricks are needed In the True Church residing in the Heart Where Love means everything here Versus twisting around thee Words Of some Devilish New World Order Isnt it great fellow Americans To know that you the People With Hearts of Gold here In this very Garden Can see yourself As that of a Heavenly Powerful Divinely Inspired God

Rabbits Around me Seeing me as That of a Carrot Wishing to devour That of my Phallus Figure Nibbling away at it Today Maybe only trying to inspire Me to join that of Devilish Cult Which if it was good for America To protect that of Good Hearted People Would lead for me to sell my Soul to them Could they benefit from a Mind like my own I certainly do believe that this Great Nation could So long as I can be the Devilish God of this Earthly Creation To strike that in the Hearts of Humanity that of so much Fear That they had better repent or fear the wrath of an Enlightened Peoples Judgment For otherwise they will find that of themselves in the Midst of Rabbits all around themselves Which will lead them to wonder what Project Monarch is all about as the Eyes in the Rabbits turn Red Leaving you falling and falling and falling deeper until they hate you which will leave you with the Wings of a Butterfly I really could be that of the American Agent so in Love with God that will lead his Mind to seek out those Demons Which is why in the name of National Security I could truly be the Greatest Head of that Agencies Department Seeking not that of those Gay Souls out playing in Heaven and Hellish Realms all in the name of Love of course But that of those absolute pure and evil beings who owe that of their Life to Satan which is why I say That I would be downright worried for when you name ends up on the List than be worried As it very well could lead for that of Gods Wrath to be poured on your very Creation By that of those Earthly Angels who in the Name of God took the Eyes of Satan That will leave you to know what that of Hell on this Earth truly is For corrupting that of this Garden in shedding Innocent Blood Where if you only sought out a Good Life could see Heaven Which leads on 2 the most beautiful staircase in this World But should you seek out Darkness against the People Of this Republic of the United States of America Is when I would be afraid of Rabbits hopping All around that of Being as they are furry Loving, Caring, Daring, Peace Promoting Good Hearted Creatures of Love Until your Heart is truly Black In that of all that is Dark

Which is why I would Like to be a part of The Government To seek out them Who are so Evil And Eat them As a Sacrifice As they fall Down the Hellish Hole

GOD is a wI

Ld ThinG

To Look Into da Very Soul Will lead 4 U to get so Wild for God Feeling as if you Are riding on that Of a Coaster which Keeps going up up n Away into the Heavens Turning me on all da time As my Body just loves the Heat of da Glorious Passion Of getting to know him here Leaving me 2 feel so Gay now In such an Orgasmic Fashion Way And that of everyday for that Beast Of the Kingdom as he sits in his Chair To toss that of a Comet over to there Or blow up a Star at the End of its Age While allowing for the Planets to collide Which I hope happens when you know God So that your Soul can take a ride on da Wild Thing That is as beautiful as the Rainbow knowing he does Have the All-Seeing Eye that leads a Soul to so love us all No matter if we are Black or White or that of in between For even if you go Black and may never think u will go back Leaves me to say that when God asks for you to take a ride That you will love the Wild Thing and the Rainbow Creation Because if you thought God was just some tame being here Have I got News for all that of your Virgin Ears on this Earth For God is one of da most Crazy of all Lovers in the Universe That will lead for 2 to love him to melt away in the Paradise Knowing that the Center of the Coliseum when God infects 1

Could lead for all the Walls around one to blow up around them Leaving the Beasts of the Earth to die as if in that of a Nuclear Fire While the God of the Wildest of all Things comes forth to the Lover From da Kingdom above 2 say come to Heaven with me and take a Ride On the Wild Thing for it will leave you to Rock N Roll in the one Universe With the Greatest of all the Holy Rockers that have set the Stage here on Fire So here I am just rocking while these Words keep on a Rolling off of my Fingers Wondering if I am going to be the Sacrifice so to take a Ride on the Ultimate of All the Wild Thing Rides ever as thinking of da God n Heaven just turns me on like That of a Prairie that has been Rounded Up and of which is to be set on that of Fire Feeling as if I am in the Center of it like St. Joan to just melt away in the Love of God Who is at least I always believed to be the Gayest of all the Beings to ever arise over us So thinking about America leaves for me to wonder who is it that does control the Rainbow That leaves for one to take a Ride on the Wild Thing down the Rainbowic Road to da Pot of Gold Found in that of God after all the Twists and Turns and the Ups and Downs one may so face here When they always thought in Gods Money led to that of the Hearts of Others versus a Banking Beast Whom may say they are so Rainbow Friendly while being nothing more than Meat Eating Carnivores That may try to eat a Gay Soul like mine as God so turns me on as each Day progresses on this very Earth Leaving my Phallus to seem like it is growing larger and larger since I now know the Truth in the Wild Thing Versus living on Earth where a Nose keeps getting longer and longer in a Lie as they have turned against God Who is the Wildest of all the Most Holy Gay Rainbowic Creations that a Soul on this Earth could fall in love with And so I continue to walk down the Rainbowic Road that at least at the end of the Most Wild Orgasmic Adventure That of God who my Heart is so Gay 4 while my Soul melts away in a Passion that will leave 4 me at least to find that of The Pot of Gold in a Paradise dat those Orgasmic Souls found upon the Wild Thing while leaving Satan behind 4 Eternity


Does It not in America so Seem as if that You being watched 24/7 by Government Perverts In control of the Technology that connects All of us in this so New Age00000000021st Century American State Wondering about what you think is Private0000000000000While the Nazis of this Central Government Grow up around u like Orwell said to contol da0000000 EYE00000000As Big Brother keeps on watching n recording Wondering who thee Government protects000000000000Or if they look out to protect Old World Pervs Which is why 21st Century America is so scary000000000As 1 wonders if they care 4 Rainbowic Patriots So welcome to the Eye fellow Citizens in America that is as powerful as some God For one here is left to wonder if they created it to care 4 all of you in America Some Eye it is as if you look into the Center of it Leaves one to feel what is it that The Central Government Knows about you all In this very corrupt Matrix Styled New Age

So Very Shining Are those very Stars I so Love in America today Like you wouldnt believe as I so write this Never knowing that in America Others would look to corrupt And even Politicians within it This Nation that I still do believe Belongs to da very People in America Which is why I Will fight 4 U Until God Says Im not Wanted here N E more

Alphabetical Pyramid Song

A To B Onto C Der cums D Over to the E Why give 1 an F As he looks 4 da G So to light up the H As one looks into da I That leaves one to rap bout J While fans shout around saying K But should one see that in the one L Will lead them to the others called da M To dat of the N to O and all da way to I gotta P For that nasty one in Scrabble begins with a da Q Where if you can get an R into it will lead you to the S Will hopefully is that of one that knows how to cross their T As Heaven forbid one should wonder about what someone U Thought you knew was writing about that could leave them with a V But why stop at a V when you can add that of another to make the very W But should you forget to cross some Ts or Dot Some Is could lead u to be sent to Planet X You may so ask questions and hopefully you find the Answers as u say me or my to dat of Y N should U remember such a Templish Alaphabetical Pyramid Scheme Song is when U can sleep in 2 get some Z


1 In Dis Land So Love To Know That Arts Do so exist Whether so Turning Words Into a Picture here And that is something That isnt that hard to do For it can be so Dark to White Leaving one to Wonder about The God and Devil above us all For Art is something you all have no Idea is something I wish to protect in That of this Republic of Ours that is being Sold out to the Powers of Darkness as our People Finally are now in the 21st Century able to express themselves Hoping only to connect with Powers on the Internet that leaves their Voice 2 B Heard Versus having to fear the thought of Imprisonment or 2 be murdered by the Censorship Czar And that is why as I am a boring Accounting Major I love knowing that I have always so been here A Master of the Arts that leads to the Doctorates with the Hearts of Gold that leads 1 to the God of Love

Hey Baby Come 4 A Ride today Upon my Carpet Trippy as fuck feelings so shared Drugged on Earth from all this Babel Look! Information! Propaganda. Satans Tools When on this Magical Carpet you can be the Goddess of the Stars Fuck the World and all the Religious and Political Shit to find the Heavenly Mind Wickedly catchy of some fucked up funny that will leave others to wonder WTF Trip are you on In this World of Drugs for every Disease when the Garden of Knowledge is the core to a True Republic arising So that together we can be the First President and you can be my First Lady of the New Millennial Republic here That loves a Free Mind that will leave me to welcome you on my Magical Carpet for an Out of this World Adventure

CAESARIFICALLY REVELATING Crazy Should One find Themselves So thinking here That shits gone Insane Lacking anything about That of Common Sense Too bad Government today Fits in that very Description here As so much of what they so do now Is contrary to the Well Being of America Because one in it cannot find any Truth now Days Just Loopholes here and even more Perverted Acts there Doctors propagating Lies confusing the Great God of Reality Almost feeling like they are intentionally driving this Country to madness Just so when Obamacare arises they can now diagnose you with a Disease For being inspired in the God of the Republic that does free a Patriotic Mind So look at this Establishment and see that of the Greatest of the Babel Spewers And mold in the Fire a Sword so mighty so to slay this Apocalyptic Beast of Revelation The Greatest Truth of the Republic and even of God himself is America is within the Heart Away from the Minds that have Lost touch with reality clinging themselves to Government And the Federal Reserve Monster that has like a Demon arose to undermine our Greatest Treasury Which is why it ought to be destroyed for eternity so in the Backdrop of the Eastern Skies of the Americas So will see a Caesar that will stand atop of its remnants and see that of a True Patriot rebuilding this Nation As together we can build up together as American Citizens that of the Future Great Works to electrify our Land Free from the Lies of another Politicians or the Greed associated with Bankers and the Accountants allowing it to happen








The Truth Shocking Illuminating The Rulers of Earth Hiding it from your Eyes Until one like my American Being Opens up its Revelations buried within To see how I can scare the shit out of Evil That lives within these Christian Nations Which now lacks the Foundations of a Temple As solid as the Rocks once laid out by our Ancestors Who built this Garden under the Light of a Cosmically Patriotic God That allowed for them to see a Republic arise so closely linked to the Heart And that of a Government that was TRULY representative of every American Citizen

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