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A not-for-profit franchise @ The Regency Tavern

April 6th 2014

Sunday Menu
This week's Cherubs' have been...
Sunday Service led by chef Mahdi, assisted by Tony served by Sa ! "olly with #ero e at the pianoforte Sunday $rep was led by chef #ero e, assisted by Mahdi, Caroline, Tony ! %uest p&tissiers, 'di, Ti (ith thanks to your hosts, $aul ! )obin* +isit our website for this week's Specials http://cherubskitchen.wordpress.com

STARTERS Cream of Tomato & Basil Soup ,-../

"o e ade by chef Mahdi, served with crusty bread

Chicken Liver Pate ,-.0/

"o e ade by chef Mahdi 1contains pork2 served with whole eal toast ! salad %arnish

all served with ho e ade 3orkshire $uddin%, )oast $otatoes and Seasonal +e%etables

oasted topside of Susse! Beef ,4.0/ oasted Susse! Lamb ,5/.40 oasted Susse! Pork with Cracklin" ,4.0/ Steak & #le or Chicken$ Broccoli & Stilton Pie ,4.0/ oasted Supreme of Chicken ,5/.40 %omemade &e""ie 'utroast(&) ,4.0/
"o e ade by chef #ero e, ushroo s, carrots, celery, onion ! peppers with walnuts ! pinenuts served with ho e ade 3orkshire $uddin%, )oast $otatoes and +e%etables
ST*#+ ',-%T & C#B# *T T%,S T.*S/#0 from 1P2 with /avid umelle & 3erome Llo4d

Co plete your heavenly ban6uet with a li%ht ho e ade 'an%elic' dessert...

This week's Cherubs Kiss ,7.40 "o e ade by 'di... a li%ht oran"e flavoured ousse served with fresh whipped crea ! sprinkled with 'an%elic dust'

%omemade #pple & hubarb Crumble ,7.40

"o e ade by #ero e, served with crea , ice crea or custard

-olden S4rup Puddin" ,7.40

"o e ade by 'di, served with crea , ice crea or custard

Lemon /ri55le ,7.40

"o e ade by Ti , served war with crea 8ice crea

Simpl4 ,ce Cream ,7..0

refreshin% vanilla, chocolate or int-choc ice crea or a co bination of any two*

The 6amous 7 e"enc4 Cheeseboard7 ,0.40

a selection of delicious cheeses served with biscuits, %rapes and celery
9.:. (e use nuts; we cannot %uarantee the absence of nuts or nut products in our food. <n rare occasions cookin% oils ay contain =M in%redients.

>s... a 'not-for-profit' franchise operation

that after costs shares any profits with local charities, especially those connected with providin% food for those who can't afford it... treatin% yourself, treats others... akin% us all Cherubs!


*&* 0 Tuesda4 891.:;pm TWO 7oz Steak Meals for 12. ! Bottle of Ho"se W#$e 1!.% with piano acco pani ent THIS TUESDA& CABARET '#t( )ero*e + Da,#- R"*elle fro* ./*


promenade performance in the e"enc4 Tavern7s cellars<
S6uall ! ?ren@y, :ri%hton's newest theatre ! perfor ance collective, present a tale of war, survival ! bla e set a dist the wrecka%e of the ythical city of Troy...

Thurs => #pril$ 6ri =? @Apm & Sat =8 @=pm & Apm
Tickets fro A httpA88tinyurl.co 8fallen-city


a series of tributes presented by Bavid )u elle ! #ero e Cloyd at the pianoforte, continues D Ep on...

2a4 >th
0)err1 Her*a$ 2art I3
co poser of Ma e, "ello Bolly and uch, uch ore*

May 11th Tom Lehrer... reprieved June 1st Jerry erman !art ""