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Dredging Mining Industry

Mining Heavy Duty Pumps and Dredging equipment

Dredging Mining - Industry

DRAGFLOW Dragflow has been involved in the design and manufacture of dredge mining equipment for more than 25 years. Our equipment is used in process plants, tailings ponds and dredge mining projects around the world. This e perience has driven continuous development to reach the best solutions for the mining industry. !n addition to submersible pumps for very heavy slurry and dredges for wet mining and tailing ponds, Dragflow is constantly wor"ing to improve the latest state#of#the#art designs for comple pumping stations. Dragflow builds equipment for mining$ gold copper silver iron ore multi#metals %inc mineral sands iodine PRODUCT RANGE electric and hydraulic heavy duty slurry pumps hydraulic cutters for e cavating compact solids dredging equipment for high concentration and high wor"ing depth custom pumping stations for special applications

# &aterial$ tailing sump # 'igh pressure water jet#ring

Dredging Mining - Industry

At the heart of mining: advanced and quality design

Str&ng nd Re!i $!e '&t&rs Dragflow motors for mining pumps are all (lass ' and have a minimum .,25 service factor. They are designed for handling slurries with up to .,* specific gravity. /ow operating 01& promotes low wear rates and e tended component life. )est in c! ss se ! syste' 1umps are equipped with a unique lip seal system with a front deflector to prevent fine materials from penetrating the seal and Teflon layers to resist to high and low p'. !ncredible high precision in the machining of parts together with grease injection points ensure long sealing system life. 2mall pumps, up to .3 "4, are equipped with a combination of lip seal layers that protect a double mechanical seal. Met !!urgy t t"e t&+ 'igh quality materials ensure long life of all components. (astings are .++, made in !taly with quality chec"s for every casting in order to ensure homogeneous hardness from the surface to the core. 5ll wear parts are made in 'igh (hrome alloy to allow e tended life between spare part changes. Sens&rs -&r Additi&n ! +r&tecti&n/ Te'+er ture sens&r, embedded in the motor, and M&isture sens&r, in the oil chamber, are available options to protect the pump in the most demanding application. S&!id % nd!ing u+ t& 012'' 1umps are design to wor" in the &ost harsh situation. 2olid handling of Dragflow pumps e tends from 2+mm up to .2+mm )5 inchStructur ! C" r cteristics Ad#ust $!e %i-C"r&'e sucti&n side We r P! te maintains ma imum performance for e tended periods by a simple adjustment of the gap between the wear plate and the impeller. Ser(ice )&!t* these bolts allow easy pump disassembly, a built in service tool. Re+! ce $!e ,e r + rts$ casings, impellers, wear plates all can be replaced independently. Lu$e Oi! Ins+ecti&n P&rts* a wide# angle port outside the pump ensures easy inspection of shaft seal oil levels as well as providing easy access for oil replacement. E sy c $!e re+! ce'ent* Dragflow system has no epo y on the power cable. This means fast cable change together with a protected motor. T"rust )e rings* dual thrust bearings to reduce vibration and counter thrust loads in both directions. %ig" E--iciency Agit t&r The e cavating action is created by the 'i#(hrome agitator blades that lift settled sediments which get suc"ed into the pump, creating a continuous flow of concentrated slurry )up to *+, by weight-. On a wide range of pumps models Dragflow agitator is reversible, this significantly increases the life of this component. E.tern ! -!us"ing -&r s+eci ! ' teri !s Dragflow pumps do not require any special attention when wor"ing with a very high solid content but in presence of stic"y material e ternal flushing with clean water is possible.

Dredging Mining - Industry

Dragflow options: optimize your pump for your application

Mec" nic ! se !/ Dragflow standard sealing system is its superb lip seals combination. 5 double silicon carbide mechanical seal in combination with a front deflector is available as an option for very abrasive applications. C&&!ing 3 c4et/ Dragflow pumps from 6,* to .3 "4 come with top discharge that creates a natural cooling jac"et for the pump. This allows the pump to wor" even if not completely submerged. 5n e ternal cooling jac"et can be applied also to pumps bigger than 27"4 and up to ..+ "4 thus allowing all the range to wor" also in semi# submerged conditions. St in!ess stee! c&'+&nents/ !n cases of high or low p' pump filter and lifting plates can be installed in stainless steel )6.722-. This choice together with Teflon layers in the seal %one ma"es Dragflow pumps suitable for environments with p' from 2 to .+. Aut&' tic gre sing syste'/ 1umps installed in semi# fi ed position, or in a 8not easy#to#reach9 installation, can be equipped with an automatic greasing system that provides fresh grease to the seals on a regular basis. This operation not only increases the overall sealing system life but also allows the operators to dramatically reduce maintenance and chec"s on the pump. %ig" Pressure W ter 3et Ring/ Dragflow pumps can wor" with incredibly dry material. 4hen material is very compact or the solid concentration too high to allow continuous pumping an high pressure water jet#ring can support the pump during the job. E.tr c& ting/ The quality and type of casting used in Dragflow pumps are designed to face the most difficult and abrasive applications. :or some specific application an e tra hardened coating layer can be applied inside the pump casing to ensure e treme long life to this wear part. Me'$r ne +r&tecti&n/ Often the bottom of mine ponds is covered with a water#proof plastic layer. 5ction of the pump during dredging operation could damage this layer. 4ith Dragflow you have the option to add a protective ring to the pump strainer to prevent this from happening. Cutter-4ni-e. 4hen the slurry is covered by a layer of vegetation, grass or seaweed Dragflow cutter#"nife, together with a modified filter, will help the pump to face the application without clogging.

Gold Mines
Orc&+ '+ G&!d Mine )uen (entur Peru

P&nd C!e ning Dr g-!&, E!56 Wit" %ig" Pressure W ter 3et Ring

Heavy applications

Mining companies and contractors have come to trust the incredible heavy-duty design of Dragflow submersible mining pumps. Dragflow pumps can be designed to work comfortably with slurry specific gravity up to 1,7 and in a very wide range of pH. Dragflow pumps proved to succeed where many pumps have failed.

Ant 'in ) !! 'i!! S&!id c&ncentr ti&n u+ t& 728 Dr g-!&, EL92S 022%P C&&ing # c4et Te'+er ture sens&r M&isture sens&r

Dredging Mining - Industry

Dragflow Hydraulic equiment and Tailing ond solutions How !e !or"

Over the years Dragflow has been developing a deep know-how in pumping and dredging applications, based on innovation and ability to create customized solutions according to customers needs.

Dragflow delivers original systems that provide commercial and technical advantages; we work in close contact with customers on projects ranging from complex pumping systems in mines to off-shore dredging projects.

Our philosophy is to give not only a quality product but a full solution to the problem; we support our customers in concept development, 2D/3D modelling, product delivery and start-up operations.

Dredging Mining - Industry

Hydraulic ump #ystems

%ydr u!ic M&t&r 0eliability and fle ibility of hydraulic motors are widely recogni%ed. Dragflow 1umps equipped with hydraulic motors can reach powers up to ;++'1 and wor" with native variable 01&. <o problems of loosing efficiency at . different speeds combined with no problems of electroshoc" from electric devices ma"es hydraulic pumps the right choice for comple pumping and dredging applications. Met !!urgy nd Se !s 'igh quality material ensure long life for all pump components. (asting is .++, made in !taly with quality chec" for every casting in order to ensure homogeneous hardness from the surface to the core. 5ll wear parts are made in 'igh (hrome alloy to allow e tended life between spare part changes. =nique lip seal system with a front deflector to prevent the fine materials penetrating the sealing %one and Teflon layers to resist to high and low p'.

%ig" E--iciency Agit t&r The e cavating action is created by the 'i#(hrome agitator blades. !t actually lifts settled sediments which get suc"ed into the pump, creating a continuous flow of concentrated slurry )up to *+, by weight- out the pump discharge.

S&!id % nd!ing u+ t& 012'' 'ydraulic pumps can wor" in the most difficult situations. 1umps are designed for solid handling up to .2+mm )5 inch-.

Dr g-!&, d&u$!e "ydr u!ic e.c ( t&rs E:%; 12 nd E:%;56 Dragflow hydraulic e cavators >?'@ can be attached directly to the pump creating a self contained e.c ( ting syste' -&r " rd c&'+ cted s nd where a mechanical e cavator would otherwise be required.

Pu'+s t" t ' 4e t"e di--erence<

Ne,'&nt G&!d Mine - Peru

E:CA=ATOR MOUNTED DRAGFLOW %;DRAULIC DREDGE UNIT* Pu'+ %;76) Cutters E:%;12S Cutter-4ni-e -&r gr ss %ig" Pressure 3ets Se+ r te circuit t& ,&r4 ,it" cutters &n!y Syste' '&unted nd dri(en ,it" CAT E.c ( t&r n ti(e %ydr u!ic +! nt

Mineral sands $ %anada

Dragflow is a recogni%ed supplier in the Oil 2and industry with installations in process plants and systems for tailings management. 5s mining operations e pand, it is necessary to build more and larger settling ponds. :inding a way to remove the mature fine tailings layer from the ponds and quic"ly transform it into a soil#li"e deposit suitable for reclaiming is critical to improving overall reclamation performance.


g-!&, Pu'+ %;>22 nd P&,er P c4 Dr g-!&, Dredge DR%>22

Newmont Gold Mine Indonesia Dragflow Dredge DRH400

A!! Dr g-!&, e?ui+'ent is designed@ $ui!t nd tested in &ur ,&r4s"&+ !&c ted in =er&n @ It !y/ A distri$uti&n nd ser(ice net,&r4 t&get"er ,it" ssist nce -r&' &ur e.+erienced tec"nici ns ssures +r&+er inst !! ti&n nd ' inten nce t& e(ery ++!ic ti&n/

Dragflow pumps are wor"ing with

Pr&(en W&r!d,ide G!&$ ! S !es And Ser(ice Presence Dragflow pumps are being used in the worldAs harshest environments. Our global sales and service networ" ensures that we provide the highest level of sales and after#sales service.

Pe&+!e The Dragflow team constantly wor"s not only to find new technological solutions that improve the performance of its products, but also to design specific solutions for contractors and end users, optimi%ing sustainable operations with energy savings and reducing the environmental impact and overall costs.

Tec"n&!&gy 5s a recogni%ed leader in the production and mar"eting of submersible dredge pumps, Dragflow has gained over the years remar"able international e perience and first rate reputation in the production of dredges, for marine and energy sectors as well as in mining for minerals and other materials. Than"s to the e perience in leading technology projects, Dragflow continuously enhances its ability to deliver high#quality products.

1roduct range

E!ectric Pu'+s AEL SeriesB 1ower$ from 5 to .5+ 'orse 1ower (apacity$ from 6+ to .+++ mBCh 'ead$ from 5 to ;+ m Discharge distance$ up to 3++ m

%ydr u!ic Pu'+s A%; SeriesB 1ower$ from 2; to ;++ 'orse 1ower (apacity$ from 7+ to .2++ mBCh 'ead$ from 5 to 5+ m Discharge distance$ up to .6++ m

Dredging E.c ( t&rs AE:%; SeriesB 1ower$ from .. to 6+ 'orse 1ower 2peed$ from 6+ to 5+ rpm Oil$ 65 C ;7 C 53 lCmin 1ressure$ 25+ bar

P&,er P c4s ADP nd EP seriesB >ngine$ Diesel or >lectric Dariable oil flow oil pumps O+ti&ns 2ound proof canopy 0emote and 0adio control (ontainer 2tyle Operator (abin

Dr g-!&, dredges* Dredges with hoist )D0' 2eriesDredges with telescopic boom )D0T 2eries/adder dredges with submersible pump )D02 2eries-

4inches and 'oists

About Dragflow Dragflow S.r.l. was born at the end of the 1980s as a manufacturer of heavy duty submersible agitator pumps specifically designed for handling slurries with a high content of abrasive solids. Than s to the passion and brilliance of its team of technicians and engineers! Dragflow S.r.l. has proven to be not "ust a simple alternative for handling solids with conventional products and systems! but provides solutions for those clients operating in speciali#ed sectors who must face e$treme conditions and solve very difficult applications. %any successful cases and customer satisfaction have encouraged us to continue with the research and further development of our products.

Quality and Service Dragflow products are made with an e$ceptional structural &uality to achieve low maintenance and service costs and long life of components and wear parts. Dragflow invested in 'S(9001 )uality *ertification and in its information systems! because it believes in the importance of business process management! not only for improving efficiency but also to provide e$cellent service to *ustomers. +ith its distribution networ around the world! Dragflow is able to give consultancy! service and assistance worldwide

For more information contact:

DRAGFLOW web site, www.dragflow.it tel, -.9 0/0 1.0/021 e3mail, info4dragflow.it

Mining Dredging Industry

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