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Cabin Air Filters

A cleaner, more comfortable cab environment
Two high efciency lters, the Cat Dust Reduction and the Cat Dust and Odor Reduction Cabin
Air Filters, improve ventilation and/or odor reduction in enclosed operator cabs. Advanced
ltration technology reduces airborne irritants, creating a cleaner and more comfortable
working environment for the operator. No equipment modication is needed for installation.
Dust Reduction Filter Benefits:
higher efficiency for better dust reduction Fits current filter housing
irect replaceuent for standard filter Easier to clean
Dust and Odor Reduction Filter Benefits (in addition to above):
high perforuance activated charcoal ensures fast rate of absorption
elivers increased odor reduction coupared to coupetition
higher capacity extends life and reduces uaintenance costs
Superior particle reuoval efficiency reduces eye, nose and throat irritants
No adverse effect on air flow, heat or air conditioning perforuance
The dust reduction and odor reduction cabin filters are not intended for
filtering hazardous materials.

Cabin Air Filters

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Cleaning Extends the
Filters Useful Life
Both the Cat Dust Reduction and Odor Reduction
Cabin Air Filters can be cleaned with compressed
air to extend life. They should not be cleaned if
the dust/odor reduction capability is diminished,
the hlter is dauaged, or has been used 12 uonths
or longer.
These filters are intended for dust and odor
reduction only and are not designed to filter
hazardous materials.
Ventilation Panel Filter
Offers Greater Efciency
There is also a cab ventilation panel filter for
soue Track-Type Tractors and skidders. This
optimum panel filter is 88% efficient at filtering
contaminant particles compared to the previous
filter's 2% efficiency.
Old Filter New Filter
Part Number Part Number
9W-339 3E-7901
The new 3E-7901 filter should be used on the
following models.
Track-Type Tractors Track-Type Skidders
1h 517
5h 527
Please note that the improved filter efficiency
may cause lower cab airflow.

Standard Upgrade Option Type
105-198 139-3201 ust & 0dor Feduction
107-02 175-2811 ust Feduction
107-02 282-5339 ust & 0dor Feduction
112-7118 175-2838 ust & 0dor Feduction
113-0305 19-311 ust & 0dor Feduction
11-579 112-709 ust & 0dor Feduction
119-3355 233-8359 ust & 0dor Feduction
119-3355 28-701 Lower Festriction
119-1912 220-8800 ust & 0dor Feduction
180-7187 282-5310 ust & 0dor Feduction
209-8217 307-1112 ust & 0dor Feduction
209-8217 28-705 Lower Festriction
209-8217 318-7190 ust Feduction
238-0179 238-0179 ust Feduction
Higher Particle Removal Efficiency
The Cat ust Feduction Cabin Air Filter can be used anywhere excessive cab dust exists. lt offers
excellent reuoval of dust, soil, pollen and uold spores in enclosed operator cabs. lt is an optional
replacement for the corresponding standard filters listed below.
Dust Reduction Cabin Air Filter Options
Standard Upgrade Upgrade Option
Part Number Part Number Machine Coverage
7T-1890 175-2839 Track-Type Tractors
9X-821 175-2810 Wheel Loaders, Track Loaders
107-02 175-2811 Track-Type Tractors, Wheel Loaders, Wheel Tractors,
0ff-highway Trucks, lntegrated Toolcarriers, Soil Coupactors
209-8217 318-7190 Track-Type Tractors, Fipelayers
238-0179 319-7911 Large Track-Type Tractor
Reduced Odor, High Dust Capacity, Longer Life
The Cat Dust and Odor Reduction Cabin Air Filter is designed
for use in landfill applications or anywhere superior odor
reduction is necessary. lt offers extended service life without
compromising heating or cooling capabilities. The activated
carbon in the filter (see magnification, right) provides a fast rate
of absorption. There is no operator exposure to loose carbon
particles, even in rough applications.
Ultra High

Standard Upgrade Option Type

238-0179 291-3928 ust & 0dor Feduction
259-3222 2-775 Lower Festriction
2v-003 175-2837 ust & 0dor Feduction
T-0988 175-2831 ust & 0dor Feduction
70-811 111-7903 ust & 0dor Feduction
7T-1889 175-283 ust & 0dor Feduction
7T-1890 175-2839 ust Feduction
7T-1890 175-2832 ust & 0dor Feduction
7X-012 200-810 ust & 0dor Feduction
7X-011 175-2831 ust & 0dor Feduction
8F-5313 175-2835 ust & 0dor Feduction
90-1518 175-2833 ust & 0dor Feduction
9W-339 3E-7901 ust & 0dor Feduction
9X-821 175-2810 ust Feduction
Dust and Odor Reduction Cabin Air Filter Options