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Agenda for India

By Subodh Kumar,
Email- surmil2000@gmail .com)
Dated 31st May2007)

If one were to identify the problems being faced by our Nation to day
and list out in order of priority, the tasks facing us, following would be
considered as a reasonable blue print for future action:

1. Education System Overhaul to teach future generations to grow in to

responsible, fearless, confident, energetic, self motivated, honest good
citizens in the service of society and provide Good teachers and mind
2. Water conservation and rain water harvesting.
3. Measures to control Global Warming and repair of damaged ozone
4. cover.( to avert Natural disasters like Tsunami and Draughts)
5 Sustainable disposal of Sanitation, Sewage and Pollution
6 Organic Agriculture, for healthy disease, poverty free society
7 Honesty and transparency in public life, underpinning the role of
Teachers, Governments, leaders and the media, for educating
Cultivation of proper non exploitative mental attitudes in
7. Eradicate Corruptions and Parallel Economy.
8. Bio technology research to work on systems in a cow, which converts
Fodder (uneatable agriculture waste) to probiotic nutrition for
Humans, and maintains soil health.
9. Promote transparency economy and check on ‘Black money’
10. Tackle the socially deviant behavior

It may come as a big surprise that this agenda is found given in the same
order of priority as the actions of the Prime Minister of the Country, and
in this chronological order, are the subject explained in Rig Veda 2.14..

RigVeda 2-14 Rishi-Gritsamda Devta-Indra
Sub: Adhwaryu †¬¾ÖμÖãÔ
Introductory note: - The term Adhwaryu has traditionally, come to
designate a person responsible for making arrangements for carrying out a Karmakand Yagna.

According to Monier Williams, Adhwaryu is a person,

1. who measures the ground. First of all he has to make the project note for all the
facilities, which will be required for the Yagna. They could range in sizes from
small agnihotra to a large community Yagnas. Obviously he has to first survey the
required size of. Land. Then only he can proceed to acquire, level and make it fit
for the Yagna.
2. He has to build the altar. For the building of altar he has to have command on
civil engineering /architectural skills to specify and estimate the quality and
quantity of construction material like bricks and mortar from which the altar will
be made. He must have materials management skills to arrange for delivery at the
Yagna site. He should also have civil construction skills to carry out the
construction of the Altar.
3. He has to prepare the sacrificial vessels and implements. This means, he also
has to specify correct materials of which these implements will be made of. He
has to specify the design of these vessels and the implements, which will be
required for the specific Yagna. This means he should also have engineering skills
involving material science and fabrication techniques.
4. He has to fetch wood and water. Thus he also has to make an estimate of the
quantities, which will be required for the Yagna, and ensure proper quality and
quantity of fuel wood and water to be available at hand. He should have
knowledge and awareness about natural resources.
5. He has to light the fire. He is also expected to know the art of creating a
sustainable fire. An engineer to develop sustainable source of Energy.
6. He has to bring the animals for the Yagna. Thus he has to be a practicing
veterinarian to know and care for the various animals. And their role in society.-
and so on.
Considering that the Yagnas happened to be often very large community based activities,
it is reasonable to submit that to day an Adhwaryu, will be a highly trained and skilled
General Manager CEO, Educator, Engineer, Veterinarian, a Materials Manager, an
Environmentalist, a Multidiscipline well educated project Manager. In fact an Adhwaryu
acts as the Prime Minister presiding over the activities and the planning of the YAGYA.
Running of the Nation is also a Yagna. Indeed Adhwaryu has been translated as a Prime
Minister in many writings.

Rig Vedic interpretations available to day, from Sayan/ MaxMuller to later day Swami
Dayanand Saraswati, Shri Damodar Satawlekarji, Swami Satya Prakash Saraswati and
Shri Aurobindo , give very deep poetical interpretations of this Sukta. Wilson and
Griffith also make significant addition to the vast scholarship. However with the
traditional concepts which see the role of an Adhwaryu as limited to only the Karmakand

Yagna, the full significance of this Rigvedic Sukta remains at best, spiritually and
poetically masked.

But the same RigVedic Sukta lays bare its entire context, when the full life sized concepts
behind terms like Adhwaryu, Indra, Soma are given interpretations like Swami Dayanand
and Yogi Aurobindo.

(This interpretation is based largely on the RigVed Bhashya of Swami

Dayanand Saraswati)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê ³ÖŸÖì−¦üÖμÖ ÃÖÖê´Ö´ÖÖ´Ö¡Öê׳ք ×ÃÖ˜“ÖŸÖÖ ´Öª´Ö−¬Ö„ …
úÖ´Öß ×Æü ¾Ö߸ü„ ÃÖ¤ü´ÖÃμÖ ¯ÖßØŸÖ •ÖãÆüÖêŸÖ ¾ÖéÖê ŸÖפü¤êüÂÖ ¾ÖÛ™ü …… Šú 2…14…1
(Indra represents the highly active charged entrepreneur character of a
person, perhaps its archetype is found in the capitalistic society, ie why Veda
calls Indra the rightist in
¤üׁ֝ÖÖ ×¤üאÖ−¦üÖêƒ×¬Ö¯ÖןÖÛßָüÛ¿“Ö¸üÖ•Öß ¸üׁ֟ÖÖ ×¯ÖŸÖ¸ü ‡ÂÖ¾Ö„
and tells that one is apt to go astray from the right path under the
uncontrolled influence of Indra the rightist, for which the corrective action is
provided by the guidance shown by the elders the pitars.)
(Som on the other hand represents mind motivator and scientific knowledge
from researches, for the welfare of the society)

Adhwaryus should provide Som in good measure for the Indra for
the achievement of abundance and prosperity, nutrition, health and peace for
the land and those living off it. Motivated minds and mental attitudes, should be
developed by the Adhwaryus, to accommodate and create mental attitudes for
appropriate sustainable, physical facilities and strategies, as per demands and
growth. (Create the institution of Good teachers)
†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖÖê †¯ÖÖê ¾Ö×¾ÖÎμÖÖÓÃÖÓ ¾Öé¡ÖÓ •Ö‘ÖÖ−ÖÖ¿Ö−μÖê¾Ö ¾ÖéÖ´ÖË …
ŸÖôÖÖ ‹ŸÖÓ ³Ö¸üŸÖ ŸÖ«ü¿ÖÖμÖò ‹ÂÖ ‡−¦üÖê †ÆÔü×ŸÖ ¯ÖßןִÖÃμÖ …… Šú 2…14…2
Harness those waters of rains, which are released by the actions of
lightening, which strikes the trees and sets them on fire. Thus work for
the creation of bounties of fertilized soil by rich biomass feeds and
prosperity of vegetation, as the gifts provided by Indra.
(All the futuristic strategies are for conservation of our water resources. Rain water
harvesting is the most significant item on not only Global level, but is of utmost

importance for India, particularly, when it is realized that the total water requirements of
entire India are just about 5% of the total rain fall in our coastal regions. And almost
100% of that rainfall just flows in to the sea.)
†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖÖê ¥ü³ÖߍÓú •Ö‘ÖÖ−Ö μÖÖê ÖÖ ˆ¤üÖ•Ö¤ü¯Ö ×Æü ²Ö»ÖÓ ¾Ö„ …
ŸÖôÖÖ ‹ŸÖ´Ö−ŸÖ׸üÖê −Ö ¾ÖÖŸÖ×´Ö−¦Óü ÃÖÖê´Öî¸üÖêÖãÔŸÖ •Öæ−ÖÕ ¾ÖáÖî„ …… Šú 2…14…3
Exercise control over natural calamities like the violent storms, which
with immense forces, play havocs like demons tossing all cattle and life
in to air and smashing on to the ground, which cause great upheavals by
disrupting life and property. These are brought about by the holes in
the protective garment, which covers the earth in the space. These holes
are like holes in a worn out old garment. Heal and repair the holes in
the covering, by actions of rain making clouds and atmosphere helped
by green vegetation and herbs by grace of Indra.
(Veda is referring here to calamities like the recent Tsunami. By saying that Tsunamis
are caused by holes in the garment cover in the space, Veda is clearly making a reference
to the holes in the Ozone layer)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖ ˆ¸üÖÓ •Ö‘ÖÖ−Ö −Ö¾Ö “֏¾ÖÖÓÃÖÓ −Ö¾Ö×ŸÖ “Ö ²ÖÖÆæü−Ö …
μÖÖê †²ÖãÔ¤ü´Ö¾Ö −Öß“ÖÖ ²Ö²ÖÖ¬Öê ŸÖ×´Ö−¦Óü ÃÖÖê´ÖÃμÖ ³Öé£Öê ×Æü−ÖÖêŸÖ …… Šú 2…14…4
This protective garment is like the fleece of a sheep. There are trillions
of hands on the ground, which supports the actions to prevent damage
to this garment (in the space) and to keep it in good repair like new.
These trillions of hands churn the environments with lightening and
greenery to disarm the attackers of the fleece like protective cover. Like
a good leader of armies, motivate these 'GREEN' actions on the lands to
bring prosperity to all.
(Veda is clearly referring to the green house gases causing the damage to Ozone layer.)
†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖ„ þֿ−ÖÓ •Ö‘ÖÖ−Ö μÖ„ ¿ÖãִֿÖãÂÖÓ μÖÖê ¾μÖÓÃÖ´ÖË …
μÖ„ ׯ֯ÖÏÓ −Ö´ÖãØ“Ö μÖÖê ¹ý׬֍ÎúÖ ŸÖôÖÖ ‡−¦üÖμÖÖ−¬ÖÃÖÖê •ÖãÆüÖêŸÖ …… Šú 2…14…5

Oh men desirous of positive roles, deal like the sun, which hunts down
even the beautiful clouds to shed the rains, which wet the earth to
disarm the enemies like draught, by bringing wetness. With pipram ׯ֯ÖÏÓ
the selfish ones' who only fill their own belly, the namuchi −Ö´Öã“Öß being

those who should never be pardoned, by rudhikra ¹ý׬֍ÎúÖ the stern law
enforcement agency should deal sternly to ensure equitable justice
food and nutrition for all.
( Take care of the corrupt & black marketers to eradicate poverty and prevent famines
and starvation deaths.)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖ„ ¿ÖŸÖÓ ¿ÖŸÖ´²Ö¸üÃμÖ ×²Ö³Öê¤üÖ¿´Ö−Öê¾Ö ¯Öæ¾Öá„ …
μÖÖê ¾ÖÙ“Ö−Ö„ ¿ÖŸÖ×´Ö−¦ü„ ÃÖÆüÄÖ´Ö¯ÖÖ ¾Ö¯Ö¤Ëü³Ö¸üŸÖÖ ÃÖÖê´Ö´Öî …… Šú 2…14…6
Like the mobilization on war footing, when the clouds were destroyed to
smithereens of rain drops by the forces of Indra to bring bounties of
plenty to the people, get activated to restore the earlier prosperity, of
abundance for all.
(The action against the black sheep in the society has to proceed in a similar manner, on
war footing.)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖ„ ¿ÖŸÖ´ÖÖ ÃÖÆüÄÖÓ ³Öæ´μÖÖ ˆ¯ÖãÖꃾ֯֕•Ö¬Ö−¾ÖÖ−ÖË…
ãúŸÃÖÃμÖÖμÖÖê¸üןÖף֐¾ÖÃμÖ ¾Ö߸üÖ−μÖ¾ÖéÖ³Ö¸üŸÖÖ ÃÖÖê´ÖôÖî …… Šú 2…14…7
Along with the innumerable crops being cultivated by the farmers for
feeding the nation, the guests and dependents, innumerable enemies in
the form of weeds, pests, etc also get in to the land. The Adhwaryus
should work on sustainable herbal remedies to help the growth of
agriculture crops.
(This is a very clear directive on what the modern agriculture science is involved with,
Organic agriculture, better Seeds & IPM- Integrated pest management)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖ®Ö¸ü„ úÖ´ÖμÖÖ¬¾Öê ÁÖã™üß ¾ÖÆü−ŸÖÖê −Ö¿Ö£ÖÖ ŸÖפü−¦Óü …
Ö³ÖÛß֯ÖæŸÖÓ ³Ö¸üŸÖ ÁÖãŸÖÖμÖê−¦üÖμÖ ÃÖÖê´ÖÓ μÖ•μÖ¾ÖÖê •ÖãÆüÖêŸÖ …… Šú 2…14…8
For the leaders and persons holding senior policy making
responsibilities, when some strategies for public good are being
contemplated, the deliberations should be held confidential, till they are
totally worked out. It is only for the well thought out plans to be made
available for general public to debate and consider sustainability.
( This is clear directive on the role of media not to give premature publicity to mere
conjectures, and contribute towards the development of healthy debate and discussions)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾Ö„ úú¢Ö−ÖÖÕ ÁÖãÛ™ü´ÖôÖî ¾Ö−Öê ×−Ö¯ÖæŸÖÓ ¾Ö−Ö ˆ®ÖμÖ¬¾Ö´ÖË …
•ÖãÂÖ֝ÖÖê ÆüßμÖ´Ö×³Ö ¾ÖÖ¾Ö¿Öê ¾Ö ‡−¦üÖμÖ ÃÖÖê´ÖÓ ´Öפü¸Óü •ÖãÆüÖêŸÖ …… Šú 2…14…9
It is for the technically knowledgeable community and the
establishment to decide and implement, the handling of sewage,
pollution and foul smell creating situations, by using natural vegetative
filtration and the winning of the desirable components out of the system
by the strategy of using wetlands and lagoons, for making the waste
disposal a pleasant, acceptable and sustainable activity.
( This is the latest waste water treatment strategy by root zone treatment , and energy
crops similar to what NASA scientists have proposed)

†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾Ö„ ¯ÖμÖÃÖÖê¬ÖμÖÔ£ÖÖ ÖÖê„ ÃÖÖê´Öê׳ָüà ¯ÖéÖŸÖÖ ³ÖÖê•Ö×´Ö−¦ü´ÖË …
¾Öê¤üÖÆü´ÖÃμÖ ×−Ö³ÖéŸÖÓ ´Ö ‹ŸÖקüŸÃÖ−ŸÖÓ ³ÖæμÖÖê μÖ•ÖŸÖÛ¿“֍êúŸÖ …… Šú 2…14…10

It is a subject of continuous study to learn from the processes taking

place in a cow and her udders, how while feeding on herbal greens and
water, she provides the immensely medicinally, nutritionally beneficial
milk for the humanity.
(This is a futuristic strategy for researches in Biotechnology by exploring probiotics and
†¬¾ÖμÖÔ¾ÖÖê μÖÖê פü¾μÖÃμÖ ¾ÖþÖÖê μÖ„ ¯ÖÖÙ£Ö¾ÖÃμÖ Œ¿Ö´ÖμÖÃμÖ ¸üÖ•ÖÖ …
ŸÖ´Öæ¤Ôü¸Óü −Ö ¯ÖéÖŸÖÖ μÖ¾Öê−Öê−¦Óü ÃÖÖê´Öê׳Öß֤ü¯ÖÖê ¾ÖÖê †ÃŸÖã …… Šú 2…14…11
It is the responsibility of the establishment to allow the wealth created
in the nation by transparently open like in broad day light, methods of
earning. For example, such as from nature's resources like agriculture.
Promote in the society the mental attitudes, for acceptance of only this
mode of honest livelihood.
(The clear role of society and media for the development of proper mental attitudes in
society is stressed in this mantra.)
†Ã´Ö³μÖÓ ŸÖ«üÃÖÖê ¤üÖ−ÖÖμÖ ¸üÖ¤ü„ ÃÖ´Ö£ÖÔμÖÃ¾Ö ²ÖÆãü ŸÖë ¾ÖÃÖ¾μÖ´ÖË …
‡−¦ü μÖÛ““Ö¡ÖÓ ÁÖ¾ÖÃμÖÖ †−Öã ªæ−²ÖéÆü«ü¤êü´Ö ×¾Ö¤ü£Öê ÃÖã¾Ö߸üÖ„ …… Šú 2…14…12

The immense bounties of nature always flow on us for welfare health
and wealth of all, by the continuous pursuits of knowledge based
transparent activities by our well-meaning gifted people.

It is for paucity of space that the detailed method and reasoning to arrive at
the above Vedic interpretations have not been provided here.

( Help is also gratefully acknowledged from Vaidic Kosh by

Chandrashekhar Upadhyay and Anil Kumar Upadhyay I.A.S. in preparing
this note)