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DLI Downloader 0.


The DLI Downloader downloads scans from the DLI and makes books for you
with just one click. One Click Install, One Click Books. The DLID application file
is all you need. No need to install Acrobat or any other PDF making suite or
use TIFFs, TIFF readers or the DLI sites. You only need to get a book's barcode
from our catalogs or the DLI. If you asked for the book numbered
"abcdefghij", DLID 0.2 will create the PDF E-Book as "Title Of Book.pdf, in
your Books folder. Just download the program and hit go.

Enjoy reading all those great books!

The DLI Downloader 0.2 includes major changes, many new features and a
new, more robust download engine. It downloads and makes books about 5-6
times faster than the DLID 0.1. It has extensive fault tolerance and data
integrity features and catalogs of books. Due to these new features, this long
ReadMe becomes necessary. Read it fully to get the most out of the DLID.

If you want even more features such as an integrated browser for
viewing catalogs, intelligent searching, PDF reader and a book maker, in
one program, please use the DLI Explorer, available from:


What is the picture in the DLI Downloader icon?
It is a collage of two paintings by the 19
century painter Ravi Varma of Travancore. They are
scenes from two famous episodes of Indian mythology, and were each the subject of classics by
Kalidasa. The picture on the left shows Shakuntala returning to the hermitage with her
companions while her eyes stealthily search for King Dushyanta. The picture on the right
shows the nymph Urvashi, forsaking King Pururuvas and ascending to heaven. Kalidasa
composed the Abhijnana Shakuntalam and the Vikramorvashiyam on these two episodes.
These pictures evoke both the world of books and an ancient culture.

DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 2


1. Installation: If you got the archive version of the distribution, simply unzip
to wherever you would like it. Remember to set the books folder before
downloading. If you got the installer version, simply follow the onscreen
instructions. In either case, you are shown the license and terms of use in your
first run. By proceeding further, you agree to all the terms set forth here.

2. Downloading: Once you have installed DLID 0.2, just type in the barcode
and hit download. Note that when it is first run, the DLID will default to your
My Documents or the installation folder. To save books in a different folder,
please use the Set Books Folder item in the File Menu before downloading.
To find barcodes simply use the two catalogs included with this distribution.
Not only do they scan availability for each book, they also make a number of
corrections and cull many bad entries, from what you would see at the DLI
sites. You will find these catalogs more useful and reliable than the DLI site.

3. Setting the Books Folder: When you use this option in the File Menu to
change from an existing books folder, any books, previews and cache will be
moved automatically.

4. Fast Mode: This is the default downloading mode. It provides a higher
speed by using more of your system resources and bandwidth. You can set
both modes from the Mode menu.

5. Safe Mode: Use this mode if you have a slow, bad or intermittent web
connection, and if you are using dialup access. Downloads are always resumed
in the Safe Mode.

6. Preview Mode: The preview mode downloads only TIFF images and does
not create a PDF e-book. You can view these images using any good TIFF
image viewing program. The DLID will put these previews in the previews
subfolder in your books folder, under the relevant collection and title, that is,
<Books Folder>\<Preview>\<Collection Name>\<Book Title>
Use this mode to download a few pages of the book you want quickly to
ensure it is the right book and is readable. Doing so will save you both time
and bandwidth. You can quickly download a few random pages such as 1, 21,
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 3

54, 70 and 298. If they are all okay, you could change from the preview mode
and download the whole book as a PDF e-book. The preview mode can be
used in either the fast mode or the safe mode.

Also, the default page layout in the DLID is A4 (closest to the Letter size) with
half inch insets. To preserve legibility of the book, it does not downsample. If you
prefer a different layout or want to reduce the book size by downsampling, you
can download the whole book in the preview mode and make a book with your
preferred layout in Adobe. There are no restrictions to how much you may
preview. You can simply get a whole book and just read it from the TIFF images.
This is also why an integrated TIFF viewer to read books, is not included in
the DLID. If you want to read a 1000 page book or preview it, an
integrated viewer will be either inefficient or clunky. An offline viewer is
more user friendly. However, the DLI Explorer has an efficient integrated

7. Resuming a DL: If a download fails because of temporary causes such as
losing your internet connection or the DLI servers going down, the download
can be resumed. The content downloaded so far, is automatically saved to the
Cache subfolder of your books folder. Only one failed download may be
cached and resumed. The DLI Explorer does not have this restriction.
Resumptions are always done in the safe mode. However, your collection,
download mode and preview choices are saved and restored after the
resumption has been carried out. If a download fails, and has been saved, you
dont have to resume it immediately. You can resume it at any time. Even if a
download fails repeatedly, but is resumable each time, it will be saved and can
be resumed any number of times, until it is completed.

8. Choosing collections: You can change from one collection to another
anytime where there is no download activity.

9. Selecting pages: In the DLD 0.2, you can choose any number of pages to
either preview or download. You are required to type in pages and no
clickable graphical interface such as drop down list is given, because they
are hard to use if you have to download large books, like some 2000 page
volumes at the DLI. You can type in exactly what you want to download, in
the common format used for print setup, used here with some improvements.

DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 4

You have to list the start and end pages with a hyphen between them. Groups
of pages must be separated by commas. Single pages can be listed instead of
groups. Listing a start page, a hyphen and no end page means you want to
download all the pages in the book starting from the start page. If you want
the whole book, leave this field blank.

You dont have to worry too much about typos or the format as most errors
are automatically fixed and those that cant be fixed result in notification
messages. Here are a couple of examples:
a) 1-9, 23-57, 73 will fetch 45 pages, viz. 1-9, 23-57 and 73.
b) 11, 14-32, 27-33, 180- will fetch the first 22 selected pages and then, all
the pages from page 180 till the end of the book. The overlap between
the two sets 14-32 and 27-33 will be automatically corrected to 14-33.
Even if you choose pages outside a books range, it will be corrected.

10. Download Progress and Status Messages: The status messages in the
status bar at the bottom, clearly tell you what the current status or outcome is,
such as Writing PDF, a failed download is resumable etc. The Page Count
fields on the right hand side indicate how many pages have been completed
and the total number of pages, indicating the progress of the download. Since
downloads can be resumed and internet speeds can vary, this is more useful
than showing time based information.

11. Catalogs showing availability of scans: Catalogs for Sanskrit and seven
other languages are included in the distribution. They list the availability of
scans at the DLI as of August 2010. The catalogs make hundreds of corrections
over the data from the DLI and so are more reliable than directly looking up
the DLI. Use the catalogs to quickly search the DLI. Simply click on the
Catalogs.html page in the distribution to get started.

For troubleshooting information see the next three items, New
Features, Notes and Status Messages.

New features in DLID 0.2

a) Two modes: Fast mode (3-6 times faster than DLID 0.1) and Safe mode-
Use the Safe mode if you have a bad web connection or want to limit
DLID's bandwidth usage.
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 5

b) Resumption of bad downloads: If a download fails, it is automatically
cached. You can resume it at any time- even a day or weeks later. You
can continue to download other books in the meantime. A book can also
breakdown any number of times and still be resumed and completed.
c) Both, IISC and IIIT DLI collections are included
d) Preview mode: You can preview/read books before downloading them
in this mode. Use it to check you are downloading the book you want
and avoid wasting time and bandwidth.
e) Page Selection: You can select whichever pages you want to get, for
preview or actual download. Even if you select the wrong pages or make
typos, they will be corrected.
f) Download Progress display: You can constantly see how many pages
have been done and how many remain.
g) New Download engine: The download engine is completely new.
h) Fault Tolerance: DLID 0.2 has a number of new fault tolerance features
and data integrity checks, to cope with connection, server and client
side issues.
i) The scaling and other issues in making PDFs in DLID 0.1 have been
completely fixed.
j) A bug completely external to the DLID that affects 64 bit machines
running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 has been fixed.
k) DLID 0.2 can cope with even more errors in the DLI databases.
l) The user interface remains the same to ensure DLID 0.2 is easy to use.

Notes and Troubleshooting:

a) DLID 0.2 and 0.1 are incompatible and can clash. You can keep only one.
DLID 0.1 is not automatically removed. You should delete it manually.
b) You can only download one book at a time and run only one instance of
the DLID program. This is done to avoid swamping the DLI servers.
c) DLID 0.2 provides a resumption feature for failed downloads. But, if you
want to pause, cancel, modify or suspend DLs, use the DLI Explorer.
d) The cache used for resuming DLs is made visible to you. But, if you
make changes in the cache, you may not get no book generated or get
one with errors.
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 6

e) In some cases, a DL that was saved as it was resumable, may later not
be resumable. This is generally because the DLI has withdrawn that
book due to copyright questions.
f) The DLID 0.2 does profile your system a little, in order to optimize DLs.
g) The change log and read me are given in plain English and not technical
jargon to aid all manners of users.
h) Only catalogs for Sanskrit are included in this distribution. For all nine
supported languages, please use the DLI Explorer.
i) The preview mode has to be set whenever you run the DLID. Its status is
not persistent.
j) Generally a pdf e-book will be downloaded with a name based on the
books title. If such a book exists, the barcode will be used.
k) The DLID 0.2 has many fault tolerance features that the DLID 0.1 did not
have and even some commercial programs do not have. Yet, the DLID
0.2 is still only intended to be small, handy tool. It is not bullet proof. For
example, YOU have to ensure you provide the right barcode and the DLI
servers have to be up and running when you download, for this
program to work smoothly. It will work smoothly much of the time, but,
as with any network or internet based program, it cannot be guaranteed
to work 100% of the time.
l) The DLID 0.2 will automatically create PDF books with names that are
the actual book titles. Very long titles are truncated. If you already have
a book with that name, it will be named <barcode>.pdf.
m) If you are reading a book, and try to re-download the same book, in
whole or in part, or prevent DLID access to the target file in any other
way, rather than flag an error, or unsafely access it, the DLID will simply
create the book as <title><some two digit number><.pdf> This is done
for your convenience and for data integrity.
n) If you have any problems, make sure that the bar code you typed is
right, DLI does have the scans, DLI's servers are up, you have enough
disk space (if it is a large book), your firewall settings are okay etc.
o) This software works with the present DLI configuration. If DLI changes
anything, it won't work. You will need to download a fix from wherever
you got this program.
p) The default page size is A4, since it is the most common internationally,
though Letter which is almost the same size, is used in North America. If
you want your book in any other size, simply use preview mode to get
the whole book, and then use Adobe to make your book. Alternatively,
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 7

the DLI Explorer allows you to make books in many sizes, and supports
downsampling/resizing of pages etc.
q) Depending on your internet speed and DLI's, it might take a while to
download a large book.
r) DLID 0.2 will require at least 100 MB of free space to be available on
your computer to store books.
s) Previews are not resumable.
t) Books with unknown number of pages or other DLI database errors are
not resumable.
u) In general, this software is PERFECTLY LEGAL to use to get out of
copyright books. But, you must read and are bound by the terms below.

List of Status Messages: (Incl. Fault Tolerance Features)

DLID 0.1 had only 5 status messages. But, DLID 0.2 has an extensive fault
tolerance mechanism and so generates over 40 status messages. They are very
useful in telling you what DLID is doing at the moment, where errors
occurred, at your end or at the DLI and if and sometimes how, they might be
fixed. Please read this list completely, to get the most out of DLID 0.2. Most of
the messages are listed here. They are all color coded for user friendliness.

OK (Green) Messages
1. Welcome: DLID First Run : First message shown. By proceeding
further you agree to the terms of use shown. You should also set
up your Books folder, or your home folder will be used.
2. OK : DLID is ready to start another download.
3. Book Created Successfully! : Your book is now ready at <Books
Folder>\<Title.pdf>, no matter how many pages you chose.
4. Previews Created! : Previews ready at <Books

Processing (Fuchsia) Messages
1. Scan Exists. Downloading... : Number of pages downloaded so
far and total pages are shown in the bottom right corner.
2. Checking for scan at DLI : Checks if any scans are available. If
you made an error in selecting pages or the DLI has some pages
missing in your and so, only some pages of your selection are
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 8

available, as a fault tolerance feature, DLID will fetch only those
3. DL Done. Writing PDF. : Takes only a short time.

Error (Red) Messages
1. Scan Not Available! : DLI hasn't made the scan available yet.
2. DL Failed; Resumable. : This download failed, but it could be
cached. You can resume this download later. Usually seen when
your internet connection fails during a download. You can also
view the currently cached pages in the <Books
Folder>\Cache\<Collection>\<Barcode> folder. But, DLID
monitors this folder for data integrity. If you move or delete
something, this download will fail upon resumption and you will
have start afresh.
3. DL Failed! Retry. : Scan is available. But the download failed such
that you can only start over.
4. PDF Writing Failed! : This happens if your system has become
unstable or the downloaded data has been corrupted outside the
DLID. Rare.
5. Failed; Cache Corrupt. : Your resumption failed because the
cached data of this book has been corrupted outside the DLID.
6. Check web access. Offline? : Your internet connection failed
prior to a download or you are having other network issues.
7. Preview DL Failed! : A "Preview" download failed midway,
probably because your web connection failed.
8. DL Data Corrupted! : Before DLID could prepare a PDF book, but
after it had finished downloading, the data got corrupted probably
because of user error, system instability or interference from
another process. You have to start the download afresh.
9. DL Failed. Retry. : A preview or fresh regular download failed
midway. If a regular download, it cannot be resumed.
10. Not Resumable. Start Afresh : A resumed download failed
midway. You have to start afresh. The cache is wiped clean.
11. Previews Corrupted! : After downloading but before preparing
the previews, the data was corrupted by user error or system
instability, outside the DLID.
12. Data Missing at DLI; DLI Error : You have to change your page
selection to getting the whole book. The whole book may be
downloadable, while a smaller selection may not be. This is
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 9

because, the fault tolerant features in DLID 0.2 can cope with DLI
errors when the whole book is needed. But, it would take too long
to ensure that some selected pages are safely downloaded. It
would be quicker for you to get the whole book and remove the
unwanted pages in Adobe or some such tool.
13. Access Denied. Copyrighted? : DLI probably has the scans of the
book, but has not made them available. You can try contacting
them. These are the maroon entries in the DLID Catalogs.
14. Temporary DLI server error : Maintenance or server overload at
DLI. Try again in a few hours. Roughly, weekends, late nights
(Indian time) etc., is when you can generally expect maintenance
at such server farms.
15. Your connection is too slow : Net Congestion or overstraining of
the system at your end.
16. Server down at DLI : Main web server down at DLI. Try later.
17. Database down at DLI : The main DLI web server is up, but the
database server holding your particular scan is down.
18. DLI temporarily too slow. : DLI's database server is too slow. Try
a little later.
19. No Records At DLI. Check Barcode. : Usually, a wrong barcode
was entered. Rarely, a bad record for a book at the DLI or a record
with a lot of missing data.
20. System Error. Offline? : General System Error, which is rare. Most
probably you are offline or your system resources are swamped or
your system is too unstable and must be restarted to function

Descriptive (Alert) Messages:
In several cases, more elaborate error information needs to be
given, than can be shown in the Status Bar. In general, DLID will need
immediate interaction and possibly correction from you to proceed
further. In such cases, comprehensive alert messages are shown. These
are some of the cases where such messages arise:

1. You have tried to open multiple instances of DLID simultaneously.
DLID will show a warning message and then close.
2. You have made typos in selecting pages (e.g. typing alphabets)
3. You have made erroneous page selections such as 340-200,
instead of 200-340. The precise point of error will be shown.
DLI Downloader 0.2

DLI Downloader 0.2 Prabhu, PR Labs, dli.downloader@yahoo.com Page 10

4. Corruption of the cache during a resumption. Did you accidentally
alter or delete anything? You will have to restart.
5. Insufficient system resources to start a download or a resumption.
6. DLID does not have the right permissions to access the books
folder and write books.
7. The 50 MB space needed on your hard drive of quota for DLID to
function safely, is not available. You have to close DLID and can
restart it only after cleaning your drive.

License, Warranty, Terms of Use and Copyright Info:

DLID 0.2 is free for individual educational use alone. For any other purpose,
prior permission is required from its makers. See the contact info below.
Installing the DLID 0.2 automatically revokes your license for the DLID 0.1,
which must be deleted. DLID 0.2 comes with no warranty, nor a statement of
fitness for any purpose. By merely downloading, installing or using the DLID
0.2, you agree to the terms set forth here. You should use the DLID 0.2 to
download only what is legal for you to obtain in your jurisdiction. DLI might
have some content which is still under copyright in your jurisdiction. All
burden and consequences of ensuring adherence to copyright law for content
you may download is strictly yours and yours alone. This program is no more
responsible for what you do with it, than the browser you use. This software
does only what such common programs like MS-Office, Open Office Adobe
Acrobat and just any browser can do. Generally speaking, no fair use norms
are violated in obtaining free educational content for individual educational
use. But, you have to ensure that your use of the DLID 0.2 is legitimate.
Prabhu, PR Labs hold the copyright for DLID 0.1, DLID 0.2 and the DLI
Explorer. Any underlying software or content such as images used in these
software, might be safely construed have been in the public domain or duly
licensed. You may freely redistribute the DLID program such as through your
website or blog site, but only as is, with all notices intact, including this one,
and with no modifications from the original distribution. Always use the DLID
to get only out of copyright books.

Enjoy reading all those great books!
Questions: email dli.downloader@yahoo.com