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Stop violence and discrimination: women are also human beings!!

All over the world women are victims of many types of discrimination and abuse, and although human rights say that all human beings, regardless of gender, are equal and have the same rights, the fact is that there is much inequality between men and women. I know there are biological differences that make women and men physically different, but that does not mean that women are worth less than men and have to be discriminated and abused. I have always wondered, why does this happen? Why are women abused and discriminated against men? I realized that it is all about gender inequality manifested in many forms. Gender inequality is nothing but the disparities or differences between individuals (male and female) based on gender (Wikipedia). Gender inequalities vary across countries and cultures, and always result in physical or emotional violence. Violence and discrimination against women is a very common problem that happens in all countries around the world. When I say violence it is not only physically, it means that women are abused mentally and emotionally by men just because they are women. Usually in some Asian and African countries women are considered inferior to men and are not allowed to do things like drive, work, or ride bikes. Some women are required to use long clothes covering their complete body including the face and I have heard that those who dont cover their faces can be attacked by men with acid on their faces. When I heard about that I just couldnt believe it, I thought it was very cruel. Those practices are made more by issues of religion and culture and are more common than we can imagine, with these practices Human Rights are violated. Many women around the world are victims of sexual abuse and physical aggression. In some American countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Dominican Republic many women are murdered by their husbands or partners, this is because of the chauvinists that exist in those countries. I remember in my neighborhood a neighbor that used to beat his wife just because he didnt like her to go out without permission and she became a victim of gender based violence. I think that violence against women is that bad nowadays because the laws that protect women are very fragile and are not respected especially in less developed countries. There should be stronger laws protecting women all over the world and governments must also make campaigns to raise awareness among men that women are special beings and must be cared and respected.