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Foods and !trition "ndergrad!ate St!dent seeking a career in c!stomer ser#ice related to $ealt$ and %ellness. E&'erienced %it$ comm!nication amongst 'eo'le( incl!ding c!stomers and co%orkers. )earned t$e im'ortance o* res'onsi+ility t$ro!g$ many ,o+s( s!c$ as taking care o* yo!ng c$ildren. -ery 'assionate a+o!t t$e n!trition and care o* t$e +ody( as seen t$ro!g$ my acti#e li*estyle. Friendly( $ard %orker( coo'erati#e leader( %it$ a *ast a+ility to learn. .ccom'lis$ed %orker in a '!+lic relation and +!siness atmos'$ere( as seen t$ro!g$ %ork at /E012 /ark. )ooking *or %ork in a 'ro*essional( interacti#e( organi3ed en#ironment.

SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES 4 San Diego( 1. Foods and !trition 5a,or E&'ected to grad!ate in S'ring 2014 ORGANIZATIONS 4 San Diego( 1. 5em+er o* .cademy o* !trition and Dietetics. Entre'rene!rial 6ro!'7 De#elo'ed +!siness idea( created ele#ator 'itc$( %rote +!siness idea 'lan( and %orked on 'ro*essional 'resentations. 1l!+s7 1!linary and Food Science( S'orts 8nd!stry 1areer Society

SAN DIEGO PADRES/PETCO PARK 4 San Diego( 1. /resent S'ring 2012-

Event Operat !n" Set !' and organi3e e#ents at t$e 'ark7 com'any 'arties( concerts( meetings( etc. E#ent o'erations d!ring /adres9 $ome games7 ta+le:c$air dro'( .-:so!nd set!' and maintenance. /er*orm g!est ser#ices7 %$eelc$air r!ns( g!iding g!ests to seats( gi#ea%ays( cas$ $andling %: games and tickets. AMERICAN RED CROSS/#IC 4 San Diego 1. S'ring 201; N$tr t !n E%$&at !n Intern .ssisted( created( and ta!g$t cooking demonstrations in#ol#ing a mont$ly t$eme and reci'e. .ssisted( created( and ta!g$t %eekly %eig$t loss 'rogram classes. "sed .d!lt 1entered learning tec$ni<!es to e**ecti#ely comm!nicate %it$ 'artici'ants older t$an me. 5ade *ollo%-!' '$one as %ell as *!t!re a''ointment '$one calls to 'artici'ants o* =81. =orked on #ario!s indi#id!al 'ro,ects at >ead<!arters incl!ding $ando!ts( mont$ly ne%sletters( and researc$. DELTA PACKING 4 )odi( 1. 2011 '$a( t) Mana*e+ent an% Re&!r%er =orked %it$ c$erry gro%ers to ins'ect and 'rocess t$eir *r!it %it$ <!ality control 'ractices. 8n'!tted data into t$e com'!ter system *or cor'orate !se. 1omm!nicated %it$ c!stomers to direct t$em to t$e correct em'loyee or location. 200?-

Filed 'a'ers( *illed o!t mail( and ordered s!''lies to maintain t$e o**ice *lo%. 1leaned t$e o**ice t%ice a %eek to ens!re a clean %orking en#ironment.

5icroso*t 2**ice .do+e /$otos$o' Social 5edia

Re,eren&e" ava (a-(e an% ,$rn ".e% $p!n re/$e"t