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Shepherd of the Pines Lutheran Church

1950 125th Street NW Rice, MN 56367 Phone: 393-4295 Pastors Home/Study Phone: 320-363-1323 Email: sotpministries@jetup.net


Church Website: sotpministries.com

Greetings, What a great month for us Christians. We get to celebrate the payment esus ma!e for our eternal life an! forgi"eness through #is suffering an! !eath. We can rejoice in #is resurrection an! that #e is our $%&%'G G(). *o +hat !oes that mean for our !aily life, -his !e"otion from esus Calling ans+ers that .uestion. /ea! it as though esus is spea0ing !irectly to you: I am your refuge a ! "tre gth, a e#er-$re"e t %e&$ i trou'&e( )herefore, you !o *t ee! to 'e afrai! of a ythi g ot e#e catac&y"mic circum"ta ce"( )he me!ia are i crea"i g&y !e#ote! to fear-i !uci g "u'+ect matter, terrori"m, "eria& -i&&er", e #iro me ta& cata"tro$he"( If you focu" o "uch !a ger" a ! forget that I am your Refuge i a&& circum"ta ce", you .i&& 'ecome i crea"i g&y fearfu&( /#er !ay I ma ife"t My grace i cou t&e"" $&ace" a ! "ituatio ", 'ut the me!ia ta-e o otice( I "ho.er ot o &y '&e""i g" 'ut a&"o outright mirac&e" o your $&a et( 0" you gro. c&o"er to Me, I o$e your eye" to "ee more a ! more of My 1re"e ce a&& arou ! you( )hi g" that mo"t $eo$&e har!&y otice, &ife "hifti g "ha!e" of "u &ight, fi&& you .ith heart-'ur"ti g +oy( 2ou ha#e eye" that "ee a ! ear" that hear, "o $roc&aim My a'i!i g 1re"e ce i the .or&!( Go! bless you,

The March 18, 2014 BOLM meeting was cancelled due to weather. The March BOLM meeting will be held on Thursday, March 2 th, at !00"m.

We want to send our sincere thanks to all of you who supported us in any way for our trip to Acquire the Fire. Please ask the kids how it went. We hope to find some time to share our experience. God always has a plan and He is laying the ground work of faith in these children. These will e experiences that they can always draw from as they mature in their faith walk. As they say!.."#t takes a $illage to raise a child." We all appreciate the com ined contri utions our church family makes. We ha$e had some church mem er come in to share their stories with the youth. This has een wonderful for the kids. # feel they can enefit from hearing some faith %ourney experiences of other people that they see on a regular asis. We are in full swing for the &aster reakfast and efore you know it' the snow really will e gone and the school year will come to an end in a hurry. A sincere thank you and many wishes for a lessed &aster season( From )e ' *heri' and all the +outh

For our #oly $ee% &er'ices we are in need of 'olunteers to help make it a meaningful time. There is a sign,up sheet on the counter in the church lo y for the following Maundy Thursday &er'ice, we need ushers and readers. (ood )riday &er'ice, we need ushers and readers. *aster &unday &er'ices, we greeters' ushers' and readers. need

#f you would like to sign up for any of these needed positions please do so. Thank you for your help(

APRIL NOISY OFFERING On Sunday, April 20th, we will be taking up our Noisy Offering for the Pregnancy Resource Center !hank you for your generous contributions"

Greetings Everyone! As we move through the season of Lent, we also plan for the risen Savior! The Easter Breakfast will be provided on e

again this year and the sign up sheets are in the narthe!" #f God moves your heart to donate your time or a food item, please put your name on the sheet! Blessings on your month and elebrate Love!!!!
Long-term Care Seminar offered by Thrivent Join us for a free one-hour, "Preparing for Long-Term Care", seminar every Tuesday in April at 2 !" and # !" pm at the Little $alls Senior Center, %&" 'th St (), Little $alls* Thrivent $inan+ial representative Carlyle ,lsen L-TC$ $.C, /ill introdu+e you to long-term +are0/hat it is, /hat it1s not and ho/ you and your family +an prepare for it* (o reservations are ne+essary* (o produ+ts /ill be sold at this event*

#ntil $ %&pm' Anyone /ho is &' years old or older, /eighing at least &&" pounds and /ho is in general good health may donate blood so others may live* &2 year olds may donate /ith a signed 3ed Cross parental4guardian +onsent form* Call &-5""-6iveLife to set up your appointment* Than7 you for your support*


There will be an AARP sponsored driver sa e!" #lass on T$esda"% April &&% a! Trini!" '$!heran (h$r#h in Sa$) Rapids s!ar!in* a! +,--p./ This is !he new S.ar! Driver (o$rse spe#i i#all" desi*ned or !he older driver and has been o$nd !o be e e#!ive a! red$#in* driver error/ The p$rpose is !o help "o$ renew "o$r sa e drivin* #er!i i#a!e or ano!her !hree "ears/ A$!o ins$ran#e #o.panies will allow a +-0 red$#!ion in pre.i$.s or #o.ple!in* !he #o$rse/ The #o$rse ee is 1&- or #$rren! AARP .e.bers or 1&5 or non.e.bers/ This .a" be paid a! !he s!ar! o !he #lass/ Please #all Trini!" a! &5&2345- !o re*is!er/ Trini!" '$!heran is lo#a!ed a! &+43 Ma"hew 'a)e Rd/ 6E/ in Sa$) Rapids/ Re resh.en!s will be available or all a!!endees/

We ha#e 'ee $rayi g for our church fami&y each .ee- a" .e go through our church !irectory from 0 to 3( 0" you go a'out your !ai&y ta"-" &ift a $rayer for the fami&y of the .ee- a" the 4or! 'ri g" them to mi !( In April we will be praying for: April 6Tom & Jen Ollman Children: Celeste Cal & Cynthia Ste#e Olt$ Tony & 'inda Omann Amos & Heather Ostendor) Children: Jeralyn Ale* & E#an

April !" April %& April %( -

+A,- .O/, CA'E01A,2 -he Crusa!e Choir +ill be +ith us on *un!ay, 1pril 2th, !uring our 3:00am ser"ice. -hey +ill be encouraging us in our faith in esus Christ, as they present 4#elp %s (n -he Way4, a +orship musical of hope an! encouragement. 5lan to join us for this "ery special presentation an! bring a frien!6

THE RED CROSS BLOODMOBILE be at Shepherd of the Pines Chur+h on Monday, April 28th, from 1 !"pm


Greetings Everyone, $ell the snow is still here and more to ome as # type""""so unpredi table is the weather! #t reminds me that life is also the same way! #t seems about the time # got it figured out, a urve ball omes rolling in, and # don%t play baseball! This is the month we elebrate &ur 'isen Lord! $hat (e alone did for our gift of gra e" $hen the urve ball in life atta ks you, swing with the Lord and kno k it

outta the park! Through (is word, the gift of the Bible, we an study how to live in and for the Lord" (is great ompassion for ea h one of us, and (is unending forgiveness" There is another word that is hard to grant to those who have wronged us, forgiveness""""")ust remember s ripture is lear on this and what we need to do" Go to your Bible, 'ight *ow +edia, a Bible study group, find answers!!! # pray that as we enter (oly Season, you find in your heart to dedi ate time to learn more of the Bible, study, involve your hildren and ome to know the Lord better! Blessings my dear friends, and (appy 'isen Lord!! Brenda (a kett Small Group Team Leader

7ill out the form on the counter in the $obby, or return this information to the *er"ice -eam bo: for Aaria to collect <you may also email it to mariatraut@gmail.com> by 1pril B0th. -#1'C ?(D66

+,-* .+*. )OO/ &#*L)

."ril distribution is Thursday, ."ril 10th, 0!0012!00"m at the Old 3illage #all

#ello *(-5 7amily6 We are trying to gather information to create our "ery o+n *(-5 41ngie8s $ist4 style of !irectory a"ailable so that the family members +ill be able to support one another in their business en!ea"ors6 We belie"e it8s Go!8s heart that +e buil! one another up not only in +or! but ser"ice an! this is just another +ay to be in unity6 %f you !o not 0no+ +hat the term 41ngie8s $ist4 means, !on8t +orry, % !on8t either6 ha6 9ut, to the best of my ability %8ll attempt to e:plain; the *er"ice -eam is intereste! in creating a list that +ill be inclu!e! in the bac0 of the ne+ *(-5 5ictoral )irectory that shares the information of all members +ho o+n their o+n business, ha"e ser"ices for hire or offer pro!ucts for sale. #ere is the information +e are loo0ing for if you are interesting in this <7/==> a!"ertising opportunity6 ?our 'ame: %n!ustry: 9usiness information: 9usiness. 'ame: 9est Contact info: 5hone, Web, =mail, etc. (ne or t+o sentences a!"ertising an!@or e:plaining +hat you offer.

The Season of Lent is a time for us to face together the brokenness of our lives and our world, and then turn that brokenness over to Christ so that we can be restored by Him through the cross. Our Lenten and Holy Week schedule of events is as follows: Lenten Suppers 5:30 - 6:15 pm Free will offering Soup suppers immediately preceding Lenten services IF we have volunteers--Check Sunday bulletins Lenten Services - 6:30pm April 2nd and 9th Maundy Thursday Service with Holy Communion April 17th, 6:30pm Good Friday Service April 18th, 6:30pm Easter Sunday Services April 20th, 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:30am

The 4ational .cti'e and +etired )ederal *m"loyees .ssociation is holding a wal% to bene5it .l6heimer7s +esearch. The wal% is to be held rain or shine, on May 0 rd at the $hitney -enter $al%ing Trails. 8lease

consider s"onsoring a team to wal% or donating to the wal%. More in5ormation can be 5ound at nar5e.org9mn and clic% on lin% to &t. -loud .l6 $al%

34S is on the mo#e2222

5a g.ay to 5a&i&ee &9* +ill ta0e us on an! aroun! the *ea of Galilee +ith fi"e accounts of esusE ministry there. 9y grace through faith, esus, Go!Es o+n *on our *a"ior, calls us, teaches us, 0eeps us safe, sa"es us, an! pro"i!es all +e nee! no+ an! fore"er. -hatEs amaFing grace6 ,E56STE, CH6'1,E0: /egistration is open for ages Byrs. ol! to Gth gra!e +ho +ill atten! &9* from une 3th H12th. )onEt miss the boat6 *et sail +ith us to sing fun songs, !o craFy crafts, eat yummy snac0s, play a+esome games, an! more. 5lus, youEll learn all about esus our *a"ior an! #is amaFing grace6 CanEt +ait to see you there6 -o register, the sheets are on the counter in the 'arthe:. ,e7istration )or Gangway to Galilee 3a8ation 4i9le S8hool :ill 9e7in April %(th; 7ill out the registration form an! put it in the bo: on the counter. 3O'/0TEE,S: Conne8t Children :ith 5ods Eternal 5ood 0e:s at 34S: ="ery chil! nee!s to hear the Goo! 'e+s that esus their *a"ior calls us, teaches us, 0eeps us safe, sa"es us, an! pro"i!es all +e nee! by #is amaFing grace through faith. 1t 5a g.ay to 5a&i&ee &9*, you +ill connect chil!ren +ith the most important message of their lifetime: the miraculous story of +hat esus !i! for us +hat +e coul! ne"er !o for oursel"es. %f you can help full or part time, +e ha"e many +ays to be in"ol"e! to suit your sche!ule an! interests. Chec0 out the sheets 1pril 2Ith on the counter in the 'arthe:. oin us for an 1maFing Grace 1!"enture6 CO05,E5AT6O0 S/PPO,T: <e appre8iate your prayers for 5a g.ay to 5a&i&ee, our &acation 9ible *chool being hel! on une 3th J 12th . 1s0 Go! to bring chil!ren to our program so they can 0no+ an! gro+ in esus, our *a"ior6 1s0 Go! to pro"i!e lea!ers an! helpers for this important mission. We also as0 that if Go! mo"es your heart to !onate a foo! item nee!e! for snac0 that you +oul! please chec0 the list an! a!! your name6 -han0 you for supporting our chil!ren of the community6 9ren!a #ac0ett *mall Group -eam $ea!er Colleen, 5eg, /o:anne, ennifer, Cameron, ean

&9* team of sheets for our $uilts. We have in'luded a list of all the agen'ies that have re'eived our ite!s. They are all very grateful for all the ti!e and talents of everyone that has ta"en part in this !ission.

KD%$-%'G '=W*6
We have started our New Year of Quilting. This past year (2013) we were a le to !a"e and give 1#20 $uilts% 11&# pillow'ases and several potholders free of 'harge to low in'o!e fa!ilies. (Yes% there is a need for potholders((). We have to than" everyone that has donated !oney% fa ri'% their ti!e sewing tops% pillow'ases% and potholders. We have a''o!plished so !u'h with everyone using their wonderful talents. We would really appre'iate !ore people parti'ipating in the pinning and tying of the $uilts. (We have a lot of fun and laughs() No need to "now how to sew(( ) spe'ial than" you to Thrivent *inan'ial% +hepherd of the ,ines -utheran .hur'h% and /ordie0s Trail +ide .af1 for supporting our pur'hase

P3,J)CT ())8S
1. Cut Aaterial 2. *e+ -ops B. -ie L 5in Kuilts

1. 7abric J ?ar!age an! 5ieces 2. ?arn B. -hrea! J 5artial *pool o0 4. 9lan0ets G. Comforters 2. 9e!sprea!s I. )rapes 3. -o+els M. 5olyester 9atting 10. *heets an! 5illo+cases 11. Aattress 5a!s
=uilts Pillo:8ases & Pot Holders Are 1onated To: ourney #ome 1nna Aaries *t. Clou! Chil!renEs #ome Kuiet (a0s )ream Center *ister $aurice Catholic Charities *hepher! of Grace 7oley 7oo! *helf <C/(**> 5lace of #ope 9ags of $o"e A=**1G= *haron8s 5lace Aenagha 7ire )ept.

&1 #ospital $utheran Worl! /elief #ar!ing 5lace *t. Clou! Group #ome

5ersonal Ainistry L 9enefits #is Gi"ers /i"er Crest /eco"ery 5lus <Clara8s #ouse>

April 6

"#00am 10#30am "#00am 10#30am

Heather (%ten!&r) An!re* +r&%t Janet ,ale%ka Tammi -ane

April 13

Conta8t: Ardelle "%&-6>6->?>? O, Cherie "%&-"@"-A!6A

5lease put your contributions into the .uilting room at the church. We appreciate any L all !onations gi"en6

April 20 April 2'

EASTER S./N U$ "#00am 10#30am Alice Elle)%&n 0ara +ree%e


$roy & ,e/ )opp Brian & 0isa 1ie+ler #AS$#R S%&' () Br2ce & San+ie Resch APRIL COUNTERS Ernie Oltz, Milt Popp, Jerry Nelson

April 13 April "0 April "*

Worship Shepherds
April 6 Brent Betker Keith Hackett EASTER SUNDAY Ja Sal!ana Brent Betker Keith $eter%&n Bra! Ja%mer April 13 April 20 6am "am 10#30 April 2'

% it is yo2r t2rn to serve ello!ship3 please /rin4 some treats to share an+ arrive early to help set 2p5 % yo2r name is irst on the list3 please arrive 30 min2tes prior to the 8:00am service to make co ee5 $he +irections or makin4 co ee are poste+ on the /2lletin /oar+ in the kitchen5 6hen yo2 serve ello!ship3 please plan on servin4 co ee an+ treats an+ cleanin4 2p the kitchen a ter the irst service5 $he others servin4 !ith yo2 !o2l+ appreciate it7

April April 6 April 13 April "0 April "* 8:00am 10:30am 8:00am 10:30am Bryon & Michelle Motscke Steve & Roxann Ree Brent & Jenni er Betker Beth & Sha!n Richter


D2 Arnt%&n3 B2 4ap5alka3 02 E)raim%&n3 B2 Hin!er%3 R2 Hemple J2 Rame 3 J2 0la%en3 S2 $re%%nall3 /2 $l6m%ki3 S2 ,&nnier EASTER SUNDAY BREAK+AST

April 13 1 April 20 1

#AS$#R S%&' () 8:00am 10:30am Ran+y & ,onna -laphake John & &loria .en+rickson April 2' 1 02 Din7mann3 ,2 0ampi&n3 B2 $ara!ei%3 -2 /rain7er3 Bl&mmer8/ertken Romans 8:1811 John 11:1816 9echariah :::810 Matthe! "1:18:

April 6 8 April 13 8

April "0 8 April "* 8

Jeremiah 31:186 Matthe! "8:1810 Acts ;:":8<" John "0:1:831

Nancy Anderson, Joan Ramey, Pam Fuchs, Sandie Resch

April 6 "#00am 10#30am "#00am 10#30am T&n (mann ,atthe* Ne6t5 Bill $ara!ei% K le Hemple

April 13

April 20 April 2'

EASTER SUNDAY1N&ne Nee!e! "#00am 10#30am Denni% Arnt%&n N&ah Elle)%&n

0O0P,OB6T O,5; /;S; POSTA5E PA61 ,6CE +0 PE,+6T 0O; "%

/=-D/' *=/&%C=* /=KD=*-=)

Jesus Loves...

4o9 TrinClein Pastor Chur8h Phone: BMBH42MG Pastors Home Study: B20HB2BH1B2B Email: sotpministries@jetup.net Chur8h <e9site: "ot$mi i"trie"(com SOTP 4OA,1 OB 'A. +606ST,./E'1E,S 9rent 9et0er, &iceH5resi!ent G34H31I0, )eb =r!mann, *ec. BMBH42IM, Ceith #ac0ett BMBH4GB1, 9ra! asmer, 5resi!ent G34HGI3G, Wayne ohnson 2GBHM020, uli 5opp, -reas. BMBHBBGB, ay *al!ana BMBH2IM2, Ceith 5eterson 2M2H400I /on 9ulthuis, Church 5roperties 2GBH422B EDEC/T63E +606ST,. TEA+ 9ren!a #ac0ett H *mall Group -eam $ea!er, Aichelle Aotsch0e H Worship -eam $ea!er, Aaria -raut H *er"ice -eam $ea!er
I ca"e of church ca ce&&atio !ue to 'a! .eather &i"te to, 96 789N)R2 96(1, :74; 104(7, W<8N 1240, or ca&& the church office a ! &i"te to the me""age(

Shepherd o) the Pines +ission Statement: Conne8tin7 People to 5odETo OthersEand To Ser#i8e -he purpose of this congregation is man!ate! for us by our $or! an! *a"ior, esus Christ, as foun! in the +or!s of the Great Commission <Aatthe+ 23>, namely first of all to Go. -o lea"e our +alls of refuge, going into all the +orl!, comprising of our families an! neighbors. We plan to achie"e our purpose by i!entifying persons +ith +hom +e are particularly +ellHe.uippe! to ser"e an! reach +ith the challenge of becoming )isciples of Christ. *econ!, to Aa0e )isciples or in the +or!s of *t 5aul, N-o e.uip the saintsO <=phesians 4:12>. -his is to be un!erstoo! as helping people to li"e the Christian life here on earth. 5reparing an! encouraging young an! ol! ali0e to fin! an! to use their Go! gi"en gifts an! abilities for the e:tension of #is Cing!om, an! to gro+ in fer"ent lo"e for Go! an! for others. -hir!ly, to 9aptiFe as comman!e! by esus #imself. 1s Go! reaches !o+n to man0in! +ith #is means of grace, #e +oul! ha"e us baptiFe #is people, bringing them into #is family an! Cing!om, granting to them life, forgi"eness of sins, an! eternal sal"ation. 1n! lastly, to continue stea!fast in #is Wor!, -eaching them to obser"e all things +hatsoe"er % ha"e comman!e! you. 1 continue! Feal for the stu!y of #is Wor!, the 9ible, is necessary for the gro+th of any Christian congregation. -hus, the Wor! of Go! +ill be taught an! stu!ie! in full measure an! #is Wor! shall be the rule an! norm of this congregationEs faith an! life. -o that en!, our e"ery effort an! energy +ill be use! in moti"ating, training, an! putting to use our time, an! talents an! treasures to Aa0e )isciples.