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Software Requirement Specification For Hotel Management System

Prepared by Fenil Desani

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

Table of Contents
1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations. 1.4 Overvie ! T"e #$erall %escription 2.1 Product Perspective 2.1.2 Software Interfaces 2.2 Product Functions 2.3 !ser "#aracteristics 2.4 Apportionin% of &e'uirements 2.$ Assumptions and Dependencies Specific Requirements 3.1 ()ternal *nterfaces 3.1.1 User Interfaces 3.1.2 Software Interfaces 3.1.3 Har ware Interfaces 3.1.4 !ommunication Interfaces 3.2 Functional &e'uirements 3.3 -onfunctional &e'uirements 3.3.1 #erformance Requirements 3.3.2 %ogical &ata'ase Requirements 3.3.3 &esign !onstraints 3.3.4 Stan ar s !ompliance 3.3.) Relia'ility 3.3.6 *+aila'ility 3.3." Security 3.3., Maintaina'ility 3.3.$ #orta'ility 3 3 4 4 & 4 4 4 $ $ $ ' + 6 6 6 " , . $ $ 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1( 1(

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications


-.e following su'sections of t.e Software Requirements Specifications /SRS0 ocument pro+i e an o+er+iew of t.e entire SRS.

1(1 Purpose
-.e Software Requirements Specification /SRS0 will pro+i e a etaile escription of t.e requirements for t.e Hotel Management System /HMS0. -.is SRS will allow for a complete un erstan ing of w.at is to 'e e1pecte of t.e HMS to 'e constructe . -.e clear un erstan ing of t.e HMS an its2 functionality will allow for t.e correct software to 'e e+elope for t.e en user an will 'e use for t.e e+elopment of t.e future stages of t.e pro3ect. -.is SRS will pro+i e t.e foun ation for t.e pro3ect. 4rom t.is SRS5 t.e HMS can 'e esigne 5 constructe 5 an finally teste . -.is SRS will 'e use 'y t.e software engineers constructing t.e HMS an t.e .otel en users. -.e software engineers will use t.e SRS to fully un erstan t.e e1pectations of t.is HMS to construct t.e appropriate software. -.e .otel en users will 'e a'le to use t.is SRS as a 6test7 to see if t.e software engineers will 'e constructing t.e system to t.eir e1pectations. If it is not to t.eir e1pectations t.e en users can specify .ow it is not to t.eir li8ing an t.e software engineers will c.ange t.e SRS to fit t.e en users2 nee s.

1(! Scope
-.e software pro uct to 'e pro uce is a Hotel Management System w.ic. will automate t.e ma3or .otel operations. -.e first su'system is a Reser+ation an 9oo8ing System to 8eep trac8 of reser+ations an room a+aila'ility. -.e secon su'system is t.e -rac8ing an Selling 4oo System t.at c.arges t.e current room. -.e t.ir su'system is a :eneral Management Ser+ices an *utomate -as8s System w.ic. generates reports to au it all .otel operations an allows mo ification of su'system information. -.ese t.ree su'system2s functionality will 'e escri'e in etail in section 2;<+erall &escription. -.ere are two en users for t.e HMS. -.e en users are t.e .otel staff /customer ser+ice representati+e0 an .otel managers. 9ot. user types can access t.e Reser+ation an 9oo8ing System an t.e 4oo -rac8ing an Selling System. -.e :eneral Management System will 'e restricte to management users. -.e Hotel Management System2s o'3ecti+es is to pro+i e a system to manage a .otel t.at .as increase in si=e to a total of 1(( rooms. >it.out automation t.e management of t.e .otel .as 'ecome an unwiel y tas8. -.e en users2 ay;to; ay 3o's of managing a .otel will 'e simplifie 'y a consi era'le amount t.roug. t.e automate system. -.e system will 'e a'le to .an le many ser+ices to ta8e care of all customers in a quic8 manner. -.e system s.oul 'e user appropriate5 easy to use5 pro+i e easy reco+ery of errors an .a+e an o+erall en user .ig. su'3ecti+e satisfaction.

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications


%efinitions) *cronyms) and *bbre$iations(

SRS ? Software Requirements Specification HMS ? Hotel Management System Su'3ecti+e satisfaction ? -.e o+erall satisfaction of t.e system @n users ? -.e people w.o will 'e actually using t.e system

1(& #$er$iew
-.e SRS is organi=e into two main sections. -.e first is -.e <+erall &escription an t.e secon is t.e Specific Requirements. -.e <+erall &escription will escri'e t.e requirements of t.e HMS from a general .ig. le+el perspecti+e. -.e Specific Requirements section will escri'e in etail t.e requirements of t.e system.

T"e #$erall %escription

&escri'es t.e general factors t.at affect t.e pro uct an its requirements. -.is section oes not state specific requirements. Instea it pro+i es a 'ac8groun for t.ose requirements5 w.ic. are efine in section 35 an ma8es t.em easier to un erstan .

!(1 Product Perspecti$e

-.e HMS is an in epen ent stan ?alone system. It is totally self containe . !(1(1 Hardware Interfaces -.e HMS will 'e place on #!2s t.roug.out t.e .otel. !(1(! Software Interfaces *ll ata'ases for t.e HMS will 'e configure using MySA%. -.ese ata'ases inclu e .otel rooms an customers information. -.ese can 'e mo ifie 'y t.e en users. -.e room ata'ase will inclu e t.e room num'ers an if t.ey are +acant or occupie . -.e customers information ata'ase will contain all t.e information of t.e customer suc. as first name5 last name5 num'er of occupants5 assigne room5 efault room rate/may 'e c.ange 05 p.one num'er5 w.et.er or not t.e room is guarantee 5 cre it car num'er5 confirmation num'er5 automatic cancellation ate5 e1pecte c.ec8 in ate an time5 actual c.ec8 in ate an time5 e1pecte c.ec8 out ate an time5 amount owe 'y customer5 an a''re+iate customer fee 'ac8.

!(! Product Functions

Reser+ation an 9oo8ing System *llows for typing in customer information Has a efault room rate t.at is a 3usta'le Inclu es a escription fiel for t.e c.ange rate >.en a customer c.ec8s in5 t.e room num'er will 'e c.ange to occupie in t.e ata'ase

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

*'ility to mo ify a reser+ation >.en no rooms are a+aila'le an a customer woul li8e to e1ten t.eir reser+ation t.eir information will 'e place in a ata'ase an w.en t.ere are rooms a+aila'le t.e first customer on t.e list will .a+e t.e room >.en a customer c.ec8s out t.e amount owe is isplaye If t.e internal cloc8 states t.at is a customer2s time to .a+e c.ec8e out an customer .as not c.ec8e out5 a s an e1tra nig.t to amount owe an pro+i es a report Recor s t.at room is +acant Recor s payment *llows for space to write customer2s fee 'ac8 -rac8ing an Selling 4oo System -rac8s all meals purc.ase !.arges t.e current room as necessary :eneral Management Ser+ices an *utomate -as8s System Reports generate to au it .otel occupancy5 future occupancy5 room re+enue5 an foo re+enue @1ception reports listing e1ceptions to t.e normal cost *llows a ition5 eletion an mo ification of information on rooms an rates5 menu items an prices5 user profiles !reation of users an assigning passwor s


+ser C"aracteristics

@ ucational le+el of HMS computer software ? %ow @1perience of HMS software ? Bone -ec.nical @1pertise ? %ittle

!(& *pportioning of Requirements

-.e au io an +isual alerts will 'e eferre 'ecause of low importance at t.is time.

!(, *ssumptions and %ependencies

; -.e system is not require to sa+e generate reports. ; !re it car payments are not inclu e

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

Specific Requirements
-.is section contains all t.e software requirements at a le+el of etail5 t.at w.en com'ine wit. t.e system conte1t iagram5 use cases5 an use case escriptions5 is sufficient to ena'le esigners to esign a system to satisfy t.ose requirements5 an testers to test t.at t.e system satisfies t.ose requirements.

(1 -.ternal Interfaces
-.e Hotel Management System will use t.e stan ar inputCoutput e+ices for a personal computer. -.is inclu es t.e followingD Eey'oar Mouse Monitor #rinter (1(1 +ser Interfaces -.e User Interface Screens are escri'e in ta'le 1.
Table 1/ Hotel Management +ser Interface Screens

Screen 0ame %ogin Reser+ation !.ec8;in !.ec8out Hotel #ayment Room Ser+iceCRestaurant !ustomer Recor * minister Rooms * minister User * minister Meals Reports (1(! Software Interfaces

%escription %og into t.e system as a !SR or Manager Retrie+e 'utton5 up ateCsa+e reser+ation5 cancel reser+ation5 mo ify reser+ation5 c.ange reser+ation5 a 3ust room rate5 accept payment typeCcre it car Mo ify room stay /e.g.5 new cre it car 05 c.ec8;in customer /wit. or wit.out a reser+ation05 a 3ust room rate5 special requests5 accept payment typeCcre it car !.ec8out customer5 generate 'ill *ccept payment for room an foo !reate or er5 mo ify or er5 +iew or er5 cancel or er5 generate meal 'ill * or up ate customer recor s *+aila'ility an rates !reate5 mo ify5 an elete usersF c.ange passwor !reate5 mo ify5 an elete meal items an prices Select5 +iew5 sa+e5 an elete reports

-.e system s.all interface wit. an <racle or *ccess ata'ase.


Hardware Interfaces

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

-.e system s.all run on a Microsoft >in ows 'ase system. (1(& Communication Interfaces -.e system s.all 'e a stan alone pro uct t.at oes not require any communication interfaces.

(! Functional Requirements
4unctional requirements efine t.e fun amental actions t.at system must perform. -.e functional requirements for t.e system are i+i e into t.ree main categories5 Reser+ationC9oo8ing5 4oo 5 an Management. 4or furt.er etails5 refer to t.e use cases. 1. &eservation/0oo1in% 1.1. -.e system s.all recor reser+ations. 1.2. -.e system s.all recor t.e customer2s first name. 1.3. -.e system s.all recor t.e customer2s last name. 1.4. -.e system s.all recor t.e num'er of occupants. 1.). -.e system s.all recor t.e room num'er. 1.6. -.e system s.all isplay t.e efault room rate. 1.6.1. -.e system s.all allow t.e efault room rate to 'e c.ange . 1.6.2. -.e system s.all require a comment to 'e entere 5 escri'ing t.e reason for c.anging t.e efault room rate. 1.". -.e system s.all recor t.e customer2s p.one num'er. 1.,. -.e system s.all isplay w.et.er or not t.e room is guarantee . 1.$. -.e system s.all generate a unique confirmation num'er for eac. reser+ation. 1.1(. -.e system s.all automatically cancel non;guarantee reser+ations if t.e customer .as not pro+i e t.eir cre it car num'er 'y 6D(( pm on t.e c.ec8;in ate. 1.11. -.e system s.all recor t.e e1pecte c.ec8;in ate an time. 1.12. -.e system s.all recor t.e e1pecte c.ec8out ate an time. 1.13. -.e system s.all c.ec8;in customers. 1.14. -.e system s.all allow reser+ations to 'e mo ifie wit.out .a+ing to reenter all t.e customer inforamtion. 1.1). -.e system s.all c.ec8out customers. 1.1).1. -.e system s.all isplay t.e amount owe 'y t.e customer. 1.1).2. -o retrie+e customer information t.e last name or room num'er s.all 'e use 1.1).3. -.e system s.all recor t.at t.e room is empty. 1.1).4. -.e system s.all recor t.e payment. 1.1).). -.e system s.all recor t.e payment type. 1.16. -.e system s.all c.arge t.e customer for an e1tra nig.t if t.ey c.ec8out after 11D(( a.m.

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

1.1". -.e system s.all mar8 guarantee rooms as 6must pay7 after 6D(( pm on t.e c.ec8;in ate. 1.1,. -.e system s.all recor customer fee 'ac8. 2. Food 2.1. -.e system s.all trac8 all meals purc.ase in t.e .otel /restaurant an room ser+ice0. 2.2. -.e system s.all recor payment an payment type for meals. 2.3. -.e system s.all 'ill t.e current room if payment is not ma e at time of ser+ice. 2.4. -.e system s.all accept reser+ations for t.e restaurant an room ser+ice. 3. 2ana%ement 3.1. -.e system s.all isplay t.e .otel occupancy for a specifie perio of time / aysF inclu ing past5 present5 an future ates0. 3.2. -.e system s.all isplay pro3ecte occupancy for a perio of time / ays0. 3.3. -.e system s.all isplay room re+enue for a specifie perio of time / ays0. 3.4. -.e system s.all isplay foo re+enue for a specifie perio of time / ays0. 3.). -.e system s.all isplay an e1ception report5 s.owing w.ere efault room an foo prices .a+e 'een o+erri en. 3.6. -.e system s.all allow for t.e a ition of information5 regar ing rooms5 rates5 menu items5 prices5 an user profiles. 3.". -.e system s.all allow for t.e eletion of information5 regar ing rooms5 rates5 menu items5 prices5 an user profiles. 3.,. -.e system s.all allow for t.e mo ification of information5 regar ing rooms5 rates5 menu items5 prices5 an user profiles. 3.$. -.e system s.all allow managers to assign user passwor s.

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

0onfunctional Requirements

4unctional requirements efine t.e nee s in terms of performance5 logical ata'ase requirements5 esign constraints5 stan ar s compliance5 relia'ility5 a+aila'ility5 security5 maintaina'ility5 an porta'ility. ( (1 Performance Requirements #erformance requirements efine accepta'le response times for system functionality. -.e loa time for user interface screens s.all ta8e no longer t.an two secon s. -.e log in information s.all 'e +erifie wit.in fi+e secon s. Aueries s.all return results wit.in fi+e secon s. ( (! 1ogical %atabase Requirements -.e logical ata'ase requirements inclu e t.e retention of t.e following ata elements. -.is list is not a complete list an is esigne as a starting point for e+elopment. 2oo3ing4Reser$ation System !ustomer first name !ustomer last name !ustomer a ress !ustomer p.one num'er Bum'er of occupants *ssigne room &efault room rate Rate escription :uarantee room /yesCno0 !re it car num'er !onfirmation num'er *utomatic cancellation ate @1pecte c.ec8;in ate @1pecte c.ec8;in time *ctual c.ec8;in ate *ctual c.ec8;in time @1pecte c.ec8;out ate @1pecte c.ec8;out time *ctual c.ec8;out ate *ctual c.ec8;out time !ustomer fee 'ac8 #ayment recei+e /yesCno0 #ayment type -otal 9ill

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications

Food Ser$ices Meal Meal type Meal item Meal or er Meal payment /9ill to roomC!re itC!.ec8C!as.0

( (

%esign Constraints

-.e Hotel Management System s.all 'e a stan ;alone system running in a >in ows en+ironment. -.e system s.all 'e e+elope using Ga+a an an *ccess or <racle ata'ase. ( (& Standards Compliance -.ere s.all 'e consistency in +aria'le names wit.in t.e system. -.e grap.ical user interface s.all .a+e a consistent loo8 an feel. ( (, Reliability Specify t.e factors require to esta'lis. t.e require relia'ility of t.e software system at time of eli+ery. ( (' *$ailability -.e system s.all 'e a+aila'le uring normal .otel operating .ours. ( (5 Security !ustomer Ser+ice Representati+es an Managers will 'e a'le to log in to t.e Hotel Management System. !ustomer Ser+ice Representati+es will .a+e access to t.e Reser+ationC9oo8ing an 4oo su'systems. Managers will .a+e access to t.e Management su'system as well as t.e Reser+ationC9oo8ing an 4oo su'systems. *ccess to t.e +arious su'systems will 'e protecte 'y a user log in screen t.at requires a user name an passwor . ( (6 Maintainability -.e Hotel Management System is 'eing e+elope in Ga+a. Ga+a is an o'3ect oriente programming language an s.all 'e easy to maintain. ( (7 Portability -.e Hotel Management System s.all run in any Microsoft >in ows en+ironment t.at contains Ga+a Runtime an t.e Microsoft *ccess ata'ase.

Hotel Management System Software Requirements Specifications