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Date Theme Topic Unit Time Class

: 4th April 2013 : World of Knowledge : My best friends : Unit 4 Story Time : 10.10am-11.10am (1 hour) : 4 Frangipani

No. of students: 44 Level of proficiency : Low-Intermediate Focused Skill Integrated Skill Language Content : Vocabulary friendly, funny, kind, neat, nice, hardworking Grammar Adjectives Educational emphasis: Multiple Intelligence : Interpersonal skills, Visual-spatial, musical Moral values : Appreciate and always respect your friends. : Listening and Speaking : Writing

Teaching Aids : MS word (Its a small world after all song), Song (youtube video), Ppt slides on the definition of difficult words in the song, pictures of a boy and a girl, colour papers Anticipated problems : Some pupils may not participate actively in some activities due to poor proficiency level. Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes 1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct intonation and word stress in phrases, expressions, and sentences. 2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made. Specifications 1.2.3 Listen to and repeat simple rhymes and songs paying attention to pronunciation, stress and intonation correctly.

2.3.3 Talk about personal experiences.

Learning objectives: By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. sing the song with correct pronunciation 2. write at least 3 adjectives to describe their best friend 3. draw a card for their best friend

Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes)

Content Example of questions: Who has a best friend? Where your friend lives? How do you know him/her?

Presentation (15 minutes)

Song lyrics: It's a world of laughter, a world of tears Its a world of hopes, its a world of fear Theres so much that we share That its time we're aware Its a small world after all Its a small world after all Its a small world after all Its a small world after all Its a small, small

Teaching-Learning Activity 1. Teacher starts the lesson by writing My Best Friend on the board. 2. Teacher asks pupils questions about their best friend. 3. Teacher elicits answers in complete sentences. 1. Teacher projects the lyrics of the song. Its a small world after all. 2. Teacher explains the meaning and pronunciation of all the difficult word found in the song. 3. Teacher sings the song once. 4. Teacher and pupils sing the song together. 5. Teacher and pupils sing the song with actions. 6. Teacher asks for a few volunteers to stand in front of the

Rationale / Remarks 1. To arouse pupils interest in the lesson. 2. To introduce the topic of the day.

1. To introduce the topic to the pupils in a fun way. 2. To teach pupils new vocabulary through songs. 3. To polish pupils pronunciation. Appendix 1 : -Ms word(lyrics) -Youtube video(song)


Practice (15 minutes)

Difficult words: -Laughter -fear -oceans -mountains -wide -hope Example of adjectives: -brave -clever -friendly -funny -kind -neat -nice -hardworking

class and sing the song with actions with their fiends.

1. Teacher draws a picture of a person on the white board. 2. Teacher asks pupils to come up with a word to describe their best friends. 3. Teacher asks a few pupils to come and write the word on the board. 4. Teacher pastes a picture of a girl and a picture of a boy. 5. Teacher asks pupils to classify the adjectives given according to the gender. 6. Teacher asks pupils to copy down the adjectives in their exercise books. 2. Teacher distributes a blank colour paper to the pupils. 3. Teacher asks pupils to come up with a card for their best friend. 4. Teacher calls out afew pupils to present their cards

1. To teach pupils on adjectives overtly. 2. To create opportunity for pupils to generate ideas. 3. To leverage thinking skill 4. To expand vocabularies. Appendix 2: A picture of a girl and a boy

Production (20 minutes)

1. Drawing a card for best friend.

1. To leverage creativity. 2. To stretch pupils thinking capacity to produce work based on the stimulus.

5. Closue (5 minutes) Main aspects -What have you learnt today? (to describe my best friend by using adjectives, write a card to my friend) Moral values -Appreciate and respect your friends 1.



in front of the class. Teacher gives feedback. Teacher recaps the lesson with the pupils. Teacher explains the moral values to the pupils. Teacher sings the song with the pupils.

Appendix 3: Colour papers Colour pencils 1. To reinforce and recap pupils memory of the lesson conducted.