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Greenfields Primary School Easter Edition


Go Explore!
Greenfields Children make the most of the outdoors
GO explore week was an outdoor adventure day for each class in Key Stage Two. Maple class (year six) did activities such as: shelter creating and whittling which is crafting wood . They also worked on team activities finding matching symbols hidden in the woods. People who have done Go Explore said, My favourite thing was building shelters, and getting really Muddy! Scarlett F , Chestnut class. My favourite thing to do is building the dens, our class had really fun free time, I got my foot stuck in a deep hole and Mr. Kenyon had to pull me out! - Adam B ,Ash class. The best thing for me was making faces out of materials we found in the forest friends area. Alexia, Poplar Class I loved putting on the blindfolds with my partner and trying to guess what the object in-front of me was. Harley, Poplar Class Key Stage One regularly go outside into the Forest Friends area and Reception have their version known as Wellie Wednesday each week. Fires and Shelters Key Stage Two will be having regular half termly lessons outside. Next time, some classes will be learning how to Connor and Kieran learning safely light fires and build weatheroutdoors proof shelters.
Page 2 Meet the Newspaper Team.

Page 3 We hunt down Mr Hunt Page 4 - Manor Adventure

Page 5 - Wellie Wednesdays

Page 6 & 7 - Sports Pages

Lauren gets ready to learn outside.

Page 8 Interview with Miss Hughes

Tree falls on Playground

Parents and children had a big shock this term when high winds caused a tree from a neighbours property to fall onto the Key Stage One playground. Fortunately, the event happened after school during Parents Evening so there were no injuries. Mr Morris has had the trees on the school grounds re-checked for safety.

Page 9 World Book Day!

Page 10 Year 5 and 6

Page 11 - French Day

Page 12 Fun and Games

Come inside..

Have a great Easter holiday everyone

The Voice Easter 14 page 2

Lillie Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: chocolate Lesson: P.E Colour: light blue Weird fact: She can make weird shapes with her tongue. In charge of: The front cover and Wellie Wednesday

Pav Sport: Fishing Ice cream flavour: Cookie dough Lesson: Maths Colour: Lime green Weird fact: He used to do ballet In charge of: The team page.

Bethan Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: bubble gum Lesson: P.E Colour purple Weird fact: She likes being a goat. In charge of: girls sport

Beth Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: Mint choc chip Lesson: ICT and art Colour: Light blue Weird fact: She loves bows In charge of: Year 1 and 2 and interview with Mr Hunt

Gaby Sport: Tennis Ice cream flavour: Mint choc chip Colour: Blue Lesson: Art Weird fact: She is scared of the dark In charge of: Fun page

Zak Sport: Swimming Ice cream flavour: Raspberry ripple Lesson: Art Colour: Yellow Weird fact: He is afraid of pork pies In charge of: Year 3 and 4

Georgia Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: Chocolate Colour: Blue Lesson: P.E Weird fact: She sometimes says pootfrints instead of foot prints In charge of: Interview with Mr Hunt and years 1 and 2 Alfie Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: mint choc chip Colour: Purple Lesson: P.E Weird fact: He collects bottle tops In charge of: Boys sport

Katie Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: Chocolate Lesson: P. E Weird fact: She is obsessed with pigs In charge of: Front cover and Wellie Wednesday

Lucas Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: Rocky road Lesson: P. E Weird fact: He can make a weird frog sound In charge of: liaison

Daisy Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: Toffee Colour: Blue Lesson: P.E Weird fact: she can dislocate her arm In charge of: Early years

Reuben Sport: Football Ice cream flavour: Chocolate Lesson: P. E Weird fact: He can bend his thumb back all the way In charge of: Years 5 and 6

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Bookfest Book Awards

Bookfest Book Awards 2014

Perfect Poems Some of the children who took part in Book-fest decided to enter their poems into the competition. They based the poems on one of the following shortlist: The Last Wild, Geek i.n.c , The Skull in the Wood, Secrets lies and Locker 62, Bomber Dog and Barry Loser. The competitions winner will be revealed at the Bookfest Awards ceremony.
(see page 10 for one of the poetry entries)

The Ceremony The Bookfest ceremony will take place at St Chads on Thursday 1st May. All the authors who wrote the shortlist books will be there. The winner of the shortlist selection will be revealed in the hall. Also the top thirty of the art and poetry competition are going to be announced. The top 3 of each will win a special prize. Look out in our next newspaper to see if we had any winners.

Amazing art The pupils in the art competition are sketching and painting a scene from their chosen shortlist book. NADFAS ( The national association of decorative and fine arts.) are working alongside Bookfest to create the competition. They will be sent off to the manager to be judged.

During our interview Mr Hunt told us that his whole class had been great and welcoming, but couldnt chose any specific favourites from his class because they are all good. He also mentioned that he particularly enjoys teaching maths, he has been teaching for ten and a half years after he had taught as a lifeguard and worked in previous shops. He said he had previously taught in a Newport primary school, he also said that we were his favourite! His opinion on our school was that everyone was really happy, friendly and over all really nice. He told us he took this job because there was a job going when he needed one and it seemed like a really nice school and he still agrees with it.

Beth and Georgia with Mr Hunt

The Voice Easter 2014 page 4

Year 6 Residential

Year Six Residential to Manor

By Reuben H Manor Adventure is a school residential which most of the year sixes go to every year. Everybody enjoyed going to Manor, they did all sorts of activities such as: Kayaking, Rifle Shooting, Canoeing, Abseiling, Climbing, Archery, Underground Maze, Survival, Obstacle course and Manor Olympics. In kayaking and Canoeing we played fun games like: The Simpsons. First they had to act like Maggie by making baby noises and then they acted like the rest of the family from the youngest to the oldest. Aliens versus Cowboys was another game. In Rifle shooting, the children learnt how to load a Rifle and how to break a Rifle correctly and then shoot. They shot at targets and at the end, had a little competition Abseil In abseiling everyone was attached to two ropes and slowly abseiled down the wall. A very muddy Lillie enjoying the obstacle course. To abseil down the wall, they had one rope attached to our harness which was called Archery the safety rope, with the other rope we In Archery the Year sixes learned how to had to let it slip through our hands so we hold the bow and shoot the arrow. They could lower themselves down the abseil each had a go at TRYING to hit the target. (Which is harder than it looks!) Afterwards they had a little competition of who could get the highest score. wall to the floor. Another one of the activities was climbing, where we were (like the abseiling) attached to a rope. We climbed up to where they set their target, and then abseiled down to the bottom.

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The Underground Maze was very fun (but wet!) The groups went into a little maze, walked round a route and followed the instructor to a cave where the finish was. Then she left everyone there to allow them to find their way back on their own (Exciting!). Most of the teams got back to the exit safely and walked back to their log cabins in the Woodland Village.

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Wellie Wednesdays!

Wellie Wednesday is when Reception and Nursery classes go outside and explore the forest friends area. They do this to learn more about nature and teamwork. To go more into detail they do activities such as: searching for insects like mini beasts and worms, they make bonfires but instead of using real flames they use tissue paper. (inventive!) Tweet Treats were also made which is literally bird food; they enjoyed dipping the lard covered pinecones into the breadcrumbs and placing them on tall trees.


Christmas they made wonderful wreaths of different coloured leaves and hoped to hang it on their doors. I am in the group owls; we play with mud and water! My favourite thing to do is making treasure maps! I rate it 5 out of 5. Eloise Felton Rowan class. Terry-Rose (Rowan class) Im in the mice group. We made pinecones and covered them in red stuff, it was really fun! Finley Mgil Im in mice, my favourite thing to do is the treasure hunt, I would give it 5 out of 5! (Willow class)

The children also go on exciting treasure hunts finding food for the little red hen. One thing we found interesting was how they made rope swings and houses made out of straw, sticks and bricks (Lego!)

Early years Chinese new year!!

Chinese New year began with the story of Willow, Rowan and Nursery had a Chinese Chinese New Year. There were 13 animals day, tasting lots of lovely Chinese food, dowho crossed the river, ordered by the Jade ing Emperor, to find out who should have year named after them. First came the rat who took a ride on the ox who came second. T Ten more animals clambered through the water, but unfortunately the cat could not swim fast enough after being pushed off the ox by the rat, so the cat didnt have a year named after it.
The children learning about Chinese New

some amazing dragon dancing and made some very good Chinese lanterns.

Chinese day in Willow and Rowan


By Katie G The regional finals of the ESFA Danone Nations Cup took place on Saturday 8th March 2014 and after many nail-biting matches we (Greenfields Primary School girls u11s) had secured our place in the regional finals and have had the great honour to represent our county and battle others. The top two teams in this have gone to London in the next round... The Team: Name Jasmine R Katie E Ella W Daisy D Hannah m Lucie B Georgia J Laura H Isabella D

We are all proud of our girls.

Position Goalkeeper Defender Defender Defender Midfielder Midfielder Midfielder Midfielder Striker

Number 1 15 16 12 11 14 2 8 7

Match 3: Greenfields v Christ the King. In this match it was very close and for most of the time the ball was in the centre of the pitch! It was great for Greenfields who had a great start. The first goal was scored by Isabella D, Katie E had passed it up to Georgia from a Christ the king throw in, Georgia had ran all the way down the line and made a great pass across the box to Isabella, who kicked it around the Goalkeeper and hit the back of the net! The second goal was just as exciting, and happened so quick. When the final whistle went the score was Greenfields 2-0 Christ the king. Match 4: While this match was on we had our teams favourite food JAFFA CAKES! The final score of the match St.Peters v Stamford bridge was St.Peters 1-0 Stamford Bridge. Match 5: It was another break for us but we watched this match closely as it was very close the final score was Portway 1 - 0 Christ the King. Match 6: We were back on in this match against Stamford Bridge. This was a very important match as we had to draw or win to have any chance to get through and luckly the ending was 0-0. A couple of minutes after the match begun our star striker Isabella had to go off after a leg injury!

Pre-match meal: Just before we left to go on the exciting journey we had: Pasta, Lucozade Energy and our all-time favourite energy food Jaffa Cakes! Each Friday (and some Mondays) we have been training hard to improve our skills, we have had great team talks and advice of our head teacher (coach.) He is always giving us great support and always believes in us. We have played about 14 matches before we got to the tense final to find out if we could get to the regional finals. On the morning of the big day, before the excitement, friends and family of everyone in the team came on the coach to support us in our biggest matches so far.

Match 7: This was the most important match for us as it was the decider, to get through or not. We had to win with 2 clear goals but with Isabella off this seemed very hard, but we still Match 1: St.Peters vs Greenfields. Through the match we tried our very best and managed to keep our team spirit up. tried to keep the team spirit from the journey up and we did ,but unfortunately we didnt score. We didnt let any goals Sadly we didnt manage to get through to the next round but it was a tense match with the final score at Greenfields 0- 0 in either so it ended 0-0. Portway. Match 2: Stamford Bridge vs Portway. During this match we This day was very exciting and our Headteacher told us at had a break which we needed as we had ran around so much! The final score of this match was Stamford Bridge 3-0 the end... Maybe next time. Portway.

Recently we have started a new P.E. activity which is gymnastics and it is really fun. This term, Key Stage One will be taking part in it, and next term Key Stage Two will be taking part so each class will take it in turns to have a go. Hopefully this will carry on in the future, but there is just one person to thank and that is Connor, our Crossbar gym coach, so Thank you Connor.

Sports Relief
On Friday 21st March our school took part in Sports Relief and we raised 562.71 by paying money to take part in a range of activities on the school field.

A good time was had by all and we look forward to next years Comic Relief.
Scarlett and Laura have fun for charity.

There is only one winner There is only one winner, But; It needs two people to play a game, It takes two teams to have a match, There must be two runner to have a race, Two swimmers in a pool, Two cars on a track, Two rides on horseback, Without them there are no winners! By Anonymous Charlies getting the record.

Bethan is getting to grips with spinning plates.

The Voice Easter 2014 page 8

Miss Hughes spills the beans

cloud . The children were all busy practising for their exciting trip to the big schoolBelvidere. Elm and Sycamore have been practicing since

Year two
This term year two have taken part in a musical called Water. This was held with three other schools from across the town. Performances They performed eight songs in total, one of their favourite songs was Deep blue sea and for one of the songs they even came up with matching actions to the song called Little

The children sitting proudly on

January. Mrs French and Mrs Daily Smith came for support with Miss Goodall and Mrs Oliver.
Songs with actions

Interview with Miss Hughes

We interviewed Miss Hughes about her sporting passions and these are the answers we got: Her favourite sport is swimming and she does it every week. Miss Hughes really enjoys going to the sporting events with us, especially when we try really hard, even better when we win! She also enjoyed the time she went to see Federer play Nadal at the WIMBLEDON FINAL!! We have won lots of individual events, and have done extremely well in everything we take part in, e.g. football, tennis, hockey, cricket, tag rugby and cross country, we have won the cross country two times overall at Belvidere School. When Miss Hughes was A LOT younger, (her words not ours!) she used to play netball and has won some medals and certificates for it. S,he has also won a medal for 1500m sprint! Miss Hughes got into sports in Primary School thanks to her teachers. She doesnt support a football team, but she likes watching the England matches. Finally we asked her who her sporting hero is and she said all of the 2012 Olympians!!!

By Bethan and Alfie

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Books and Spuds

By Gaby B Thursday the 6th of March was World Book Day. Everybody throughout the whole school joined in and took part in the day. Instead of dressing up like we normally do, we made story spuds. There were some amazing story spuds ranging from Cat in the Hat to Harry Potter! Many people had also brought in old books they didn't want and people brought in 50p so they could buy a book and get a raffle ticket. The winning raffle ticket won a book token.

(Nursery) Gethin Thomas Alien in Underpants

(Yr 1/2)The BFGIsabella Hamon (Yr 3/4)- Finding Nemo Luke Roberts
One of the many amazing story spuds for World Book Day.

Some story spuds were chosen to win the competition and these were the winners:

(Yr 5/6)- The lion the witch and the wardrobe -Lily Alcock You can see all the entries on the school website.

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Pretty Green Timberland Original Penguin Carhartt Nicholas Deakins

The Voice Easter 2014 page 10

Year Five and Six

This poem was created by Georgia in Maple. It is based on one of our Bookfest books.

The Skull in the Wood Mystery The Skull in The Wood by Sandra Greaves Is no average book you read,. It fills you with scare some chills, And is jam-packed full of thrills. They find a skull in old scratch wood, You have to read this its very, very good. But dont think this book is all about fun, This bad luck has only just begun. The Skull is found by Tilda and Matt, Without checking first they take it back. Tilda keeps the skull in her room, Not to realise it will bring her doom. Because of the Skulls evil deeds, Tilda and Matt start to Disagree. The Gabbleratchet feeds of their rage, making you want to turn the next page. Tilda and Matt were chased by the hellhounds, Then Jez was stuck on the ledge as if spellbound. Trapped in a shed with the door locked tight, The hellhounds wouldnt give up without a fight. Will Tilda and Matt save the day or will they just plunge to dismay? By Georgia J

This is some of the work the children have been doing in year 5 and 6: these are from Ash class. The topic (as you can see) is Brazil and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These are some of the fantastic posters that they have been making in school! Just like the year sixes have.

These are the cars that the year fives have made. They crafted them out of wood and fixed a motor as the engine. They then made body for the vehicle and will be racing them against each other after the holidays. The year sixes will all be doing the same after SATs this year. Hopefully they will turn out as good as these!

The Voice Easter 2014 page 11

French Day

Year one
This term year one have been focusing on dinosaurs they have made some dinosaur plates, pictures and they have also made big fact sheets on different dinosaurs. For their D+T they have been doing healthy eating too. As well as that they have been doing plants for their science . They have printed different leaves onto pieces of paper too. Also during a religious lesson they made pancakes for pancake day. In Holly class they also made self portraits this term.

Year 3/4 French day

All through out the week of March 17th, year 3/4 had a great French day, as part of their topic on France. In the mornings they made some excellent Eiffel towers out of just straws and tape! They were getting stuck in and were having a time theyll never forget. I asked some people what they learned and Daisy from Beech class learned that the Eiffel tower is made out of three different shades of brown. Mrs Hughes said that doing some practical work really helped them to understand all about France. The children also tasted

French food and played French games such as boules and French cricket. Well done year 3/4! By Zak

Dressed up for French day

The Voice Easter 2014 page 12

Easter fun!

Joke competition : You need to write a funny Knock knock joke About anything and hand it In to one of the Newspaper team. Winners joke will Be in the next newspaper.

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