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A Alien Spe ecies

M Mantellian Savrip

Home Planet H t: Ord Mante ell A Attribute Dic ce: 11D 1D/3D+2 D DEXTERITY K KNOWLEDGE E 1D/3D M MECHANICA AL 1D/2D+2 P PERCEPTION N 1D/3D S STRENGTH 4 4D/6D+2 1D/2D+1 T TECHNICAL S Special Abili ities: C Claws antellian Sav vrip can claw w for STR+1D : A Ma d damage. P Posionous Bite: Does ST TR+1D+2 damage. d If the b deals damage, the ta bite arget must make m a Difficult stamina roll or suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to D Dexterity . Thi is roll must be b made eve ery round un ntil th he poison is extracted or o neutralized d (Difficult fi irst a ). If the ta aid argets Dexte erity is reduc ced to zero, he is s immobilize ed, but not un nconscious. N Natural Arm mor: Grants +1D prote ection again nst p physical and +2 against energy e attack ks. In ntimidating Bellow: Mantellian M Sa avrips gain a n skill chec + +2D+2 bonu us to their intimidation cks w when bellow wing. K Keen Sight an nd Hearing: +2D bonus on s to Perceptio c checks to no otice things that t involve either sight or h hearing. L Low Light Vis sion: Mantel llian Savrips can see twi ice a far as a normal human as h in poor lighting c conditions. R Rage: S can fly f into a rag ge, Once per day, a Savrip g gaining a +2 2 bonus to brawling b or melee attac cks a and damage e, but canno ot use skills s that requi ire p patience and d concentrati ion. A fit of rage r lasts for ra n number of rounds r equal to 4+ th he characte ers n number of fu ull Strength dice. d At the end e of its rag ge, th he character is tired, su uffering a -1 penalty to all a actions until he h rests for at a least 10 minutes. m S Story Factors s:

Cr reature: Nea arly everyone e in the univ verse believe es th he Savrips are e animals an nd treats them m as such. Pr rimitive: Bec cause they are a prim mitive specie es, be eginning Ma antellian Sav vrip charact ters may no ot pl lace any sk kill dice in any vehicle e operation ns, st tarship ope erations, or repair sk kills. Savrip ch haracters wh ho are primi itive gain a +2D+2 + bonu us ak to o survival skill checks, a and a +2 bonus on snea sk kill checks. Upon learn ning any technical skill ls, ho owever, the e Savrip is c considered to t have bee en c civilized. Ci ivilizing a Sav vrip results in a loss of th he sn neak skill bo al onus, and a reduction of o the surviva bo onus to +1D D+1. Move: M 12/14 Si ize: Up to 4 meters m tall. So ource: Alien n Anthology y (pages 86-88), Ultimat te Ad dversaries (p pages 100-10 01), Threats of the Galax xy (p pages 116-117)

Replica Droi id
At ttribute Dice e: 12D DEXTERITY 2D+2/4D+2 2 KN NOWLEDGE E 2D/4D MECHANICAL M L 2D/4D PE ERCEPTION N 1D/3D ST TRENGTH 2D+2/4D+2 TE ECHNICAL 2D/4D 2 Sp pecial Abilit ties: Bo onus Equip pment: Re eplica droid ds can be b co onstructed with two of the foll lowing droid sy ystems insta alled: integra ated comlin nk, darkvisio on (n negates dark kness penalties), diagno ostic packag ge d repair), im (+ +2D to droid mproved sen nsor packag ge rch), internal storage (su (+ +2D to sear ubject to siz ze nguages). lim mitations), tr ranslator uni it (+2D to lan Dr roid Traits: Replica R droid ds operate as a if they wer re th 4 -degree dro oids, but re equire none of the usual maintenance. m . They have e all the im mmunities of o no ormal droids s. Mimics: M king to pe erfectly imi itate organ nic Seek cr reatures, at character cr reation, repli ica droids get 2D D for every 1D spent on t the con skill. Re eplica: Repl lica droids a are designed d to pass fo or or rganics in every e aspect t, including behavior an nd bi iology. A Ve ery Difficult s sensors roll is needed to t no otice somet thing odd a about a replic ca droid. Move: M 12-14 Si ize: Depends s on mimick ked species So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 153) 1

Corellian Banshee Bird


Type: Avian predator Planet of Origin: Corellia DEXTERITY 4D+1 PERCEPTION 2D Search 5D STRENGTH 2D+1 Special Abilities: Claws: Do STR+2 damage Low Light Vision: A banshee bird can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions. Wail: The banshee can emit a loud wail that disorients opponents. Nearby targets must make a Difficult willpower roll or suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all actions. This is a temporary mindaffecting effect. Move: 20 (flying) Size: 2-meter wingspan Source: Threats of the Galaxy (page 106)

Type: Riding lizard Planet of Origin: Utapau DEXTERITY 4D+2 Running 5D PERCEPTION 1D+2 Search 3D, sneak 4D STRENGTH 7D Climbing/jumping 8D, swimming 7D+2 Special Abilities: Cold-Blooded: During nighttime, varactyls suffer a 2D penalty to all actions. Spined Tail: Females have a fan of rigid spines along its tail that deal STR+2 damage. Claws: Provide +1D do climbing. Move: 40 Size: 15 meters long Orneriness: 2D+2 Source: Threats of the Galaxy (page 126)

Tyrant Rancor
Planet of Origin: Various DEXTERITY 4D PERCEPTION 1D Search: tracking: 3D STRENGTH 11D Special Abilities: Claws: Do STR+2D damage Teeth: Do STR+3D damage Armor: +3D against physical and energy attacks Move: 20 Size: 15 meters tall Source: Threats of the Galaxy (page 123)

D Droids
G GH-7 Medic cal Droid

T0 0-D Interro ogation Dro oid

Ty ype: Imperia al T0-D Interr rogation Dro oid DEXTERITY 2D+2 2 So onic weapon ns 5D, melee e combat 4D+2 KN NOWLEDGE E 3D In ntimidation: interrogation i n 5D MECHANICAL M L 2D Se ensors 3D PE ERCEPTION N 4D Co on 5D, persu uasion 6D D, search 5D D ST TRENGTH 2D+2 TE ECHNICAL 3D 3 Fi irst aid 5D Eq quipped Wi ith: -W Wheeled lo ocomotion -2 2 claw appen ndages -2 2 tool mounts s -S Stun baton (5 5D stun) -S Sonic stunner (6D stun, 3 3-10/15/20) -Im mproved se ensor pack kage (+2D in low-ligh ht co onditions, +2 to search) -In nternal stora age space (20 0 Kg) -D Durasteel she ell (+1D to re esist damage e) -M Medical tools s -V Vocabulator Move: M 10 Si ize: 1 meter Co ost: 5,500 So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 146)

Type: Multi-C T Configuration n GH-7 Medic cal Droid D DEXTERITY 1D K KNOWLEDGE E 2D A Alien species s 6D, languag ges 4D M MECHANICA AL 1D (A A) Bacta tan nk operation 3D+2 P PERCEPTION N 2D (A A) Injury/ailm ment diagno osis 5D, sneak 4D S STRENGTH 1 1D 3D T TECHNICAL C Computer pr rogramming/ /repair 6D, fi irst Aid 5D, (A) ( m medicine 7D E Equipped W With: -R Repulsorlift unit u -T Two main manipulator m a arms -A Articulated sampling s gra asper -H Head-mount ted probe ar rm -I Internal anal lysis chambe er -H Holographic projector -E Enhanced vo ocoder -P Parallax brai inwave scan nner and bios scanner -D Diagnostic display d screen n -E Equipment tray t N Note: The ab bove equipm ments represe ent only one of th he droids possible p con nfigurations. It is equipped w with multip ple graspers s and exp pansion po orts a allowing for last-minute emergency customizatio on to o meet exotic e pati ient needs s, optimizing p performance e and efficien ncy. M Move: 12 S Size: 0.7 met ters tall C Cost: 4,840 S Source: Thre eats of the Ga alaxy (page 147)

R2-R Astrom mech Droid

Ty ype: Industri ial Automato on R2-R Astro omech Droid d DEXTERITY 1D 1 Bl laster: hold-o out blaster 2D KN NOWLEDGE E 1D St treetwise 5D D MECHANICAL M L 2D As strogation 5D, 5 starfigh hter piloting g 3D, spac ce tra ansports 2D+ +2 PE ERCEPTION N 1D+1 Co on 2D+1, se earch 2D+1, sneak 2D ST TRENGTH 1D TE ECHNICAL 2D 2 Co omputer pr rogramming/ /repair 3D+ +2, starfighte er re epair 3D+2* * Astromech droids, if ac cting in co-p pilot capacit ty, may m attempt starship s repa air while in fl light. Eq quipped Wi ith: -H Hold-out blas ster pistol (3D D) -T Three wheele ed legs (center leg retrac ctable) -R Retractable heavy h graspin ng arm (liftin ng at 2D) -R Retractable fi ine work hea avy grasper arm a

-E Extendable 0.3 meter long video o sensor (3 360 d degree rotatio on) -V Video displa ay screen -H Holographic projector/re ecorder -S Small (20 cm m by 8 cm) in nternal carg go area -D Data storag ge unit (ho olds up to 50 hours of h holorecordin g or 50,000 holo h images) ) M Move: 5 S Size: One me eter tall C Cost: 5,000 (n new) S Source: Thre eats of the Ga alaxy (page 139)

TC C Protocol Droid

B Buzz Droid

Type: Colla T a Designs/P Phlac-Arphoc cc Automa ata In ndustries Pis stoeka Sabot tage droid D DEXTERITY 5 5D+1 K KNOWLEDGE E 2D M MECHANICA AL 1D P PERCEPTION N 2D S Search 5D, sn neak 6D S STRENGTH 1 1D 2D T TECHNICAL C Computer p programming g/repair 4D+ +2, starfight ter re epair 4D E Equipped W With: -P Plasma cutt ting torch (1D to 5D damage, 0.3 0 m meters range e) -V Vibrosaw (4D D+1, 0.3 me eter range) -C Claw append dage -2 2 tool appen ndages with stabilized s mo ounts -M Magnetic fee et -I Improved se ensor package (+2 to search, +2D in lo ow-light con nditions) -I Integrated co omlink -V Vacuum env vironmental compensato or -D Durasteel sh hell (+1D to resist r damag ge) M Move: 4 (wal lking), 16 (fly ying) S Size: 0.25 me eter diamete er C Cost: 11,400 S Source: Thre eats of the Ga alaxy (page 142)

Ty ype: Cybot Galactica G TC-Series Proto ocol Droid DEXTERITY 1D 1 KN NOWLEDGE E 3D+1 Cu ultures 6D, la anguages 10 0D+1*, street twise 5D MECHANICAL M L 1D PE ERCEPTION N 1D Co ommand 3D D, con 3D ST TRENGTH 1D TE ECHNICAL 1D 1 * The droids s vocabulator speech/s sound system m makes m the dr roid capable e of reprodu ucing virtual lly an ny sound it hears h or is pr rogrammed to t reproduce e. Eq quipped Wi ith: -H Humanoid bo ody (two arm ms, two legs, , head) -T Two visual an nd audial sen nsors human range -V Vocabulator speech/soun s nd system -A AA-1 VerboBr rain -T TransLang III I Communic cations mod dule with ove er se even million languages Move: M 8 Si ize: 1.7 mete ers tall Co ost: 5,000 (n new) So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 151)

Replica Droi id
Ty ype: Custom m Human Rep plica Droid DEXTERITY 4D 4 Bl laster 4D+2, , brawling pa arry 5D, dod dge 5D, mele ee co ombat 4D+2 2, melee parr ry 4D+2 KN NOWLEDGE E 2D+1 Bu ureaucracy 3D, 3 business s 3D, survival l 3D MECHANICAL M L 2D As strogation 3D, 3 repulsor rlift operatio on 3D, spac ce tra ansports 4D D, starfighte er piloting 3D, starship gu unnery 3D, starship shields 3D PE ERCEPTION N 2D+1 Se earch 3D+1 ST TRENGTH 4D+1

Brawling 5D, climbing/jum B mping 7D T TECHNICAL 2D E Equipped W With: -H Humanoid body b -H Highly modif fied AA-1 Verbo-brain -H Human bio-f fibers -C Clone vat-gro own skin S Special Abili ities: H Human Rep plica: Hum man replica a droids are a d designed to pass for humans h in every aspe ect, in ncluding be ehavior and biology. A Very Difficult sensors roll is i needed to o notice so omething od dd a about a hum man replica droid masq querading as s a h human. M Move: 14 S Size: 1.8 met ters tall C Cost: 9 millio on S Source: Thre eats of the Ga alaxy (page 152)

MECHANICAL M L 1D Gr round vehicl le operation 3D+1 PE ERCEPTION N 1D+2 Se earch 3D ST TRENGTH 1D TE ECHNICAL 1D 1 Sc cale: Speede er Le ength: 5 meters Co ost: 30,000 credits c Maneuverabi M ility: 1D Move: M 25; 70 kmh k Bo ody Strengt th: 3D Weapons: W 2 Missiles Lau unchers (4 m magazines) Fi ire Arc: Turre et Sk kill: Missile weapons w Fi ire Control: 2D 2 Ra ange: 5-300/ /600/1 Km Da amage: 4D+ +2 Li ight Concus ssion Missile e Launcher (2 ( missiles) Fi ire Arc: Turre et Sk kill: Missile weapons w Fi ire Control: 2D 2 Ra ange: 50-250 0/1/3 Km Da amage: 5D+ +2 So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 134)

WSB-15 W Sab botage Droid

V Artillery VX y Droid

Craft: Czerka C a Corporation n VX Series Artillery A Droi id T Type: Artiller ry droid D DEXTERITY 3 3D+1 M Missile weapons 4D+2 K KNOWLEDGE E 1D T Tactics 2D

Ty ype: Cybot Galactica G WS SB-15 Sabota age Droid DEXTERITY 3D 3 Pl lasma cutter r 4D KN NOWLEDGE E 2D La anguages: dr roid languag ges 4D MECHANICAL M L 1D PE ERCEPTION N 2D Co on 4D, searc ch 4D, sneak 5D ST TRENGTH 2D TE ECHNICAL 2D 2

Computer pr C rogramming/ /repair 4D+2, demolitio ons g 5D, droi 4 4D, droid programmin p id repair 4D, 4 m machinery re epair 6D, rep pulsorlift repa air 4D, secur rity 4 4D+1, space e transports repair 4D+ +1, starfight ter re epair 5D+1 E Equipped W With: -V Video sensor -D Dual-tread lo ocomotion -F Fine manipu ulator arms (+1D to repa air skills) -E Extensible video v microb binoculars (+ +2D to sear rch fo or microscal le work) -V Various tools s -2 2 plasma cut tters (3D+1, 1/2/5) -C Cybot acoustic signaler (droid ( langua ages) -S Self-destruct t system M Move: 8 S Size: 1.6 met ters C Cost: 13,000 S Source: Thre eats of the Ga alaxy (page 154)

-W Wide-spray plasma p cann non (6D, rang ge: 0-5 cone is 0.5 meters wide)/15 w con ne is 1.5 me eters wide/3 30 co one is 3 mete ers wide) -T Two rapid-fi ire blaster cannons (5 5D, range: 330 0/100/300) -B Brilliant hom ming missile launcher (7D, range: 550 0/150/400, missile m guide es itself wi ith a skill of o 4D D+2) -R Remote receiver (5,000 k km range, wi ith local back kup p processor) ) -L Low-light vision (+2D to search in low-ligh ht co onditions) -A Armor (+1D to Strength t to resist dam mage) -V Vocabulator (the droid d can repli icate organ nic sp peech) Move: M 14 Si ize: 5 meters s tall Co ost: 13,400 credits c So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 140)

U Ultra Battle e Droid

B3-A Ultra Battle B Droid d

Ty ype: Baktoid d Combat Au utomata B3-A A Battle Droid d DEXTERITY 2D 2 Bl laster canno on 4D, dodge e 3D, missile weapons 4D D, pl lasma canno on 4D+1 KN NOWLEDGE E 2D Ta actics 4D MECHANICAL M L 1D PE ERCEPTION N 1D Se earch 3D ST TRENGTH 4D+2 TE ECHNICAL 2D 2 Eq quipped Wi ith: -T Tight-spray fl lamethrowe er (5D first round, r 3D fo or ne ext five rou unds unless extinguishe ed, range: 34/ /5/7) -W Wide-spray plasma p cann non (6D, rang ge: 0-5 cone is 0.5 meters wide)/15 w con ne is 1.5 me eters wide/3 30 co one is 3 mete ers wide) -T Two rapid-fi ire blaster cannons (5 5D, range: 330 0/100/300) -B Brilliant hom ming missile launcher (7D, range: 550 0/150/400, missile m guide es itself wi ith a skill of o 4D D+2) -L Low-light vision (+2D to search in low-ligh ht co onditions) -A Armor (+1D to Strength t to resist dam mage) -V Vocabulator (the droid d can repli icate organ nic sp peech) Move: M 14 Si ize: 5 meters s tall Co ost: 16,200 credits c So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 141)

Type: Baktoi T id Combat Automata A B3 3 Series Bat ttle D Droid D DEXTERITY 2 2D B Blaster canno on 4D, dodge e 3D, missile e weapons 4D, 4 p plasma cannon 4D+1 K KNOWLEDGE E 1D M MECHANICA AL 1D P PERCEPTION N 1D S Search 3D S STRENGTH 4 4D+2 1D T TECHNICAL E Equipped W With: -T Tight-spray flamethrowe f er (5D first round, 3D for f n next five rou unds unless s extinguish hed, range: 34 4/5/7)

ASN-121 Assassin Droid

Type: Arakyd Industries ASN-121 Assassin Droid DEXTERITY 3D+2 Blaster 5D KNOWLEDGE 1D Tactics 4D MECHANICAL 1D PERCEPTION 2D Search 5D, sneak 5D+1 STRENGTH 2D TECHNICAL 1D Computer programming/repair 2D+2 Equipped With: -Low-light and UV sensors (ignores low-lighting penalties) -Two interchangeable tool/weapon mounts -Claw appendage -Internal storage (2 Kg) -Sniper Blaster (5D) -Quadanium shell (+1D to resist damage) -Security scrambler (can emit energy beam that renders it immune to electronic observation of any kind) Move: 24 Size: 0.3 meters Cost: 5,730 Source: Threats of the Galaxy (page 135)

-Motion sensors (+2 to search rolls against moving targets) -Sonic sensors (+2 to search rolls that involve sound) -Locked access (the droid's shut-down switch is secured or internally located) Move: 20 Size: 0.2 meter diameter Cost: 4,000 Source: Arms and Equipment Guide (pages 60-61), Threats of the Galaxy (page 156)

PK General Work Droid

Type: Cybot Galactica PK General Work Droid DEXTERITY 3D KNOWLEDGE 1D Languages 2D MECHANICAL 2D PERCEPTION 1D Search 4D STRENGTH 2D Lifting 3D, climbing/jumping 3D TECHNICAL 1D+2 Machinery repair 3D Equipped With: -Environmental compensator (heat, radiation) -Two manipulator arms -Two legs -One photoreceptor -Vocabulator Move: 8 Size: 1.3 meters Cost: 1,000 credits Source: Threats of the Galaxy (page 160)

Mark VII Inquisitor

Type: Arakyd Industries Mark VII Inquisitor Seeker Droid DEXTERITY 5D Blasters 5D+2 KNOWLEDGE 1D+2 Alien species 3D+2, intimidation 4D, streetwise 3D MECHANICAL 1D PERCEPTION 3D+2 Hide 6D, search 5D, search: tracking 6D, sneak 5D STRENGTH 2D TECHNICAL 3D Computer programming/repair 4D Equipped With: -Internal comlink -Universal data access jack -Audio recording unit -Repulsorlift unit -Vocabulator -Improved sensors package (+2 to all search rolls) -Infrared vision (can see in the dark up to 30 meters)

GRZ-6B Demolition Droid

Type: Serv-O-Droid GRZ-6B Wrecker Droid DEXTERITY 2D KNOWLEDGE 1D Scholar: technology 4D MECHANICAL 1D PERCEPTION 1D Search 4D STRENGTH 8D TECHNICAL 1D Demolitions 4D Equipped With: -Two hydrolical legs -Two heavy manipulator arms -Layered durasteel plating (+2D physical, +1D energy) -Industrial-grade plasma torch (7D damage, left palm)

-Laser cutter (5D damage, right palm) -Shearing maw (STR+2D damage) -Internal fusion furnace -Handheld remote commander -Integrated comlink Move: 6 Size: 6 meters tall Cost: 43,650 Source: Threats of the Galaxy (page 144)

Equipme ent
D Datadagge r

Cortosis Gau untlet

Model: Datad M dagger T Type: Melee weapon/ co ode cylinder S Scale: Character S Skill: Melee combat c C Cost: 500 - 2,000 3, X A Availability: D Difficulty: Ea asy D Damage: STR R+2 (maxim mum: 5D) G Game Notes s: The code cylinder allo ows access to re estricted da ata via sco omp link, based b on the o owner's level l of personal security clea arance. S Source: Coru uscant and th he Core Worlds (page 66 6), T Threats of the e Galaxy (pa age 13)

Model: M Imper rial Knight Co ortosis Gaun ntlet Ty ype: Gauntle et Sc cale: Charac cter Sk kill: Melee parry: p gauntle et Co ost: 1,500 Av vailability: 3 Game Notes s: +1D phy ysical, +2 energy. If a lig ghtsaber bla ade touches the cortosis gauntlet, it is de eactivated (though ( the strike still deals norm mal da amage) and remains ino operative for 2 minutes. So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 36)

Le ectroticker r
Model: M Custom-made ele ectronic lock breaker Ty ype: Security y card lock signal scramb bler Sk kill: Security y Co ost: 1,500 per p pip of se ecurity bonu us, up to +3 3D bo onus (13,500 0) Av vailability: 3, 3 X Game Notes: : Sense-plat te scramble es the signa als se ent to the electronic e lo ock, fooling g the system m. Pr rovides a bonus b to th he users se ecurity roll to t di isable the electronic lock accor rding to th he le ectroticker qu uality (and c cost). So ource: Threa ats of the Ga alaxy (page 87)

R Rhen-Orm B Biocomput ter

Model: Rhen M n-Orm Biocom mputer T Type: Cybern netic Force detector d S Skill: Search: tracking 4, X A Availability: G Game Notes s: The surgic cally implan nted comput ter p processes in nformation received from f a long a antenna that t protrudes from f the us sers forehea ad. W When tracki ing a Force e-sensitive individual, the ta argets Force e Point total is added to t the tracki ing ro oll. S Source: Thre eats of the Ga alaxy (page 17)