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The Beau Doolittle Campaign PO Box 91881 Mobile, AL 36691 Phone: 251-423-4354 Email: contact@beaudoolittle.com Website: www.beaudoolittle.


Beau places an emphasis on doing what is right instead of making decisions based on partisanship which he believes hurts people. He believes in the purpose of government set forth by the Preamble to the United States Constitution. It is time for the working middle class to unite and elect someone who represents our best economic interests. Send Beau Doolittle to Montgomery to be our voice.
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Pd. Pol. Adv. By the Beau Doolittle Campaign, PO Box 91881, Mobile, AL 36691 T Stefani, Treasurer

What Makes Beau Different?

As YOUR State Senator Beau will work to:

Eliminate the grocery tax which disproportionately burdens the working middle class Ensure that residents of District 35 have access to affordable homeowners insurance Bring over 30,000* jobs and billions of dollars to our state, and more importantly provide health care to a projected 300,000** Alabamians at NO COST to our state for three years Advocate for the needs of veterans who have honorably served our country

About Beau...
Beau has been a resident of Mobile for over 26 years. A graduate of Baker High School, Beau worked his way through college, earning his bachelors degree in history and a masters in education from the University of South Alabama. He has two daughters and a grandson. Beau currently serves the citizens of Mobile County, where he assists an ever increasing number of working middle class people who are experiencing economic hardship.

For years, working middle class people have been misled by politicians who use social wedge issues to gain their support and then back economic policies that are not in their best interest. Beau has experienced many of the same issues that the hard-working men and women who comprise the majority of District 35 continue to face. This differentiates him from his opponent as Beau not only knows the issues that affect us, but understands their impact and cares about xing them. Beau has a vision for Alabama to build a strong working middle class. Financially secure consumers with more buying power will lead to more prot for businesses and much needed revenue to solve the funding crisis in our state This campaign isnt about any national politicians, brand names or symbols. This is a local race and the issues should reveal Beau will do a better job representing the citizens of District 35.

Assist oystermen, shrimpers and others who make their living from our waters Help the working poor by keeping the promise that those who work hard will have jobs that pay livable wages. This will also help to lower the number of people on public assistance programs in Alabama Raise the level of public education to that of our states college football programs by ensuring we attract and retain the best educators, provide adequate funding and set high standards Stop the assault on the livelihood of our fellow members of the middle class who work hard to serve their fellow citizens. Fight to stop the erosion of workers rights and ensure fair labor practices
* University of Alabamas Center for Business and Economic Research ** University of Alabama at Birminghams School of Public Health

The motto of the Sons of Liberty (the group responsible for the Boston Tea Party) was no taxation without representation. The focus was on representation. Looking at the current makeup of the Alabama legislature, 90-percent of state senators identify themselves as coming from professions that are not typically identified with the working middle class. Its time we elect someone from the middle class to be our representative in Montgomery.