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(With general guide lines on how to write a Project Report)

(For the students of BBAVIth Semester)

onsult !our "uide from time to time# as well as whene$er necessar!# carr! out suggested changes %! !our guide and then proceed for ne&t step'

(o ta)e signature of !our project guide as re*uired on !our progress report sheet' Wor) regularl! with commitment and ensure !ou are following Project Report Acti$it! ompletion Schedule and a$oid last minute+s hustle' For an! *uer! contact !our respecti$e Project "uide, o-coordinator lass

.aharaja Agrasen Institute of .anagement Studies Project Report

Schedule for Project ompletion

S'/o' (ate Acti$ities to %e ompleted

01th April# 2103

Final su%mission of report after accepted

no report will %e

I/S4R5 4I6/S F6R 47PI/",PRI/4I/"

4he project report should %e strictl! prepared according to the following guidelines' Finalization of the Project Report Student should o%tain clearance from their respecti$e guide %efore final printing of the final project report' Paper 4he si8e of the paper sheet9 A3 4!ping should %e done on one side of the paper' Font 4!pe9 /ew 4imes Roman Si8e902 Line Spacing Bod! of the te&t90': lines ;ist of ta%les,graphs,charts,%i%liograph!9 Single ;ine Alignment 4itle page 9 entre hapter heading 9 entre Su%heading 9 ;eft Bod! of 4e&t9 <ustif! Margins At the %inding edge(;eft) 9 not less than = cm 6ther margins (Right# 4op# Bottom)9 not less than 2 cm'

Titles All titles and su%titles should %e printed in B6;(' All the 4a%les,"raphs, harts, Should ha$e appropriate titles' N m!ering of the Ta!les"#raphs"Charts

4a%les,"raphs, harts should %e num%ered in the following fashion' Second ta%le,"raph, hart in Second hapter should %e num%ered as 4a%le,"raph, hart /o 2'12 where first digit stands for hapter /o' and digits after(') period stand for serial num%er of 4a%le,"raph, hart in that chapter' Same num%ering s!stem should %e followed for other chapters' 4a%les,"raphs, harts must %e followed %! proper e&planation and anal!sis' Pagination

4he title page should not carr! an! page num%er' For initial pages(i'e' from students s declaration to >&ecuti$e Summar!) num%ers should %e gi$en in small Roman /um%ers' (li)e i# ii#iii#i$ etc#) Report should contain main page num%ers (i'e'0# 2?'') after >&ecuti$e Summar!' .ain page num%ers should start from first page of hapter 0 and will continue until last page of the report' Page num%ers are to %e gi$en at the centre of %ottom of the page' Pages separating hapters should not %e num%ered %ut %e counted' $in%ing of the report

4he project should %e hard %ound with golden em%ossing as per the standard format N m!er of copies to !e prepare%

2 @ard copies and 0 soft cop! ( '(') $efore s !mission

Students must sign (eclaration and Ac)nowledgement %efore putting for the signature of the "uide'

PROJECT REPORT &S'(E)*+, $ol%, Small capsON (4itle of the project report in API4A;) S5B.I44>( I/ PAR4IA; F5;FI;;.>/4 F6R 4@> AWAR( 6F 4@> (>"R>> 6F BA @>;6R 6F B5SI/>SS A(.I/IS4RA4I6/ 211A-1! (Si8e 0B# %old) 5/(>R 4@> "5I(A/ > 6F (Si8e 0B# APS B6;() /A.> 6F 4@> FA 5;47 (SIC> 0B) FA 5;47# .AI.S (SIC> 0B) S5B.I44>( B79 (Si8e 0B# Bold) (/ame of the student in API4A;) Roll noDDDDBatch /o'(BBA S>.DDSection)

.AI.S ;6"6

.aharaja Agrasen Institute of .anagement Studies (Si8e 0B# caps) Affiliated to "uru "o%ind Singh Indraprastha 5ni$ersit!# (elhi PSP Area# Plot /o' 0# Sector 22# Rohini (elhi 0011BE

4a%le of 6/4>/4S Student declaration?????????????????????''i ertificate from "uide????????????????????'iii Ac)nowledgement??????????????????????i$ >&ecuti$e Summar!?????????????????????''$ hapter Scheme???????????????????????$i ;ist of 4a%les????????????????????????'$ii ;ist of "raphs????????????????????????$iii ;ist of harts????????????????????????'i& ;ist if A%%re$iations# if an!???????????????????& Page no' @AP4>R I/4R6(5 4I6/ 0'0 Purpose of the stud!??????????????????'' 0'2 Research 6%jecti$es of the stud!?????????????'' 0'= Research .ethodolog! of the stud!????????????' 0'='0 0'='2 0'='= Research (esign????????????' (ata ollection ???????'' ;imitation ????????????????'

@AP4>R -2 A%out the 6rgani8ation , ompan! Profile????????????????? @AP4>R -= Findings and Anal!sis????????????' ????????????????????'

@AP4>R -3 Suggestions??????????'????????????????????' @AP4>R -: onclusion and ;imitation???'????????????????????' Bibliography Annexures Miscellaneous Evaluation / Attendance Sheet Schedule for Project Completion

Company Profile !he rule of thumb is to include "hat is relevant "ith the project on hand #ormally it should include$ /ame' ;ocation and address of the ompan!# t!pe of the 6rganisation# t!pe of Industr!# 6rganisational set up# Products,ser$ices# Annual turno$er# /um%er of emplo!ees# future plans etc !he Project dealing "ith Mar%eting aspects$ Proudct$ uses prices& Brands& Present mar%et share& After sales services& .ajor competitors# major mar)ets# customer Fprofile (istri%ution channels# Ad$ertising ,promotion strateg!# Product life !cle and present stage# Positioning and Branding Segmentation# .ar)eting control s!stem#6rganisational set up# .ar)eting strategies# future plans if an!# etc' !he Project dealing "ith 'uman (esource Aspects$ Culture& )alues/ethical values& Mission& *rganisational set up& #umber of employees& +ob profile and responsibilities& Corporate Social (esponsibility& '( practices follo"ed ,recruitment and selection strategies& composition& policies and fringe/non monetary benefits appraisal& gro"th prospects& retention policies& career prospects& succession planning etc!he Project dealing "ith .inancial Aspects$ .inancial performance in terms of abridged financial statement for current and preceding year,s- ,may be published data-& important ratios$ li/uidity& profitability& solvency ,may be given in tabular form& no need of sho"ing calculation- important Auditor Comment,S-& if any information regarding corporate governance or CS(& Corporate social (esponsibility,may be found in the annual report-& .unding structures,i e Share Capital and 0ebt Capital Composition- Mar%et price of shares in case of a listed company& Comparative data of 12 "ee%s 3high/lo" and ratio to boo% value of shares plus price earining,PE- multiple 4and mar% development in the Company li%e mergers/ac/uisition technology tie5ups/ne" issues etc

.A@ARA<A A"RAS>/ I/S4I454> 6F .A/A">.>/4 S45(I>S

A44>/(A/ > F6R PR6<> 4 R>P6R4

/ame of the student lass Roll /o' /ame of the Super$isor S'/o' 0 2 = 3 : E G B (ate

9 9 9 9 4ime Progress Report Signature of Signature of the student Super$isor

H 01 I.inimum (Bout of 01) B1J attendance compulsor!' oordinator

Word or list of the words referred in a te&t or consulted %! !ou for writing report' It should %e arranged in alpha%etical order %! name of the authors' For %oo)s
/ame of the author (last name first) 4itle of the %oo)# >dition# !ear of pu%lication# /o of Vol' (if an!) /ame and place of pu%lisher'

Kothari# 'R' Research methodolog!# =rd edition# 0HHG# Vi)as Pu%lishing @ouse P$t' ;td# /ew (elhi' For Research Papers# Pu%lished articles# .aga8ines# Periodicals# <ournals# /ewspaper etc' /ame of the author(last name first)# 4itle of the article# (in *uotation mar)) /ame of the <ournals, Periodicals, .aga8ines etc in italics# Volume num%er# !ear# Page num%ers ' >&ample9 Wortman#.a&s (<r') F>ntrepreneurship 9 An Integrating 4!polog! and >$aluation of the >mpirical Research in the fieldL# <ournal of .anagement# Vol'0=(2)# 0HEG#pp 2:H-2GH' Online p !lishe% material on .orl% .i%e .e! &Alpha!eticall/ arrange% .e!liograph/ ) /ame of the We%site# (ate and time of referring the We%site# /ame of the Author# 4itle,4opic

S45(>/4 5/(>R4AKI/" (6n plain paper) 4his is to certif! that I ha$e completed the Project titledL(title of the project)L in F(name of the organi8ation)L under the guidance of F(name of the facult! guide)L in partial fulfillment of the re*uirement for the award of degree of Bachelor of Business Administration at .aharaja Agrasen Institute of .anagement Studies# (elhi' 4his is an original piece of wor) M I ha$e not su%mitted it earlier elsewhere'

/ame of the Student

>R4IFI A4> (In institute+s letter head)

4his is to certif! that the project titled FDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDL is an academic wor) done %! FDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDL su%mitted in the partial fulfillment of the re*uirement for the award of the degree of Bachelor 6f Business Administration from .aharaja Agrasen Institute of .anagement Studies# (elhi# under m! guidance M direction' 4o the %est of m! )nowledge and %elief the data M information presented %! him,her in the project has not %een su%mitted earlier'

/ame of the Facult! "uide