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Cover Letter of Application

Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GAGP) Please find herewith the application documents for the GAGP Programme. I have enclosed all the following documents required ! the "m ass! of #apan for the application.
(Please chec$ the documents% which are enclosed)&

X Application Form n/a A copy of the Registration Certificate issued by the Government (in case of NGO

Charter/ Fact !heet of the Organi"ation #udget !heet

X Cost #rea$do%n (%ith &uotations from three companies for materials and services X 'ocation maps(() the location of the pro*ect by +istrict level and (, the location of the pro*ect by local level X #lue print/ design dra%ing(s for construction pro*ects

-lot map (to indicate improvement ! the proposed project)

' (perational)wor$ plan of project implementation ' Photos to indicate current status of the project site ' Letters from local government% and other applica le group to indicate local support for the project ' Letters from the applica le agenc! to indicate support from the central)local government ' *ocumentation to indicate current ownership of the project site ' *ocumentation to indicate prospect ownership of the land upon the completion of project n)a If !our udget includes salar!% su mit operational plan to e+plain how the salar! will e paid after the project completion n)a Pu lication (Annual ,eport% -ewsletter% etc)% if availa le o .inancial record (Audit ,eport)% if an!

X Other supporting documentation

/ignature& 000000000000000.. -ame& Clarence Luther *esignation& 1a!or -ame of (rgani2ation& -amdri$ Atoll Local Government *ate& 00000000000000000.


/uppliers of Goods)/ervices Appl!ing (rgani2ation "m ass! of #apan Consultation
/u mission of Application Initial /creening

1. of .oreign Affairs #apan

-eeds Assessment
.inal /creening at the "m ass!
Consultation with 1inistries Concerned

/end proposal to 8o$!o

/creening at the 1inistr! Approval of the project Conclusion of G)C5 Conclusion of P)C5 ,emittance of the .und

/u mission of the 6request for pa!ment7

*is ursement of the fund Procurement of goods)service 9eeping of quotations)receipts


/u mission of reports

-/C( -rocurement Contract G/C( Grant Contract


/he Government of 1apan
A2 .NFOR0A/.ON ON A--'.CAN/ Name of the Organi"ation( Namdri$ Atoll 'ocal Government/Namdri$ Copra Cooperative (NCC 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 Address( C)( Post (ffice :o+ ;<4=% 1ajuro% 1> <?<?@ -hone Number( ?<4A?4=AB@4CD ?<4A?4=AE@44)E@4;D ?<4A?4=A=<4@ Fa3( ?<4A?4=AE@4E Phone -um er which is alwa!s availa le (cell phone)& Cell& ?<4AE=?AB@4C "Amail Address 3& 1a!or Clarence Luther clarenceFlutherG!ahoo.com "Amail Address 4& /enator 1attlan Hac$hras namdri$aleleGgmail.com

4ead of the Organi"ation/+esignation( 1a!or Clarence Luther Contact -erson/+esignation( ( more than t%o ( 1a!or Clarence Luther /enator 1attlan Hac$hras "ra$ri$ #oel for -amdri$ Copra Cooperative (-CC) era$ri$.judaGgmail.com /ype of Organi"ation (please chec$ one ( >ospital)1edical institute + -G( ,esearch institute /chool Local government !tatus of Registration(

(thers (specif!)&

-amdri$ Atoll Local Government was esta lished in the ,epu lic of the 1arshall Islands Constitution of 3<C? Please see Attachment A( Namdri$ Copra Cooperative Corporate Charter (registration filed with the ,1I (ffice of the Attorne! General. 5ear of 6stablishment( -amdri$ Atoll Local Government was esta lished in the ,epu lic of the 1arshall Islands Constitution of 3<C?. 8he -CC was originall! esta lished in 3<CC and recentl! chartered on April 4@34 as a legall! recogni2ed nonAgovernmental organi2ation (-G() in the 1arshall Islands. -urpose of 6stablishment( 8he purpose of the -amdri$ Atoll Local Government is to provide services to its citi2ens and to promote the social% economic% environmental% and cultural wellA eing of communities of -amdri$ Atoll in accordance with the Constitution of the 1arshall Islands. 8he local government provides civil services and administration to the people of -amdri$ and serves as ;

contact and liaison with the national government of the ,1I. Concerns revolve around air)sea transport% economic development% and improvement of living conditions such as water suppl!. -CC was formed to unite and support the copra farmers and families of -amdri$ Atoll ! providing a financial structure for copra pa!ments and receipts. 8he Cooperative pa!s local farmers for copra produced and arranges for local storage and shipping of copra to 1ajuro where it is processed ! 8o olar Copra Processing Authorit!. 1em ers $eep accounts within the Cooperative which provides the asic services of a an$ on an outer island that has no formal an$ing operation. 8he Cooperative also u!s local handicrafts from its mem ers and women of the island to resell them in the commercial centers of 1ajuro and 9wajalein. 8he handicrafts are sometimes even e+ported to the Inited /tates for sale. -CC was chartered in April% 4@34% and currentl! has E@= mem ers. Number of -aid !taff/-rofile (e+ample& 4 doctors% = teachers)( -amdri$ Atoll Local Government Local Council consists of the 1a!or% 3@ councilmen% and ? councilwomen. (ther paid staff includes 3 Cler$ and E Policemen. -CC currentl! has two (4) individuals paid ! the CoA(p& the project manager and one staff mem er who handle the accounting and weighing process of the copra. 8hese wor$ersJ salaries are paid from warehouse user fees of K @.3@ charged per ag of copra stored.
5Please attach an 6organogram)organi2ational chart7% if availa le.

Number of 7npaid !taff/-rofile (e+ample& 3 honorar! mem er% 3@ volunteers)( 8he traditional landowners of -amdri$ are automatic honorar! mem ers of the -CC given their role as owners of the parcels of land harvested each !ear. 8he 1a!or and /enator are also considered honorar! mem ers. 8here are usuall! around four (E) additional volunteers who often wor$ on each visiting shipping schedule as a means to e+pedite the loading process. .nformation on financial//echnical Assistance Received to +ate (Please specif! source% e.g. from foreign government% international organi2ations% etc)( -amdri$ Atoll Local Government has received support from the following& ,epu lic of China (8aiwan) (uter Island .und L !earl! udget support Asian *evelopment :an$ (A*:) Government of #apan L Grassroots (GGP) Government of Australia L AusAid /mall Grant /cheme (/G/) Inited /tates *epartment of Agriculture (I/*A) 0a*or Activities( Namdri$ Atoll 'ocal Government Coconut ,eplanting Project conducted ! the ,1I 1inistr! of ,esources and *evelopment with funding support from the A*: (4@3;) -amdri$ Atoll designated as Metland of International Importance ! the Convention of Metlands (,amsar site). Preparator! wor$ was supported ! the ,amsar /mall Grants .und (4@34) Participated in solar power project funded ! the ,ural Itilities /ervice of the I/*A (4@3@) "conomic Impact Initiative supported ! a K4;%4=E Communit! .acilit! Grant from the ,ural >ousing /ervice of the I/*A (4@@B) -amdri$ Pearl (!ster Project funded ! the Glo al "nvironment .acilit! (G".) (4@@BA Present) E

-amdri$ Airport 8erminal funded ! #apan Grant Assistance for Grassroots >uman /ecurit! Projects (4@@E) -amdri$ Alele :oat funded ! #apan Grant Assistance for Grassroots >uman /ecurit! Projects (4@@E) -amdri$ :oat funded ! #apan Grant Assistance for Grassroots >uman /ecurit! Projects (3<<3APresent) NCC Provision of local storage and shipping of copra to 8o olar Copra Processing Authorit! in 1ajuro Purchase of copra locall! Nirgin Coconut (il (NC() Project -amdri$ Copra Cooperative with AusAI* funding support (4@3;) Provision of onAisland an$ing services Purchase and mar$eting of wholesale handicraft (mats% fans% hats% ja$iAed) and supplies Provision of training and instruction to -amdri$ copra farmers)families Namdri$ Atoll 'ocal Government -ast 0a*or Activities (please attach the separate sheet if you need more space ( +escription of the -ro*ect site/ -ro*ect budget +onor -ro*ect duration pro*ect location -amdri$ Pearl (!ster -amdri$ K=@%@@@ G". 4@@BA4@3; Project Lagoon (-H) 1icronesia Challenge L -amdri$ n)a 4@@C A Present -atural ,esource 1anagement Plan -amdri$ Copra -amdri$ K3=%@@@ AusAI* 4@3;A3E Cooperative (-CC) NC( Processing Project
8Attach another sheet of paper if !ou need more space.

Namdri$ Atoll 'ocal Government -ast GAG- pro*ects ( if any ( -ro*ect title -amdri$ Alele :oat -amdri$ Airport 8erminal -amdri$ :oat Namdri$ Atoll 'ocal Government Annual #udget !i"e I/ K 3?%@@@ Namdri$ Atoll 'ocal Government Annual Audit Oes -o

-ro*ect budget

-ro*ect duration 4@@E A 4@@E A @B


3<<3 A Present

+6!CR.-/.ON OF /46 -RO-O!6+ -RO16C/ -ro*ect /itle R6-A.R AN+ R6NO9A/.ON OF NA0+R.: ;AR64O7!6 FAC.'./5 !ector (please chec$) :asic education Primar! health Nocational training) /$ill development /pecial education -ro*ect goal/ob*ective Goal& 8he goal of the project is to ma$e necessar! repairs and renovations to the present -amdri$ Copra Cooperative warehouse and construct an office addition to the warehouse within 34 months% or less. ( jectives& 3. 4. ;. E. Current status% needs% and site location will e evaluated A C(1PL"8"* Construction lueprint and plan will e provided A C(1PL"8"* -ecessar! funding will e e+pected to e secured ! #anuar!% 4@3E. Mithin three (;) months of funding% all necessar! materials and supplies will have een purchased and delivered to the construction site on -amdri$. =. Mithin si+ (?) months of funding% the repairs and renovation of the warehouse will e completed in order to provide a safe and proper storage environment for copra and related products collected from the Atoll (actual construction phase is e+pected to ta$e 4 Q months). ?. Mithin si+ (?) months of funding% the construction of the office e+tension will e completed in order to provide the -CC mem ers a space to conduct centrali2ed management including the qualit! and quantit! management of copra and related products efore distri ution. B. Mithin eight (C) months of funding% the final project report will e completed and su mitted to the "m ass! of #apan. (Please see Attachment C( -ro*ect /imeline ) Agriculture Pu lic welfare):asic infrastructure "nvironment (thers (specif!) Povert! ,eduction P Income Improvement% .ood /ecurit!

-ro*ect site( (a -rofile of the target area (please provide demographic information on the area)( -amdri$ is a ver! small (3.3. sq. miles)% enclosed atoll with a lagoon surface area of ;.; square miles. -amdri$ is located 4=@ miles south west of the 1arshall IslandsJ capital of 1ajuro and is infrequentl! visited ! cargo oats and serviced ! the onl! airline in the nation% Air 1arshall Islands. *espite its small si2e% the population is fairl! large as it consists of over =@C people residing regularl! on the island. -otes from the ,1I 4@33 -ational Census /ummar!& Prior to the 4@33 Census% there were projections that the ,1I population would e from ==%@@@ to over ?@%@@@ people% ut due to massive outmigration in recent !ears% the nationJs population is currentl! =;%@@@ people. It is estimated that around 33%@@@ 1arshallese have left the countr! since 3<<< with most of these migrating to the I./. -amdri$Js population has declined from BB4 in 3<<< to =@C people in 4@33% a rate of decline of ;E.4R. -amdri$Js =@C people live in 34; households% all of which use rainwater as their source of drin$ing water. /mall and !oung children% ages @A3E% constitute E@R of the nationJs population. -ational school enrolment for children ages =A< is C@R (a out 4@R not in school)D ages 3@A 3E onl! <4R (CR not in school)D and ages 3=A4E onl! ;CR (?4R not in school). -ationall!% E4.<R of people aged 4= and over have completed high school or pursued further studies and trainingD an additional EB.C R had completed primar! education (3<.4R) or completed some !ears of >igh school (4C.?R). (ne in five economicall! active people reported to e producing goods mainly for sale (43R) in the Census. .ive per cent (=R) reported eing selfAemplo!ed% emplo!ed in famil! owned and operated farm or usiness (either paid or unpaid) or doing volunteer wor$. (b 'ocation( *istrict& Lotoen Meto (c O%nership of the pro*ect site (please chec$ (wner 8enant (thers (specif!)& Atoll)Island& -amdri$ Atoll

Please see Attachment 4( 'ando%ner Certification and Agreement #ac$ground of proposal/current needs in the targeted area( (/pecif! the outstanding needs)pro lems the communit! is facing compared to other areas% situation of other donorsJ assistance in the same sector and etc0) Copra is the cut% dried endosperm (nutritive tissue) of the coconut and serves as the major financial resource for the citi2ens of -amdri$ and other outer islands and atolls of the 1arshall Islands. 8he average total annual production of copra on -amdri$ Atoll is appro+imatel! ;;C tons which is worth appro+imatel! K3==%EC@ at toda!Js prices. In order to secure the qualit! of the copra% the copra needs to e stored in a cool and dr! space with good ventilation. "speciall!% copra must e protected from all forms of moisture% since moisture promotes h!drol!tic)en2!matic fat cleavage% which then results in selfAheating due to increased respiration. *ue to the high price of diesel fuel cost% the transportation of copra needs to e implemented efficientl!. 8herefore% the -CC has to ensure the total amount of copra transported to the major mar$ets including 1ajuro is sufficient to alance the fuel cost and minimi2e the cost of shipping. In order to achieve this level of efficienc!% the -CC has to hold copra stoc$ in the warehouse on a B

for three months (quarterl! asis) until the regular cargo shipping vessel visits -amdri$ and pic$s up the copra for deliver! to 8o olar Copra Processing Authorit! in 1ajuro. 8he current copra warehouse is appro+imatel! 3%C@@ square feet in si2e and was uilt in 3<CC. 8he warehouse is in need of major renovation due to roof lea$s and interior moisture which caused further deterioration of the uilding and has had a negative effect on the qualit! and value of the copra stored there for later shipment. Currentl!% the uilding does not have adequate ventilation to $eep the copra dr! and free from mildew and related diseases. Additionall!% there is no office space for administrative wor$% nor a filing s!stem in place to $eep all the records in a safe and secured area. (Please refer to Attachment #( -hotographs of Current Condition of NCC ;arehouse) In a related and additional effort% -amdri$ local government and the -CC have put in place plans to start e+porting Nirgin Coconut (il (NC() to 8o olar with the installation of the newl! procured s!stem funded ! AusAI*. 8he NC( will e sold to 8o olar Copra Authorit! with the goal that it will soon e widel! accepted and generate more income for the people on -amdri$. People on -amdri$ will have one more economic and commercial product in addition to copra oil. +escription of proposed pro*ect (0ethodology of the pro*ect < Include implementation plan such as recruitment of staff)la ors and supervision)evaluation of the project. ,enovating the -CC warehouse for improved copra storage and adding an office to the warehouse requires the following elements& /taffing /upervised ! and wor$ing with 1a!or Clarence Luther% 1r. "ra$ri$ #oel of -CC will serve as the Project 1anager and Construction /upervisor to oversee the Project% lead the construction team% ma$e sure the Project is implemented on time at the proposed price or less% and to ensure that it achieves the proposed goals and o jectives. 8he construction team will e comprised of the Project 1anager)Construction /upervisor and 3@ local wor$ers who have uilding s$ills and $nowledge from their wor$ on previous projects. Location 8he warehouse is located at the southeast side of the atoll on Lotoen Meto (6weto7 is the 1arshallese term for a local division of land ownership). 8he warehouse is convenientl! situated at the oceanAside of the atoll since shipping vessels are not a le to enter the lagoon. :eing on the oceanAside means that loading and offAloading is often dictated ! the ocean tide current and weather conditions. Please refer to the Swhite starS on the Namdrik Atoll Map indicating the location of the warehouse. Itilities 8he warehouse will e using natural wind flow and convection to run the e+haust fans for uilding ventilation% and solar power will e used to provide the necessar! lighting to wor$ during evening hours. 8he renovation will involve the addition of more airflow throughout the uilding which will also provide some natural light during wor$ing hours. (ffice 8he office will e uilt adjacent to the current warehouse to minimi2e construction costs and provide quic$ and eas! access to the warehouse. 8he office will also provide the -CC the space needed to $eep their files and accounting s!stem as the main treasur! and an$ing facilit! for the copra ma$ers. /olar power will provide all necessar! electricit! to the office. ,oof C

/pecial attention will e paid to qualit! in this area as roof lea$s are the major pro lem with the warehouse in its current state. 8he new design ensures that the materials used for the roof are suita le for the environment. 8he Project 1anager will ensure that the design% procurement of materials% and construction of the roof are completed properl!. Nentilation 8he uilding will e using natural convection and ventilation from the wind as well as added uilding wall features to provide free airflow throughout the structure. Please see the construction design to see how the walls will e reconstructed to provide more airflow. +etail of -ro*ect (a !i"e of the pro*ect outcome (If !our project includes construction% provide the specification of the uilding. e.g. ridgeA width and length% school or other uildingsA total square. /$ip if not applica le. ) 5attach photos of project site to show current status and blueprint of construction( 8he renovated warehouse will remain at 3%C@@ square feet. 8he office addition will e 4?@ square feet. Please refer to Attachment 6( NCC ;arehouse Renovation +esign -lan. (b /ypes and number of e&uipment% (if !our project is provision of equipment)( All of the necessar! equipment needed for the improvement project will e provided I-A9I-* ! the -amdri$ Atoll Local Government. .or instance% the use of the diesel truc$% diesel generator% construction supplies)tools cement mi+er% hand tools% etc. 8he onl! equipment that will e required to help ensure qualit! of copra in the warehouse will e moisture testers% and -CC is currentl! wor$ing with 8o olar% the national copra processing authorit!% to have one provided. Re&uired .nputs( (a Amount re&uested under the GAG- -rogramme( = >)?@A>2B)
58hree quotations must e o tained for each item.

-ote& (nl! two local vendors chose to su mit quotations for the complete :ill of 1aterials% and onl! one vendor that can provide the necessar! concrete loc$s. 8he "ngineering *ivision of the ,1I 1inistr! of Pu lic Mor$s used the quotations plus costArelated $nowledge and e+perience from previous projects to formulate the attached :ills of 1aterials and the /cope of Mor$. ( ) .tems %hich %ill be financed by the applicant( 8he -amdri$ Atoll Local Government will provide -CC with the use of its diesel truc$% motor oats for offAloading of construction materials% cement mi+er% tools and equipment% and miscellaneous needs at an estimated value of K3=%@@@ to K4@%@@@. Project designers including /enator Hac$hras and 1a!or Luther e+amined the original :ill of 1aterials and /cope of Mor$ provided ! the 1inistr! of Pu lic Mor$s and considered actions that could e ta$en to increase local involvement in the project and reduce the costs of materials and la or. 8he follow project) udget cost reduction measures were included in the project design& <

A Ise of local la or rather than contracted la or T savings of KE%<3<.4@ A Ise of government shipping rather than contractorJs charter ship T savings of K3=%@@@.@@ A Local project management rather than contractor management T savings of 4@R equal to K3;%4C3.=@ 8he Project 1anager)Construction /upervisor will also e+plore the possi ilit! of using local sand and gravel for the project. 8his could lead to further savings and reduce the final cost of the completed project. (c) .tems %hich %ill be covered by other donor(s (please include information on who will cover the recurrent)operational cost)( ,ecurrent and operational costs will e paid from fees charged for warehouse use (-CC charges K@.3@ per copra ag stored)% thus the project will e selfAsustaining. (d) 4o% %ill the community participate in the pro*ectC ( .n terms of responsibility As a small communit! in the outer islands% -amdri$ is no e+ception to the cultural tradition where mem ers of the communit! usuall! volunteer their time to help support construction wor$. 8his practice where the people come together to support a large communit! project% especiall! one such as this that will enefit the whole communit!% has een going on for generations. 8he communit! will help with the loading)offAloading of construction materials from the shipping vessel to the shore and also help to provide the dail! refreshments and meals for the wor$ers. (e /otal #udget of the pro*ect( $ 91,407.51 US Dollar (I!"#$!% $&0,000' $>)?@A>2B)) !ustainability (a -rospect o%nership of the land? building? material (/pecif! who will o tain the ownership of the site and constructed o jects upon the completion of the project.)2 (wnership of the site% the warehouse% and the office will reside with the -CC after the completion of the project. 8he landowners have assured that the uilding and land will e their contri ution towards the sustaina ilit! of the project. Please see the Attachment F < 'ando%ner Certification and Agreement. (b 4o% to maintain the pro*ect after its completion2 +escribe financial resources and managerial responsibility2 -CCJs income and fees will e used to maintain and operate the warehouse and the office in the foreseea le future. 1em ers of the -CC will also volunteer their personal time and equipment to maintain the uilding and the area on a regular asis as this contri utes to their own incomeA generating activities.


63pected Output( (a -rofile of the beneficiaries (%ho %ill be the targeted beneficiariesC ( 8he project will support the incomeAgenerating capacit! of the -CC% thus all mem ers of the -CC will e direct eneficiaries of the project with all residents of -amdri$ eing the indirect eneficiaries of the project. 8he project will support the -amdri$ Atoll Local GovernmentJs efforts in economic development and improvement of living conditions. 8he improved storage facilit! will allow the copra farmers of -amdri$ to reduce the moisture content of their product% thus increasing the price the! receive for their copra. 8he greater income should have a positive ripple effect on the overall economic development of -amdri$ as copra farming is the largest sector of their rural econom!. (b Number of people %ho %ill benefit directly( 8he E@= mem ers of -CC% including the local copra farmers of -amdri$% will enefit directl!. -amdri$Js copra farmers provide the main dail! income which puts food on the ta le for their families. 8he local econom! on -amdri$ will also see a enefit from the increase in copra production and copra qualit! which will increase the incomes of copra farmers and the economic development of -amdri$. (c Number of people %ho %ill benefit indirectly( All =@C residents of -amdri$ Atoll will enefit indirectl! from the project% mostl! schoolAaged children% local churches% and various communit! activities that require the financial contri ution of mem ers of the communit!. 8he -CC is also e+ploring the possi ilit! of increasing revenue from sale of virgin coconut oil% increased selling of handicrafts% and setting up a remittance program for -amdri$ citi2ens living in the center areas of 1ajuro and 9wajalein% and the Inited /tates. All of these activities will e supported ! the improved warehouse storage and availa ilit! of an administrative office. (d Duantitative output 3 A ,enovated 3%C@@ square foot copra warehouse with modern roof and ventilation 3 L 4?@ square foot office for -CC administrative purposes


I% the undersigned% here ! declare that the statement given in the application form is true and correct% and% when necessar!% I will provide more information requested ! the "m ass! of #apan. I further understand that this is onl! an application for support% and that it will e considered onl! during the current #apanese fiscal !ear (AprilA1arch c!cle). I will have no o jection even if it is turned down as a result of an evaluation. *ate& (da!)FFFFFFFFFFF (month) (Oear) .

-ame& Clarence Luther /ignature&

*esignation& 1a!or ) /ecretar! of -CC

+uration of the proposed pro*ect( Please refer to the Attachment C( -ro*ect /imeline and Attachment +( !cope of ;or$ < Repair and Renovation of Namdri$ ;arehouse Facility2 8M"LN" months or less


0ap of the Republic of the 0arshall .slands

0ap of Namdri$ Atoll



-CC Marehouse /ite

8he location of the proposed warehouse renovation project is seen on the map a ove with the white star. Please note that it is located on the ocean side since shipping vessels are not a le to enter the lagoon% so loading and off loading is often dictated ! the ocean tide current and weather conditions. A//AC406N/! Attachment A( Namdri$ Copra Cooperative Corporate Charter (registration Attachment #( -hotographs of Current Condition of NCC ;arehouse Attachment C( -ro*ect /imeline Attachment +( !cope of ;or$ < Repair and Renovation of Namdri$ ;arehouse Facility Attachment 6( NCC ;arehouse Renovation +esign -lan (R0. 0inistry of -ublic ;or$s Attachment FE)( #ill of 0aterials < R0. 0inistry of -ublic ;or$s Attachment FE,( 63tension? #ill of 0aterials < R0. 0inistry of -ublic ;or$s Attachment GE)( Cost 6stimations < 0a*uro +o .t #est Attachment GE,( Cost 6stimations < 0a*uro AC6 4ard%are Attachment 4( 'ando%ner Certification and Agreement Attachment .( 'etter of !upport from Namdri$ 0ayor Clarence 'uther Attachment 1( 'etter of !upport from Namdri$ Copra Cooperative 3E

Attachment :( 'etter of !upport from R0. 0inistry of Resources and +evelopment

Attachment A( Namdri$ Copra Cooperative Corporate Charter (registration


Attachment #( -hotographs of Current Condition of NCC %arehouse


8he -amdri$ Copra Cooperative warehouse in its current condition. -otice lac$ of ventilation through the walls and need for new doors.

Inside the -CC warehouse in its current condition. -otice the mold and mildew on the walls and the moisture on the floor.

Attachment C( -ro*ect /imeline 3B

Attachment +( !cope of ;or$ < Repair and Renovation of Namdri$ ;arehouse Facility 3C

!CO-6 OF ;OR:
Renovation of 63isting ;arehouse (F,G 3 HAGE @I 8he e+isting warehouse uilding is uilt from a com ination of steel frames and masonr! units constructed in the earl! 3<CC. Mhile the steel frames are validated to e in good condition% the roofing tins are heavil! corroded and need complete replacement. In so doing% new tim er purlins (47 + ?7 with adequate ridging and spaced at 4E inches on center) have to e secured on the e+isting eams using stainless steel angular plates olted on oth purlins and eams. "+isting roofing materials are to e removed and replaced with new aluminum roofing (ordinar! corrugated)% which is readil! availa le in 1ajuro stores. 8he roofing will e fastened to the purlins using aluminum roof nails with ru er washers. 8he e+isting masonr! walls which e+hi ited growth of algae have to e water lasted% wire rushed clean% and plastered inside and out% not onl! for aesthetic purposes ut also for additional strength. All of the steel frames (columns and girders) are to e wire rushed to remove scales and rust. 8hen% the steel framing will e applied with rust inhi itor epo+!% primed% and applied with 4Acoats of paint. Air ventilation will e provided ! installing decorative loc$s at the front side of the uilding while lighting will e naturall! provided ! installing transparent plastic roofing sheets at specified locations. -ew% solid core% dou le swing doors complete with stainless steel hinges and loc$sets shall replace the e+isting door. .ront canop! covering the porch area will li$ewise e provided to prevent infiltration of rain and as additional protection and shade. Office 63tension (),G 3 HAGE@I In support of the operation of the warehouse% an e+tension is proposed to e uilt on the east side of the facilit! consisting of an entr! porch% a small receiving room)office% and toilet. .resh water suppl! will e provided via a centrall! located rainwater collection s!stem. 8he collected rain will e stored in two (4) 3=@@ gallon water catchment tan$s on a raised platform while domestic sewage is drained into a septic tan$)leach field. 1aterials to e used for this project are nonAcorrosive such as aluminum roofing tins% deformed epo+! coated reinforcing ars% aluminum or stainless steel nails% and treated pl!wood and tim ers. 'abor Components( -amdri$ Atoll can offer s$illed wor$ers such as Carpenters% 1asons and >elpers while an e+perienced /upervisor (wor$ing) will e hired from 1ajuro. 8he contract period is proposed to e completed in 4A3)4 months with the following wor$ers and rates& Computation( 3A/upervisor + K?.=@)hour 4ACarpenter + K;.@@)hour 4A1ason ?A >elpers 33 1en + K;.@@)hour + K3.=@)hour T T T T K ?.=@ K ?.@@ K ?.@@ K <.@@ K4B.=@ /otal 0an 4ours J )) 3 K hours/day 3 FB days 1> T =%B4@ 1an >ours

Composite Cre% 7nit Rate (CC7R CC7R J K4B.=@)33mh T K4.E? 'abor Cost J B?>,A mh 3 =,2@F J =)@?A>)2,A


0aterial Cost (refer to :ill of 1aterials) (c) Renovation of Existing Building (d) Office Extension $15,193.59 $25,118.00 $ 0,311.59

COST SUMMARY/BUDGET SUPPORT REQUEST DESCRIPTION !ate"ial #ost $a%o" #ost #ost of $a%o" & !ate"ials #ontingenc' (10)* +,i--ing./andling +u%total 0R1 ( )* Total Project Co t COST KE;%C33.=< K3E%@B3.4 @ K=E%;C4.B < REMARKS

K=BCC4.B< K =%BCC.4C K =%@@@.@@ K?C%??3.@B K4%BE?.EE =>)?@A>2B)


Attachment 6( NCC ;arehouse Renovation +esign -lan (R0. 0inistry of -ublic ;or$s









Attachment FE)( #ill of 0aterials < R0. 0inistry of -ublic ;or$s


Attachment FE,( 63tension? #ill of 0aterials < R0. 0inistry of -ublic ;or$s


$ 7,000.00 $


$ 7,000.00

$ 7,000.00


$ 32,393.21


$ 28,618.00

Attachment GE)( Cost 6stimations < 0a*uro +o .t #est ;4

-age ) of @


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-age H of @


-age @ of @


Attachment GE,( Cost 6stimations < 0a*uro AC6 4ard%are

-age ) of >


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-age > of > 0a*uro AC6 4ard%are /otals( K3E%=<3.@; K E%@?=.@3 K 4%?;4.@C T =,)?,KK2), (Other local vendors chose not to submit a &uotation for the listed materials Attachment 4( 'ando%ner Certification and Agreement E;

Attachment .( 'etter of !upport from Namdri$ 0ayor Clarence 'uther EE

Attachment 1( 'etter of !upport from Namdri$ Copra Cooperative


Attachment :( 'etter of !upport from R0. 0inistry of Resources and +evelopment E?


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