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Fascinating facts about John Dunlop inventor of the pneumatic tire in 1887..

John Dunlop

AT A GLANCE: In 1887, John Dunlop developed the first practical pneumatic tire for his son's tricycle, tested it, and patented it on December 7, 1888. Dunlop s development of the pneumatic tire arrived at a crucial time in the development of road transportation. !ommercial production began in late 18"# in $elfast, Ireland. Dunlop partnered %ith &illiam Du !ros to form a company that %ould later become the Dunlop 'ubber !ompany. Inventor: John $oyd Dunlop Criteria: First practical. (ntrepreneur. Birth: February ), 18*# in Dreghorn, +orth ,yrshire, -cotland Death: .ctober /0, 1"/1 in Duplin, Ireland Nationality: -cottish Invention: pneumatic tire in 1887 Function: noun 1 air2filled tire 1 inflatable tire Definition: , device covering the circumference of a %heel. It cushions the rider from a bumpy road, reduces %ear and tear on the %heels and provides a friction bond bet%een the vehicle and the ground Patent: *.113 4567 issued 8arch 8, 188" *0),"") 45-7 issued -eptember ", 18"#


Mile tone : 18** !harles 9oodyear invented vulcani:ation, the process used to produce cured rubber tires. 18*3 'obert &illiam ;homson invented and patented, but could not sell his pneumatic tire design 1887 John $oyd Dunlop invented and patented a pneumatic tire for use on his son's tricycle 188" Dunlop's pneumativ tire patented in the 56 and the 5- on -eptember, 18"# 18"# Dunlop and partner &illiam <arvey Du !ros begin production of pneumatic tires in Ireland. 18"1 Dunlop's patent invalidated in favor of the earlier ;hampson patent 18"8 Fran= -eiberling starts 9oodyear ;ire and 'ubber !ompany in ,=ron, .hio 1888 8ichelin ;ire !ompany incorporated on 8ay /8, 1"*3 ;he radial tire %as invented by 8ichelin 1"/* 9oodyear ac>uired ?eppelin patents, ma=ing possible construction of rigid airships in the 1"07 9oodyear built and tested first ,merican2made synthetic rubber tire 1"*7 9oodyear introduces first nylon tires 1""" Dunlop 'ubber !ompany becomes a subsidiary of 9oodyear ;ire and 'ubber !ompany ;he -tory@ T! LEA"N M!"E RELATED INFORMATION: Invention of the Pneumatic Tire from The Great Idea Finder Charles oo!"ear #io$ra%h" from The Great Idea Finder De i#nate$ tra$e%ar& an$ 'ran$ are the property of their re pective o(ner )

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