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The Indian electronics & IT industry is the fastest growing sector of Indian industry. It
has recorded a production of Rs. 68,850 crore during the year 2000-01, and is likely to
achieve a production of Rs. 368,220 crore during the year 2008-09. Thus the industry has
grown by a factor over by five times during the last eight years. The software industry
which was worth Rs. 37,750 crore in 2000-01 is likely to achieve a production of Rs.
273,530 crore during the year 2008-09. Software exports have become an important part
of India’s exports, and India’s international image. Indian Software exports have risen
from Rs. 28,350 crore in 2000-01 towards estimated figure of Rs. 216,300 crore in 2008-
09. This success in software has been built on the foundations of public investments in
human capital, outward orientation in policies, and a highly competitive private sector
industry. The Economic Planning Group maintains a database of production and exports
data relating to Electronics and IT-ITeS industry. This data is collected from different
manufacturing and service industry and industry associations. The data is released on as
annual basis through the Annual Report of DIT.

Electronics Production
Indian Electronics and IT Industry Production Profile: 2008-09

The Software and services industry which is export driven continues to dominate
Electronics & IT Industry. In 2007-08, the Indian Software and services industry exports
witnessed a moderate growth, its total exports reaching Rs.164,400 Crore (US $ 40.4
Billion), an increase of 16.6 per cent in rupee terms and 29.9 per cent in dollar terms over
the previous financial year. In 2008-09, the total value of software and services export is
estimated at Rs. 216,300 Crore (US$ 47 billion), an increase of 31.6 per cent in rupee
terms and 16.3 per cent in dollar terms. The production and growth trend of the Indian
Electronics and IT/ITeS industry since 2003-04 has been as follows:

Year Production Growth (%)

(Rs. Crore)
2003-04 118,290 21.9
2004-05 152,420 28.9
2005-06 190,300 24.9
2006-07 244,000 28.3
2007-08 295,820 21.2
2008-09 368,220 24.5

The performance of electronics & IT industry in 2008-09 has shown sustained growth. It
has registered higher growth in 2008-09 as compared to 2007-08. Though a part of this
improved performance is due to impact of Rupee Depreciation in 2008-09, the
fundamentals of IT-ITeS industry continue to inspire confidence in Investors as indicated
in net increase in employment in the sector.
Computer Industry

The computer hardware & peripheral industry opened a lackluster performance during
2008-09. SMEs, retail, BPO/IT-enabled services and corporate sectors demonstrated
restraint in IT purchases due to concerns of liquidity and general economic performance.
The demand for Personal Computers (PCs) has remained sluggish. Deteriorating overall
business condition has made a dent on demand in 2008-09, which is reflected in the
decelerated growth rate in production of computer hardware. Most hardware companies
import almost 70 per cent of their raw material requirement. Depreciation in the Indian
rupee adversely affected the raw material cost and continued to impact the industry
margins and arrested the price drops in IT products. The overall PC sale for 2008-09 is
expected to drop to 6.71 million as against 7.34 million during 2007-08.

A total of 5.27 million desktops and 1.5 million notebooks estimated to be consumed in
2008-09. Desktop sales estimated to decline by 4% while that of notebooks 21%. The
slowdown in consumption can be attributed to the dampening of consumer sentiment in
India due to the global economic crises, especially in the second-half of 2008-09.

The production figure for this segment for the year 2008-09 is estimated to be Rs.
13,490.00 crore with growth plummeting by 15 per cent.

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