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The article show a general !iew of how to transfer data to ER" system# this scenario is only a!aila$le from CRM 2%%7

The transfer of pro&ect from CRM to ER" need correct c'stomi(ing settings) these steps are descri$ed in this article.

Transfer to ERP
There are two mode of transfer *or the man'al transfer an option +,nline+ in the c'stomi(ing for the ER" -ntegration Type. .ho'ld $e checked Transaction ."R,

CRM/0Marketing /0 Marketing "lanning and Campaign Management/0 .ystem 1andscape/0 2efine ER" -ntegration Type

*or the man'al transfer# the a'tomatic transfer choose !ia middleware transfer

The Man'al 3online4 transfer to E"R was remo!ed starting CRM 5.2# we can only 'se the a'tomatic transfer. 6o' can 'se this also $y lea!ing the integration type $lank in the c'stomi(ation# in that case the pro&ect won7t $e transferred.

To transfer a marketing element a'tomatically from CRM to R8# the following settings need to $e done) 9. 6o' m'st register the following :'e'es: -n CRM: C.;M<T"= CRM>M<T"1= -n R/8: CRM>M<T"1= R8;2= 2. The masks ha!e to $e respected) the name of the newly created ?@. element in R8 has to match the mask specifications. 8. ,n the +2etails+ !iew of the marketing pro&ect the flag +Ao ER" Transfer+ sho'ld A,T $e checked.

B. The fields transferred from the CRM marketing element/pro&ect to the R8 ?@. element are: identification# description# plan start date# plan end date# act'al start date# act'al end date. 5. -n c'stomi(ing C'stomer Relationship Management /0 Marketing /0 Marketing "lanning and Campaign Management /0 .ystem 1andscape /0 2efine R*C Connection: The connection to the R8 system sho'ld $e defined. C. 2efine Target .ystem 3R/8# @?# .EM4: the R*C destination sho'ld $e maintained for the identification M<T"1R8. 7. -n ;2M-A Console 3TD. .M,E;C4 ,$&ect Type: .-TE# click on glasses# open the R/8 $ranch# choose one for the planner# do'$le click on the site name click on site attri$'tes and there define R*C destination E. 2efine R/8 -ntegration Type: the type sho'ld $e +Middleware+. F. 2efine R/8 "ro&ect "rofile for R*C 2estination: the pro&ect profile from R8 3"ro&ect .ystem /0 .tr'ct'res /0 ,perati!e .tr'ct'res /0 ?ork @reakdown .tr'ct're 3?@.4 /0 Create "ro&ect "rofile4 sho'ld $e assigned neDt to the name of the R8 destination system. 9%. ;ssign "ro&ect .cenarios to 1ogical .ystem: the pro&ect scenario from R8 3"ro&ect .ystem /0 "ro&ect Replication/0 2efine "ro&ect .cenario4 sho'ld $e assigned neDt to the R*C destination.

GGGG Hi Ri(wan# the marketing pro&ect is transfered to R/8 and is !isi$le as a pro&ect in R/8 "ro&ect system. -t is !isi$le in Tcode CI2%A in ECC3 R/84 To $e a$le to transfer marketing pro&ect to ECC #yo' ha!e to work in accordance with a ". cons'latnt.He will create and gi!e yo' a pro&ect scenario and formatting mask that yo' will assign in CRM c'stomi(ing settings in ECC ". yo' ha!e to carry o't the foll settings: 9. 2efine pro&ect scenario 2. 2efine formatting mask

the foll: settings need to $e carried o't in CRM 9. Marketing0.ystem 1andscape/02efine ER" -ntegration Type

2.Marketing0.ystem 1andscape//0;ssign ER" "ro&ect .cenario to R*C 2estination 3 created a$o!e4 8. Marketing0.ystem 1andscape//02efine *ormatting Mask for Marketing "ro&ects 3 created a$o!e4

Aow when yo' create a marketing pro&ect and change the stat's of the pro&ect to Released#it will get transferred to ECC "..

GG *inally# - was a$le to resol!e the ECC integration iss'e.

.tandard .;" deli!ered pro&ect mask JMJ format in ECC is not same as CRM marketing plan id. - ha!e modified the ECC pr&ect mask format $y deleting the standard entry and add ing JMJ pro&ect id with CRM format 3for eDample: M/%%%%%%%%4.

http://help.sap.com/saphelp>crm7%%>ehp%9/helpdata/en/BC/%8E85dcfcC%BaFe9%%%%%%%a9 9BaC$/frameset.htm


SAP C ! Campaign !anagement " SAP C ! # $CC !iddleware integration

"osted $y Kinay "rasad in !inay.prasad2 on ,ct 29# 2%99 92:B5:%F "M in.hare9 .;" Campaign Management co!ers the complete process for r'nning a campaign starting with market analysis# contin'ing with eDec'tion of the campaign# and ending with the clos're of the campaign and analysis of the res'lts. The process completes $y assigning direct marketing eDpenses to acco'nting o$&ects as well as detailed postings in

the ECC system. ?ell the more information a$o't the .;" CRM Campaign management process itself is a!aila$le at help.sap.com# this $log deals with the integration of .;" CRM Campaign Management with .;" ECC system thro'gh CRM Middleware.

@asic CRM middleware settings like esta$lishing R*C connections to .;" CRM L .;" ECC sho'ld $e already $e taken care. The $elow steps only deals with the system config'ration on top of the $asic CRM middleware set 'p. *ollowing are the steps that are needed to config're Campaign management data flow $etween CRM and ECC.

1. 2. 3.

Define ECC integration type Define Target Systems Assign ERP Proje t S enario to R!C "estination

#. Set up t$e Pu%&i ation'Su%s ription for (essage type )Campaigns* in (i""&eware A"ministration onso&e +T,. S(OEAC- for Campaign rep&i ation. .. Set up t$e Pu%&i ation'Su%s ription for (essage type )Targetgroups* in (i""&eware A"ministration onso&e +T,. S(OEAC- for Target group rep&i ation. /. C$e 0 un"er&ying ta%&es in CR( an" ECC for rep&i ation of Campaign an" Target groups.


%e&ine $CC integration type

-n this acti!ity# yo' specify whether the campaign integration is thro'gh CRM Middleware. ."R, /0 .;" CRM /0 Marketing /0 Marketing "lanning L Campaign Management /0 .ystem 1andscape /0 2efine ER" -ntegration Type


%e&ine 'arget Systems

-n this step yo' define the connection of the CRM system to ECC system. *or ECC system we need to ena$le the parameter type M<T"1R8R*C ."R, /0 .;" CRM /0 Marketing /0 Marketing "lanning L Campaign Management /0 .ystem 1andscape /0 2efine Target .ystems 3ER"# @-# .EM# c"ro4


Assign $ P Pro)ect Scenario to

*C destination

-n this acti!ity# yo' specify the defa'lt "ro&ect scenario 3?@. element4 from the ECC "ro&ect .ystem 3".4 for transfer of campaign elements to ECC for posting the cost. .;" CRM /0 Marketing /0 Marketing "lanning L Campaign Management /0 .ystem 1andscape /0 ;ssign ER" "ro&ect .cenario to R*C destination

-f yo' assigned more than "ro&ect scenario 3?@. element4# then system needs to know which system recei!es each marketing pro&ect. This can $e controlled thro'gh @adi CRM>M<T"1>R8>-AT.


Set ,p the P,blication/S,bscription &or !essage type -Campaigns. in !iddleware Administration console /'0. S!1$AC2 &or Campaign replication.

;dapter o$&ect for Campaign:

.'$scription for Campaign:


Set ,p the P,blication/S,bscription &or !essage type -'argetgro,ps. in !iddleware Administration console /'0. S!1$AC2 &or 'arget gro,p replication.

;dapter o$&ect for Target gro'ps:

.'$scription for Target gro'ps.


Chec5 ,nderlying tables in C ! and $CC &or replication o& Campaign and 'arget gro,ps.

,nce the campaign is released# !erify for an entry for campaign in ECC ta$le CM"@>M;" with sho'ld match an entry in CRM ta$le CM"1>"R,IECT for a campaign. CRM : ta$le CM"1>"R,IECT

ECC : ta$le CM"@>M;"

Target gro'p is stored in ta$le $y the name CRM2>M<TTM>TM>H $oth in CRM and ECC# altho'gh str'ct're of the ta$le is different. CRM : ta$le CRM2>M<TTM>TM>H

ECC : ta$le CRM2>M<TTM>TM>H