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STRESSES 1. A test specimen is under tension. The load is 20,000 lb, allowable stress is 10,000 psi, modulus of elasticity is 30 million psi, and original length of specimen is 40 in. What is the re uired cross!section, in s uare inches, if the resulting elongation must not be greater than 0.001 inch" a. 22.3 b. 2#.# c. 32.2 d. #2.# 2. A s uare bar of wrought iron, 2 inches on each side, is raised to a temperature of 100 deg $ abo%e its normal. &f held so that it cannot e'pand, what stress will be induced in it" ( ) #.* ' 10 !# per deg $. a. 1+,400 psi b. 1*,400 psi c. 1,,400 psi d. 20,400 psi 3. &n problem no. 2, what is the force necessary to pre%ent e'pansion" -odulus of elasticity . may be ta/en as 30 million psi. a. ,1,#00 lbs b. *1,#00 lbs c. 20,,00 lbs d. 11,,,0 lbs 4. A short cylindrical cast iron post supports a compressi%e load of 20 tons 140 /ips2. &f the factor of safety is ta/en e ual to 10, find the diameter of the post. 3ltimate stress for compression is *0,000 psi. 4eglect slenderness ratio and no buc/ling. a. 2.20 in. b. 2.02 in. c. 3.20 in. d. 3.02 in. 0. A railroad trac/ is laid at a temperature of 105$ with gaps of 0.01 feet between the ends of the rails. The rails are 33 feet long. &f they are pre%ented from buc/ling, what stress will result from a temperature of 1105$" 16 ) #.0 ' 10!# per deg $2 a. 10,000 psi b. *,030 psi c. ,,400 psi d. ,,,*0 psi #. A steel wire 10 m. long, hanging %ertically, supports a tensile load of 20004. 4eglecting the weight of the wire, determine the re uired diameter if the stress is not to e'ceed 140 -7a, and the total elongation is not to e'ceed 0 mm. Assume modulus of elasticity to be 200 87a. a. 4.2+ mm. b. 4.+2 mm. c. 0.00 mm. d. 0.00 mm.

+. A hollow iron pipe to be designed as a column has an outside diameter of 240 mm and is sub9ected to a force of *0 (4. $ind the pipe thic/ness if the compressi%e stress is limited to 1# -7a. a. 0.*0 mm b. #.*0 mm c. +.*0 mm d. *.*0 mm *. &t is desired to chec/ the design of a 2!in. medium steel shaft sub9ected to a turning moment of 40,000 in!lb.. :etermine the factor of safety used in the design if ultimate stress is 00,000 psi. a. 1.,* b. 3.14 c. 1.#0 d. 4.,2 ,. ;ompute for the diameter 1in inches2 of an <A. 1030 steel to transmit * hp at ,0 rpm with torsional deflection below 0.03 degree per foot length as re uired. a. 3 1=* b. 3 > c. 3 0=* d. 3 +=* 10. A uniform beam 12 meters long is fi'ed at one end. &t has a uniform weight of 00 /g=m along its length. A load of 20 /gs. is suspended on the beam 4 m from the free end. The moment at the fi'ed end is a. 3+#0 /g!m b. 0.0 /g!m c. #0 /g!m d. 4*00 /g!m CYLINDERS AND PRESSURE VESSELS 1. A %ertical steel cylindrical water tan/ is 30 m. in diameter and 40 m. in height. The allowable stress of the steel plate is 120 -7a. With reinforcing angle bars and rods, find the thic/ness of the steel plate. a. 0,.22 mm b. 32.40 mm c. 40.20 mm d. 00.1* mm 2. :etermine the bursting steam pressure of a hemispherical steel shell with a diameter of 10 in. and made of 0.0#30!m. thic/ steel plate. The 9oint efficiency is at +0? and tensile strength is #0,000 psi. a. 10,000 psi b. 42* psi c. 4,200 psi d. *,,00 psi

a. 0.004*2 d2 c. 0.00#*2 d2

b. 0.00+10 d2 d. 0.0021+ d2

4. A cylinder ha%ing an internal diameter of 20 in. and an e'ternal diameter of 3# in. is sub9ected to an internal pressure of 10,000 psi and an e'ternal pressure of 2,000 psi. :etermine the hoop stress at the outer surface of the cylinder. a. 3,421., psi b. 0,142.* psi c. 0,3,4.1 psi d. 3,23,.2 psi 0. A spherical shell of 1.* m outside diameter and 1.+20 m inside diameter contains helium at a pressure of 10.4 -7a. ;ompute the stress in the shell. a. 124.* -7a b. 11,.# -7a c. ,#.4* -7a d. **.4# -7a #. 7ressuri@ed water at 1.3+ -7a is stored in a steel cylindrical tan/ 1.4 meters in diameter. &f the allowable tangential stress is *.0 -7a, find the re uired wall thic/ness of the tan/. a. 124 mm b. 130 mm c. 120 mm d. 130 mm

SHAFT DESIGN 1. A solid shaft in a rolling mill transmits 20 (W at 2 re%=s. :etermine the diameter of the shaft if the shearing stress is not to e'ceed 40 -4=m2 and the angle of twist is limited to # degrees in a length of 3 m. 3se 8 ) *3 84=m2. a. 4*.# mm b. 0*.+ mm. c. #*.0 mm. d. 3,.0 mm. 2. A 2!in. diameter solid shaft has a ma'imum bending moment of #000 lb!in. and an applied tor ue of 3000 lb!in. ;ompute the e ui%alent bending moment. a. #000 lb!in. b. #+00 lb!in. c. #300 lb!in. d. #000 lb!in. 3. A solid circular shaft is used to transmit 200 hp at 1000 rpm. What shaft diameter is re uired if the allowable ma'imum shearing stress is 20,000 psi" a. 1.4+0 in. b. 1.200 in. c. 1.+00 in. d. 2.000 in.

3. A compression ring is to be used at the 9unction of a conical head and shell. :etermine the re uired area of the compression ring if the pressure is 00 psi and the stress is 13,+00 psi. Assume efficiency of the 9oint is *0?.

4. &n problem 4o.3, if a hollow shaft is used ha%ing an inside diameter e ual to the diameter of the solid shaft, determine what

must be the outside diameter of this shaft if the angular twist of the hollow and solid shafts is to be e ual. a. 1.4+0 in. b. 1.402 in. c. 1.+00 in.A d. 1.200 in. 0. A solid cylindrical shaft, 0.0* cm in diameter, 40.+2 cm long, is used for the transmission of mechanical power at a rate of 33.0+ (W running at 1000 rpm. The modulus of rigidity for the material used is ,#.0 87a. ;alculate the torsional deflection of the shaft in degrees. a. 0.,35 b. 0.0+05 c. 0.0#5 d. 0.0*35 #. A solid transmission shaft is 3.0 inches in diameter. &t is desired to replace it with a hollow shaft of the same material and same torsional strength but its weight should only be half as much as the solid shaft. $ind the inside diameter of the hollow shaft in millimeters. a. *#.,+ b. *4.#0 c. #0.,+ d. 04.30 +. A +# mm solid shaft is to be replaced with a hollow shaft of e ual torsional strength. $ind the percentage of weight sa%ed, if the outside diameter of the hollow shaft is 100 mm. a. 0#.03? b. #+.31? c. 4*.4,? d. +2.00? *. A centrifugal pump is directly coupled to a motor. The pump rating is 3,#00 liters per minute against a total head of * meters of water. 7ump efficiency is #0? at shaft speed of 000 rpm. ;alculate the torsional stress induced in the 40!mm diameter motor shaft. a. 11,1,3.40 (7a b. 12,42,.+2 (7a c. 10,010.*0 (7a d. 13,113.*3 (7a BOLTS AND SCREWS 1. What is the frictional B7 acting on a collar loaded with 100 /g. weight" The collar has an outside diameter of 100 mm and an internal diameter of 40 mm. The collar rotates at 1000 rpm and the coefficient of friction between the collar and the pi%ot surface is 0.10. a. 0.* B7 b. 0.0 B7 c. 0.3 B7 d. 1.3 B7 2. What is the wor/ing strength of a 2C bolt which is screwed up tightly in a pac/ed 9oint when the allowable wor/ing stress is 12,000 psi"

a. 20,120 lbs c. 20.443 lbs

b. 20,34+ lbs d. 20,200 lbs

3. A single s uare thread power screw is to raise a load of +0 (4. The screw has a ma9or diameter of 3# mm and a pitch of # mm. The coefficient of thread friction and collar friction are 0.13 and 0.10 respecti%ely. &f the collar mean diameter is ,0 mm and the screw turns at #0 rpm, find the combined efficiency of the screw and collar. a. 13.43*? b. 14.20#? c. 10.030? d. 12.02#? 4. The manhole co%er of an ammonia storage tan/ is to be held by 24 stud bolts. &f the pressure inside the tan/ will remain constant at 12.0 /g per s . cm., and the manhole diameter is 00* mm., what would be the si@e of the bolts if the load will be carried by the bolts" :isregard elastic limit of material. a. 24.0 mm b. 2#.1 mm. c. 20.4 mm d. 2*.+ mm. SPRINGS 1. A helical spring ha%ing s uared and ground ends has a total of 1* coils and the material has a modulus of elasticity in shear of +*.,1 87a. &f the spring has an outside diameter of 10.42 cm., and a wire diameter of 0.#20 cm., compute the ma'imum deflection that can be produced in the spring due to a load of 00 /gs. a. 302 mm b. 342 mm c. 001 mm d. 010 mm 2. A coiled spring with 1 D !in. outside diameter is re uired to wor/ under load of 140 lbs. Wire diameter used is 0.1,2 in., spring is to ha%e se%en acti%e coils, and the ends are to be closed and ground. :etermine the unit deflection when under the load. Assume modulus of rigidity e ual to 12 million psi and mean radius to be 0.++, in. a. 1 in. b. 1.220 in. c. 1.*1+ in. d. 3.01* in. 3. A safety %al%e spring ha%ing , E coils has the ends s uared and ground. The outside diameter of the coil is 110 mm and the wire diameter is 13 mm. it has a free length of 203 mm. :etermine the length of the wire to which this spring must be initially compressed to hold boiler pressure of 1.3* -7a on the seat of 32 mm diameter. -odulus of rigidity is ta/en as *0 87a. a. 1+2 mm b. 10* mm c. 1,2 mm d. 1+, mm

4. The smaller of two concentric helical springs is made of 22 mm!diameter steel spring and has an outside diameter of 100 mm with 10 acti%e coils. The outer spring is made of 32 mm!diameter steel spring and has an outside diameter of 200 mm with * acti%e coils. Fefore the load is applied, the outer spring is 20 mm longer than the inner spring. &f the load of ,0 (4 is applied to this nest of springs, find the spring rate of each spring in (4=m.. a. 00+.0, 143.# b. +31.0, 212.0 c. 4,3.*, 12#.0 d. ,+#.1, 31*.* KEYS 1. A rectangular /ey was used in a pulley connected to a line shaft with a power of +.4# (W at a speed of 1200 rpm. &f the shearing stress of the shaft and /ey are 30 4=mm2 and 240 4=mm2 respecti%ely, what is the length of the rectangular /ey if the width is one!fourth that of the shaft diameter" a. 2#.#0 mm b. 31.24 mm c. 41.00 mm d. 20.,2 mm 2. A +#.2 mm diameter shafting of <A. 1040 grade, cold!rolled, has a yield point of 00 /si and with a D ' D ' 0 inches /ey. ;ompute the minimum yield point in the /ey in order to transmit the tor ue of the shaft. The factor of safety to use is 2 and < G< ) 0.0 <G. a. 3,.12 /si b. 42.13 /si c. 2+.,2 /si d. 4+.12 /si 3. :etermine the shear force acting on the /ey for a 4!in. diameter shaft transmitting 1000 hp at 1000 rpm. The allowable shear stress in the /ey is 10,000 psi and the allowable compressi%e stress is 30,000 psi. a. #4,000 lb!in b. #0,000 lb!in c. #3,000 lb!in d. +0,000 lb!in

COUPLINGS 1. A flanged bolt coupling has ten 20.4 mm diameter bolts e%enly tightened around a 410 mm bolt circle. :etermine the tor ue capacity of the connection if the allowable shearing stress in the bolt is 00 -7a. a. 0,.,0 (4!m b. 02.#0 (4!m c. 4#.10 (4!m d. 43.* (4!m

2. A flange coupling has an outside diameter of 200 mm and connects two 40!mm shafts. There are four 1# mm bolts on a 140! mm bolt circle. The radial flange thic/ness is 20 mm. if the torsional stress in the shaft is not to e'ceed 2# -7a, determine the shearing stress in the bolts if uniformly distributed= a. *.0 4=mm2 b. 0.* 4=mm2 c. #.0 4=mm2 d. +.0 4=mm2 3. Two short shafts ha%ing identical diameters of 3*.1 mm and rotating at 400 rpm are connected by a flange coupling ha%ing four bolts with a 100 mm bolt circle. The design shearing stress of the bolt is 12 4=mm2 and design compressi%e stress of the flange is 10 4=mm2. Bow thic/ should the flange be in mm." a. 11.01 mm b. 13.#0 mm c. 12.4, mm d. 10.#0 mm 4. A flange coupling is to be designed, using 20!mm diameter bolts, at a distance of 102 mm from the center of the shaft. Allowable shearing stress on the bolts is 103 -7a. &f the shaft is to transmit 0*00 B7 at a speed of 1,200 rpm, how many bolts are needed in the connection" a. 2. b. 3 c. 4 d. 0 FLYWHEELS 1. A flywheel rotating at 120 rpm is slowed down to 102 rpm during a punching operation that re uires D second for the punching portion of the cycle. What angular deceleration does the flywheel e'perience in radians per sec per sec" a. !2.02 b. !2.20 c. 2.02 d. 2.20 2. A flywheel has a diameter of 1.0 m, and a mass of *00 /gs. What tor ue, in 4!m, is needed to produce an angular acceleration of 100 re%olutions per minute, per second" a. 220 b. ,+4 c. 110* d. 230# 3. A cast!iron flywheel with a mean diameter of 3# inches changes speed from 300 rpm to 2*0 rpm while it gi%es up *000 ft! lb of energy. What is the weight of the rim" a. 1#30.0+ lbs b. 120,.#2 lbs c. 100#.0+ lbs d. 10,+.0+ lbs 4. $ind the rim thic/ness for a cast iron flywheel with a width of 200 mm, a mean diameter of 1.2 m, a normal operating speed of 300 rpm, a coefficient of fluctuation of 0.00 and which is capable of handling 3000 4!m of /inetic energy. Assume that the hub and arms represent 10? of the rim weight and the specific weight of cast iron is +20* /g=m3.

a. 20.2* mm c. 2*.20 mm

b. 2*.*2 mm d. 20.20 mm

a. 4.0# hp 10.2 hp d. 10.# hp

b. 0.#4 hp


0. What would be the weight of the flywheel in /g. if the weight of the rim is 3 times the sum of the weight of the hub and arms" 8i%en the outside diameter and inside diameter to be 24 in and 1* in respecti%ely and the rim width is 4.0 in. 1Assume steel flywheel2. a. 142.,0 b. 1#2.,0 c. 202.,0 d. 102.,0 #. A shearing machine re uires 100 /g!m of energy to shear a steel sheet, and has a normal speed of 3 re%=sec, slowing down to 2.* re%=sec during the shearing process. The flywheel has a mean diameter of +0 cm and weighs 0.01* /g=cm 3. The width of the rim is 30 cm. &f the hub and arms of the flywheel account for 10? of the total weight, find the thic/ness of the rim. a. 1 cm b. 0 cm c. 4 cm d. 3 cm +. $ind the weight of the flywheel needed by a machine to punch 20.0 mm holes in 10.*+ mm thic/ steel plate. The machine is to ma/e 30 stro/es per minute and a hole must be punched e%ery stro/e. The hole is to be formed during 305 rotation of the puncherIs cran/shaft. A gear train with a ratio of 12J1 is to connect the flywheel shaft to the cran/shaft. Ket the mean diameter of the flywheel rim be ,1.44 cm. The minimum flywheel speed is to be ,0? of the ma'imum and assume mechanical efficiency of the machine to be *0?. a. #* /g. b. ,# /g. c. ,0 /g. d. *2 /g.

3. A slee%e bearing has an outside diameter of 1.0 in. and a length of 2 in., the wall thic/ness is 3=1# in. The bearing is sub9ected to a radial load of 400 lbs. $ind the bearing pressure. a. 100 psi b. 100 psi c. 200 psi d. 200 psi. 4. The main bearings of a one!cylinder steam engine are 102 mm in diameter and 2*0 mm long, and support a load of 4400 /g. The bearings are well!%entilated and are hea%y in construction. The coefficient of friction in bearing is 0.01+ and cran/shaft rotates at 400 rpm. Fearing diametral clearance is 0.102 mm. :etermine the friction loss in /W per bearing. a. 1432 (W b. 1311 (W c. 1314 (W d. 132, (W

GEARS 1. $ind the circular pitch when the whole depth of tooth is 0.#0 mm. with the tooth thic/ness of 13.2 mm on the tooth circle of a 205 in%olute gear ha%ing a diametral pitch of 3. a. 1.02 b. 0.,00 c. 1.04+2 d. 1.0*20 2. A mild steel spur gear 110 t00th, 20 deg, full!depth in%olute2 pinion, rotating at +00 rpm, is to transmit 30 hp to a mild steel gear rotating at 200 rpm. :etermine the number of teeth in gear. a. 4# b. 00 c. 0# d. +# 3. &n 7roblem no. 2, determine the re uired shaft center!to!center distance if diametral pitch is ta/en as 0. a. 3.1 in b. 4.1 in c. 0.1 in d. +.1 in. 4. A machinist made two * :7 spur gears to be mounted nn a center distance of 1# inches with speed ratio of + to ,. The number of teeth in each gear is a. 100 teeth and +* teeth b. 120 teeth and ,3 teeth c. 144 teeth and 112 teeth d. 100 teeth and 11+ teeth

BEARINGS 1. A 9ournal bearing with a diameter of 2.20 in is sub9ected to a load of 1000 lbs. while rotating at 200 rpm. &f the coefficient of friction is ta/en as 0.02 and K=: is 3.0, find the total wor/ of friction in ft!lb per min. a. 10.1, b. #.+00 c. 1,0* d. 230# 2. An *!in. nominal diameter 9ournal bearing is designed for 140 deg. Lptimum when bearing length is ,!in. speed is 1*00 rpm, and total load is 20,000 lbs. ;alculate the frictional horsepower loss when the 9ournal operates under the coefficient of friction of 0.002.

0. in a standard be%el gear, the pinion rotates at 100 rpm, its no. of teeth is 14 while the gear has 42 teeth. What is the pitch angle of the pinion" a. 1*.45 b. 205 c. 14.05 d. 20.05 #. A triple thread worm has a pitch diameter of 4 inches. The wheel has 3# teeth and a pitch diameter of 10 inches. ;ompute the heli' angle. a. 11.+5 b .12.*5 c. 14.05 d. 1#.05

the safe wor/ing stress of the belt is 2.1 -7a. What is the effecti%e belt pull in newtons" a. 2000 b. 3,31 c. 402* d. 2*23 0. in problem no. 4, find the width of the belt used if the thic/ness is # mm. a. 2#1 mm b. 2+* mm c. 2,2 mm d. 314 mm #. An open belt dri%e connects a 400 mm dri%ing pulley to another dri%en pulley 1000 mm in diameter. The belt is 300 mm wide and 10 mm thic/. The coefficient of friction of the belt dri%e is 0.3 and the mass of the belt is 2.* /g=m of belt length. Lther data areJ ;enter distance between shafts ) 4 meters -a'. allowable tensile stress on the belt ) 1000 (7a <peed of the dri%ing pulley ) ,00 rpm :etermine the load on the shaft in newtons. a. *,#0, b. 0,#0* c. 4,0#0 d. +,0*0 +. &n problem no. #, determine the ma'imum power that can be transmitted in (W. a. 0,.4, b. 40.+2 c. 3*.+* d. 3+.*0 CLUTCHES 1. A disc clutch ha%ing an outside diameter of 32 cm and an inside diameter of 12.+ cm. is connected to an engine that turns at +00 rpm. The coefficient of friction is 0.# while the pressure between the friction surfaces is 2 /g=cm 2. ;ompute the force on the clutch pedal necessary to disengage the clutch disc from the engine. a. 1300.14 /g. b. 2024,21 /g. c. 324*.41 /g. d. 2#21.#+ /g. 2. &n problem no. 1, compute the power transmitted by the engine. a. +0.4, (W b. 0*.3* (W c. #,.30 (W d. #*.3* (W 3. A local utility %ehicle production company has considered to use in one of the designs a multi!disc clutch consisting of , steel discs and * bron@e discs, with effecti%e outside and inside diameter of 220 mm and 1#0 mm respecti%ely. &f the shaft turns at 1000 rpm and an a'ial force of #00 4 is applied, find the horsepower capacity, considering a coefficient of friction of 0.20 a. 4*.41 hp b. 4+.0, hp c. 02.4* hp d. 00.40 hp

4. An engine of a motor %ehicle with a wheel diameter of +12 mm de%elops 00 (W at 2000 rpm. The combined efficiency of the differential and transmission is +0? with an o%er!all speed reduction 0f 20 is to 1. :etermine the draw bar pull de%eloped in (4. a. 13.40 b. 10.40 c. 14.00 d. 12.0+ 0. &n problem no.4, determine the a'ial force on the clutch in (4. Lutside and inside diameter of the clutch are 300 mm and 240 mm respecti%ely. There are two pairs of mating surfaces with a coefficient of friction of 0.3 13se uniform wear method2. a. 4.3,2 b. 0.3#+ c. 2.,01 d. 2.4,3 #. A cone clutch has an angle of 105 and a coefficient of friction of 0.42. $ind the a'ial force re uired if the capacity of the clutch is +.4# (W at 000 rpm. The mean diameter if the acti%e conical section is 300 mm. a. 0.4022 (4 b. 0.3,2* (4 c. 0.2403 (4 d. 0.23*4 (4 +. Bow much tor ue can a cone clutch transmit if the angle of the conical elements is 10 deg., the mean diameter of the conical clutch sections is 203 mm, and an a'ial force of 00# 4 is applied" Assume coefficient of friction of 0.40 between the clutch elements. a. 14#.24 4!m b. 213.43 4!m c. 14*.30 4!m d. 232.2# 4!m BRAKES 1. A simple band bra/e has a +# cm drum and fitted with a steel band 2=0 cm. thic/ lined with a bra/e lining ha%ing a coefficient of friction of 0.20. The arc of contact is 2405. The drum is attached to a #0!cm. hoisting drum that sustains a rope load of *20 /g. The operating force has a moment arm of 1.00 m., and the band is attached 12 cm from the pi%ot point. $ind a tor ue 9ust re uired to support the load 1cloc/wise2. a. 2413.2# 4!m b. 34,2.31 4!m c. 2403.2, 4!m d. 1*,4.*2 4!m 2. &n problem no. 1, find what force $ is re uired if the direction of rotation is re%ersed. a. #+,.0 4 b. #0,.0 4 c. +*3.+ 4 d. ++3.* 4

+. A double threaded, right handed worm gear transmits 10 Bp at 1100 rpm. The pitch of the worm is 0.+0 inches and pitch diameter of 3 inches. The pressure angle is 14 E and the coefficient of friction is 0.12. :etermine the efficiency of the worm gear. a. 31.00? b. 30.10? c. 01.30? d. 00.13? BELTS 1. Two pulleys, *0 cm. apart, carries a belt in an open connection. &f the diameters of the pulleys are 40 cm and 10 cm, what is the length of the belt needed" a. 200 cm b. 000 cm c. 2#0 cm. d. 300 cm 2. A lineshaft carrying 20 in. pulley runs at 420 rpm. The pulley is belt!connected to a 12!in. pulley on the countershaft. The countershaft has an 1*!in. pulley transmitting power to a final pulley rotating at ,00 rpm. ;ompute the re uired diameter of the final pulley. a. 10 in b. 12 in c. 14 in d. 2* in 3. A transmission shaft carrying 24 in pulley rotating at 300 rpm transmits power to another with a pulley diameter of * in. :etermine the power transmitted to the final pulley if the tor ue is +00 ft!lb. a. 112.40 Bp b. 12*.02 Bp c. 134.00 Bp d. 140.#* Bp 4. A pulley #10 mm in diameter transmits 40 (W at 000 rpm. The arc of contact between the belt and pulley is 144 degrees, the coefficient of friction between the belt and the pulley is 0.30, and

3. &n problem no. 1, find the width of a steel band for a tensile stress of 00 -7a. a. 02.4 mm b. 43., mm c. 4*.4 mm d. #+.+ mm MISCELLANEOUS PROBLEMS 7roblems 1!0. A marine turbine is de%eloping 10,000 hp and it turns the shaft at 300 rpm. The propeller which is attached to the shaft de%elops a thrust of 100,000 lbs. A hollow steel shaft with an outside diameter of 14 in. will be used. 1. ;ompute for the tor ue. a. #22,000 ft!lb c. 4*#,#00 ft!lb b. *2#,000 ft!lb d. 2#2,#00 ft!lb

a. +.43 b. 4.,0 c. 3.4+ d. 4.3+ ,. What is the computed safety factor of tension using <.&. system of calculation" a. 3.4, b. 4.3, c. 4.,0 d. ,.3, 10. &f the tensile stress is only +,200 psi, what will be the new factor of safety" a. * b. 10 c. 0 d. + 7roblems 11!13. A solid steel machine shaft with a safe shearing stress of +000 psi transmits a tor ue of 10,000 in!lb. A s uare /ey is used whose width is e ual to one!fourth the shaft diameter and whose length is e ual to 1 E times the shaft diameter. 11. $ind /ey dimensions. a. E in and 3 in c. D in and 2.0 in b. E and 2.0 in d. D in and 3 in

a. 1000 lb 2000 lb

b. 10+0 lb d. 2*,0 lb


7roblems 1+!20. A storage tan/ for air, 3# inches in diameter, is to withstand an internal pressure of 200 psi with a design factor of 4 based on <u. The steel has the strength e ui%alent of ;1020 annealed and the welded 9oints should ha%e a relati%e strength of ,0?. 1+. &f <u for annealed ;1020 steel is 0+ /si, compute for <t. a. 20,400 psi b. 42,010 psi c. 02,400 psi d. 14,200 psi 1*. :etermine a suitable plate thic/ness. a. +=#4 in. b. ,=32 in. c. 0=32 in. d. 3=#4 in. 1,. ;ompute the stress in a diametral section. a. 2,400 psi b. 3,240 psi c. #,400 psi d. 1,#40 psi 20. &f a Napanese engineer would as/ you, how many centimeters is the minimum plate thic/ness re uired" a. 0.+0 cm. b. 0.2+ cm c. 0.1+ cm d. 0.10 cm. 7roblems 21!24. An *!in long steel has a cross!sectional area of 0.20 in2. After a load of 0,000 lbs has been applied, the length is found to be *.00#0 in. 21. $ind the unit stress. a. 40,000 psi c. 20,000 psi b. #0,000 psi d. *0,000 psi

2. :etermine the inside diameter of the shaft if the ma'imum shearing stress based on torsion alone is not to e'ceed +,000 psi. a. 0.,0 in. b. 3.0 in. c. 2.,0 in. d. ,.0, in. 3. What would be the propellerIs thrust that is de%eloped in /ilograms" a. #*,1*0 /gs. b. 2#,1*0 /gs. c. *#,**0 /gs. d. 1*#,000 /gs. 4. What is the diameter of the solid shaft" a. 1.** in. b. 12.**# in. #.12* in. d. *.#21 in. 0. What percentage sa%ings in weight o%er a solid shaft is effected" a. ,2.3? b. +3.3? c. 3+.3? d. #+.3? 7roblems #!10. The yield strength of a structural steel member is 3#,000 psi. The tensile stress is *,240 psi. #. What is the e ui%alent of the yield strength in -7a" a. 100 -pa b. 300 -7a c. 100 -7a d. 200 -7a +. The tensile stress can be e'pressed asJ a. *3 -pa b. 3* -7a c. 0+ -7a d. +0 -7a *. The factor of safety in tension 1.nglish system2 will beJ

12. :etermine the crushing stress of the /ey. a. +000 psi b. ,,000 psi c. 14,000 psi d. 1+,000 psi 13. Lbtain the factor of safety of the /ey in crushing, allowing an ultimate shearing stress of 00,000 psi and ultimate stress for compression of #0,000 psi. a. 2.0 b. 3.4 c. +.4 d. 4.3 7roblems 14!1#. :esign a pair of spur gears for a motor dri%e as followsJ motor deli%ers 00 hp at 1,200 rpmM gear reduction, #J1. Assume pinion pitch diameter to be 0 in.M number of teeth, 10J diametral pitch, 3. 14. &ndicate the pitch diameter, number of teeth and speed of the mating spur gear. a. 30!in, ,0 teeth, 200 rpm b. 20!in, *0 teeth, 100 rpm c. ,0!in, 30 teeth, 200 rpm d. ,0!in, 30 teeth, 100 rpm 10. What is the %elocity of the dri%en gear in fpm" a. 10+0 b. 200 c. 1200 d. 1000 1#.. $ind the tooth load


22. What is the unit deformation induced" a. 0.000*1 b. 0.4100 c. 0.00041 d. 0.*100

23. What is the modulus of elasticity" a. 24,#,0,000 psi b. #,,240,000 psi c. 04,,#0,000 psi d. 4#,,20,000 psi 24. What would be the new modulus of elasticity for the applied load of 0,000 /gs." a. 21,300,000 psi b.24,000,000 psi c. 32,140,000 psi d. 04,30+,000 psi

7roblems 20!2*. A 10=1#!in wide /ey has a depth of 0=* in. &t is 12 inches long and is to be used on a 200 hp, 11#0 rpm, s uirrel! cage induction motor. The shaft diameter is 3 +=* inches. The ma'imum running tor ue is 200? of the full!load tor ue. 20. ;ompute the ma'imum tor ue. a. 1+,330 in!lb c. 3+,210 in!lb 2#. ;ompute for $. a. 11,21+ lbs c. 2+,111 lbs b. 21,+33 in!lb d. +33,211 in!lb b. 0+,211 lbs d. +2,101 lbs

2+. :etermine the ma'imum shearing stress on the /ey. a. ++, psi b. ,,+ psi c. 1,+ psi d. 2+, psi 2*. :etermine the ma'imum compressi%e stress on the /ey. a. 0,,0 psi b. 2,,0 psi c. +2,0 psi d. ,,20 psi 2,. The rpm of a milling cutter is 200M feed is 0.02 mm per tooth. &f the feed per minute is 200 mm, calculate the number of teeth in the cutter. a. 40 b. #0 c. *0 d. 00 30. Bow long will it ta/e to saw a rectangular piece of aluminum alloy plate # in. wide and 2 in. thic/ if the length of cut is # in." The power hac/saw ma/es 120 stro/es=min, and the a%erage feed per stro/e is 0.0040 in. a. 12.0 min. b. 13.3 min. c. 10 min. d. 1#.0 min.