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Main Inspection

STEP 1: Go to the Project Navigator Pane and right click in the white area.

Go to NEW then Project

STEP 2: Type the Project name into Name field. Then click OK

The Project Name will then appear in the Project Navigator Pane.

STEP 3: Left click on the Project (Training) and a red check mark will appear. Then right click go to New then to Main Inspection

The Main Asset Pane will highlight. STEP 4: Fill out all of the information in RED and any other info about the pipe you wish to include.

NOTE: The Mainline ID has to be unique. Each pipe has to have its own Mainline ID.

STEP 4.1: To be able to enter Upstream/Downstream Node Depths you first must Save the Asset. The fields will then highlight. After entering the depths then click Next or Create Inspection

This will bring you to the Main Inspection Pane. STEP 5: Fill out Operator, Reason, and Weather, Condition, and Work Order fields if desired.

STEP 6: Click on Start with the flow or Start against the flow in accordance to the direction you are inspecting. The Start Inspection Pane will appear.

Check the Start Video Recording box. Enter your footage in the Starting footage field. Click Next

Entering an Observation:
STEP 7: Click NEW then find the Code that matches what youre observing. After filling out the Code field, fill out the Modifier/Severity if available. The Distance will automatically be filled in by the encoder. Clock the observation in the Clock from: field. Finally, click Save. Take picture/still shot after you Save.

STEP 8: When you reach the finishing Manhole/Node click Stop Inspection.

The same steps are to be performed for creating NODE ASSET INSPECTIONS.

Performing an Inclination Survey. Before putting camera in the pipe. Put transporter on flat ground and press Ctrl + I. Then turn the transporter 180 degrees and press Ctrl + I again. 1.Select(left click) the inspection. On the main asset tab click Create inspection Then select Inclination Survey. 2.Bump the transporter in reverse, click start on the Inclination Survey box. Retrieve the transporter at a consistent speed until it reaches the manhole. Press Stop on the inclination survey box. Using the laser micrometer. 1.Press Display ON. 2.Line up left line on left laser. Right line on right laser. Press Set. Password is 123 then Enter. 3.Press 1 to set scale using X axis. Enter Value of 63.5mm. Press Enter. 4.Press BLUE BUTTON Display ON again so you can see measurement. Then adjust knobs to measure. 5.Make observation in Granite. Save. Take photo if necessary. 6.When finished press Display ON again to clear screen.

Generating and Printing a Report(s). 1.Select(left click) the inspection, then right click>reports> Print "Inspection with Pipe Run" and "Report by Observations with Photos". Or any other reports you wish to generate. This process is the same for a Node Asset or Inclination Survey. Select and print those reports from the Inclination Surveys folder or Node Inspection folder.

Transferring data to a flash drive or burning a DVD. 1.Select(left click) the inspection(s), right click>export/burn. FLASH DRIVE/EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE - "Export to local or network database" Click on the box with the 3 dots on the bottom. Use the drop down arrow to select the flash drive. Give the file a name. Typically today's date. 06Feb2014. Click OK.Then click "Export" BURN A DVD - "Burn CD/DVD" Give the file a name. Typically today's date. Click "Burn"

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