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NEW ENERGY LESSON PLAN Name: Amber Galvan Title of Lesson: Which energy type would be most beneficial

in Arizona? Grade: 6th grade STANDARDS Strand 1: Inquiry Process. Concept 3: Analysis and Conclusions. PO5: Analyze the results from previous and/or similar investigations to verify the results of the current investigation. Strand 5: Physical Science. Concept 3: Transfer of Energy. PO1: Identify various ways in which electrical energy is generated using renewable and nonrenewable resources (e.g., wind, dams, fossil fuels, nuclear reactions). 6.W.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas, concepts, and information through the selection, organization, and analysis of relevant content. LESSON SUMMARY/OVERVIEW Students will have an open discussion on the weeks unit on New Energy. The discussion will provide valid information on the pros and cons of each energy source being used in the state of Arizona. After the pros and cons list is made, we will discuss how the energy source chosen could be implemented. What are their strategies to get more people to use this energy type? Once ideas are brainstormed they will put their ideas into a graphic organizer to begin mapping out their five paragraph essay. The graphic organizer should be done by the end of the day as well as a head start on their rough drafts. The continuation of writing will continue the following week during the English portion of our day. OBJECTIVES Students will be able to explain which energy type would be most beneficial in the state of Arizona, why, and how they would implement it through the development of an informative five paragraph essay. ASSESSMENT/EVALUATION Students will have met the objective if they follow the 6+1 traits of writing rubric and receive at least 30 points. PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE Students will need to know information on the four types of New Energy. This is five day unit. The first four days will be teaching of one energy type each day. They will know all the information they need to know in order to make an executive decision on which new energy type would be most beneficial in the state of Arizona. MATERIALS PowerPoints/internet access/worksheets/notes on energy types Pros and cons list Graphic organizer 6+1 Traits of writing rubric VOCABULARY/KEY WORDS Energy Solar Geothermal Wind Tidal TEACHING PROCEDURES Students will take out all notes made during the week on the energy types After reviewing once more the energy types, a discussion/debate will take place The discussion/debate will answer the question, Which New Energy source will be most beneficial in the state of Arizona? After the debate, we will discuss pros and cons of each energy type and putting those into a pros and cons list After the discussion, students will study their pros and cons lists and come up with an executive decision on the best energy type for Arizona. Each student will be coming up with their own decision. This is not a group decision. After making a decision, I will review how to brainstorm ideas into a graphic organizer which they should have learned in the previous grade Students will, using their notes and pros and cons lists, brainstorm three main reasons why the energy source they used should be implemented in Arizona. Students will put these three main ideas into their graphic organizers

They will be writing a five paragraph essay. Two of those being the intro and conclusion and the remaining three being their reasons for implementation In each reasoning paragraph they should also include a strategy for implementation Once their graphic organizer is complete, students will exchange it with their shoulder partner for peer review. Partners may write on/highlight any changes that should be made Once peer revision is done, I will be walking around the room to revise a second time briefly, making sure not only the original organizer is correct but also the revised portion done by the shoulder partner is correct Once revision time is over, review with the students how to correctly write an introduction paragraph, which they should have learned in the previous grade. Have students begin their introductions This should end the days lesson. The remainder writing time will be done in the next week during the English portion of the day.

RESOURCES Personal Success Today. Desktop Decision Maker. April 13, 2014. Retrieved from: http://personalsuccesstoday.com/desktopdecision-maker/. Graphic Organizers Printables and Ideas. April 13, 2014. Retrieved from: http://edhelper.com/teachers/graphic_organizers.htm. 6+1 Trait Rubrics (aka Scoring Guides) | Education Northwest. April 13, 2014. Retrieved from: http://educationnorthwest.org/resource/464. WAYS OF THINKING CONNECTION This lesson provokes strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is having a plan and putting it into action. This lesson is all about which energy type would work best in Arizona. Students will need to come up with why they chose the energy type they chose for Arizona. Then they will need to go into how they would implement it. What is their plan of action?