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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lesson Plan!
1. Learning Objectives & Communications! 1. Students understand the meaning of Chinese Zodiac Signs! 2. Students know the name of all the 12 signs! 3. Students can match the Chinese characters and sounds to the particular animal! 4. Students can tell his/her sign and his/her friends sign! 2. Vocabulary! ! Put emphasize on the group , and (Signs of the students)! 3. Basic Grammar! 1. ! 2. /! 3. /! 4. Methods ! Teaching new vocabularies by image, sound, and video.! Learning vocabulary and grammar through student-evolved activities! 5. Formative Assessment! Question & Answer; Match images with sounds and characters; nd out the signs of the students!

Lecture Notes
1. Introduction ! This part is a warm up, designed to let everyone know each other. Introduce myself to the students, and let the students introduce themselves. Give everyone name card.!


2. Learning new vocabularies! I. Part 1 Vocabularies!

Monday, April 7, 2014

1 This activity is designed to help the students match the images with sounds and Chinese character. ! 2 Teach rst three signs. and separately with images, then review for one time.! 3Game! Matching the image and characters. ! II. Part 2 Vocabularies! ! Same with Part 1. Teach the second quarter . Review for one time, and then play the matching game to help them remember.! III. Part 3 Video! ! Before moving on to teach the second part, I prepared a video relating to the Chinese zodiac signs for them to watch. This part is designed to help them to relax, to review, and also to stir their interest to learn more. ! IV. Part 4 & Part 5 Vocabularies! ! Same procedure. By repeating the same steps, students can memorize the new vocabularies better and easier. ! V. Part 6 Review! ! This part is designed to review the 12 zodiac signs and help students enhance their memory. In this part, I will go over the 12 signs again one by one. I will show the students the images and ask them what kind of animal is it. I will slow down a little bit at this part, to meet the different levels of students.!

3. Activities & Games! I. Part 1! ! 1) This part is designed to help students understand the meaning of Chinese zodiac signs, let them understand the signs are relate to their birth year. Everyone has a special zodiac sign, and everyone should know their own sign after this activity. It can


Monday, April 7, 2014 help the students relate the class material with their own life. Whats more, they might have been a little bit tired at this point. To play game to cheer them up! ! 2) In this part, I will also teach them the difference between and . The students should be able to say after this activity.! ! 3) I will show the students ve different birthday, and let them match the year with the zodiac signs. ! ! 4) I will give them several minutes to nd out their own zodiac sign.!

II. Part 2! ! 1) This part is designed to enhance their memory and relate the new vocabularies with the grammar points they learned before. Review the content of previous classes, emerge the new content into their built knowledge system.! ! 2) To achieve this goal, I designed several performances. The students will be required to do pair work, group work, and presentation.! ! 3) They will be required to ask their classmates birthday, zodiac signs, and age. The sentences are designed from short to long, easy to hard.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A. (group work) XX! B. (presentation) XYX.! C. (group work) XA! D. (presentation) XAYBZC!

4. Possible Future Activities! ! 1) Help them to apply the new vocabularies into the grammar pattern ! ! ! ! 2) Ask them to nd out the zodiac signs of their parents.! 3) Design activities to let them match the Chinese character with pinyin.! 4) Learn the song 12 Chinese zodiac signs!

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