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ATR Full Flight Trainer Commercial Proposal

ATR72-500 / ATR42-500 variants PW120 / PW124B / PW127E / PW127 F engine models JAR STD 2A FTD Level 2/ JAR STD 3A FNPT II MCC

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DS/O 20120301 Mr Patrick MASSICOT Commercial Director Training & Flight Ops June 2012

Date :

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1) Technical specifications :

The proposed equipment is an FFT manufactured in 2006 by Mechtronix Canada and covering : ATR72-500 / ATR42-500 variants PW120 / PW124B / PW127E / PW127 F engine models


A) Technical Description : The FFT consists of a re-configurable cockpit replicating the required ATR 72/42 aircraft configurations mounted on a subframe, and encompassing an instructor facility. The cockpit replica contains the pilot and copilot seats, aircraft controls, circuit breakers and instruments. Electronics systems, power supplies and force feel units are located out of sight, in the `nose' of the cockpit structure and in a single off board electronic cabinet. The instructor's facility is large enough to accommodate two persons and is located aft of the cockpit, with the floor of the instructor's facility at the same level as the cockpit floor. This enables the instructor and/or observer to easily move into a position immediately aft of the trainee crew for direct interaction. FFT includes the following advanced simulator components as listed below :

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Rack mounted PC based Host Computer simulation complex, mounted in a single electronics system cabinet and connected to the electronic interface system via a high-speed serial link. Forward facing Instructor Operator Station (I0S) with dual 17 inch color graphic flat panel displays Synthetic Instrument Display System (SIDS TM providing high fidelity computer generated virtual instrumentation to support conversions between various ATR 42/72 configurations. Digital Electric Control Loading System Digital Sampling Aural Cue system utilizing COTS PC based sound cards. Latest technology CANBUS interface system Visual System: The FFT is designed to accommodate a 3 channel direct projection system. The Image Generator system is: TROPOS 6000. The Projector system is: 3D Perception. The visual system includes a cylindrical screen capable of providing a 180 horizontal x 35 vertical field of view.

B) Flight Compartment : The interior of the flight compartment conforms with the contours and dimensions of the aircraft. The FFT cockpit replicates the aircraft flight compartment from the CB panels aft of the pilot seats to forward of the rudder pedals. Included is the left and right side consoles, center pedestal, Captain and First Officer seats, flight controls, main instrument panel and glareshield. Windows, linings and overhead quarter sections will be non-aircraft representations. The flight compartment is housed in a structurally reinforced fiberglass cockpit shell. Control levers in the flight compartment are provided and move through a similar range of motion as is available in the aircraft. The forces required to move them are within the tolerances specified in JAR STD 2A level II, and therefore are compliant as well to JAR STD 3A level II MCC. Similarly, relevant instruments, indicators, pushbuttons and switches in the compartment are operable.

C) Facility Requirements : The proposed FFT can be easily installed in a standard room which dimensions are listed here below : Area : Clear height : Floor : 25 ft x 25 ft minimum 13 ft minimum standard, no special requirement

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D) Trainer Weight and Measures, power requirement : General dimensions of the proposed FFT are : Gross weight : Length : Width : Height : 6 000 Lbs 20 ft 22 ft with 180 deg. Direct projection visual system 12 ft with 180 deg. Direct projection visual system

Power requirements are : Capacity : Voltage : Frequency : 7 KVA 220 V 20% (with a maximum of 264 V) 50 Hz 5%

A total of 4 grounded, 240 VAC circuits are required, each providing Line, Neutral and earth ground. (2 lines with 10A capacity are required for cockpit and visual system power distribution, 1 line rated at 10A for the control loading units, and 1 line rated at 10A for the computer cabinet). Each phase should be equipped with a 15 amp circuit breaker. The connection to the AC mains is to be provided by the Purchaser and must be either a direct connection or a supplied plug and socket. The connection to the mains

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is not included as part of the installation and should be performed by a qualified electrician. E) Environmental Requirements : The FFT is designed for installation and use in any standard, air-conditioned office environment : Temperature controlled to within 3 C (not to exceed 30 C) Humidity : not to exceed 80% (no condensation)

Note: Cockpit ventilation uses room ambient air, therefore room temperature should
be maintained at a comfort level conducive to proper instructor/student performance. The temperature needs to be maintained at a constant level (no large temperature swings within 24 hour period) to avoid convergence and drift problems with the visual projection system. The fully equipped device and all accessories represent a total power consumption of 7 KVA under typical operating conditions.

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Customers benefit : As per EASA regulation, type rating courses require 32 hours of
flight training device among which 16 hours have to be performed on FFS (full flight simulator). The end operator can expect to perform up to 16 hours on the FFT which will generate important saving on the global rating programs. As for recurrent training, all sessions and Operator Proficiency Check (where applicable) can also be performed on the FFT.

ATR commercial proposal includes : item 1 : sale of FFT (hardware) item 2 : sale of ATR data package (from 1 to 2 variants)

The FFT is sold in a serviceable condition The FFT and associated equipment will be delivered ex work Bangalore (India) disassembled and packaged. Purchaser will be responsible for transportation, customs clearance when importing the equipment and installation. ATR will cover customs clearance when exporting the equipment from Bangalore. Upon request, ATR can provide a Commercial Offer for FFT installation and RFT (ready for training) support.

For additional information, please contact : atc@atr.fr

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