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Shipwreck Narrative DRAFT

Prologue Un-named men break into a mansion. Make known that it is Fitzherberts mansion. Men sneak into a room and steal maps/codes that show exact location of the oaring Forties !as well as a description of what it is". Make mention that it is for a #$rookes character. Men make it out safel%.

&ews Paper 'lipping (hole page of paper is shrunk down and onl% part of the articles text is enlarged and readable. )rticle is as follows. *+t is belie,ed to ha,e been a group of four men- all of medium height and build- clothed entirel% in black. Fitzherbert stated that *)n%one who returns m% . maps and attached papers that were stolen will recei,e /0000 gold pieces as a reward. 1he% must how e,er be in usable condition233 Main $od% P.O.V. Captain Brookes. $rookes is doing some simple 'aptain acti,ities and con,ersing about what is happening !introduction". Man in the 'rows &est %ells that there is another ship in site- then %ells again that the flag has skull and cross-bones on it. $rookes get into action 4uickl% and starts tr%ing to mo,e faster. Pirates start to gain distance. $rookes figures that if the% can get into shallower water the% could escape from the pirates. 1he shallow water is 5ust too far awa% to reach in time. Pirate ship get close enough and opens fire. 6et one direct hit !$rookes is unaware of this hit". $rookes manages to escape 5ust into shallower water. 1he crew scrambles to tr% and keep the ship afloat b% mending the cannon hole. P.O.V William Bornhal . 1he% do this 5ust in time and anchor at the island to outwait the pirates. Pirates lea,e during the night- so next morning so does $rookes. $rookes check na,igation and is a little unsure. 7trange 7outherl% winds pre,ent the 1rial from continuing &orth !crew think this is strange". )fter a few nights the winds change and allow passage &orth past some islands. P.O.V. Captain Brookes. )gain man in 'rows &est shouts that there are more Pirates.

$rookes gets e,er%one mo,ing 4uickl% again but crew think its strange that there ha,e been 8 pirate attacks in onl% a few da%s. 1he Pirates start to close the distance. )gain $rookes tries for shallow water to lose them. 9ust before coming into cannon range the 1rial enters shallow waters. P.O.V. !aco" #ansel$. 1rial hits a reef and starts to break up. $rookes clambers into a 7kiff with his four trusted men and fi,e others. 1he% make it to the island- along with .: others from a long boat and the% horde their remaining supplies. 1he% spot Pirates heading for the shore and make a 4uick escape- aiming for 9a,a. 1he% 5ust manage to escape successfull%. 'rew tie up $rookes and his four trusted men because the% suspect the stolen map. 1he% reach 9a,a safel%. $rookes and his four men are tried and found guilt%- though no maps or an% e,idence could be found.