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Infosys TalentEdge Recruitment module is an integrated, cost-effective talent acquisition solution that enables organizations to manage their workforce

by searching and hiring the right talent. It integrates ob boards, ob !ostings, a!!licant searches, background checks, r"sum" e#tractions, and test centers, and !rovides an efficient, !roductive and enriching online recruitment e#!erience.

Recruitment Policy

Infosys !refers e#ternal recruitment and mainly takes hel! from agencies and institutions as its a giant com!any and internal recruitment !roves to be inadequate as its yearly targets are very high. CAMPUS$ %am!us recruitment is so much sought after that each college& university de!artment or institute will have a !lacement officer to handle recruitment functions. 'owever, it is often an e#!ensive !rocess, even if recruiting !rocess !roduces ob offers and acce!tances eventually. ( ma ority leave the organization within the first five years of their em!loyment. )et, it is a ma or source of recruitment for !restigious com!anies. Infosys is the com!any of choice for cam!us recruitment !rograms in most ma or engineering institutes such as IITs, RE%s etc. and at !remier management institutes such as the II*s. Engineering Institutes: %am!us hiring at engineering institutes ty!ically starts in *ay and continues through +e!tember. +enior managers and officers from Infosys actively !artici!ate in this hiring, to bring on board the ne#t generation of bright, young and talented leaders for the com!any. ,e encourage current students at the cam!uses we visit to use this o!!ortunity to interact with the Infosys recruitment teams during the hiring !rocess to understand the com!any and our !eo!le !hiloso!hy. ,e hire engineering graduates and !ost-graduates from all disci!lines, and *%( students at the cam!uses. Management Institutes: %am!us hiring at management institutes ty!ically starts in -ecember and continues through *arch. ,e hire management graduates from all disci!lines, with or without !rior work e#!erience in software or other fields. OFF CAMPUS: It is the event for those candidates who do not get selected during cam!us recruitment. The !rocess remains the same& it ust aims at giving those candidates a chance that were not able to go through the !rocess before. These candidates also go through the same two rounds, here only the scale and basis on which they are evaluated changes. Process Followed By Infosys: o Initially they advertise about the ob fair in the local news!a!ers of all the states s!ecifying the venue and date of the ob fair. o .n the s!ecified date, Infosys banners are !ut u! at the venue. They have around / to 0 counters. Initially these counters are used for registrations. .nce the number of registrations is equal to the total ca!acity of all the counters, the registrations are sto!!ed and the registered candidates fill the a!!lication forms at the counter. o 1e#t a logic test of 02 minutes is conducted and an English test of 32 minutes is conducted where in one is su!!ose to write an essay, to check their handwriting, vocabulary and sentence framing ability.

o .nce the test is over, registrations for the ne#t grou! start. (t the same time the !revious !a!ers are evaluated and the candidates are selected for interview based on the cut-off marks. o The candidates who are selected in the interview are informed then and there by dis!laying the list and are given the offer.

raining and !e"elo#ment Policy

4There is a three-tier training !rocess at Infosys. Tier-3 of the Infosys *anagement %ouncil, which consists of the com!any5s board of directors, mentors Tier-6 leaders who in turn guide the Tier-/ grou!. (bout 02 e#ecutives are a !art of the com!any5s Tier-3 of the management council. (nd each of the leaders undergoes e#haustive and sustained training through the com!any5s !ersonal develo!ment !rogramme -- 7-7. The chosen few -- 088 of the 29,08: em!loyees -- identified as 5high !otential Infoscions5 undergo a three-year 5leadershi! ourney5 that includes training, actionising !ersonal develo!ment !rogramme, interacting with other !artici!ants, understanding the com!any better and resolving real business issues. The note !re!ared by the I;I faculty enumerates 5the nine !illars for leadershi! develo!ment5 as$ 3. /<8 degree feedback 6. -evelo!ment assignments /. Infosys %ulture worksho!s 0. -evelo!ment relationshi!s 2. ;eadershi! skills training <. =eedback intensive !rogrammes >. +ystemic !rocess learning 9. (ction learning :. %ommunity em!athy

Com#ensation #olicy
The variable com!onent constitutes as much as 28 !er cent of the total !ay !ackage of senior e#ecutives at Infosys. 'owever, in case of the unior- and middle-level !rofessionals, it accounts for 68 !er cent of their gross salary, according to com!any insiders. In =)3/, the com!any deferred giving increments to em!loyees in (!ril, which it finally announced in .ctober 6836. The average rise given to offshore em!loyees was in the range of si#-eight !er cent, whereas the onsite ones were given a rise of two !er cent on an average. To give a filli! to its !roducts and !latform business, Infosys has formed an innovation fund of ?388 million. The money will be used to fund ideas, in line with the com!any@s strategy of Infosys /.8, said the firm, adding ideas from !eo!le both within the organisation and outside will be considered.

Promotion Policy
The !romotions and salary hikes for em!loyees of Infosys are directly linked to %RR. %RR Aconsolidated relative ratingB was calculated every year by taking into account the rating obtained in the half yearly a!!raisals conducted every year for each em!loyee. The %RR is on a scale of 3-0, and a %RR of 3 means best !erformance. -uring the global recession, the lowest 2C were !ut under the review !rogramme. In this !rocess, it is !ossible for an em!loyee to get a good a!!raisal rating if they maintained a good ra!!ort with the su!erior. The !romotion !olicies at Infosys have been changing with times. +ince last year, in what has been first such com!rehensive e#ercise in the IT industry, all the :3,888-odd em!loyees of India s second-largest IT services !rovider, Infosys Technologies, have been undergoing certification !rogrammes to get !romoted. The certification !rogramme, conducted every *arch, had been e#tended across the board and testing the em!loyees5 domain e#!ertise, and grading them accordingly to be eligible for !romotion. Those who qualified for these certification benchmarks were considered for higher and com!le# obs. Infosys also had a bottom !erformance !lan, according to which the !oor !erformers were given a chance to im!rove their skills. ;ast year, Infosys introduced a new initiative called DInfosys Roles and %areer Enhancement. Termed DiRace, this new strategy aims to re-ma! the technology skills of its software !rofessionals and offer them roles based on their current level of e#!erience and technological know-how. Termed DiRace, this new strategy aims to re-ma! the technology skills of its software !rofessionals and offer them roles based on their current level of e#!erience and technological know-how. iRace, im!lemented by global 'R services firm *ercer %onsulting, is a career transformation e#ercise, where em!loyees are given designations based on their domain knowledge and the business units they belong to.

Industrial Relations Policy

Infosys have seen global cor!orations redefine the business, in terms of what they offer their markets and customers, how they understand their customers, build relationshi! with customers, build relationshi!s with stakeholders and o!erate globally. Ra!id advancement of technology affect the !ace of innovation and transformation in Infosys. =rom a clients enter!rise !ers!ective, this velocity of change !oses three key challenges$ o Re-balancing Investment o Re-defining the cost structure from %(7EE intensive to .7EE based o Reducing the cycle time of realizing the R.I (s a !art of Infosys Industrial Relations 7olicy, its strategy of growing innovative !roducts, business !latform and solutions is focussed on addressing these key challenges.