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Name: Shams Alhakeem Date: 11/05/2013 PROV 105 AC#2 The project topic is about the African Americans

discrimination. Discrimination is the practice of treating one person or group differently from another in an unfair way. This project will provide some evidence about the African Americans discrimination. It will be done by me Shams Alhakeem and Qairwan Alhajeri. I am interested in this topic because I have studied about African Americans and how the whites in the past treated them and how they insulted them, so that affect me and make interested to explore more about them. In addition, in this project we will interview Dana Johnson as an example for African American person. My view about this topic is that discrimination exists in every person. For example, from my own experience I used to behave with some people rudely because they just from a city from my country that I hate and it is for no reasons. So, I do not blame the white American if they discriminated or stereotyped the blacks because they used to do that from generations and without any reason or maybe their grandparents act like that. African Americans were discriminated for decades. In addition, this discrimination still exists nowadays. There are a lot of websites that I visited during my initial online research such as NPR.com, pbs.org, radford.edu, AfricanAmericanhisroymonth.org and psych.org. I have learned many things from the history of my topic from visiting these websites. For instance, I learned that 27% of African Americans without any jobs because of their

color. Moreover, I learned that the blacks are treated away different from whites in work environment. Also, I learned that the tokenism between professors and black students is exist and obvious in some American universities. I want to learn from this project many things. First thing that I want to learn is about their heroism and courage, and some of the heroes who saved others life during the slavery and the civil war years. Secondly, I want also learn how the African Americans feel about the whole of this discrimination and the racism that they face nowadays. Also, I want to know if there is some ways that may stop the racism in United States. This project will help me build intercultural competence between my culture and American culture in different ways. To illustrate more, it will make me think about my own culture and how they treat people, and makes me exploring and knowing about my own culture. Also, it shows me that I did not know a lot about my culture.

PROV 105-American Cultures Initial Thoughts and Beliefs Essay Evaluation and Instructor Feedback Student Name: Shams Al Hakeem Grade: 100/100 Excellent work!

Introduction: 20 points
States specific topic and group/coculture Provides full names of group members Explains personal interests about this topic States full name of person that group plans to interview

Strong Evidence 20-17 pts

Some Evidence 16-14 pts

Little / No Evidence 13-0 pts

Comments: 20/20

Strong Evidence 30-25 pts Some Evidence 24-20 pts Little / No Evidence 19-0 pts

Body: 30 points

Comments: 30/30

Describes personal views about this topic, group/co-culture Explains how own cultural beliefs, values, and/or norms influence personal views about this topic and group/coculture. States websites that were visited to learn about topics history and current issues States knowledge learned about history of topic and group/co-culture States knowledge learned about current issues related to topic and group/coculture

Strong Evidence 20-17pts Some Evidence 16-14 pts Little / No Evidence 13-0 pts

Conclusion: 20 points
States learning goals for this project Gives ways in which this project will help develop intercultural competence

Comments: 20/20

Strong Evidence 20-17 pts Some Evidence 16-14 pts Little / No Evidence 13-0 pts

Course Vocabulary: 20 points

Uses several course vocabulary words accurately in every paragraph

Comments: 20/20

Strong Evidence 10-9 pts Some Evidence 8-6 pts Little / No Evidence 5-0 pts

Language and Format 10 points

Grammar/spelling errors are minimal and do not affect reader comprehension Follows format specified by instructor

Comments: 10/10