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Gods Rod is the first godprogenitor of deities, creator of the Universe and its manager.

Symbol : circle -N-Law, Comm nity, !rotection "e is the s preme niversal principle, which established the divine law !rav. "e is a protector of blood-ties and clan relations, a patron of #inship and clan nions.
Greater Deities Svarog, the Smith of Creation, Lord of the Universe, the $right %ne - symbol: a triangle with an anvil, hammer, and tongs s rro nding a white flame. & N &air, artifice, creation, fire & warhammer

Perun, the 'od of (h nder, the Stri#er symbol: a si)-spo#ed wheel & C' & air, good, strength, weather - greata)e

Svantovid, the Strong Lord, the 'od of *ar and !rosperity, the +o r-+aced Lord of the Seasons symbol: a white horse & LN & earth, strength, s n, war - longsword Dazbog, the 'iver 'od, the S n !ersonified, the Clear-S#y 'od & symbol: s n s rro nded by twelve stars - L' & good, law, protection, s n & mace Veles, the "orned 'od, the Lord of the Underworld, the $earded Shepherd symbol: cow s# ll with horns

& CN &animal, chaos, death, magic & scythe

Stribog, 'randfather of *inds, the Scatterer of *ealth & symbol: whirlwind & CN & air, chaos, weather, dragons - whip Matka, ,oist ,other -arth & symbol: the earth itself & N' & earth, good, healing, animal, plant & . arterstaff Mokosha, 'oddess of the %cean, ,other of /ain & symbol: breast-shaped stones & N & healing, #nowledge, magic, water - spear

Morana +eminine goddess of nat re, winter, and death. ,other of wherewolves symbol: Snowfla#e with s# ll -L--law, decay, ice, death- claws
Simargal, the Seven-"eaded 'od, ' ardian of the *orld (ree & symbol: a griffin & LN & law, plant, protection, strength - greatsword

Svarogich Son of Svarog. +ire in the -arth. 0ictory in war, harvest, con. est -(N- fire, war, growt - longsword

Lesser Deities Belobog, the *hite 'od, Lord of the *a)ing 1ear & symbol: wal#ing stic# & N' & good, l c#, travel - . arterstaff Dogoda, +ather of /ed2'old 3ragons, +ather of *est *inds, son of Stribog

symbol: red dragon -C-- dragon, fire, wind- longbow

Chernobog, the $lac# 'od, Lord of the *aning 1ear, Lord of 3eath & symbol: blac# crescent moon & N- & dar#ness, death, evil &longspear Lada, the Lady of +lowers, the 'oddess of Love & symbol: linden tree & N' & charm, good, l c# & dagger Pogoda , +ather of Siver *hite 3ragons, +ather of -ast *inds, son of Stribogsymbol: white dragon -C'- dragon, air, wind - longbow riglav, (hree-"eaded 'od, 'od of *ar and !estilence & symbol: a sna#e bent into a triangle & C- &chaos, destr ction, war - morningstar Demigods and Semigods !oschei, the 3eathless & symbol: flaming pin & L- & evil, fire, magic & dagger Lesh", the 'reen ,an & symbol: c dgel & CN & plant, magic, tric#ery & cl b Poldunica, Lady ,idday & symbol: s# ll with rays li#e the s n & N- & death, evil, tric#ery & scythe

Peklen is god of destiny and glory. (hose born at the time when he strews gold in his palace are destined to be wealthy. *hen he scatters earthen clods, those born are destined for poverty.

symbol: stonehamer -N-- fate, glory,earth- warhammer