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By Miles Stanford

The New Birth Explained

The term "new birth" has become quite common in recent years. What does it mean? The new birth is a Biblical imperative found in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ imself! "Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again [new birth] "John #!$%. Why is this so? &ur primary purpose is to e'plain this all(important spiritual birth accordin) to the *criptures. The Bible is +od,s Word- an actual love letter e has written to tell you how you may become a Christian. owever- if you have already received the Lord Jesus as your *aviour- we trust this boo.let will )ive you a fuller understandin) concernin) your spiritual birth and subsequent spiritual )rowth. /iles J. *tanford

Table of Contents

Chapter 0! Chapter 2! Chapter #! Chapter 5! Chapter 6! Chapter 7! Chapter $! Chapter 8! Chapter 9! Chapter 0;! Chapter 00! Chapter 02!

The 1ssue The 3irst 4dam *atan The *inner The Last 4dam The /ediator Liberty and Life The Lord Jesus Christ The :rinciple of +race 4cceptance With +od 4ssurance of *alvation <ternal *ecurity

Chapter 1: The ss!e

/y desire is that you will find this information written to you- personally- and that it will prove to be a helpful e'planation of the new birth. Come alon) then- and you should .now whether or not this is for you. Let=s first consider some real(life e'amples so that you may determine >ust where you stand in this re)ard. T"P C#L E$#MPLES ? /y wife- Cornelia- )rew up in a denominational church and school systemreachin) adulthood without .nowin) how to become a Christian. 4s a youn) woman she be)an a serious search for the truth- and that by means of studyin) theolo)ical boo.s. 4fter several years of this futile attempt she was invited to attend a wee.ly Bible class. 1t was in her study of the Boo.- the very Word of +od- that Cornelia not only learned how to become Christian- but she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her *avior and was born a)ain. @Come unto me- all ye that labor and are heavy laden- and 1 will )ive you rest. Learn of meA and ye shall find rest unto your soulsB "/atthew 00!28- 29%. /y e'perience was at the opposite end of the spectrum. Caised apart from the church or reli)ious education- 1 attempted to be completely self(sufficient and independent of +od. &n the basis of that attitude 1 was brou)ht down to the sad e'istence of a poor drun.ard. 1t was then- at the a)e of twenty(seven- that 1 finally saw myself as sinful and lost- with the )rim prospect of facin) a holy +od in >ud)ment. 4ll 1 could do was reach out to +od for mercy- and trust im to accept me as a lost sinner in need of salvation. With that realiDation 1 soon received the Lord Jesus as my *avior and was born spiritually- into the family of +od. @1 than. Christ Jesus- our Lord- who hath enabled me- in that he counted me faithful- puttin) me into the ministry- who was before a blasphemer- and a persecutor- and in>uriousE but 1 obtained mercy- because 1 did it i)norantly in unbeliefB "0 Timothy 0!02- 0#%. T"P C#L E$PE% ENCES ? Four e'perience may be somewhat different from either of the above. :ossibly you were raised in a Christian family- and your dear mother or a faithful *unday *chool teacher led you to @as. Jesus in your heartB at a very tender a)e ? but nothin) ever came of it. &r- somethin) did come of it- and you )rew up en>oyin) *unday *chool- church- and youth activities- until colle)e or early marria)e ? and then it all faded away. The remains are but a bit of cold )ray ash withinalthou)h there may still be a heart(yearnin) for +od. &r- at some time you may have been tal.ed into ma.in) a @commitmentB to Christ by a passin) @soul winnerBor at a revival meetin) in some church or crusade ? but there haven=t been any results worth mentionin). &r- li.e so many others- you may have been turned off concernin) Christianity because of the errant e'amples of some Christians. &r ? the most common case of all ? you may have been a )ood church member for years- and felt that this constituted bein) a Christian. &n the other hand- in all honesty you may have felt unworthy in yourself ever to be accepted by +od- and that has .ept you from becomin) a Christian.

THE ONE TH NG ? Gear friend- re)ardless of your past e'perience or your present condition- there is but one thin) that matters nowH 1f you realiDe that you are not a born(a)ain Christian- and if you ac.nowled)e that you are a sinner and need the *avior- then +od says to you in is Word! @*ee. the Lord while he may be foundcall upon him while he is nearE let the wic.ed forsa.e his way- and the unri)hteous man his thou)hts- and let him return unto the Lord- and he will have mercy upon himB "1saiah 66!7- $%. 1f you sincerely want to be born a)ain- then this material is written for you. owever- if you feel that you are not yet ready to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your *avior- the truths set forth here may prepare you to put your trust in the &ne who is the Truth- the *avior who lovin)ly says! @1 am the way- the truth- and the lifeE no man cometh unto the 3ather- but by me.B @Fe shall .now the truth- and the truth shall ma.e you freeB "John 05!7- 8!#2%.

Chapter &: The 'irst #da(

&ut of idle curiosity- or a )enuine attempt to find out how to become a Christian- or from some other motivation- you may have pic.ed up the Bible at one time or another and commenced readin) at the first chapter of +enesis. Iery li.ely you mana)ed to cover a few pa)es- or even chapters- and that was it. 4ll that you read failed to ma.e any sense- and you were quite certain that it didn=t relate to your situation anyhow. Fou don=t mind bein) totally wron) if it leads to becomin) totally ri)ht- do you? Let=s open the Bible to the first chapter- and consider the 27th verse. @4nd +od said- Let us ma.e man in our ima)e- after our li.enessB "+enesis 0!27%. This bit of *cripture embodies the truth that has to do with you personally- the .ey that will e'plain the new birth. LO)* #N* CLE#% ? Before we settle down to the business of the Bible- let it be said that we are not )oin) into )reat detail ? you will have the rest of your life for that. Fou only have time now for the basic essentials. Fou may already have been victimiDed by the wron) practice of many evan)elists and preachers. 1n their well( meanin) Deal they often berate and e'hort their hearers for an hour or so- and almost as an afterthou)ht tac. on a brief summary of the +ospel. Then the bewildered and uninformed sinner is pressured into @)oin) forwardB to ma.e the eternal decision to be savedA before he is even aware that he is lostH To help rectify the above deficiency- our purpose here is to ma.e the truths of salvation crystal clear to you. &ne has the ri)ht to be )iven sufficient truth whereby to ma.e a clear decision. GO*+S P)%POSE ? With that ever in mind- let us loc. in on this *cripture! @+od said- Let us ma.e man in our ima)e.B That is precisely what +od did. @The first man- 4dam- was made a livin) soulB "0 Corinthians 06!56%. +od is love- and love must have an ob>ect upon which to lavish itself. ence +od made the first man in is ima)e that e mi)ht )ive is love- and in turn receive man=s love.

GO*+S M#GE ? 4dams=s li.eness to +od was not a physical ima)e- but one of personhood. +od is a :erson- man is a person. /an was endowed with the faculties of intellect- emotion- and volition so that +od could share with him is life- love- and purpose. Thus they would en>oy fellowship. +od is infinite- uncreated- heavenly- the source of all lifeE +od=s first man was finite- created- earthly. +od e'ists on the divine planeE 4dam was made on the human plane ? hence they were immeasurably separate in bein)but ali.e in the faculties of personhood. This @ima)eB verse has to do with you personally- so .eep your eye on 4dam and you will be halfway to your )oalH +od made 4dam to be the source- the prototype- the head- the representative man of the entire race. 4ll the human family was to sprin) from 4dam and <ve. 1n that way the personhood and the human characteristics of 4dam would be instilled in the race throu)h the inherited oneness of nature. The initial phase of +od=s eternal purpose for man.ind was that this representative man would )row in is moral ima)e- and thereby become increasin)ly li.e +od. By that means the race that came from 4dam would continue in fellowship with +od- and +od with man. GO*+s CON* T ON ? +od was Creator- and 4dam createdE therefore- +od was soverei)n- and 4dam sub>ect. While 4dam had complete liberty to develop in every way in line with +od=s eternal purpose and for his own eternal benefit- he must remain within the circle of +od=s beneficent will. To establish the sphere of is will for 4dam- +od set forth a sin)le condition. e said to 4dam- @&f every tree of the )arden thou mayest freely eat- but of the tree of the .nowled)e of )ood and evil- thou shalt not eat of itfor in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely dieB "+enesis 2!07- 0$%. 1n order for 4dam to develop into a responsible and lovin) companion to +od- not a mere automaton or slave- it was necessary that +od )ive him a choice! to accept +od=s will ? the way of eternal lifeE or to re>ect +od=s will ? the way of eternal death. 4ny deviation from the will of +od is lawlessnessE it is sin. 4nd- of necessity- @the wa)es of sin is deathB "Comans 7!2#%. +od is so utterly holy and pure that the result of sin must be eternal banishment from his presence. 4t first thou)ht one mi)ht be tempted to thin. that +od was e'tremely harsh and unreasonable with 4dam. Geath for >ust one disobedience- and the first one at that? Why- +od didn=t even say- @That=s onceHB But when one realiDes somethin) of the only possible relationship between Creator and creature- the unbelievable consequences of creature rebellion allow- there was no choice on +od=s part but that e to lay down the ultimate penalty for sin. @4rt thou not from everlastin)- & Lord- my +od- mine oly &ne? Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil- and canst not loo. upon iniquityB " aba..u. 0!02- 0#%.

Chapter ,: Satan
THE TEMPTE% ? <nter *atan! enter deathH This brilliant celestial bein)- the hi)hest in +od=s an)elic hierarchy- was cast down from his e'alted estate because of the sin of pride. e aspired and conspired to ta.e

over the very Throne of +od- and to become as +od. 3or this +od had to condemn him and his followers to ultimate eternal death in the la.e of fire. @ ow art thou fallen from heaven- & LuciferA. ow art thou cut down to the )roundA. 3or thou hast said in thine heart- 1 will ascend into heaven- 1 will e'alt my throne above the stars of +odA. 1 will be li.e the /ost i)h. Fet thou shalt be brou)ht down to sheol.B @4nd the devilAwas cast into the la.e of fire and brimstoneAB "1saiah 05!02(06E Cevelation 2;!0;%. 1n sayin) @1 will-B *atan rebelled a)ainst +od=s will. *atan=s failure to conquer +od=s throne in heaven didn=t deter him from attemptin) to )ain control of this world and the human race at its inception. e realiDed that if he could cause 4dam to disobey +od- he would thereby win the entire human race at its inception. e realiDed that if he could cause 4dam to disobey +od- he would thereby win the entire human race and thus become the )od of this world. 4)ain the reminder to .eep your eye on your representative man- because what happened to him happened to you. 4s you observe 4dam- you will learn why you must be born a)ain. THE TEMPTE* J 1n the face of +od=s protective command- and is )racious warnin) of death as the consequence of disobedience- 4dam and <ve were tempted by *atan to parta.e of the tree of the .nowled)e of )ood and evil. 4nd that is e'actly what they did. They chose *atan=s way over a)ainst the will of +odH That was sin. 1t resulted in spiritual death which cut them off from +od- who is the source of life. Fears later they died physicallyJphysical death bein) the ultimate result of spiritual death. 4fter he died spiritually- and before he died physically- @4dam be)ot a son in his own li.eness- after his ima)eB "+enesis 6!#%. ence he brou)ht forth the condemned- *atan(bound human race in his own sinful ima)e. /an fell from innocence to enmity toward +odH To see 4dam the sinner is to see yourself. Fou were born into this world possessed of a sinful nature inherited from your fallen source. Fou were born a sinner- and are therefore spiritually dead. *piritual death results in separation from +od foreverJthat is hell. Gon=t ta.e my word for it- but hear +od in is Word. @4s by one man sin entered into the world- and death by sin- and so death passed upon all men- for all have sinnedB "Comans 6!02%. 4nd sin of necessity brou)ht its wa)es. @Therefore- as by the offense of one >ud)ement came upon all men to condemnationB "Comans 6!08%. CON*EMN#T ON COMPO)N*E* J 4ctually- you lie under a dual condemnation! for 4dam=s sin- and for your own. 1n <phesians chapter 2- +od spea.s of sinners as bein) @dead in trespasses and sins-B and @by nature the children of wrathE havin) no hope- and without +od in the worldB "<phesians 2!0- #%. @ e that believeth not is condemned already- because he hath not believed in the name of the only be)otten *on of +odB "John #!08%. 4 pretty ti)ht spot to be inH ere you are- not only condemned and headed for the >ud)ement of the +reat White Throne because you have sinned a)ainst +od by not trustin) im- but you are equally condemned because you have a sinful nature inherited from 4dam. *ince you have been born wron)- and have done wron)- you are spiritually ban.rupt. Wron) family "root%- and wron) conduct "fruit%. @3or all have sinned and come short of the )lory of +odB "Comans #!2#%.

Chapter -: The Sinner

.)EST ON J Fou have now reached the half(way mar. to the )oal of how to become a Christian. @ avin) no hope- and without +od in the world-B there is only one way left to )o. The way up is down- as you well soon see. There is but one provision by which to escape the condemned family! a new familyH 4nd there is but one provision by which to enter that family! a new birthH 1f you were to as.- @how can this be?B you would not be the first to pose that question. Kow let=s find the answer in the Word of +od. Kicodemus- a ruler of the Jews in Jesus= day- was one of the foremost theolo)ical teachers in Judaism at that time. 1n his need he sou)ht out the Lord Jesus- and received some totally une'pected answers to his questions. #NS/E% J The Lord Jesus said to this see.in) sinner- @<'cept a man be born a)ain- he cannot see the .in)dom of +od.B Kicodemus then as.ed- @ ow can a man be born when he is oldB Can he enter the second time into his mother=s womb- and be born?B "John #!#- 5%. The Lord Jesus reemphasiDed- @/arvel not that 1 said unto thee- Fe must be born a)ainA. Kicodemus answered- and said unto him- ow can these thin)s be?B The very same question you may have as.ed. @Jesus answered- and said unto him- 4rt thou a teacher in 1srael- and .nowest not these thin)s?B "John #!$- 9- 0;%. BL N*NESS J ow could such a hi)hly intellectual and theolo)ically astute reli)ious doctor come to such a wron) interpretation of the most important statement he had ever heard or ever would hear? <asy. Wron) familyH ence he was a @blind leader of the blindB. The 4postle :aul- another one(time @blindB leader and teacher of 1srael- wrote after he had received his spiritual si)ht- @1f our )ospel be hidden it is hidden to them that are lost- in whom the )od of this a)e "*atan% hath blinded the minds of them who believe not- lest the li)ht of the )lorious )ospel of Christ- who is the ima)e of +od- should shine unto themB "2 Corinthians 5!#- 5%. *atan conquered 4dam and the human race by means of deceit- thus he became the arch(usurperJthe )od of this world and the 4damic race. e has blinded the mind of the natural man and has placed enmity in man=s heart a)ainst +od- in order to prevent him from turnin) to the *avior. The Bible says that @the carnal "4damic% mind is enmity a)ainst +odE for it is not sub>ect to the thin)s of the *pirit of +odE for they are foolishness unto him- neither can he .now them- because they are spiritually discerned.B @There is none ri)hteous- no not one! there is none that understandeth- there is none that see.eth after +odB "Comans 8!$E 0 Corinthians 2!05E Comans #!0;- 00%. By now you may have somethin) pressin) quite heavily on your mind- such as- @4ll the time 1 have .ept my eyes upon 4dam there has been nothin) in view but condemnation and death. Where is +od in all this scene? e doesn=t seem to have been able to do anythin) on my behalf- and *atan seems to have had about everythin) his own way. Worst of all- +od has condemned me for somethin) over which 1 had no control. 1t was not my choice to be born of the wron) familyHB G) LT" J Gear friend- 1 read you. 4nd you are ri)htAin part. 1t is true that you could not help bein) condemned in 4dam- and therefore a lost sinner by nature. But it is also true that you are a condemned sinner by your own personal choiceJin thou)ht- word- and deed.

1s it not true that you have @bro.en every commandment in the Boo.B? ave you even .ept the first one? @Thou shalt love the Lord- thy +od- with all thy heart- and with all thy soul- and with all thy mind. This is the first and )reat commandment.B @Whosoever shall .eep the whole law- and yet offend in one point- he is )uilty of allB "/atthew 22!#$- #8E James 2!0;%. &h- you have earned your condemnation before +od all ri)ht- and that because of your self(centered heart and will. +od says that @the heart is deceitful above all thin)s- and desperately wic.edE who can .now it?B "Jeremiah 0$!9%. Li.e *atan you have said- @1 willB in the face of +od=s will to the contrary. What is more- as the sinful clay you have no ri)ht to question the holy- soverei)n :otter. @*hall the thin) formed say to him that formed it- Why hast thou made me thus?B "Comans 9!2;%. When it comes to bein) a lost sinner- you are a self(made person. 1t is best to admit to +od that e is ri)ht after all- and that you are wron)- wron)- wron). 4nd the )ood news is that +od has been very much on the scene all the time- and that on your behalfH @*atan in never so completely defeated as in his apparent victoriesHB

Chapter 0: The Last #da(

<nter the Last 4dam! enter LifeH Gid you .now that +od has two 4dams- two contrastin) representative men as heads of two completely different streams of humanity? @The first man- 4dam- was made a livin) soulE the last 4dam was made a life()ivin) spiritB "0 Corinthians 06!56%. Kote the disparity between these two sources! @The first man is of the earth- earthyE the second man is the Lord from heavenB "0 Corinthians 06!5$%. THE '#LLEN #*#M J The first man brou)ht forth the sinful- earthly race by natural )eneration. The *econd /an is brin)in) forth the ri)hteous- heavenly race by supernatural re)eneration. The wron) family is entered by physical birthE the ri)ht family is entered by the @new birthB. Watch carefully now- and see what +od has done for you. avin) .ept your eye on the first 4dam lon) enou)hyou can now .eep your eyes on the Last 4dam for all eternity. *ee how +od has been silently wor.in) in order to consummate is ori)inal purpose of ma.in) man in is ima)e. THE % SEN #*#M J @+odAhath in these last days spo.en to us by his *on- whom he hath appointed heir of all thin)s- by whom also he made the worldsE who- bein) the bri)htness of his )lory- and the e'press ima)e of his personB " ebrews 0!0(#%. The first 4dam ceased to reflect the ima)e of +od because he rebelled and turned a)ainst +od=s will. The Last 4dam maintained +od=s ima)e because e confessed- @1 came down from heaven- not to do mine own will but the will of him that sent meB "John 7!#8%. +od in mercy has )iven another 4dam throu)h whom e means to carry out is ori)inal purpose for you. e is no less than +od the *on- and hence the e'press ima)e of +od. @ e that hath seen me hath seen the 3atherB "John 05!9%. 4ctually- the failure of the first 4dam set the scene for the triumph of the Last 4dam.

The Lord Jesus is +od=s Last 4dam because there would be no need for another. 4t the Cross e appeared to be a hopeless failureJbut- @e'cept a )rain of wheat fall into the )round and die- it abideth aloneE but if it die- it brin)eth forth much fruitB "John 02!25%. S NLESS B %TH J *ee how >ustly and perfectly +od has wrou)ht the plan of salvation. Four condemnation came by human birth- and your Cedeemer came also by human birth. 1t has been said! @The manner of the birth of Christ- termed the vir)in birth- mi)ht better be defined as the vir)in conception- for the birth itself was normal enou)h once e was conceived by the oly *pirit.B The an)el announced to the vir)in /ary- @Thou shalt conceive in thy womb- and brin) forth a son- and shalt call his name J<*L*A. The oly *pirit shall come upon thee- and the power of the i)hest shall overshadow theeE therefore also that holy thin) which shall be born of thee shall be called the *on of +odB "Lu.e 0!#0- #6%. That was the manner by which the *on of +od entered the human race. The difference was that e as +od was born sinless- while we were born @dead in trespasses and sins.B 4nd- durin) is life on earth- e @was in all points tempted li.e as we are- yet without sinB " ebrews 5!06%. Cemember now- in order for +od to >ustly and perfectly replace the sinful first 4dam- is Last 4dam had to succeed where the first 4dam failed. e had to remain faithful to +od under the same circumstances and limitations in which the first man brou)ht ruin. 3urther- e had to be tempted to do the same thin)- in the same way- by the same person- as was the first 4dam. %E1ENTE% S#T#N J 1n Lu.e 5 we see that the oly *pirit led the Lord Jesus into the desert- where e fasted for forty days. When the Last 4dam=s hun)er was acute- *atan tried to tempt im to eatJthe very temptation by which he had conquered the first 4dam. *atan launched his attac. on the Last 4dam- .nowin) that if he could )et im to step outside +od=s will and )o is own way- he would thereby conquer the last representative /an. e would then have all and be as +od. Meep in mind that the Lord Jesus was not facin) this temptation for is own sa.e- but for yoursH e was doin) it as your *ubstitute in order that e mi)ht become your *avior. *atan cast his first fiery dart at the Lord Jesus by sayin)- @1f thou be the *on of +od- command this stone- that it be made breadB "Lu.e 5!#%. Bein) +od- the Lord Jesus could have done it. 3amished as e was- e >ust parried the deadly dart with *cripture! @1t is written- /an shall not live by bread alone- but by every word of +odB "Lu.e 5!5%. 4s the Last 4dam- the Lord Jesus was in )lad sub>ection to is 3ather- and e refused to do anythin) contrary to +od=s will for im. @Lo- 1 come to do thy will- & +odB " ebrews 0;!9%. When food failed- *atan pro>ected his power play. Ta.in) the Lord onto a hi)h mountain- he showed im all the .in)doms of the world in a moment of time. Then he said to im- @4ll this authority will 1 )ive thee- and the )lory of them! for that is delivered unto me- and to whomsoever 1 will 1 )ive itB "Lu.e 5!7%. ere- *atan had the effrontery to offer the world to the very &ne whom +od has @appointed heir of all thin)sby whom also e made the worldsB " ebrews 0!2%. Kotice that the Lord Jesus did not challen)e *atan=s claim nor question his offer- but by is silence ac.nowled)ed that *atan is indeed the )od of this present world.

*atan finally revealed his all(consumin) lust for the ultimate. @1f thou- therefore- will worship me- all shall be thineB "Lu.e 5!$%. Thin. of itH *atan- the implacable foe of the /ost i)h +od- see.in) to bribe +od the *on into worshippin) the usurper. ere was his boldest bid to become as +od. But the Last 4dam a)ain effortlessly cut down the <nemy with the sword of the Lord! @+et thee behind /e*atanE for it is written- Thou shall worship the Lord- they +od- and im only shall thou serveB "Lu.e 5!8%.

Chapter 2: The Mediator

<nter the /ediator! enter >usticeH Kow we come to another wonderful aspect of +od=s wor. on your behalf. e sent is beloved *on from heaven- not only to be your Last 4dam- but to be the /ediator between imself and you. 4 /ediator is one who stands between two parties to reconcile their differences when there is a breach between them. 4nd the )ulf between you and +od is considerable. %E.) %EMENTS J The Lord Jesus is +od=s only /ediator. 4nd e is the only possible mediator for you. @3or there is one +od- and one mediator between +od and men- the man- Christ JesusB "0 Timothy 2!6%. 4 mediator must be one who is accepted and trusted by both parties involved. +od said of the Lord Jesus- @This is my beloved *on- in whom 1 am well pleasedE hear ye himB "/atthew 0$!6%. e as.s you to receive is *on. Fou enter into your part of the mediation by acceptin) and trustin) +od=s /ediator. 1n order to be the /ediator between +od and man- the Lord Jesus had to parta.e of both +od=s nature and man=s nature. That is mediationJ e entered into the very nature of both parties involvedH 4re you not be)innin) to be )ripped by the marvel of all this? The Lord Jesus always was +odE e had +od=s nature from all eternity. By bein) born of the vir)in /ary- e too. upon imself the nature of man. e is referred to in the *criptures as both @*on of +odB and @*on of manB. P# * N ')LL J &bserve what else the Word of +od says of im! @Who bein) in the form of +od- thou)ht it not robbery to be equal with +od- but made himself of no reputation- and too. upon him the form of a servant "the Last 4dam%- and was made in the li.eness of menE and- bein) found in fashion as a man- he humbled himself and became obedient unto death- even the death of the crossB ":hilippians 2!7(8%. &ur Lord willin)ly shed is life(blood on the Cross- dyin) the most a)oniDin) and shameful criminal death for you. Fes- the Lamb of +od was sacrificed in order to pay your penalty. @Without sheddin) of blood is no remission "for)iveness%B " ebrews 9!22%. Four blessed *ubstitute @made peace throu)h the blood of his crossA. 4nd you- that were once alienated and enemies in your mind by wic.ed wor.s- yet now hath he reconciled in the body of his flesh throu)h death- to present you holy and unblamable and unreprovable in his "+od=s% si)htB "Colossians 0!2;(22%. 3urther- as /ediator- the Lord Jesus must equally represent both +od and man. Thin. of thatH e stood between the holy +od and the sinful human race. e had to be one who would satisfy every claim of +od upon man- and every claim of man upon +od. Bein) your Creator- +od has considerable claim upon you- does e not?

ST#3E "O)% CL# M4 J There is but one le)itimate claim that you have upon +od- and that is that you are condemned and there is absolutely nothin) you can do to alter the fact. 4lthou)h you had nothin) to do with your birth into the wron) family- of your own volition you established your condemnation. Ko matter how much you try to alter your condition- or how )ood you may attempt to be- you are still drawin) from the wron) source- one that is totally unacceptable to +od. *o the claim you have upon im is- @+od- 1 can do nothin) about my spiritual position- or condition. Fou will have to underta.e for me.B 4nd e has already done that which is required for your personal caseH e sent is *on to ta.e your place in the death that sin requiredJthe Lord Jesus too. upon im that death and paid the penalty for you. @3orasmuch as ye .now that ye were not redeemed with corruptible thin)s- li.e silver and )oldAbut with the precious blood of Christ- as of a lamb without blemish and without spot- who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world- but was manifest in these last times for you- who by him do believe in +od- who raised him up from the dead and )ave him )lory- that your faith and hope mi)ht be in +odB "0 :eter 0!08(20%.

Chapter 5: Libert6 and Life

4ll that you have considered thus far adds up to this! @4s in 4dam all die- even so in Christ shall all be made aliveB "0 Corinthians 06!22%. Four only hope is to be freed from eternal death in 4dam- and to be born a)ain so that you have eternal life in Christ. '%OM B#* TO GOO* J When you are able to face up to the bad news- and ac.nowled)e that *atan has you hopelessly bound in )uilt- condemnation- and deathE it is then- and not until then- that +od comes to your rescue and enables you to embrace the +ospel- the )ood news. 4nd was there ever such )ood news? @3orasmuch- then- as the children "of 4dam% are parta.ers of flesh and blood- he "the Last 4dam% also himself li.ewise too. part of the same- that throu)h death he mi)ht destroy him that had the power of death- that is- the devil- and deliver them who- throu)h fear of death- were all their lifetime sub>ect to bonda)eB " ebrews 2!05- 06%. THE * 7 NE O''E% J +od has always ta.en the initiative. e made the first and every other move toward you- while all your moves have been away from im. But the blessed @ ound of eavenB has finally overta.en you. 4s one has so well put it- @/ullin) over this solitary >ourney afterward- 1 had a notion that somehow- besides questin)- 1 was bein) pursued. 3ootsteps paddin) behind meE a followin) shadow- a ound of eaven- so near that 1 could feel the warm breath on my nec.. @1 .now 1 was ma.in) for somewhere- some place of li)htE see.in) some ultimate fulfillment of which another reborn me would be e'tricated from the e'istin) hus. of a fleshly e)otistic me- li.e a butterfly from a chrysalis. @1 was also in fli)ht. Bein) chasedE the pursuin) and the pursuit- the quest and the fli)ht- mer)in) the last into one sin)le immanence of luminosity.B


Just as the 3ather embraced his prodi)al son- so +od=s love receives you @as isB . @+od commendeth is love toward us in that- while we were yet sinners- Christ died for usB "Comans 6!8%. @+od loves us the way we arebut e loves us too much to leave us that way.B Could the )ood news of the +ospel be more e'plicit? @3or +od so loved the world- that he )ave his only be)otten *on- that whosoever believeth in him should not perish- but have everlastin) lifeB "John #!07%. @WhosoeverB includes you! you can than. +od for thatH Fou escape everlastin) death and enter into everlastin) life by believin) on the *on. Born to die- you are reborn to live. @ e that believeth on the *on hath everlastin) lifeE and he that believeth not the *on shall not see lifeB "John #!#7%. What a reliefH +od laid all your sins upon is perfect *on when e was on the Cross of Calvary. The Lord Jesus too. all your sin into death- thereby payin) for your >ustly(earned penalty. *ince e imself had not sine was free to come out from under the paid penalty and rise from the dead. e @was delivered for our offensesand was raised a)ain for our >ustificationB "Comans 5!26%. '%EEL" 'O%G 7EN J Kow +od can >ustly say to you- @3ull payment has been made. Ceceive /y beloved *on as your personal payment- and you will be free from the first 4dam and born a)ain into the Last 4dam.B Fes- Jesus paid it allH @4ll thin)s are of +od- who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus ChristA. 3or he hath made him "Jesus%- who .new no sin- to be sin for us- that we mi)ht be made the ri)hteousness of +od in himB "2 Corinthians 6!08- 20%. ere is a word from +od to better enable you to close in on the sub>ect at hand. e says to you- in love- @To him that wor.eth not- but believeth on him that >ustifieth the un)odly- his faith is counted for ri)hteousnessB "Comans 5!6%. <nou)hH Ko wor.s- no chan)in)E e >ust as.s you to trust im as you are! an un)odly sinner. Bein) a sinful child of 4dam- you fully qualify for +od=s )ift of is *on. @This is a faithful sayin)- and worthy of all acceptance- that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.B @3or Christ also hath once suffered for "your% sins- the >ust for the un>ust- that he mi)ht brin) us to +odB "0 Timothy 0!06E 0 :eter #!08%. TH S S T4 J Fou have earned your wa)es- but +od offers you is free +ift before you have to collect them. @3or the wa)es of sin is death- but the )ift of +od is eternal life throu)h Jesus Christ- our LordB "Comans 7!2#%. 1f- ri)ht now- you want to receive the *avior- there are but two words remainin)H 8%EPENT9 J ow to be born a)ain consists of @repentance toward +od- and faith toward our Lord Jesus ChristB "4cts 2;!20%. Cepentance means to turn about- to chan)e one=s mind. +od- the Creator of the universeas.s you to turn from your way and choose is way. 4nd e has personally paid your "4damic% penalty on the Cross so that you are le)ally free to ma.e the ri)ht choice. @+odA commandeth all men everywhere to repentB "4cts 0$!#;%. Kow you can freely pray to im- @& +od- 1 want Fou to be my heavenly 3ather- and 1 choose to )o Four way.B 8BEL E7E9 J @3aith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.B When you repent and turn to +od as your 3ather- there is no lon)er any question about trustin) +od the *on as you *avior. &n the basis of what you .now of your spiritual need- and what you have learned about Christ=s provision- you may now say to im- @Lord Jesus- 1 than. you from my heart for dyin) for my sins- and 1 now receive Fou as my own *avior.B

That- dear friend- is how to become a born(a)ain Christian.


Chapter :: The Lord ;es!s Christ

/H#T H#PPENE*< J 4s a Christian- it is important for you to .now somethin) of what happens to you when you re>ect the first 4dam and accept the Last 4dam. Fou .now you have become a Christian- not on the basis of what you feel or don=t feel- but upon Whom you have believed and therefore have received. @4s many as received him- to them )ave he power to become the children of +od- even to them that believe on his nameB "John 0!02%. PE%SON#L J 4s 4dam brou)ht death by your natural birth- so the Lord Jesus brin)s life by your spiritual birth. When you accept the *avior- you not only receive what e did for you on the Cross- but you receive the &ne who did it. By is oly *pirit- e comes into your spirit to be your Christian life. @Christ- who is our lifeB "Colossians #!5%. When you place your trust in the Lord Jesus- +od removes you from the fallen 4dam family by the cuttin)(off death of the Cross- and e spiritually re(creates you as a member of the new heavenly race that sprin)s from the Last 4dam. @Therefore- if any man be in Christ- he is a new creationB "2 Corinthians 6!0$%. ONENESS J 4s you were one with 4dam by nature- you became one with the Lord Jesus by a new nature. +od positions you in is *on by means of a spiritual birth- and e places is *on=s very nature within your spirit so that you are now is child. Believin)- we become @parta.ers of the divine natureB "2 :eter 0!5%. 4t the moment of your new birth- the Lord Jesus enters your spirit by means of +od the oly *pirit. e is the *pirit of Christ. 1n that way you are in livin) and eternal union with +od the *on. @1 "Christ% will pray the 3ather- and he shall )ive you another Comforter "the oly *pirit%- that he may abide with you foreverE even the *pirit of truthA. 4t that day ye shall .now that 1 am in my 3ather- and ye in me- and 1 in youB "John 05!07- 0$2;%. L 'E H MSEL' J @Believin) on +od is really receivin) what +od )ives.B Becomin) a born(a)ain Christian is receivin) and bein) indwelt by a :erson. 1t is not a matter of feelin)- but of scriptural fact. 1t is not ma.in) a commitment- or decidin) to follow im- or anythin) else. +od )ives you eternal life by )ivin) you is *on who is life eternal. The Lord Jesus said- @1 amAthe lifeB "John 05!7%. @4nd this is the record- that +od hath )iven to us eternal life- and this life is in his *on. e that hath the *on hath lifeE and he that hath not the *on of +od hath no life. These thin)s have 1 written unto you that believe on the name of the *on of +od- that ye may .now that ye have eternal lifeB "0 John 6!00(0#%. SE%7#NT S#T#N J Kow you can see that *atan didn=t ruin or alter +od=s ori)inal plan- after all. 4s a matter of fact- +od used him to brin) about is purpose for you. By the fallen 4dam- *atan brou)ht you under condemnation. But the *pirit()iven realiDation of your lost condition led you to conviction of sin and to the *avior. @*atan is wor.in) within the limits of the eternal plan of +od.B 4nd that in spite of the fact that e fell by ori)inally e'ceedin) those limits. G%O/TH J What is +od=s eternal purpose for you? Cemember? @Let us ma.e man in our ima)eB "+enesis 0!27%. 4nd the Lord Jesus is the @e'press ima)e of his "+od=s% personB " ebrews 0!#%. ence- by means of your new birth you were re(created in the ima)e of +od.

4s you )row in your new life- you will )row in the e'pression of that ima)e. That is what the Christian life is all aboutJbecomin) more and more li.e your Lord. :aul said of his converts- @/y little children- of whom 1 travail in birth a)ain until Christ be formed in youB "+alatians 5!09%. 4s a Christian- +od will be wor.in) out is eternal purpose for you- and slowly developin) you into is li.eness. Li.e the 3ather- and li.e the *onH @4nd we .now that all thin)s wor. to)ether for )ood to them that love +od- to them who are the called accordin) to his purpose. 3or whom he did fore.now- he also did predestinate to be conformed to the ima)e of his *onB "Comans 8!28- 29%. Fou have be)un a wonderful new life now- and it will continue throu)hout <ternity. 4ll the while- you will be )ettin) to .now the Lord Jesus more fullyE and by im you will increasin)ly .now and love your heavenly 3ather. @3or in him "Christ% dwelleth all the fullness of the +odhead bodilyB "Colossians 2!9%. HE % O' GO* J Meep in mind- the Lord Jesus is your very life now- and e will be forever. 4ll that e is- e is for you. 4ll that e has- e will )ive to youJand that will require all eternityH @3or ye are all the sons of +od by faith in Christ JesusA. Wherefore- thou art no more a servant- but a sonE and if a son- then an heir of +od throu)h Christ.B @1f children- then heirsJheirs of +od- and >oint(heirs with ChristB "+alatians #!27- 5!$E Comans 8!0$%. Let us reverently listen to a portion of the prayer of the Lord Jesus Christ >ust before e went to the Cross! @3ather- the hour is comeE )lorify thy *on- that thy *on also may )lorify thee. 4s thou hast )iven him power over all flesh- that he should )ive eternal life to as many as thou hast )iven him. 4nd this is life eternal- that they mi)ht .now thee- the only true +od- and Jesus Christ- whom thou hast sentA. @4nd the )lory which thou )avest me 1 have )iven them- that they may be one- even as we are oneA. 3ather- 1 will that they also- whom thou hast )iven me- be with me where 1 am- that they may behold my )lory- which thou hast )iven meE for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the worldB "John 0$!0(#- 22- 25%.

Chapter =: The Prin>iple of Gra>e

BO%N B" G%#CE J 4s a new Christian you are able to understand that you were born a)ain on the principle of )raceJthe unearned- free )ift of +od. @The )ift of +od is eternal life throu)h Jesus Christ- our Lord.B @3or by )race are ye saved throu)h faithE and that not of yourselves- it is the )ift of +odB "Comans 7!2#E <phesians 2!8%. CON'O%ME* B" G%#CE J 4s a new Christian it is important that you realiDe- also- that +od saved you in order to conform you to the ima)e of is *on. The Lord Jesus is the e'press ima)e of +od- and it is throu)h im that +od realiDes is ori)inal purpose! @Let us ma.e man in our ima)e.B L 7E B" G%#CE J 4s a new Christian- moreover- you are to understand that your new life is to be lived on the same principle as your new birthJthat of )race. @4s ye have- therefore- received Christ Jesus the Lord- so wal. ye in imB "Colossians 2!7%. +od created- +od )ave- +od wor.s- @3or it is +od who wor.eth in you both to will and to do of his )ood pleasureB ":hilippians 2!0#%. Four 3ather=s )ood pleasure is that you may become li.e is beloved *on.

4s a babe in Christ you are aware of new life and stren)th within- and your heart is filled with love for the Lord Jesus. Fou will become active in church- Bible study- *cripture memoriDation- and no doubt see. to win your unsaved relatives and friends to the *avior. 4ll )ood- and beneficial. /O%3S 7S? G%#CE J 1n time- howeverJit may be a few months or a number of yearsJyou may be)in to falter in all of these areas. Four love for the Lord Jesus cools- and elements of your old life be)in to reassert themselves. *tru))le as you may to re)ain your spiritual balance- you will only seem to fail the more. 3or you it becomes@When 1 would do )ood- evil is present with meA. &h- wretched man that 1 amH Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?B "Comans $!20- 25%. By means of your stru))le and failure to live the Christian life- the Lord Jesus is teachin) you the indispensable )race principle of @not 1- but ChristB "+alatians 2!2;%. Gurin) this downward path you will finally learn that you cannot live the Christian life in you own stren)th- nor even with the Lord=s help. THE G%#C O)S 7 NE J The Lord Jesus e'pressed this principle in John 06!6! @1 am the vine- ye are the branches- he that abideth in me- and 1 in him- the same brin)eth forth much fruitE for without me ye can do nothin).B Four part- as a branch in the Iine- is to rest in im- depend upon im- and fellowship with im. Fou are >oined to the Iine by nature- and is life will flow in and throu)h you- @that the life also of Jesus mi)ht be made manifest in our mortal fleshB "2 Corinthians 5!00%. Fou will find it a )reat revelationJand reliefJin the midst of your failure- to hear these words- @Kow than.s be unto +od- who always causeth us to triumph in Christ- and ma.eth manifest the savor of his .nowled)e by us in every placeB "2 Corinthians 2!05%. Fou do not triumph by means of your own stren)th and strate)yE it is your 3ather who )ives you life and )rowth in is *on. Ce)eneration by )raceE )rowth by )raceJthat is the principle of the Christian life. 1ndeed- the Lord Jesus is your Life :rinciple. @Kow unto him who is able to do e'ceedin)ly abundantly above all that we as. or thin.accordin) to the power that wor.eth in usB "<phesians #!2;%. /#L3 B" G%#CE J *lowly and painfully you will learn to be dependent upon your heavenly 3ather. e has ordained and laid out is plan for your life- and as you )row spiritually you will be wal.in) in the path e has chosen for you. @3or we are +od=s wor.manship- created in Christ Jesus unto )ood wor.s- which +od hath before ordained that we should wal. in themB "<phesians 2!0;%. SE%7E B" G%#CE J Fou are )oin) to learn that your service is also accordin) to the principle of )race! re)eneration by )race- )rowth by )race- service by )race. Four 3ather has promised to provide you with all that you will need for whatever e calls you to do. There will be enou)h for you- and for others- also. @+od is able to ma.e all )race abound toward you- that ye- always havin) all sufficiency in all thin)s- may abound to every )ood wor.B "2 Corinthians 9!8%. G%#CE /O%3S4 J The fact that the Christian life and service are by )race does not mean that you flop down and wait for im to wor. apart from you.

The )rowin) Christian is a very active individualE he becomes the willin) instrument of +od=s blessed will. 1n his measure he can say- with :aul- @ is )race- which was bestowed upon me- was not in vain- but 1 labored more abundantly than they allE yet not 1- but the )race of +od which was with meB "0 Corinthians 06!0;%. @+od wor.s- not with what e finds- but with what e brin)s.B

Chapter 1@: #>>eptan>e with God

/H" *O/N< We need to pause here and consider >ust why the )rowin) Christian is ta.en down into defeat and despair in order to be brou)ht up into maturity and fruitfulness. The hard fact is that the )rowin) believer=s formative years are predominantly bac.ward and downward- rather than forward and upward. There is far more of Comans *even "defeat% than there is of Comans <i)ht "victory%. 1t must be understood why your head- heart- and hope e'tend far in advance of your Christian course- while your actual e'perience stru))les alon)- years in arrears. Kow is the time for you to discover why it is that there is so much more fear- failure- and frustration that love- >oy- and peace durin) your early spiritual development. The main reason for this is that your 3ather has allowed your old sinful nature to remain within- co(e'istent with your new ri)hteous nature. 1t is by this means that +od )ives you the constant choice! to abide in your old nature and be 4dam(li.e- or to abide in your new nature and become Christ(li.e. THE /#" )P S *O/N4 J Four 3ather first teaches you about your old sinful self- before you are tau)ht about your new ri)hteous self. The )reater part of your early trainin) consists of learnin) to reco)niDe your sinful 4damic nature for what it is- totally self(centered and at enmity with +odH /ercifully- the need fostered by this prolon)ed discovery provides the motivation and heart(hun)er for .nowin) your new *ource of life- the Lord Jesus. Four new nature is the direct opposite of the oldE it loves +od and is will. The sin and bonda)e spawned by your old nature motivate you to depend upon the Lord Jesus- to love im- and to .now im. @This is life eternal- that they mi)ht .now thee- the only true +od- and Jesus Christ- whom thou hast sent.B @That 1 may .now himB "John 0$!#E :hilippians #!0;%. 'O)N*#T ON#L '#CTS J 1n order for you to come throu)h the e'tended disclosure of your sin nature stron) and sure- rather than baffled and beaten- you must .now the solidity of your spiritual foundation. When you become acutely aware of the sin within- and its evil manifestations in your daily wal. and relationships- you may be tempted to wonder whether or not you are a Christian- after all. ence you need to .now the stren)th of the foundation upon which you are to live and )row. #CCEPT#NCE B" G%#CE J The first aspect that we are to consider is that of acceptanceJyour acceptance with +od in the Lord Jesus Christ. Li.e everythin) else in your Christian life- your acceptance by +od is of )race. @ avin) predestinated us unto the adoption of sons by Jesus Christ to himself- accordin) to the )ood pleasure of his will- to the praise of the )lory of his )race- throu)h which he hath made us accepted in the BelovedB "<phesians 0!6- 7%.

Could anythin) be more complete and eternal? To the e'tent that the 3ather accepts is beloved *on- e accepts you in im. Fou can forever than. im that your acceptance does not depend upon what you are in yourselfH POS T ON 7S? CON* T ON J 1f you >ud)e +od=s attitude toward you accordin) to your day(to(day condition- you are never )oin) to be absolutely sure that e fully accepts you- if at all. When everythin) is )oin) well and you are happy in the Lord you are li.ely to conclude- @1 am pleasin) to +od- therefore e loves me and accepts me.B But when e has to ta.e you down into failure- or throu)h trial- or into the desertJas an important part of your spiritual developmentJthen you are apt to feel- @1 must be displeasin) to +odE e doesn=t seem to love me or accept me any lon)er.B With +od- position is everythin) when it comes to your acceptance in is *on- and e wants that to be everythin) in your estimation. &f course- +od is concerned about your present state- and e e'pects you to bealso. But your acceptance is not based upon your condition. S#T#N S#C3E* J Four acceptance by +od will often be denied by *atan. e will accuse you concernin) sin in your life. e will insist that +od cannot possibly accept anyone in your condition. 1t is then that you can especially rest in the Lord Jesus- who is your full acceptance before +od and your shield a)ainst the devil=s dart of doubt. @3or your life is hidden with Christ in +odB "Colossians #!#%. +od has positioned you in Christ. 4s the oly *pirit develops Christ=s life within you- you will be increasin)ly conformed to the ima)e of the Lord Jesus- *atan and all his wiles notwithstandin). @But we all- with unveiled face beholdin) as in a mirror the )lory of the Lord- are chan)ed into the same ima)e from )lory to )lory- even as by the *pirit of the LordB "2 Corinthians #!08%. T% 1#CCEPT#NCE J +od the 3ather- +od the *on- and +od the oly *pirit are wor.in) on your behalf in the oneness of the +odhead for their eternal purpose! @Let us ma.e "this% man in our ima)e- after our li.enessB "+enesis 0!27%. 1n the li)ht of these fortifyin) truths- you need never heed *atan=s liesH @1f "since% +od be for us- who can be a)ainst us?A. Who shall lay any thin) to the char)e of +od=s elect?B "Comans 8!#0- ##%. Certainly not *atanH @Kot a hair of the child of +od can fall without +od=s permission. *atan is but the unintentional instrument to accomplish +od=s willE he can do no more than he is allowed to do. 1f trials come as a host a)ainst us- we .now that the 4lmi)hty is between us and them. They will but wor. out for us our 3ather=s own purposes of love.B

Chapter 11: #ss!ran>e of SalAation

3NO/LE*GE S PO/E% J The second aspect of your spiritual foundation is the assurance of salvation. This is the @.now(soB conviction that you are a Christian. @3or 1 .now whom 1 have believed and am persuaded that he is able to .eep that which 1 have committed unto him a)ainst that dayB "2 Timothy 0!02%.


To the e'tent that your assurance of salvation wavers- your Christian e'perience will be crippled. 1t is much the same in the realm of the human family. 4 child may hear a rumor that he was adopted- and may be)in to doubt that his parents are his real father and mother. e thereby loses his @assuranceBE he is no lon)er sure of his position in the family. This can have a devastatin) effect upon a child. ow stren)thenin) and assurin) it is when one is sure of his parenta)eH 1t is similar in the Christian life. Four unsha.able assurance as to spiritual parenta)e comes from the Word of +od. Four new position is as sure and unchan)eable as the eternal *criptures upon which it is founded. Four actual condition fluctuates from time to timeJthere is both retro)ression and pro)ression. ence your position is the only )round for assurance of your salvation. '#M L" POS T ON J <ver .eep in mind the difference between position and condition. Let=s say there is a certain boy whose dad=s name is Carloni- and whose mom=s maiden name was Ialentino. When we .now his parenta)e- we .now that this boy is 1talian by family position and nature. Because of his position by birth- we .now that when this boy )rows up he is )oin) to be 1talian in his conditionin his characteristics. is condition will reflect his position. e is born into an unchan)eable position- and his is )rowin) in his chan)eable conditionJbut both are 1talian. *piritual birth has to do with family position- and not with e'periences. Four new birth may have a )reat effect upon your condition. Fou may be filled with love- >oy- peaceJthat is the result of your position. These and other aspects of your condition will ebb and flow. There will be )rowth all durin) your life- but your family position will never chan)e one iota. 4nd it is upon your position in Christ that your assurance of salvation is established. @4nd we .now that the *on of +od is come- and hath )iven us an understandin)- that we may .now him that is trueE and we are in him that is true- even in his *on Jesus Christ. This is the true +od- and eternal lifeB "0 John 6!2;%. 'O)N*#T ON#L SH 'T J 1t is usually in this area of assurance that you ma.e your first ma>or mista.e in your Christian life. 4fter you enter your spiritual position by faith- there is a )reat chan)e in your conditionJat least there should beH /any of the old sins and habits drop away- and you may become a >oyous and out)oin) Christian. Four life is flooded with that first love and enthusiasm. 4s a babe in Christ you are .eenly aware of this transformation. 1t is so perceptible and wonderful that you are very li.ely to shift your assurance from your position to your condition. Fou feel so saved- and you act so savedthat you may say to yourself- @1 .now that 1 am a ChristianE loo. at me- listen to meHB Fou are now assured of your salvation because you feel saved. But see what this leads to. &ne mornin)- comes the dawn. &n this particular day upon awa.enin) you realiDe that you don=t loo. very saved- you don=t sound very saved- and you no lon)er feel very saved. 4ll day lon) everythin) )oes wron)- and by ni)htfall you find yourself at the end of your assurance. Four conclusion may well be that since your condition is so bad- you >ust may not be a Christian. 4t any rateyou ma.e up your mind to re)ain your assurance. The ne't day you strive to loo. and to sound and to feel saved. 1n short- you be)in to stru))le in order to maintain your assurance.

But because you are now centerin) your faith upon yourself and your condition- there is nothin) but failure compounded. Four positional relationship with +od has not chan)ed in the least- and never willJbut your assurance of it has. 1t may be by this- or a similar e'perience- that +od will teach you that your new Christian life- and your assurance of that life- have their source and foundation in your position. 1t is all of )raceH @Who "+od% hath saved us- and called us with an holy callin)- not accordin) to our wor.s- but accordin) to his own purpose and )race- which was )iven us in Christ JesusB "2 Timothy 0!9%. THE / TNESS O' THE SP % T J 4nother factor concernin) your assurance of salvation is @the witness of the *pirit.B @The *pirit himself beareth witness with our spirit- that we are the children of +odB "Comans 8!07%. *o many have the tendency to han.er for assurance in the realm of feelin)s. @*ome an'ious soul says- N1f 1 had the witness of the *pirit 1 should be happy and at restE but- alasH 1 have not that witness.= /y friend- you are loo.in) in the wron) place for the *pirit=s witness. Fou must not loo. within. @The witness of the *pirit of Truth is not an inward feelin) of consciousness of pardonE it is a witness recorded in the imperishable words of oly *cripture. The witness of the *pirit is not a va)ue uncertainty or inward consciousnessE it is a written testimony that lies plain and clear on the pa)es of *cripture. @What is the witness? 1t is this! NTheir sins and iniquities will 1 remember no more= " ebrews 8!02%. <very believer is entitled to .now that the question of his sins is divinely and eternally settled.BJC.4. Coates When the oly *pirit- the 4uthor of the Bible- spea.s to your heart- e does it by means of that Word. 4s you study the *criptures concernin) your position in the Lord Jesus Christ- the *pirit of Christ )ives you a deep assurance within your spirit- beyond the realm of feelin)s- which cannot be altered or )ainsaid. @ e that believeth on the *on of +od hath the witness in himselfA. 4nd this is the record- that +od hath )iven to us eternal life- and this life is in his *onA. These thin)s have 1 written unto you that believe on the name of the *on of +od- that ye may .now that ye have eternal lifeB "0 John 6!0;(0#%.

Chapter 1&: Eternal Se>!rit6

)NCON* T ON#L J The third and final aspect of your spiritual foundation to be considered here is eternal security. Just as your acceptance with +od is by )race- so your eternal security is by )race. Fou will inevitably encounter those who vehemently oppose the truth of eternal security. Those opponents insist upon some form of wor.s in order to remain saved. But the +od of all )race- the &ne who saves and securessays- @To him that wor.eth not- but believeth on him that >ustifieth the un)odly- his faith is counted for ri)hteousnessB "Comans 5!6%. *tandin) upon your acceptance by +od- and thereby restin) in your assurance of salvation- there is very little that need be said about the obvious conclusion! you are unconditionally- eternally secure in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. @Kow unto him that is able to .eep you from fallin)- and to present you faultless before the presence of his )lory with e'ceedin) >oy- to the only wise +od- our *avior- be )lory and ma>esty- dominion and power- both

now and everB "Jude 25-26%. 1t isn=t that you don=t fall in some measure daily in your condition- but that you cannot fall from your eternal position. &ne may fall on the dec.- but never off the shipH THE SO7E%E GNT" O' GO* J The master .ey to your eternal security is the fact that your 3ather is the soverei)n +od of the universe. e has chosen youH e has made you is childH @4ccordin) as he hath chosen us in him "Christ% before the foundation of the worldAhavin) predestinated us unto the adoption of sons by Jesus Christ to himself- accordin) to the )ood pleasure of his willB "<phesians 0!5-6%. Fou have already seen that your soverei)n 3ather accepts you in is *on- and that e is wor.in) out is eternal purpose and will concernin) you. @To the praise of the )lory of his )race- throu)h which he hath made us accepted in the BelovedA. 1n whom also we have obtained an inheritance- bein) predestinated accordin) to the purpose of him who wor.eth all thin)s after the counsel of his own willB "<phesians 0!7- 00%. THE ;)ST CE O' GO* J 1n a day of fla)rant in>ustice- it will hearten you to .now that your security is based squarely upon the >ustice of +od. @To declareAhis ri)hteousness- that he mi)ht be >ust- and the >ustifier of him who believeth in Jesus.B @3or Christ also hath once suffered for sins- the >ust for the un>ust- that he mi)ht brin) us to +odB "Comans #!27E 0 :eter #!08%. :ayment +od cannot twice demandE 3irst at my bleedin) *urety=s hand- 4nd then at mine. THE LO7E O' GO* J 4nother factor in your eternal security is +od=s love for you. Four 3ather loves you as e loves is *on- because in im you are also is son. Kothin) can separate the Lord Jesus from is 3atherand in im nothin) can separate you from your 3ather. @What shall separate us from the love of Christ? *hall tribulation- or distress- or persecution- or famine- or na.edness- or peril- or sword?Afor 1 am persuaded that neither death- nor life- nor an)els- nor principalities- nor powers- nor thin)s present- nor thin)s to come- nor hei)ht- nor depth- nor any other creation- shall be able to separate us from the love of +od- which is in Christ Jesus- our LordB "Comans 8!#6- #8- #9%. THE PO/E% O' GO* J further- you are an heir of +od. Four inheritance is .ept for you while you are .ept by the power of +od. @Blessed be the +od and 3ather of our Lord Jesus Christ- who- accordin) to his abundant mercy- hath be)otten us a)ain unto a livin) hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead- to an inheritance incorruptibleand undefiled- and that fadeth not away- reserved in heaven for you- who are .ept by the power of +od throu)h faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last timeB "0 :eter 0!#(6%. THE P%OM SES O' GO* J 4s if this overwhelmin) evidence concernin) your eternal security were not enou)h- +od has )iven many promises that e will .eep you. Let us loo. at >ust two of them in closin). The Lord Jesus )ives you a dual promise! @4ll that the 3ather )iveth me shall come to meE and him that cometh to me 1 will in no wise cast outB "John 7!#$%. Fou have come to him as your *avior- and he has not re>ected you but rather received you in eternal love. avin) come to im and been saved by is marvelous )race- e has promised never to cast you outH When *atan approaches you in the midst of your wea.ness and immaturity and char)es that +od has forsa.en you- because of your sinful condition- it is then that your 3ather=s promise shines upon you! @1 will never leave thee- nor forsa.e theeB " ebrews 0#!6%. @+od said it- 1 believe it- and that settles itHB

3inally- consider this encoura)in) word by the late Gr. L.*. Chafer- founder of Gallas Theolo)ical *eminary! @Could it be possible that +od would so love an individual as to )ive is *on to die for him- and still love him to the e'tent of followin) him with the pleadin)s and drawin)s of is )race until e has won that soul into is own family and created him anew by the impartation of is own divine nature- and then be careless as to what becomes of the one e has thus )iven is all to procure?B "*alvation- p. 009% 1t is upon this sure foundation of acceptance- assurance- and eternal securityJamid the e'i)encies and ecstasies of the Christian lifeJthat you will @)row in )race and in the .nowled)e of our Lord and *avior- Jesus ChristB "2 :eter #!08%.