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Week Four Journal An Assignment Submitted by Name of Student Name of Establishment

WEEK FOUR JOURNAL Non-for-profit company The Avon Foundation for Women was founded in 1955. Since then its main mission as improving women lives and lives of their families has expanded to and concentrated on more specific health research and education projects

devoted to breast cancer and domestic violence. One of ethical problems is that in some cases there are statements that the company works to improve the situation with the domestic violence against women only and sometimes it is stated that the company works to draw attention to the alarming lack of adequate services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence (Avons Global Efforts to End Violence Against Women 2012). Despite the fact that domestic violence against women and children often come together, these two should not be mixed. The next problem is the difference between the amounts of money, spend in different counties. The official site of The Avon Foundation for Women concentrates on the data from the USA, leaving other countries alone. Both problems may exist because of the specifics of the field this company works in: domestic violence is omnipresent and cannot be investigated without touching a great number of other domestic, ethical, economic, psychological and even political problems. Both problems can be solved with the variety of methods, one of which is differentiation. This means that the company should single out the submissions from their mission and work directly on those submissions. The first of the two problems, mentioned above, can be solved with the change of the companys mission. In case company works on improving the rates of domestic violence against children it should be reflected in its mission statement. Differentiation can also be helpful when it comes about the second problem as it means dividing the companys funds between the countries depending on the clearly developed bases. Another possible variant of solving this problem is changing from the term global non-profit company to less calling, but more reality reflecting term. To my mind, the best way to solve the first problem is to clarify the mission statement as domestic violence


against women often comes as domestic violence against both, women and children and they should not be separated. Concerning the second problem, differentiation can be helpful to make the publicity see the results of the companys work in different countries, not in the USA and UK only. For-profit company under consideration is Avon for Women, established by David H. McConnell in 1886 whose name is not solely associated with a beauty company, but rather with the invention of two concepts: female sale representative and network marketing. One of the problems that inevitably occur in all international companies is the culture clash. For instance, the idea of network marketing was and still is difficult to except in some Asian countries and the countries of the former Soviet Union, where the cultures differ seriously from the American one. There are no responsible for this problem; however, culture clash seriously influences the way Avon develops on each national market. The next problem, bribery, is also often observed in the international companies. For instance, 2012 is marked by the fact that federal prosecutors want to speak with former Avon Products CEO Andrea Jung [in connection with] Avons compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Avon may have bribed officials in China to get some business there (Former Avon CEO and Scandal: All Ethics Start at the Top 2012). The issue of international bribery is a serious problem that often occurs when it comes about the Asian countries, where the tradition of gifts to the business partners is still widely accepted. The problem of culture clash can be solved with the help of educational and ethical trainings, where tolerance is implanted. Another way to solve it is to find native managers, who will not be treated as aliens and know the specifics of the national market. The second problem is closely connected with the process of implanting the high ethical standards among the companys heads as they are the very people, responsible for bribery.

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