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Facebook | Don't vote Mike Powell if you have an addictive personality






Don't vote Mike Powell if you have an addictive personality

Retour la page I bet I can find 42,000 people who don't want Mike Powell as AM or MP

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Sujet : Don't vote Mike Powell if you have an addictive personality

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The 1st Real Game on FB

Jonathan Bishop Mike Powell sent the following letter to The Western Mail on August 24, 2007. Is he saying like may Lib Dems do, that people with the condition of alcoholism or other addictions would be denied treatment?: "Sir - Concerns over prescription abuse? Here's a quick recap then. Everyone, regardless of income, should have free eye care, dental care, prescriptions and health care according to several people. Those who are deemed to have contributed to their ill health should be denied treatment even though they have contributed to the "free" part of the system. A list of those barred from access to the system could include those who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, use prescribed drugs, and eat unhealthy food. We should not forget that some people become ill because of the actions of others, car emissions apparently account for 30,000 deaths per year in the UK. So should car drivers also be banned from receiving "free" prescriptions too? The free part should be paid for out of taxation. Reality check. There are people being denied several "free" drugs because there is no money to pay for them or they are cost prohibitive, whatever that means, so people are going blind so someone can have "free" Vaseline etc? May I suggest that the "free" thinkers have a good look at NICE, National Institute for Clinical Excellence, and come back here and put their thoughts forward on how they feel about people being allowed to go blind in one eye before the other is treated. Alzheimer suffers to only be treated when the symptoms get severe. A woman with breast cancer having to stage a sit-in to force the politicians to "free" the drugs, which she needed, to be prescribed. Not an endless list but one the "free" thinkers need to address before they "freely" go from the cradle to the grave. I have always thought things should be fair not free. Cllr Mike Powell, Trallwn, Pontypridd."
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Hard Problems in Social Science

Karen Roberts Johnnie boy, I know you are raving but I didn't think you were quite that stupid. Or is it a deliberate attempt to mislead by pretending not to understand? Difficult to tell with you Labour lot on times. You are still with the Labour lot aren't you? Now that you've been kicked out of the Labour group on the Town Council are they kicking you out of the party next?
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