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o 23 years of experience in English Language Arts/Literacy, Reading and integrated technology instruction, coaching, research and leadership. I possess classroom and life experience with regular and exceptional learners (PK-16). Selected by the Ohio Dept. of Education to serve on both the PARCC State Educator Assessment Items Review & the Performance Level Descriptors Committees as well as the Ohio English Language Arts /Literacy Advisory Council and the Ohio Performance Assessment Advisory Committees. Selected by the Ohio Dept. of Education to serve as an Ohio New Learning Standards Network Leader for English Language Arts (Southeast & Northeast Regions) grades 3-12 (2013 - 2016). Appointed Ohio Design Team Leader for the Southern Regional Education Board PARCC th 12 Grade Transitional College & Career Ready Modules ELA/Literacy (2012 - 2015). Credentialed Evaluator for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (O.T.E.S.) Awarded the !Outstanding Achievement in Education" Honor by the 125th General Assembly of the Ohio Senate in 2009 for my contributions to the !Next Generation of teaching and learning in Ohio". Selected by the Ohio Dept. of Education and the Ohio State University to assist with aligning CareerTechnical Curriculum to the Common Core State Standards (completed May 2012). Facilitation, coaching, and task supervision experience as a Program Management Teacher (P.M.T.) for the Emerson ELA Lead Teachers Network of the Stark County ESC and State P.D. workshops. Selected by the Ohio Dept. of Education to serve as Regional Content Facilitator for English Language Arts (RttT-Southeast) grades 4-12 in 2011-2013. Served as a Table Leader and Facilitator for Ohio Achievement and Graduation Tests Range Finding and Standard Setting Committees; member of the Ohio Assessment Content Advisory Committees; member of the Ohio High School-Higher Education Common Core Alignment Grant Review Committee. Selected by the Ohio Dept. of Education to serve as a Common Core Lead Content Expert for English Language Arts, grades 6-12, in 2010. We created the ELA-Literacy Model Curriculum. Lead Professional Educator License - Secondary Comprehensive Communications, English Language Arts, Reading Specialist (K-12), Speech, Drama, Journalism, and Supervision (Reading, Literacy and/or Curriculum). Master Teacher designation in 2008 and Renewed in 2013. Reading Recovery Trained in 1998. Experience in Education and Business provide a unique perspective to the real world application of academic concepts to todays learning environments. Awarded an eTech Professional Development Research Grant to study the impact of emerging technology tools on differentiation and student achievement in 2006. Extensive knowledge and use of technology tools for application, presentation, and productivity. Ohio Certified Instructional Mentor and District Lead Mentor for Resident Educators. Former Content Area Reading Advisor for the Amer. Institute of Research; Structural Reviewer and Board Mbr. for The Access Center that established the framework and protocols for Response to Intervention (RtI) from 1999 to 2003. A.I.R./U.S.O.S.E.P Response to Intervention and Literacy Advisor (2005-2008). Created ACT standards alignment chart (6-12) & CCSS comparison chart (Stark County and O.D.E.)

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Canton City Schools, Canton, OH State Assessment & Performance Integration Coach and OPAPP Site Mgr./Coach Instructional Coach, STEAMM Academy Curriculum Design Team, Interdisciplinary Specialist Alliance City Schools, Alliance, OH English Language Arts and Reading Teacher 9-12 (4 years); Grade 7 (3 years); Grade 8 (9 Years) ELA/Lit Facilitator and Coordinator; Curriculum Team Leader; Certified Instructional Mentor and District Program Coordinator; Local Professional Development Committee Chairperson; Lead Intervention and Differentiation Facilitator; Alliance Education Association Secretary, Vice-President and President. Ohio Department of Education RttT Southeast & Northeast Regions


7/2013 Present 7/2012 7/2013

8/1995 6/2012

2005 Present

Ohio"s New Learning Standards Network Regional Leader Expert Pool Areas (2013 # present): Summative/Formative Assessment (PARCC & Ohio); Technology Integration; Curriculum Design & Alignment; ELA /Literacy & Reading (CCSS, Third Grade Reading Guarantee, Interdisciplinary Literacy) and OTES/OPES. Ohio Regional Content & Alignment Facilitator for ELA/ Literacy CCSS (2009-2011). High School-Higher Education Alignment Facilitator and Grant Reviewer (2011-2012). Curriculum & Assessment Activities (2005 - present): Ohio Achievement Tests (Assessment) and Ohio Graduation Tests Content Advisor for both Reading and Writing, Range-finding, Standard-setting, Item Review; Dual Alignment Content Advisor for Assessment Transition; PARCC PLDs & Item Review Committees; TGRG Grant & Resources Advisor; Ohio Performance Assessment (OPA) Content, Technology, and Pilot/Fieldth tests Advisor; Career-Technical CCSS Curriculum Alignment State Leader; National 12 Grade ELA/Literacy Curriculum Transitional and Graduation Course Design / Alignment (Ohio Leader).

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Stark County Educational Service Center, Canton, OH Primary Management Team for English Language Arts and Reading

8/2006 - Present

Coordinating and facilitating the Emerson Lead Teacher Network. Organizing and modeling the application of curricular and instructional strategies, best practices, and subject-area alignment under the supervision of the ELA Consultant. 12/1992 - 6/1995

Canton City Schools, Canton, OH English Language Arts/Literacy; Reading Intervention; Primary SPED Aeroquip - Aerospace, Jackson, MI Management and Information Systems Analyst (Level 1A)

1/1989 ! 2/1990

M.A., Curriculum, Instruction, & Prof. Development - Marygrove College, Detroit, MI; Ashland University, Ashland, OH, 2001 PB - M.Ed., Sec. Ed.: English, Reading Specialist (K-12), Literature, Language Arts, Comprehensive Communications, Speech & Lang., Drama, Theatre Arts - University of Akron, Akron, OH, 1995 B.S., Business Written Communications, Journalism, Finance, Integrated Computer Science - Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, 1988 Honors Diploma from Timken Senior High School (C.H.A.P. / Gifted & Talented), 1985