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Document Number HGU PACKAGE 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0201/A4 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0202/A4 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0203/A4 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0204/A4 44LK-5100-00/E.01/0206/A0 (SH 1 of 2 and SH 2 of 2) 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0205/A4 COMMON DOCUMENTS 44LK-5100-00/E.01/0001/A0 44LK-5100-000/E.01/0006/A0 44LK-5100-000/E.01/0007/A0 44LK-5100-00/E.01/SK-0001 44LK-5100-00/E.03/0101/A4 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0001/A4 44LK-5100-00/E.02/0002/A4 STANDARD DATASHEETS 44LK-5100/E.04/001/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/003/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/012/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/031/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/063A/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/063B/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/063D/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/063E/A4 44LK-5100/E.04/065/A4


Job Specification - Electrical Scope of Work - Electrical Contractors Document Requirement (During Bid) Contractors Document Requirement (During Execution) Indicative Cable Routing Layout for HGU Plant Technical Questionnaire

Yes Yes No No No No

Conceptual Key Single Line Diagram Preliminary Equipment Layout for Main Substation Ground & First Floor Preliminary Equipment Layout for Main Substation Second & Third Floor Location of Main Substation List Of Mandatory Spare Parts Engineering Design Basis- Electrical Engineering Design Guidelines - Electrical

Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Induction Motors H.V. Induction Motor Local Control Station Variable Speed AC Drive Fire Alarm Panel Heat Detector Manual Break Glass Input Module Photoelectric Smoke Detector Soft Starter Panels

No No No No No No No No No

HGU FEED INDEX (ELECTRICAL) FOR HPCL DHT PROJECT HPCL Approval Required (Yes / No) No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

Sr. No.

Document Number STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS 44LK-5100/E.02/001 44LK-5100/E.02/008 44LK-5100/E.02/010 44LK-5100/E.02/011 44LK-5100/E.02/012 44LK-5100/E.02/013 44LK-5100/E.02/024 44LK-5100/E.02/026 44LK-5100/E.02/027 44LK-5100/E.02/031 44LK-5100/E.02/035 44LK-5100/E.02/058 44LK-5100/E.02/061 44LK-5100/E.02/062 44LK-5100/E.02/063 44LK-5100/E.02/065 44LK-5100/E.02/067 44LK-5100/E.02/069 44LK-5100/E.02/070 44LK-5100/E.02/071 44LK-5100/E.02/072 STANDARD DRAWINGS 44LK-5100/E.01/110 44LK-5100/E.01/111 44LK-5100/E.01/112 44LK-5100/E.01/113

Title Induction Motors Medium and High Voltage Heavy Duty Cables Lighting Panels. Lighting and DC Distribution panels with MCBs Industrial Local Control Stations Flameproof Local Control Stations Telephone System Electrical Installation Electrical Content of Package Unit AC Variable Speed Drive System. Conduit Installation for Conduits and Fittings Embedded in R.C.C. Work Motorized Valve Actuators Electrical Heat Tracing System Public Address System Fire Alarm System Soft Starters Flameproof distribution panel, plugs, sockets, lamps and Light fittings for Hazardous locations. Electrical system for E. O. T. Crane High Voltage Synchronous Motors Thyristor Control Panel for Electric Heaters Electrical Heaters

Typical Single Line Diagram H.T. Switchboard Typical Single Line Diagram Power Control Center Typical Single Line Diagram Motor Control Center Typical Single Line Diagram Lighting Distribution Board Single Line Diagram UPS System (Scheme-2)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No

44LK-5100/E.01/115 (Sh 2 of 2) 44LK-5100/E.01/116 44LK-5100/E.01/117 44LK-5100/E.01/118 44LK-5100/E.01/119 44LK-5100/E.01/120 44LK-5100/E.01/051 44LK-5100/E.01/052 44LK-5100/E.01/053 44LK-5100/E.01/054 44LK-5100/E.01/055

Typical Schematic Diagram Fire Alarm System Typical Schematic Diagram Public Address System Typical Schematic Diagram Telephone System Typical Schematic Diagram Variable Speed Drive Typical Block Diagram MMI Electrical Standard Symbols : Power, Earthing and Lighting Electrical Standard Symbols SLD, CWD, Public Address System, telecommunication and fire Alarm Miscellaneous Details - Power Miscellaneous Details - Earthing Miscellaneous Details - Lighting