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Yourlastname Student Name Professor Name Subject 10 Sep 2012 The Life Style Life is regarded to be not only

a state of physical and biological existence, but also a platform for self-realization, which could be achieved by constant self-determination, selfimprovement and socialization. That is why I always strive hard to view life from various

perspectives. I know that my motivation would keep me in tune with life dynamics. The more I work, the better I score and the more I achieve. Practically, it may result in career growth, family welfare and some other social benefits. I believe that life has to be perceived as it is, as the platform of gaining new experiences and should fit our callings and desires. One more important thing about life to me is the necessity to separate emotions from cognitive experiences. Life goals can be fully reached once we totally rest upon our clear missions, being completely devoid of any external emotional influences. We should no way be driven by our emotions that only exhaust our normal visions in life. Concise strategies not affected by emotions are definitely useful when handling all problems and dissatisfactions And they promote and fuel leadership skills necessary for adequate decision-making. Additionally, all our mistakes are our tutors and learning to resolve them appropriately will only help us make progress. From social perspective, I do believe that there is a mutual relation between life and a person. Life acts as a tutor itself. When we get back to our past experiences and achievement, we feel ourselves more mature, managing to recognize circumstances and knowledge that

Yourlastname made us confident enough to produce decisions. Furthermore, I regard that life should be lived in relevance to individual calling and talents. For example, if a musician is able to create nice songs, he should live on stage, whereas a manager should find a platform to be ready to apply his critical and analytical skills that would help him direct his personnel and, respectively, produce intellectual output for the benefit of the company. Finally, I also think that each person should accept life as it is. Regardless the circumstances (positive or negative), we need to be conscious and strong enough to trudge

through our problems. There are no ever-lasting challenges in the world, there is only laziness that can frequently make us indifferent towards what we are concerned about. My attitude to life as it is aids me to make decisions in my favor. And this should be the priority to every conscious student.

Yourlastname Works cited Margulis, Lynn. The Life: A New Look at Evolution. London, 2001. England: Orion Books Ltd.. ISBN 0-7538-0785-8.