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Snorre lower hull floating at

our Puerto Real yard quay.

Buzzard production deck (Nexen). 12.000 ton

Snøhvit LNG plant being transported from Cádiz to Melkoya island


After successful completion and delivery
one of the undisputed world world’s leading oil companies, delivering a Yet Dragados has managed not only to Our heaviest jacket, the Britannia – at
leaders in offshore equipment wide range of projects: the list includes remain competitive but to secure a much 21,000 tons – was completed in 1997 for
of the mammoth “Snøhvit” natural gas design, fabrication and installa- the likes of jackets, integrated topsides, coveted pole position in this complex, Britannia Operator Ltd.” A real challenge
plant for the Norwegian oil company tion for the offshore oil and gas sector, modular plants, semi-submersibles top- rapidly changing market. followed with the Oresund Bridge for
Statoil, and with its Mexican operation, Dragados Offshore S.A., a company sides and hulls or FPSO modules, etc. The last 30 years have witnessed the Sundlink Contractor HB. This is the
belonging to Dragados Industrial S.A., This is especially meritorious when one Spanish contractor going from strength to bridge that links the cities of Copenhagen
fully consolidated, the Spanish EPC one of the Spanish most important indus- takes into the account that this complex strength. “We have been fortunate in in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden, and
Contractor giant Dragados Offshore trial group of companies, has proven market has seen most of the European being involved in record-breaking, history- Dragados Offshore played a major part
capabilities and all the necessary resources yards close, as fabrication moves away making projects almost from the day we with the construction of the 49 spans
is seeking to expand to new markets to develop large-scale projects. The com- from Europe. Mr Cabot says, “Dragados became operative” says Mr Cabot. “The forming the whole bridge. “Each span
across the world. Sales director pany operates two strategically located is the only offshore fabrication company in Scott Utilities and Services module for weighs 5,500 tons and we had to make
Bernardino Cabot talks to Oscar Del yards, one in Puerto Real in southern Spain. This is challenging, given that this Amerada Hess was our first heavy module 25 shipments to transport them all, since
Spain and the other in Tampico in the type of product is not demanded in this at 9,000 tons. In 1987, we completed our only two could be loaded at any one time.
Santo about recent successes, current Gulf of Mexico. Since 1972, Dragados country, which as everyone knows has first on-shore project, the 15,000 ton We were sending them by twos every
projects and plans for the future. Offshore has worked for some of the very few oil and gas reserves.” Mongstad modular refinery for Statoil. other day for a period of 21 days. We feel

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2006 with an estimated production capacity
of 4.3 million tones of LNG a year. The gas
is sent from the reservoir to the LNG plant
on the island via sub-sea production instal-
lations operated remotely from inland.
“When it becomes operational, it will beat
the world record in transport pipeline dis-
tance of multi-phase flow, at 140 kilome-
tres,” says Mr Cabot.
“The plant was built on a massive steel
barge in our Puerto Real yard, using the
second largest crawler crane in the
world.” While the barge was moored and
grounded along the quay, prefabrication
of all main steel and piping had already
started. With the barge in its final position,

The Strength
all fully pre-assembled steel modules,
Oresund bridge spans loaded on transport barge. painted and fireproofed, outfitted with
5,500 ton/unit – 270.000 ton. Total weight. piping and equipment, were erected on
the barge. In between, all the main equip-
very proud that we were able to bring more than 4,500 people have been ment was installed, including heat

of a Group
more than 250,000 tn all to completion involved in its different stages, repre- exchangers, distillation columns, refriger-
on schedule.” senting a combined output of more than 5 ation compressors and even its own
The first semi-submersible hull that million working hours. It is only when one power generator area, consisting of five
Dragados Offshore manufactured was for looks into the intricacies of this under- generator turbines of 50MW each.
Norks Hydro to operate in the Snorre B taking that its momentousness can be “The massive barge on which it was
Norwegian sector of the North Sea. It is truly appreciated. As Mr Cabot points out, built had dimensions of almost two foot-
reputed to be one of the most complete “Not only is this the first LNG plant in ball fields. It was essential not just for the
hulls ever delivered by a yard with a weight Europe, but it is the first time ever that a building process but also for transport
of some 15,000 tons. “Three years ago LNG plant has been built so far from its final purposes – having been transported by The Julio Crespo Group has always been at
Core Activities
we finished our first ever assignment for destination – some 5,000km away.” the heavy lift ship Blue Marlin to the
Mexico, built in Mexico under an agree- ‘Severe weather conditions’ would be Melkøya Island, the barge was installed in I. Engineering Anticorrosion protection
• Elaboration of specifications. the forefront of the Anticorrosion Protection Engineering sec-
ment with local partners, the AKAL GC an understatement to describe the climatic a previously blasted-out dock. Once the
• Specific protection studies.
compression platform. Now we have also situation in the Norwegian island of plant is in place, the gap between the • Technical evaluation of the protective state of installations,
finished a 19,500 ton compression/produc- Melkøya in the Barents Sea – well inside barge and the dock is to be filled with upon client’s request. tor.
• Studies and analysis of preventive maintenance.
tion platform for AKAL L field. This included the Arctic Circle. Minus 40 degrees Celsius gravel and the surface of the barge to be • Implementation of new technologies.
the 12,000 ton deck built in Spain, with the temperatures and 70 mile an hour winds covered with a 600 mm layer of concrete,
II. Anticorrosion Protection projects Aware of the importance of investigation, preparation, execu-
rest of the project – jackets, piles, tripods are common features of this most inhos- thus becoming the plant foundation.”
III. Special coatings for subterranean piping (automatic instalations)
and decks – built in Mexico. The list just pitable of locations. Yet it is here that the Witnessing the massive barge sail
IV. Ceramic Coatings tion and maintenance and tracking, we have focused our tra-
mentioned is in no way exhaustive; as a plant is targeted to start operations in majestically away from the bay of Cádiz
V. Passive protección, various systems
matter of fact we have executed more
VI. Treatment for noise absorption
than 60 different projects in our almost
VII. Industrial Flooring
jectory covering all these processes. This is why we can offer
35-year history.”
VIII. Decorative Flooring
IX. Polyurethane and Polyurea Coatings you our services in Consultancy, Execution and Conservation.
Snowhite in the Arctic
X. Diagnosis and recuperation of concrete
Yet Mr Cabot has to concede that the
XI. Cleaning of stainless steel with laser equipment
35,000 ton, natural gas liquefaction (LNG)
XII. Thermally sprayed metallic coatings
plant Snøhvit (Snowhite) for Norwegian
Statoil constitutes the company’s greatest
achievement to date. Rarely has an engi-
neering project attracted so much public
attention in Spain: ‘revolutionary industrial
engineering’, ‘a true challenge carried out
in style’ or ‘a tremendous accomplishment
in coordination and complexity’ are some
of the expert reviews that have been echoed
across the national press. This project has
Marqués de la Ensenada 16, 6ª Planta. 28004 Madrid
Snøhvit facilities during the erection phase. 25.000 ton. Teléfono: 91 702 00 84. Fax: 91 702 0085
galvanized all of the company’s resources: E-mail: central@juliocrespo.com

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was an emotional experience for Load out of the Britannia Jacket. 21.000 ton. Dragados Offshore yard at
Dragados Offshore workers. “We were Puerto Real (Cádiz) – Spain
overcome by a mixed feeling of pride, sat-
isfaction and also sadness, since most of
us knew that, due to its remote location,
we were never to see the plant again. Top quality glazing in buildings and vehicles is a technically sophisticated product. John Venables
I can honestly say that we have given the reports on a group of German workers who had such faith in their product they bought the company.
best of ourselves to this project, and its suc-
cessful completion has meant a lot for us.”
EPC 60 deck
Reaching out to the world (Pemex). 4,000 ton.
The Puerto Real Yard in Cádiz where this
massive undertaking was accomplished is
itself quite a feat of engineering, when one
considers that it comprises almost 500,000
square metres of land gained from the
sea. It includes all the necessary facilities
one would expect such as structural,
piping, blasting, painting, welding and
fireproofing workshops.
“Thanks to our long experience, our due to the predicted depletion of North the Buzzard Field in the North Sea (UK
workforce is highly qualified and trained Sea oil and gas reserves, the company sector) for the Canadian company Nexen is
for ever more complex tasks,” explains Mr decided to expand and chose Mexico as expected to be completed by April 2006.
Cabot. “We developed our own Integrated a vantage point. “We started out with four There are two noteworthy PEMEX assign-
Management System, and this has proved different contracts as a joint venture ments being carried out in the Tampico
to be an invaluable tool in integrating project leader, or main contractor with local part- yard at present: the EPC 60 – consisting
management with our Safety, Quality and ners. These were very well received, and of an EPIC Contract of a production plat-
Environmental programmes. We are so that positive feedback – coupled with form (17,400 tons) and the KU-A2, a
pleased to have carried out hundreds of the great prospects for expansion of the production and compression platform
really complex manoeuvres over the years Mexican oil giant PEMEX – made us including jacket, deck, bridges, tripods
– such as the lifting, roll-up, loading and decide to open a new yard in Tampico, and other elements to be delivered in
transporting of huge structures – without in the Gulf of Mexico. We have just com- October 2006.
any serious accident or mishap. To me pleted our first contract there and are In November last year, the company
this speaks volumes for the profession- about to begin a new assignment.” made news when it was awarded the
alism and commitment of our staff. While Last year the company decided to open prestigious Premio Principe Felipe a la
others have gone out of business, we are Dragados Offshore USA in Houston in Excelencia Empresarial (Prince Philip
thriving and receiving full credit for our order to support the procurement activi- Industrial Quality Award). This accolade
past and present accomplishments.” ties in Mexico from USA and to consoli- recognises Dragados Offshore’s contribu-
The yard’s strategic situation and the date and strengthen its commercial tion to business excellence for its Quality
almost all year round good weather con- presence across the Atlantic. Programme and was awarded by the heir Flachglas Wernberg’s 650 workers pany, and changing the name to Flachglas
ditions it is blessed with have made it a An agreement has also just been to the Spanish crown, HRH Prince Felipe have over 60 years specialist experience Wernberg GmbH. Since then the company
location of choice for contracts destined reached with a Russian shipyard on the de Borbon y Grecia. in glass manufacture, knowledge that is has continued to expand, becoming one
for the Mediterranean Sea, the West Coast banks of the river Volga to develop a “One of the main reasons for our suc- applied through the latest hi-tech equip- of Europe’s leading glass manufacturers
of Africa or the North Sea. “We will very number of joint projects for the Caspian cess is that we have a truly committed, ment at the company’s 80,000 square with a turnover of €63 million a year.
soon start the expansion of our existing Sea. Negotiations are being carried out in highly-trained and skilled workforce. metre production centre in Wernberg, The company believes that, as it is owned
pier to turn it into a 300 metre long wharf. the Middle East for other joint ventures. This is, in my view, the only way you can south-east Germany. by the workers, this has a huge effect on
It will be capable of withstanding 50 tons “We are also very keen to consolidate our truly carry out any Quality and / or Perhaps unusually, Flachglas is owned productivity as motivation is very high.
per square metre and it will mean a 21,000 position in the West Coast of Africa without Environmental management programme, by its workforce. The company started Wernberg is a very small village with a
square metre addition to the yard. This overlooking the Mediterranean Sea where especially bearing in mind that we extend out as Sigla GmbH in 1938. The company population of only 7,000 people and 650
will allow FPSOs, HLVs, GBSs and semi- opportunities do come up from time to this program to all outsourced personnel expanded steadily and, in 1970, became are employed by Flachglas Wernberg.
submersible hulls to dock and we will be time,” says Mr Cabot. involved in our operations. We are inte- Flachglas AG, after combining forces with Whereas obviously not all the staff live
able to do things like mounting topsides grated in the region and over the years

he refinement and processing of glass another glass company, Delog. Ten years in the village, it is believed that almost
and hooking them up. We believe this new A promising feature have become part of the community,” requires a high level of know-how, later, in 1980, the company became part everyone who does has a family member
line of business is full of opportunity.” There has been no respite after the com- reflects Mr Cabot. Based on their past experience and innovation, characteris- of the multinational Pilkington Group. But working at Flachglas.
There is no question that Dragados pletion of Snøhvit. Dragados Offshore is and present performance, the Spanish tics that could be held to define the German in 1999, Pilkington decided to discontinue “I believe we are the biggest company
Offshore is actively responding to the currently engaged in several large-scale engineering giant is set to become a company Flachglas Wernberg GmbH. The their engagement in processed architectural in Germany to belong to the people. We
challenges of globalization by reaching projects in both of their yards. In Puerto global force to be reckoned with this company’s glazing products are to be found glass. The Flachglas workers arranged a get a lot of visits from politicians to see
out to new markets. In the year 2000, and Real, a 12,000 ton production deck for promising yet uncertain market. ■ in buildings and vehicles worldwide. buyout, acquiring 51 per cent of the com- how it works. But it’s not a workers’

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