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Rafi Rotem Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower

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2007-04-00 Saving our honor as society_Maariv // _!"#$%&'%'(")*+$)
Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower Rafi Rotem exposed organized crime in government: Huge tax breaks to
tycoons and crime figure related businesses sex bribes and murder of a !source!" Rotem has been sub#ected to
harassment intimidation and retaliation over the past $% years" He lost his #ob his home his possessions"
Recently his case has become a cause of the Israeli &rotest movement as a key case in fighting government
corruption" 'n April $( %)$* letter from the Israeli +tate 'mbudsman,s office for the first time after $% years his
office agreed to take Rafi Rotem,s evidence and testimony"
The attached article by senior Israeli #ournalist Amnon -ankner describes the Rafi Rotem case as the worst case of
miscarriage of #ustice he had known in Israel"
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.%/ %)$B0$%0$( Eetter by ** #ournalists to +tate 'mbudsman to provide Rotem protection 1with full 2nglish
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Saving our honor as society_Maariv
12non 3an4ner
I have been in #ournalism for many years and I have been exposed to many difficult and shocking
cases of miscarriage of #ustice yet after all of this the unending story of Rafi Rotem is the most
horrifying that I have encountered" It is horrifying since it presents to the interested person the
terrible phenomenon of national institutions systematically abusing an honest and sincere citizen
because he exposed corruption and fights for honestly and #ustice" At the same time they do not
hesitate to employ the most despicable and base methods of lying fraud simulating #ustice
forgery and false promises"
2verybody everybody is bundled here in one package: The Tax Authority the +tate &rosecution
the Eabor Pourts and the +tate 'mbudsman" The former #oined forces in a despicable and
disgraceful campaign against a single brave person who dared to open his mouth and expose
corruption in his workplace" They try to this date to break him down to disgrace him and to
destroy his self0respect" The latter who was supposed to protect him from the former and also
promised to do so time after time abandoned him in the most despicable manner"
Qaariv and its reporters -an Qargalit and Palman Eiebsekind tried to fight on his side not only
so that the conduct at he exposed would be be examined and those responsible be brought to
#ustice but also to rescue Rafi Rotem from the situation he is trapped in: He is sitting at home
with no pay for two years now and all efforts to return him to a #ob where he was evaluated as
excellent R until he opened his mouth R are scuttled through denial obfuscation and senseless
court procedures"
Soe to the +tate where among all institutions there is not a single honest and compassionate
person in a senior position who would see the terrible miscarriage of #ustice and act to correct it"
Soe to the +tate where all institutions collude to trample cruelly a brave and honest person
whose only sin was his honesty whose only transgression was his courage"
It has been now two years that we in Qaariv have been fighting on Rafi Rotem,s side but now
we feel that all is over 0 nobody but us is helping him nobody else is raising hell nobody
succeeds in moving forward a process to restore the lost honor of Rafi Rotem restore his #ob and
praise him for his public service" If there is anybody in the towers of authority whose heart is not
turned to stone yet and whose sense of #ustice is not yet frozen we call upon that person to
rescue not only the honor of the whistleblower but also the honor of the failed #ustice system and
our honor as a society"