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t h o u g h t ( t i m e a n d s p a c e ) a n d o p e n s t h e l o c k o f t h e o u r i n n e r b e i n g . E a c h t r a d i t i o n a n d l i n e a g e h a s u s e d d i f f e r e n t N a m e o r N a m e s t o h e l p s t i l l t h e m i n d ( A l l a h H U , R a d h a S o a m i , H a H U , N i r a n k a r, ! r e a t S p i r i t , " m m a c u l a t e # n e , $ l e s s e d % i g h t , " n f i n i t e ! o d , # m & a n i ' a d m e H u m , (a h i ! u r o o , S a t N a a m , A k a l ' u r k h , N o o r A l l a h , S a t ) h i t A n a n d a . . . ) o n e c a n c h o o s e * h a t e + e r N a m e o n e i s c o m f o r t a b l e * i t h . A l s o g o o d f o r t h i s r e p e t i t i o n ( s i m r a n , s u m i r a n , , i k r ) i s t h e - ' a n c h N a a m - * h i c h a r e t h e - . N a m e s o f ! o d - i n t h e m o d e r n S h a b d /o g a t r a d i t i o n . A$S#R'0"#N "N0# 0HE %"!H0 0he first part of SHA$A1 /#! meditation begins *ith sitting still, uiet , e2es closed do*n, mentall2repeating the . Names and lo+ingl2 ga,ing into the middle of the darkness l2ing in front of us, *hich *illde+elop into concentration on the inner light. Repetition( S"&RAN) is continuous during this. $reathing isnatural and free flo*ing *ithout pa2ing an2 attention to it. $reath is not interfered *ith. "t goes on b2 itself. As *e do so, the attention *ill collect bet*een and behind the e2ebro*s. ( An2 strenuous effort *ill onl2 interfere *ith the process, for it creates resistance to the natural flo* of meditation). Repeating the 'anch Naam and ga,ing is all that3s needed. 4hile concentrating on *hat lies in front of us, darkness *ill fade and %ight *ill emerge. 4e ma2 see lights of an2 color5 red, blue, purple, green, 2ello*, orange, golden or *hite light6 or flashes of light. "t is best to concentrate in the middle of *hate+er *e see inside, and continue repeating slo*l2 at inter+als7 (so as not to disturb the ga,e). S*ami Shi+ 1a2al Singh in SAR $A)HAN said7 -'anch naam ka sumiran karo.- - Repeat the . Hol2

Names-. ...8ot Nirin9an...#ng:ar...Rarankar...SoHang...SatNaam... 11. E+entuall2 one e;periences the *ithdra*al of the sensor2 currents and one *ill fell numbness set in, and 12. gather at the e2e focus (< rd e2e). 13. 0he "nner %ight *ill dra* 2our attention in. %ater... 14. &ER!"N! "N0# 0HE S#UN1 )URREN0 15. 0he second part of SHA$1 /#!A meditation in+ol+es listening to the Sound )urrent . 0he preferredtraditional position for this is done b2 b2 s uatting on one3s feet in the -$ha9an position- kno*n as -)ro*pose- in :undalini /oga and resting one3s arms on the knees and putting the thumbs in the ears (a sealfrom the e;terior) to the listen to the inner Sound. 0he focus of our attention is at the seat of the soul (A9na)hakra, 0isra 0il, 0hird E2e, Agg2a )hakra)( bet*een and behind the e2ebro*s) and one listens to theinner Sound )urrent coming at first from the right side and ultimatel2 from the top of the head (- thehea+ens-), Sahasrara chakra. 16. 0his Sound is the (oice of !od, and is referred to in the +arious scriptures as the Hol2 4ord, Naam,Shabd, Naad, :alma ... "t is the )reati+e "mpulse that brought all of creation ( millions of gala;ies andsolar s2stems) into being. #ur soul being of the same essence as the Sound )urrent and !od, and isattracted to the )elestial &elodies, b2 *hich the soul can tra+el on through the inner spiritual regions.1uring the $ha9an practice the 'anch Naam is not repeated. All of one3s attention is on simpl2 listening tothe Audible %ifestream, the -music of the spheres-, *hich *ill pull the spirit a*areness up abo+e -bod2consciousness- and into the into;ication of the higher realms, e+entuall2 all the *a2 to Sach :hand, andbe2ond ...!od *illing (gur prasad) 17. 0he secret to successful meditation lies in the time and effort de+oted to sincere dail2 practice, and not in 18. *orshipping a person or rel2ing on books nor in intellectual debate. 19. -8apo man sat naam, sada sat naam-. .. . - #h m2 mind meditate on Sat Naam, fore+er Sat Naam-... !uru Ram 1as 8i. (!uru !ranth S