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thank you for changing my life

to child

your guide

executive director
dear sponsor,
We warmly welcome and thank you for deciding to become a World Vision Child Sponsor! You are now part of an exciting Child Sponsorship journey that has already changed over 2.7 million lives all over the world - children, families, communities, World Vision staff and supporters. Thank you for joining hands with thousands of Filipino child sponsors here and abroad, who in their simplest way, help build a caring world for the poor Filipino children. Heres a handbook for you to understand more how Child Sponsorship works and other basic inquiries you might have. For further needed information, you may contact our Donor Care Team at 372.7777 or email wv_phil@wvi.org. May this life-changing experience bless you as you have blessed a childs life, a family and a community. Thank you for caring, and for caring enough. Sincerely yours,

message from the

Elnora Bailen-Avarientos Executive Director

about child sponsorship

1 You are helping not just a child but also their family and community. Your gifts are combined with those of other sponsors to make long-term and community wide assistance possible. Child Sponsorship is about building relationships - bringing your world and theirs closer together. You will receive letters and updates from your sponsored child and community. At the same time, you can write, send gifts and visit your sponsored child by coordinating with us. 2

3 things you need to know

For any concerns regarding your sponsorship, you may call us at +632 372.7777, or email us at wv_phil@wvi.org, or you can visit us at 389 Quezon Ave cor. West 6th St., Quezon City.

child sponsorship journey

While addressing the immediate needs of children, child sponsorships long term goal is to enable families and communities build a healthy, stable and safe environment in which their own children can grow. Through your support, members in the entire community- sponsored or not- also benefit from World Visions community development work. We work in a community for as long as 12-15 years and facilitate development work in three phases...


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building confidence for the future

Projects begin

building hope for the present

building trust and skills Community consultation takes place. Child Sponsorship begins Project plans are formed

Staff works alongside community members to overcome obstacles and meet goals. Momentum builds on initial project successes People begin to see real change is possible Community ownership increases

Equipped with tools and training Community prepares to carry on after World Vision leaves Years of hard work bear fruit for children, families and communities Time to focus on another community in need but the benefits your provided will live on.

Trust and credibility grows

You are helping not just a child but also their family and community...
Most of the communities Filipinos are helping today are on their 3rd phase. Our project partners (peoples organization in the community) are now seriously working on their Sustainability Plan for the next five (5) years. From this day on, your support is crucial a lot in helping build their capacities to take on several projects World Vision has started.

Your gifts are combined with those of other sponsors to make long-term and communitywide assistance possible.

how am I helping the child, his/her family and community?

By pooling together all sponsorship donations, children, families and communities enjoy the following benefits: Access to education, healthcare and values formation Initiatives for childs participation and protection Leadership and livelihood trainings Other community-based development interventions

my sponsorship last?
Your sponsorship may last to several months, up to several years depending on your circumstances and that of your sponsored child. Your sponsorship may conclude for the following reasons, but you and your sponsored child will treasure your newfound friendship for a lifetime: I am self- sufficient!
In most cases, your sponsored child may finish school, begin to earn an income, are able to support themselvesthe start of a new and independent life.

how long will

My community has graduated

Our goal is to help the child, his/ her family and the community to break the cycle of poverty so they can look at the future with hope. When this goal has been achieve, World Vision can move to serve other children and communities that are in need of help.

I moved to a different community

Circumstances may arise when a child must leave the sponsorship program.This happens when a childs family may move out of the community into an area where sponsorship is not available.

Each childs situation is unique. No matter how long your sponsorship lasts.Your gift of love is sure to change your sponsored childs life forever. Should any of these circumstances occur, we will let you know and give you the opportunity to sponsor another child who needs your help.

miss my pledge?
We understand that sometimes your budget gets a little tight, so let us know when there is a problem. If we do not hear from you, we will remind you through letter or by phone. We will however ensure that assistance to your sponsored child continues. We depend on your regular sponsorship pledges to carry on our work with children and their communities. When a sponsor decides to cancel his/her support, World Vision starts looking for another sponsor. Please do call our Donor Care Team so we can discuss other options for continuing child sponsorship.

what if i

how do i send my donation?

The easiest way to make your regular sponsorship pledges is to have them deducted automatically from your credit card.This method saves you time and effort and helps World Vision save more of your money for needy children. You may choose to send your sponsorship pledges on annual, quarterly or monthly basis whichever is most suitable and convenient for you.

Please call (+632) 372.7777 to request and fill up the credit card authorization form. We assure you that your credit card information is secure with us. However, you may discontinue anytime by informing World Vision.

Through BPI EXPRESS PHONE/Check- free payments

If you are currently a BPI account holder, this is an option for you. You have to pre- enroll in your BPI branch where you maintain an account and then send us your regular sponsorship pledges by internet, by ATM or by express phone by calling 89-100.You only have to give them your World Vision Partner ID Number (written just above your name in the World Vision letters sent to you).

By DIRECT DEPOSIT to BPI or Banco de Oro

Send/fax a duplicate copy of your deposit slip with your name written on it. Our BPI Account number is 4251-0024-15 and our Banco de Oro Account number 2700-4341-1. Our fax number is (+632) 374-7660.

Through Asia Pay

Visit www.worldvision.org.ph and click the Sponsorship tab. Call (+632) 372.7777 for assistance.


You can give your pledges through selected Bayad Center sites and RCPI branches.

For BANCNET facility and other INTERNET PAYMENT options, please call the
Donor Care Team at (+632) 372.7777.


You may send post- dated checks issued to World Vision Development Foundation and send them by registered mail. We can also arrange for a one-time pick-up of the checks.

child sponsorship is about building relationships -- bringing your world and theirs closer together.
As a Child Sponsor, you are part of a special relationship, which will become more meaningful as time goes by.
You will receive letters and updates from your sponsored child and community. Likewise, you can write, send gifts and visit your sponsored child by coordinating with us. As a sponsor too, you have the chance to meet other sponsors and World Vision staff through Loyal Donor Fellowships (for sponsors who have stayed in the program for 5 years and up), Donor Dinner (for newly acquired sponsors) and Donor Circle Fellowship (small group of volunteer-sponsors who meet to give comments, feedbacks and suggestions to help improve World Vision services).

sending letters
Your sponsored child and family would love to hear from you. It lets them know and feel that somebody cares for them.

what to


Motivate them to do well in school. Share happy anecdotes you have experienced. Impart simple lessons they can treasure as they grow up. Talk about your family members, your friends, your interests and anything pleasant they can relate to. Try not to place emphasis on your personal possessions. To your sponsored childs family, you will seem to be extremely wealthy. It is more important for them to know who you are.

what to ask...
You may ask simple questions about his/her studies, favorites, hobbies, family and friends. Also, be sensitive when writing or asking about religious beliefs or church membership of the childs family. World Vision is a multi- denominational Christian organization, which helps people regardless of their religious beliefs. We hope people will see our faith by the way we work and respect one another through our relationships. Do not try to cover too much ground in the first few letters. Over a period of time you should be able to learn quite a lot about your sponsored child.

If you dont have much time to write a personalized letter, you may email it to wv_phil@wvi.org and we shall deliver a printed copy of your email to your sponsored child.

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c/o Sponsor Relations Service PO Box 3306, Quezon City CPO 1173 Quezon City

5 tips on how to go about your writing

Use any clean sheet of paper and sealed envelope. Do not insert cash or any tangible item inside. For extra gift, call our Donor Care team at (+632) 372.7777. In the salutation, use your sponsored childs name and his/her ID number. For proper envelope writing, please refer to the illustration below. Do not write your address inside the letter as some people see that as oppor tunity to ask for additional funding. Send all your letters to:
World Vision Development Foundation c/o Sponsorship Operations and Services PO Box 3306, Quezon City CPO 1173 Quezon City




Your name and address

receiving letters and cards

You should receive a response from your sponsored child within two months with due consideration to the distance of the rural communities from the city. If you havent heard anything after two months, please contact us and we shall look Into it for you. You will also receive two (2) cards in a year- Christmas Card and an Annual Progress Report to keep track on your childs state. The number of letters you receive may depend on the number of letters you send that is why we encourage you to correspond more. However, you also have to take into consideration the limitations of postal services in these remote areas. Letter translations take time as well. (You will receive the original letter along with the translation.)

But my child is too young to write...

If your sponsored child is unable to read or write, someone will help him or her read your letter and respond.This may be a teacher, a family member or World Vision staff member. Usually, they write in behalf of your child.
Be patient as your child may still be developing literacy skills. Your letters and their writing is also a great way for them to exercise and improve on their writing abilities. This is already your personal way of supporting their education!

Do not forget to let us know when you change your mailing address and contact information.

sending gifts
Some sponsors want to express their love for their sponsored child by sending gifts during special occasions. Well- intended gifts can also be an added cost when there is a need to pay delivery cost especially for big parcels. The best way to help your sponsored child is through your monthly sponsorship.This together with your messages of support and encouragement will definitely show that you care.

meeting your

sponsored child
If you want to meet your sponsored child in person, we will make the necessary visit arrangements.You may contact the Donor Care Team at (+632) 372.7777 and request for the Sponsorship Visit Request Form. After its confirmation and approval, Guidelines on Sponsorship Visit and Behavior Protocols will be sent for your review and reference. It is very important that you contact us at least one month in advance.This will allow us enough time to make all the arrangements. Communications take a lot longer, especially in the remote areas. A member of the World Vision Staff will accompany you throughout the meeting in order to help overcome possible language barriers, as well as fulfilling the various expectations of the meeting. We want the event to be a pleasant and memorable experience for you, and for your sponsored child.

However based on World Visions Child Protection Policy, we discourage sponsors visit to the home of their sponsored child. (A copy of the Child Protection Policy can be available upon request.) Aside from arousing jealousy in the community, this might also cause anxiety and discomfort on the part of the family due to their extreme poverty. We also want to prevent possible attempts of additional solicitation that might put pressure on the sponsor. Instead, arrangements can be made for you to meet the child with their guardian at another location. You will cover all costs associated with bringing your sponsored child to meet you. Sponsors who have taken the time to meet their sponsored child have found the experience very rewarding.

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how can i help more?

Every year, World Vision commits to help an average of 4,000 children waiting for sponsorship. Aside from sponsoring a child, you can help more children by:
Encouraging your family, friends and officemates to become World Vision sponsor. Call (+632) 372.7777 to request for extra brochures and other collaterals. We may also contact and explain the mechanics to them by giving us their contact details. Linking World Vision to your company for corporate partnership, either through Child Sponsorship or Sectoral Projects on education, health and/or livelihood. Should you request, our Acquisition Team would be glad to conduct presentation and prepare tie-up proposal for your company. Creating a World Vision link in your sites. (www.worldvision.org.ph) Endorsing World Vision to be the beneficiary of your Alumni Association, church, company or even family gatherings and events. Giving extra donations to help other children under our care who are still waiting to be sponsored.

World Vision is committed to protect the security, privacy and dignity of all our sponsored children. As part of this commitment, we request that you contact your sponsored child through World Vision. If you wish to visit your sponsored child, arrangements must be made through World Vision. Child Profiles/ Picture Folders are provided for the purpose of sharing appropriate information with you, the sponsor, and are not for further distribution in any manner. All photographs and information about your sponsored children are given for your reference only and remain the property of World Vision. World Vision reserves the right to cancel a sponsorship at any time, for any reason deemed to be in the best interest of the sponsored child/family.

acknowledging World Visions child protection policies

Statement of Agreement (Sponsors Copy)

I agree to comply with World Visions Child Protection Policies and adhere by them. I understand that under the policy, I can be held liable for any harm against the dignity of a child/children, community and the organization. name and signature date

Statement of Agreement (World Visions Copy)

I agree to comply with World Visions Child Protection Policies and adhere by them. I understand that under the policy, I can be held liable for any harm against the dignity of a child/children, community and the organization. name and signature date

For the childrens protection, please make sure that World Vision receives a copy of your signed Statement of Agreement. Kindly fax it to 374.7660 or snail mail at 389 Quezon Avenue cor. West 6th St. West Triangle, 1104 Quezon City, Philippines P.O. Box 3306 Quezon City CPO 1173, Quezon City.

And he [Jesus] took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.
~ Mark 10:16

World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.

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World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and injustice. Motivated by our Christian faith, World Vision is dedicated to working with the worlds most vulnerable people. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.