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Project Report (PART 2)
Information Technology
Indu stry
UND ER G U I D E N C E O F : - U ! " I TTED ! # :-
Overview of Indian IT Industry
The Indian IT industry is growing steadily despite the global meltdown in the year 2009 !hen the whole
o" the world witnessed negati#e growth$ Indian IT industry still managed to register a growth o" %%&
The industry is about to register the historic landmar' o" () * %0 billion e+ports this year$ according to
,A))-./ President$ )om /ittal The domestic mar'et is also slotted to witness 02& growth$ this year
Potential si1e o" India2s o"" shoring industry is estimated at () * 020 to 030 billion by 200% The industry
currently employs around 0 million people and pro#ides indirect employment to around 2% million
people It is e+pected to add another 0$ %0$000 jobs in the ne+t "iscal according to ,A))-./
Indian IT4 ITes sector is growing substantially with its
5+pansion into #aried #erticals

!ell di""erentiated ser#ice o""erings

Increasing geographic penetration
The phenomenal success o" the Indian IT6 IT5) industry can be attributed to the "a#orable go#ernment
policies$ burgeoning demand conditions$ healthy growth o" related industries and competiti#e
en#ironment pre#alent in the industry The interplay o" these "orces has led to putting the industry on the
global map
NO. l2764l
8Ps of IT Ind u stry
0$rod u c t 7 The product aspects o" mar'eting deal with the speci"ications o" the ser#ices$ and how it
relates to the end6user8s needs and wants The scope o" a product generally includes supporting elements
such as warranties$ guarantees$ and support
2 $ eo % l e 7 To deli#er the satis"actory ser#ices$ the employees o" a company ha#e to play an important
role 5mployees must possess personal 9ualities$ ability to understand and satis"y customer needs$
"le+ibility$ s'ills and 'nowledge :riendly and warm employees increase customer loyalty
; $la c e : In ser#ice place re"ers to location and use o" distribution channels It is re"erring to the channel
by which a ser#ice is sold (eg online #s retail)$ which geographic region or industry$ to which segment
(young adults$ "amilies$ business people)$ etc also re"erring to how the en#ironment in which the product
is sold and can a""ect sales
<& $ r oc e s s 7 IT relies on processes to consistently deli#er high 9uality solutions while e+ecuting a growing
number o" engagements "rom multiple locations =alue$ #ision and policies "rom the "irst le#el o" our
three6tiered process architecture
% $ h y s i c al E ' i den c e: The en#ironment in which ser#ice is deli#ered and where the "irm and
customers interact Physical e#idence enhances consumers2 perception about 9uality 5+ample7 5+terior
design$ par'ing$ Interior >esign$ )urrounding en#ironment 59uipment etc
? $ ro d uc ti ' it y : Producti#ity re"ers to the success or "ailure o" any business$ so the 9uality o" the product
should be #ery good "or his companies ha#e di""erent 9uality standards which are certi"ied by the 9uality
department and are appro#ed all o#er the world I" one does not ha#e appro#ed 9uality standards then he
de#elops its own to meet the 9uality that are demanded by the customers
@& $ r i c i n g: the pricing decision is one o" the most critical decisions )o"tware pricing has been
concentrated the internal business objecti#es o" #endors such as costs$ speci"ied margins$ and the
3 $ro m o ti on: .#er here$ ser#ices and project consulting is through contract or agreement between the
parties and promotions are carried out only "or the particular client selected as upgrading and e+tended
ser#ice "or a particular period$ etc This includes ad#ertising$ sales promotion$ publicity$ and personal
selling Aranding re"ers to the #arious methods o" promoting the product$ brand$ or company
ROLL NO. l2764l
I n d u stry T r ends
!oes in global IT spending
continued to persist in :B02
gi#en the dire economic situation
in the () and 5urope Ausinesses
across the globe started cutting
on discretionary IT budgetsC this
was particularly true "or the
Aan'ing$ :inancial )er#ices and
Insurance companies Indian IT
industry$ howe#er$ managed to
weather the storm to some e+tent
on the bac' o" superior 9uality$
cost and e+ecution e""iciencies
and between :B2003 and
:B2002$ the industry grew "rom Rs 2$%;< bn to Rs <?;9 bn$ registering a -ADR o" 0?&
India2s IT industry can be di#ided into "i#e main components$ #i1 )o"tware Products$ IT
ser#ices$ 5ngineering and RE> ser#ices$ IT5)4AP. (IT6enabled ser#ices4Ausiness Process
.utsourcing) and Fardware 5+port re#enues primarily on project based IT )er#ices continue to
dri#e growth with IT )er#ices accounting "or %9& o" total re#enues "ollowed by AP. and
5ngineering ser#ices at 22& and )o"tware Products at 09& /ulti6year annuity based
outsourcing agreements are e+pected to increase going "orward In terms o" total e+port
and domestic re#enues$ Application >e#elopment and /aintenance (A>/) still
continue to be the bread and butter "or Indian IT c o m pan i e s $ con tributing to roughly ?0& o"
their total re#enues
Gabor arbitrage has been the competiti#e edge o" the Indian so"tware sector o#er the last "ew years
Fowe#er$ this seems to be threatened now by /,-s2 who are replicating the Indian
outsourcing model and setting up bases in the country Doing "orward$ the ad#antage o" low
employee costs could peter out and the sector could get commoditi1ed
ROLL NO. l2764l
Increasing competition$ pressure on billing rates and increasing commoditi1ation o" lower6end
A>/ ser#ices are among the 'ey reasons "orcing the Indian so"tware industry to ma'e a "ast
mo#e up the so"tware #alue chain by pro#iding higher #alue6added ser#ices li'e consulting$
product de#elopment$ RE>$ mobile$ cloud computing and end6to6end turn'ey solutions
!ith the Indian go#ernment emphasi1ing on better technology enabled deli#ery mechanisms "or
a multitude o" go#ernment projects li'e e6passport$ (ni9ue Identi"ication )cheme$ etc$ the
domestic mar'et connected with so"tware ser#ices loo's e9ually promising >omestic IT6IT5)
mar'et increased re#enues "rom Rs 33? bn in :B2003 to Rs 0$<@% bn in :B2002 registering a
-ADR o" 0<&$ with )o"tware and )er#ices contributing to ?0& o" domestic re#enue and
Fardware contributing to the balance <0&
I nternet trends
/ore recently$ online retailing$ cloud computing and e6commerce are leading to rapid growth in
the IT industry .nline shopping is "ast gaining popularity with the emergence o" internet
retailing and e6commerce
According to the Internet and /obile Association o" India (IA/AI) the number o" Internet
users in the country is more than 020 million$ out o" which 0@ million are online shoppers
Increasing internet penetration and a""ordability "or personal computers has led to this rapid
numbers$ and these are e+pected to triple by 200%
According to IA/AI$ online sales o" branded apparel almost doubled in #olume to <99 million
pieces during April 2002$ as against 2%< million in the same month a year ago Also$ 56
tic'eting continued to grow with irctccom recording %%? million boo'ings in April$ 2002$ as
compared to 22? million boo'ings in April 2000
Em%loy ment trends
As per the 5conomic )ur#ey 2000602$ the IT4IT5) industries has added @9? la'h jobs in one
year$ in the period ending )eptember 2000 According to ,A))-./$ employee base in the
rural areas is e+pected to increase by o#er 00 times by 200;60<$ compared to %000 in 2009600
According to a customer poll conducted by Aoo1 and -o$ India is the most pre"erred destination
"or engineering o"" shoring$ which is an encouraging "oreign company to o""shore complete
product responsibility to Indian IT5) companies
Fyderabad is "ast becoming the IT4IT5) hub o" India with new players han'ering to get a
"oothold here$ and e+isting players continuing to hire aggressi#ely Garge companies such as
In"osys$ T-)$ Denpact$ >eloitte$ :aceboo'$ Aan' o" America$ Thomson Reuters$ Ama1on$
Doogle$ -ogni1ant$ and :ran'lin Templeton among others are growing their presence in the
state According to Andhra Pradesh Do#ernment8s estimates$ the total IT4IT5) sector hiring "or
200260; could be at about %0$000 pro"essionals
ROLL NO. l2764l
Company Pro f i le
T * T* C O N U +T * NC # E R , I C E -T C .
Tata -onsultancy )er#ices Gimited (T-)) is a global IT ser#ices$ business solutions and outsourcing
company which was "ounded in 09?3 by :- Hohli$ who was its "irst Deneral /anager It is
head9uartered in /umbai It is a subsidiary o" the Tata Droup in India .ne o" T-) "irst assignments was
to pro#ide punch card ser#ices to a sister concern$ Tata )teel (TI)-.) It later bagged the country2s "irst
so"tware project$ the Inter6Aranch Reconciliation )ystem (IAR)) "or the -entral Aan' o" India It is the
largest technology ser#ice company in Asia based on its record o" outstanding ser#ice$ collaborati#e
partnerships$ inno#ation$ and corporate responsibility Their mission re"lects the Tata Droups
longstanding commitment to pro#ide e+cellence as well as to help customers achie#e their business
objecti#es by pro#iding inno#ati#e$ best6in6class consulting$ IT solutions and ser#ices$ and to acti#ely
engage all sta'eholders in a producti#e$ collaborati#e$ and mutually bene"icial relationshipT-) ability to
deli#er high69uality ser#ices and solutions is unmatched They are the world2s "irst organi1ation to
achie#e an enterprise6wide /aturity Ge#el % on both -//I and P6-// They use the most rigorous
assessment methodology 6 )-A/PI)/ and ?)igmaIt is largest IT employer in India$ ha#ing 0<2 o""ices
across <@ countries with total manpower strength o" 2$ ;3$%3; employees as o" /arch 2002 It generates
around ;0 percent o" India2s IT e+ports and pro#ides ser#ices to wide range o" segments li'e ban'ingE
"inancial ser#ices$ energy$ resources E utilities$ go#ernment$ telecom$ media Ein"ormation ser#ices$ etc
T-) has o#er 0<;$000 o" the world2s best trained IT consultants in <2 countries Re#enues "or the "iscal
year ending ;0 /arch$ 2000 were to the order o" *? billion
C o m % a ny F a c t s
Listed on NYSE, BSE and NSE.
Revenue of $l0.l7 billion expected by FY
20l4-l5. Gross addition of l9,000 employees.
Employee Utilization Rate (excluding trainees) is 80.6 %.
Employee Utilization Rate (including trainees) is 7l.3 %.
ROLL NO. l2764l
+ea ders hi % Tea m
S. Ramadorai, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
N. Chandrasekaran, Chief Operating Officer and Executive
Director S. Mahalingam, Chief Financial Officer and Executive
Phiroz A Vandrevala, Executive Director and Head, Global Corporate
T-) is an In"ormation Technology (IT) ser#ices$ consulting and business solutions company that deli#ers
measurable results to global enterprises 5stablished in 09?3$ Tata -onsultancy )er#ices has grown to its
current position as the largest IT ser#ices "irm in Asia on the basis o" its outstanding ser#ice record$
collaborati#e partnerships$ inno#ation and corporate responsibility
$hysical $resence- T-) has corporate o""ices in /umbai$ Hol'ata$ Aangalore and Fyderabad
Turno'er6Re#enue "or 2000602 grew by ;0& to <3$39< -rore (*000@ billion)$
Geog ra %hic foo t%ri nt&

20 o""ices across ()A and -anada

0% o""ices across 3 countries in Gatin America

09 o""ices across (H and Ireland

22 o""ices across 02 countries in 5urope

09 o""ices across 02 countries in Asia Paci"ic

3 o""ices across @ countries in the /iddle 5ast and A"rica

@9 o""ices across India

*s at "arch /01 23021 TC had 04/ offices in 5/ countries and 006 deli'ery centres in 20 countries&
$ro ducts
enables transformation in financial services through a superior and holistic suite of
solutions for
banks, capital market firms, insurance companies and diversified financial
TCS MasterCraft-
a comprehensive suite of products, provides extensive self-help and SLA-based support
that enable the optimization of all services encompassing development, deployment,
maintenance, support and transformation.
TCS Technology Products
-TCS' technology products can help you achieve superior operational efficiency and
optimize your time, cost and energy investments.
ROLL NO. l2764l

er'i ces

*ss ura nc e er 'ic es

! usi nes s I ntel li ge nce 7 $erf orma nc e "a na ge me nt - T-)2 Ausiness Intelligence E

Per"ormance /anagement (AIP/) solutions help your enterprise get agile$ adaptable and

! us ines s $ro cess Outso urcing

Cl o ud er ' ice s -enables organi1ations to operate more e""iciently$ while also "urther

a ser#ice6based IT deli#ery model$ resulting in impro#ed responsi#eness to business needs

C o nnec ted "a r 8 e ting o luti o ns

Con s u lti n g

E c o- s u s ta ina9i l ity er ' ice s - T-)8 5co6sustainability ser#ices help you integrate sustainab

into your business strategies to dri#e growth and inno#ation$ pro"itability and brand reputation

E ng ineering 7 Indus tria l er'ices

En ter % r is e o l u ti on s

iO N - )mall E /edian Ausiness6i.,$ the T-) cloud6based comprehensi#e business

automation plat"orm "or small and medium businesses ()/A)$ launched in :ebruary 2000$
gained momentum in "iscal 2002 i., uses the #ery latest in scalable cloud6computing
technology to deli#er a shared$ centrally6hosted$ T-)6built world6class business
automation suite to )/As$ eliminating the need "or them to in#est in any IT assets or

employ IT sta"" -lients pay

a monthly rental "or the so"tware$ as per usage$ instead o"
the traditional one6time license

IT In f r a s truc ture er ' ices

I T er ' ic e s

"o9ilit y ol uti ons a nd er 'ic es

$la tf o r m o l u ti on s 6T-)2 Plat"orm )olutions le#erage their IT$ I) and ser#ice deli#ery
capabilities$ in"rastructure strengths$ and access to new technology and process acumen to
pro#ide you with pay6as6you6use business solutions that

enable scalability$ "le+ibility
cost predictability to cope with dynamic business needs
" a : o r cus t o m ers
Recently T-) ha#e added <0 clients :ew names are as "ollows


Aritish Airways
>eutsche Aorse
)emiconductor ,PD ,ature 5ducation
AA, -hrysler Fays
Tata power ,ational Drid Radian )tore
Allian1 Gi"e -isco /otorola

(nited Aiscuits
Thames !ater /icroso"t
C o m %et i t o r s
0) In"osys
2) !ipro %) IDAT5 Patni
;) Accenture ?) /phasis
<) F-G Technologies @) GET In"otech
3) .racle IA/
9) /ahindra )atyam
NO. l2764l
er'ice " a r 8 eting " i; of T C
The ser#ice mar'eting mi+ is also 'nown as an e+tended mar'eting mi+ and is an integral part o" a ser#ice
blueprint design The ser#ice mar'eting mi+ consists o" @ P2s as compared to the < P2s o" a product
mar'eting mi+ )imply said$ the ser#ice mar'eting mi+ assumes the ser#ice as a product itsel" Fowe#er it
adds ; more P2s which are re9uired "or optimum ser#ice deli#ery
The product mar'eting mi+ consists o" the < P2s which are Product$ Pricing$ Promotions and Placement
The e+tended ser#ice mar'eting mi+ places ; "urther P2s which include People$ Process and Physical
e#idence All o" these "actors are necessary "or optimum ser#ice deli#ery
In T-) the physical e#idence o" the ser#ice they pro#ide is the most critical "actor -lients are regularly
updated about the progress made on their project through client calls and meetings Also the projects
which are already deli#ered are monitored with their per"ormance being e#aluated
0&$roduct: In case o" ser#ices$ the Iproduct2
is intangible$ heterogeneous and perishable
/oreo#er$ its production and consumption are
inseparable Fence$ there is scope "or
customi1ing the o""ering as per customer
re9uirements and the actual
encounter there"ore assumes particular
signi"icance Fowe#er$ too much
customi1ation would compromise the
standard deli#ery o" the ser#ice and
ad#ersely a""ect its 9uality Fence
particular care has to be ta'en in designing the
ser#ice o""ering
T-) being a ser#ices company "ocuses on pro#iding
customi1ed solutions to its clients
2 $ricing: Pricing o" ser#ices is
tougher than
pricing o" goods !hile the latter can be priced easily by ta'ing into account the raw material costs$ in
case o" ser#ices attendant costs 6 such as labor and o#erhead costs 6 also need to be "actored in Thus a
restaurant not only has to charge "or the cost o" the "ood ser#ed but also has to calculate a price "or the
ambience pro#ided The "inal price "or the ser#ice is then arri#ed at by including a mar'6up "or an
ade9uate pro"it margin
TC practices two 'ind o" pricing schemes7
a) Per hour Aased
b) Project Aased
; $lace: )ince ser#ice deli#ery is concurrent with its production and cannot be stored or
transported$ the location o" the ser#ice product assumes importance )er#ice pro#iders ha#e to
gi#e special thought to where the ser#ice would be pro#ided Thus$ a "ine dine restaurant is better
NO. l2764l
located in a busy$ upscale mar'et as against on the outs'irts o" a city )imilarly$ a holiday resort is better
situated in the countryside away "rom the rush and noise o" a city
TC has always tried to locate itsel" near the clients A lot o" projects T-) is associated with are on done
on the client site Also T-) uses lot o" technology to pro#ides its clients with su""icient resources and
minimi1e special limitations
< $romotion: )ince a ser#ice o""ering can be easily replicated promotion becomes crucial in
di""erentiating a ser#ice o""ering in the mind o" the consumer Thus$ ser#ice pro#iders o""ering identical
ser#ices such as airlines or ban's and insurance companies in#est hea#ily in ad#ertising their ser#ices
This is crucial in attracting customers in a segment where the ser#ices pro#iders ha#e nearly identical
% $eo%le: People are a de"ining "actor in a ser#ice deli#ery process$ since a ser#ice is inseparable "rom
the person pro#iding it Thus$ a restaurant is 'nown as much "or its "ood as "or the ser#ice pro#ided by its
sta"" The same is true o" ban's and department stores -onse9uently$ customer ser#ice training "or sta""
has become a top priority "or many organi1ations todayT-) maintains a large pool o" human resources
This can be reali1ed by the "act that it is largest employer o" India The employees o" T-) are its "ace
since they coordinate with the clients directly
? $rocess: The process o" ser#ice deli#ery is crucial since it ensures that the same standard o" ser#ice is
repeatedly deli#ered to the customers There"ore$ most companies ha#e a ser#ice blue print which
pro#ides the details o" the ser#ice deli#ery process$ o"ten going down to e#en de"ining the ser#ice script
and the greeting phrases to be used by the ser#ice sta""
@ $hysical E'idence: )ince ser#ices are intangible in nature most ser#ice pro#iders stri#e to
incorporate certain tangible elements into their o""ering to enhance customer e+perience Thus$ there are
hair salons that ha#e well designed waiting areas o"ten with maga1ines and plush so"as "or patrons to read
and rela+ while they await their turn )imilarly$ restaurants in#est hea#ily in their interior design and
decorations to o""er a tangible and uni9ue e+perience to their guests T-) belie#es in pro#iding physical
e#idence at each and e#ery le#el in the project They are in the "orm o" timely reports$ wor' sheets and
progress memos
Current Trends
"o 9il ity $ro ducts and er'i ces
/obile products pro#ide a richer$ more personali1ed e+perience "or your customers by using the "ull
"eature set o" smart phones or tablets Fowe#er$ in spite o" all the potential bene"its$ creating mobile
systems that are deeply integrated into e+isting enterprise in"rastructure poses signi"icant IT and
operational challenges Bears o" deployment e+perience with se#eral enterprises across di""erent
industries has helped T-) build a rich 'nowledge base and e+pertise o" many bac'6end systems$ enabling
us to o""er di""erentiated and robust mobile products and ser#ices
C o nnect e d " a r 8 et i ng o l u t i o ns
As consumers embrace new technologies and emerging channels$ these pro#ide newer means "or
mar'eters to connect with them The 'ey challenge "or today2s mar'eters is to pro#ide the right message
at the right time through the right channel /aintaining brand consistency$ coordinating with multiple
internal and e+ternal ser#ice pro#iders$ de#eloping actionable insights that re"lect a complete and
accurate understanding o" the customers and speed6to6mar'et are clear challenges
T-)2 -onnected /ar'eting )olutions aim to bridge mar'eting and IT$ pro#iding reality6based
inno#ationsJdeli#ered in partnership with T-) customers2 mar'eting organi1ation$ le#eraging global
best practices and deep domain e+pertise$ thus enabling you to engage$ measure and optimi1e interactions
with target audiences across all the touch6points The solutions allow "or enhanced mar'eting #elocity$ an
o#erall increase in Return on /ar'eting In#estment (Ro/I) and enable you to tap the e#ol#ing digital
channels such as mobile and social media mar'eting T-) solutions include consulting ser#ices$ business
solution "ramewor's and cloud6based plat"orms$ all o" which are bac'ed by strong domain and deli#ery
e+pertise in areas including social business solution$ connected digital e+perience solution and #oice o"
customer analytics
! i g D a ta o l ut io n s a nd er ' i c e s
>ata has become ubi9uitous with the e+ponential growth o" emerging digital technologies /anaging this
burgeoning #olume o" data e#ery day is the latest challenge "or enterprises wanting to harness it "or
business #alue Aig >ata is more than a "actor o" si1eC it opens a world o" opportunities to "ind new and
#aluable insights "rom the myriad data sources$ generating data at #arying speeds and types T-) pro#ide
with the best big data solutions and ser#ices is achie#ed through the research labs$ and the association
with product #endors and leading research uni#ersities to deli#er best6in6class solutions and ser#ices in
big data
C lo ud e r ' i c e s
.rgani1ations are embracing cloud to bene"it "rom the scalability$ responsi#eness and cost6e""iciencies
that cloud computing o""ers The trans"ormation to a cloud en#ironment is a signi"icant enterprise
underta'ing that has a tremendous impact on the way IT organi1ations operate and the way ser#ices are
deli#ered to business usersT-) #iew cloud as a paradigm that enables organi1ations to operate more
e""iciently$ while also "urther enables a ser#ice6based IT deli#ery model$ resulting in impro#ed
responsi#eness to business needs T-) o""ers end6to6end cloud computing ser#ices with strategic
consulting to "urther trans"orm the way organi1ations le#erage IT Incorporating the strategic
trans"ormation o" processes$ technologies and capabilities$ our approach ensures the optimal mi+ o"
enhanced agility$ reduced Total -ost o" .wnership (T-.) and ma+imum Return on In#estment (R.I)
Current cena ri o 7 $ro 9l ems %lag ui ng the India n I T I ndustry :
)o "ar$ the -ost Ad#antages and the .""shore >eli#ery /odel had been seen as a major ad#antage "or the
Indian IT companies who had been contributing majorly to India2s growth
Fowe#er$ e#en be"ore the global "inancial meltdown$ many analysts "elt that the cost ad#antages and the
o""shore deli#ery model per"ected by Indian companies might not remain an ad#antage in the long
ROLL NO. l2764l
run :or one$ the cost arbitrage was bound to come down Dlobal players such as IA/$ Accenture$ FP
and -apgemini ha#e started their own India centres and are also aiming "or the same customers :inally$
many o" the customer #erticals which propelled growth in the past decade J A:)I (ban'ing and "inancial
ser#ices) or telecom J are showing signs o" slowing down
Acti#ities associated with In"rastructure >e#elopment o" tier 2 and ; cities ha#e not ta'en o"" in a
planned and structured manner
The lac' o" a supporti#e "iscal en#ironment with a long6 term policy "ramewor' is also leading to a
potential erosion o" India2s opportunity against its global competitors$ li'e -hina$ Philippines and others
In a nutshell$ the ()> 003 billion India IT6ITe) industry "aces challenges li'e employability$
in"rastructure$ "a#ourable policies and competition "rom other low cost countries
Future Trends :
A new trend that has ta'en notice among many e+perts in the industry is the rise in the number o" )tart6
(ps and how well they2#e per"ormed$ considering their scale and other "actors These emerging
IT players are not only setting new benchmar's in operational e+cellence$ they are drawing #ital =- and
angel "unding$ building di#erse product port"olios and "oraying both the domestic and o#erseas mar'ets$
including non6traditional regions
)ectors such as In"rastructure Re9uirement in Public )ector$ -apital6Intensi#e nature o" manu"acturing
"irms and Increasing need or /oderni1ation o" ban's has been dri#ing the spending o" these ; #erticals
!hile these ; #erticals lead the mar'et in the current scenario$ sectors such as -ommunications and
/edia$ :inancial )er#ices and Fealthcare are e+pected to ride the ne+t wa#e o" growth witnessing
impressi#e growth rates
Although the segment is promising and has immense potential$ the increasing demand6supply gap
remains to be a cause o" concern !hile the demand "or hardware was estimated to be ()> 0; billion in
:B02$ the production o" goods stood merely at ()> ? billion Drowing demand "or hardware "uelled by
moderni1ation across #erticals$ clubbed with the slow rate o" increase in domestic production$ is
widening the demand6supply gap !hile this is seen as a challenge$ it is also un#eils a plethora o"
.pportunities "or Fardware /anu"acturers$ be it global or India$ who can gain signi"icantly while
bridging this chasm
As said abo#e$ it2s worth repeating that the IT hardware industry can play a big role in pro#iding products
and solutions to aid the India growth story It has the potential to leap"rog India to ne+t generation o"
technology adoption and holds immense trans"ormational potential "or #arious industry #erticals
:ollowing is a list concerning the same7
Industry =ertical Present state :uture potential
Access ,o digital connecti#ity !ireless connecti#ity
5ducation Gimited e9uipment >igital classrooms
Fealthcare Accessibility and cost
Telemedicine reduces cost$
impro#es access
>igiti1ation Analog to >igital 5lectronic society$ (ni9ue I>
The industry is also repositioning itsel" to le#erage the emerging opportunities$ technology megatrends$
re6architect its #alue proposition "or customers$ "ocus on IP led growth and e+pand the mar'et :ollowing
are the "i#e 'ey le#ers that are dri#ing this trans"ormation and those that T-)$ among the other players in
the Industry$ are wor'ing on7
IP creation7 The industry is transitioning "rom enterprise ser#ices to a world best6described as
Ienterprising solutions2 The industry is leading the dri#e to design solutions incorporating )ocial$
/obile$ -loud$ Analytics ()/A-) to o""er inno#ati#e o""erings
Rein#ented business models7 The industry is altering its business and deli#ery models in tune with
dynamic customer needs -ustomers want solutions that minimise cape+ and today #endors ha#e to
design them as a Ipay as you go model2$ and reco#er their costs on a Igain6share basis2
5+panding the mar'et7 The industry is e+panding into untapped #erticals$ while e+ploring emerging
mar'ets !hether it is healthcare$ utilities$ education or legal$ the industry is tapping business
opportunities being created in these #erticals At the same time$ it is "oraying into mar'ets li'e A"rica$
Asia$ -hina$ Gatin America$ amongst others
The relationship chain7 -ustomer centricity is the 'ey dri#er "or the industry and as the "ocus shi"ts
beyond cost$ the industry has e+panded and built client relationships across business$ "inance and IT
These relationships are helping the industry understand the customer priorities and deli#er solutions
beyond cost
Together with positi#es such as impro#ed security and attention to s'ills de#elopment$ the Indian IT6AP/
industry is reshaping itsel" to maintain its growth trajectory Its outloo' remains bright and the sector will
remain a game changer in this decade
u g g e s t io n s :
Analysts ha#e gi#en the "ollowing suggestions "or the Re#i#al o" an Industry that$ single6handedly$ dro#e
India to the top and made it shine on the !orld map7
At one le#el$ it needs to change its model o" operations J and mo#e away "rom the old6"ashioned A>/
(application$ de#elopment and maintenance) model that has deli#ered the bul' o" the growth in the past
!hether the new model in#ol#es inno#ations such as outcome6based billing or opening near6shore
canters depends on the company
At another le#el$ the Indian IT industry needs to "ocus on the new$ high6growth areas J cloud ser#ices$
mobility ser#ices$ big data$ etc J i" it plans to remain rele#ant in the mar'etplace
< ey D i f f e r entiat o rs o f TC
$ioneer in the industry 7 !rand
Fa#ing started in 09?3$ T-) has established himsel" as the industry leader Aeing part o" the trusted Tata
group is also a big di""erentiator "or T-) gi#ing it a strong brand strength
Integrated full-ser'ices %layer
Port"olio o" o""erings e+tends "rom consulting to implementation$ testing and supportC "rom engineering
ser#ices to AP.C "rom products to end6to6end solutions
ROLL NO. l2764l
Colla9oration =ith multi%le sta8eholders
Fa#ing wor'ed on large global scale enterprise projects$ T-) appreciates the need "or "le+ibility to wor'
with multiple sta'eholders "rom customers$ partners$ and other ser#ice pro#iders T-) ha#e de#eloped
inno#ati#e engagement models that ha#e pro#en T-)2 ability to deli#er signi"icant #alue to its customers
in managing their projects as the sole solution pro#ider$ or prime4lead partner$ or supporting partner
Glo9al Net=or8 Deli'ery "odel
(ni9ue networ' o" @9 >eli#ery -enters in Ara1il$ (ruguay$ -hile$ -hina$ Fungary$ (H$ Kapan$ Australia$
)ingapore and India that operate at the same 9uality$ security and s'ill le#els$ gi#ing customers the same
e+perience o" certainty across the organi1ation globally with a lower total cost o" ownership
)igh >uality and "a;imum security
In 200%$ T-) was awarded enterprise6wide triple certi"ication "or7
Luality (I). 900072000)$ )ecurity (A) @@996272002) E )er#ices (A) 0%0006072002)
Inno'ation Net=or8
T-) has established 09 labs with strong lin's to start6ups$ academia and alliance partners to continuously
de#elop inno#ati#e solutions "or their customers