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How is it a judge can make a hospital admit an abortionist?!?!? TX pro lifer.

. Its shocking but the reason its possible is because the Texas Occupations Code has created abortionist as a protected class of citizens. Whether that is Constitutional and will be upheld by the Supreme Court is a separate question. There has been no Supreme Court decisions that I am aware of that provides discrimination protection for abortionists. However, lets not forget that it was the United States Supreme Court that created a right to privacy out of thin air and opened the flood gates to abortion. Here is the offending language that is found in Section 103.022 of the Texas Occupations Code subsection (b), (b) A hospital or health care facility may not discriminate against a physician, nurse, staff member, or employee because of the person's willingness to participate in an abortion procedure at another facility. Its obvious that this was written by a pro choice lobbyist or legislator since the heading for the entire chapter is entitled: RIGHT TO OBJECT TO PARTICIPATION IN ABORTION PROCEDURE. And this is why we must be vigilant and make sure that our elected leaders are carefully reading legislation that on its face is supposed to protect people who are OBJECTING to abortion not create a protected class of citizenship for abortionists. Its rather ironic that the pro choice wording that was slipped into the Texas Occupations Code is the foundation of their petition for an injunction. Here is a link to the petition for your review: http://www.scribd.com/doc/219015443/Petition-for-injunct Youll notice that the hospital has another reason for revoking the privileges: their inability to treat complications related to abortions. That would be like forcing a gas station to fuel up Navy jet fighters. If the hospital is not equipped to handle complications related to abortion then the abortionist should locate another hospital better suited to deal with patients who are harmed during abortion procedures. In section 48 of the petition the abortionists argue that securing admitting privileges at another hospital is not viable. This is factually incorrect. One of the named complainants is Dr. Jasbir Ahluwalia who aborts babies at the Routh Street abortuary. That facility is operated by Dr. Opta Lea Braun who has admitting privileges at Dallas Medical Center located at 7 Medical Parkway in Dallas, TX. Clearly, if Dr. Braun was able to get admitting privileges elsewhere then these abortionists are capable of doing the same thing. Similarly, Dr. L. Darrell Jordan, the Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood of greater Texas, has admitting privileges at Medical City Hospital and North Central Surgical Center. How is it possible that the Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood can have admitting privileges at two Dallas area hospitals and these doctors are incapable of doing the same thing? Dallas Presbyterian Hospital has given admitting privileges to the abortionists working at Southwestern Womens Surgical Center on Greenville Ave: Dr. Tricia Shimer and Dr. Robin Wallace. If its impossible to get admitting privileges in Dallas how did they manage it? Ive personally verified with the credentialing departments of these hospitals that the doctors listed above have active admitting privileges.

The long term solution is to modify the Texas Occupations Code to achieve its goal of protecting people against discrimination for objecting to participate in abortions. In its present form it creates a loophole for abortionists and gives them special status which was probably not the original intent of the legislation. It would be interesting to read the legislative history to see how protection for abortionists ended up in the code. I wouldnt be surprised if pro choice lobbyists were heavily involved. Planned Parenthood has deep pockets. But even with their billions and the financial and political support of the richest men and women in the world God is still victorious. -Steve Steven Lopez Spiritus Films cell: 832.882.3825 www.spiritusfilms.com