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II was home with my daughter on Friday the day after Thanksgiving1989 it was .sometime around nine-thirty(9:30 am). She had said earlier she Was going for her usual run and I was busy doing laundry and cleaning as 1was preparing to leave that weekend for another ..' assignment i~ I came from the back porch and met her in the living room area, "-.[ thought you were going for a run". She replied that she got a real funny feeling about it and decided not to go today. We continued to clean house etc .. I happened to look out the kitchen window and saw a beige car located in front of our house 01~ I asked_if she was expecting anyone and she said no and came and looked out window and said it was Mandy. The car continued to sit there with a male in the driver's seat wearing a green checkeredshirt and a blonde female in the passenger seat I noticed they were reading something. They later seemed to be in some kind of confortation of conversation , 1 told~aybe we should see if everything was ok, she said it's just Mandy with probably one of her boyfriends. 1 later decided I would walk out and pretend to check for mail since the car was still there. I then could see the male better he had brown hair with a slight receding hairline and blue eyes, mid thirties, the car later moved further north on~past~d continued to stay parked there .. We watched as they werein some kind of conversation, the female was still in the passenger seat. The male grabbed the item that looked like a card out of her hand and slammed it on the dash . was scheduled to work that day a~so she continued to get ready for work and we both continued to check periodically to see if the car was still there. Between? 1:00 -I :30 pm the car backed int~and then went south on_ the blonde female was still in the passenger seat and the green checkered shirt figure was in the driver's seat. I continued to do my chores of getting the house clean and preparing for my road trip, _eft for work and we heard the next day that Mandy was missing. 1 talked with and confirmed that was a search in place. I called the sheriffs office and asked to speak with someone, I at that time told them that I had seen possibly seen Mandy on our road the day before. I was told that everyone was out in field and someone would get back to me. ~ere upset and trying to locate Mandy, calling friends etc. It was a real emotional time at the house. I talked with ~ain and told her what 1 had seen and she came up to my house ,I told her what the male was wearing and who I thought the male looked like and she said that is .1have seen him with that shirt on around Acme. We agreed to keep that a "secret" between U$ until some official contacted me for a statement.. 1 called the sheriffs office two more times and was told the same thing, "too' busy" will get back to me .. some officer finally did call me and he said he would like to talk to me sometime in the following week.and I toldhim I had to be in or d assignment and would call my telephone number to~hen I got it turned on there and he would call it to the officer of which we /he did. I never heard from the sheriffs officer but when I came home again I called the sheriffs office and told them I never heard from anyone. Someone fmally called me back.. A year? Maybe someone called and wanted to ask me a few questions but never wanted an interview. Even years later~ied to call and set up appointment when she was visiting from. And they never contacted us. Sometime later maybe at lea~ I was home between jobs and I received a telephone call from Deputy~had been I considered a friend, he would often come by in uniform and have coffee, he was also the one probably to respond to our neighborhood problems. He

identified himself and told me he had something to tell me but I should not say anything to anyone as I may not be safe if I did. He said he was going to tell me about Mandy because he felt I should know since I had probably been one of the last persons to see her alive. He instructed me more than once not to say anything to anyone,_ was sitting in the room and could hear my conversation . said he was leaving the area ,was leaving the sheriffs office and he wanted me to know the truth. He went on to say," first you go over the nooksack river then there are two prominent roads to the left ," I said yes Galbraight and he said no not that one, I said Rothenbuhler and he said yes, that is where we found her body, you probably heard her earrings were ripped out of her ears ,they were not, her shoes were on and her sweatpants were missing. Her body was lying on a small like island between a house and the river. Our number one suspect was the person living at the end of~oad.~as my number one suspect and I was told to get my ass off the case and I was replaced by I don't remember who he said it was. I asked~here he was going ,he said he was going into We chatted, I wished him luck, and didn't hear from him for a long time. I did call and talk to him a few times and we always went back to Mandy. I did meet with him in 2010 ? and 2011 and now he says he does not remember our telephone conversations . .-rasked me what that was about and I told him whatlahad told me . and I agreed that with his heart condition he may not be around to protect me ,that maybe this was just a set up and we called _ __ and she came up and we told her what~ad said .We agreed that if anything happened to me they would come forward, am still afraid to come forward with this writing. and I continued to keep quiet to protect me and I

more than once told me "maybe they were really looking for_not Mandy because they look similar. OUf house was burglarized in _ and I was away butlltsaid they did not respect _by the way they treated her room an~again said maybe the intended was_ not Mandy. They have made us feel like nobody's, they sheriff's office treated me the same way when I tried to report that I suspected the at Acme was abusing boys, I called and reported that I had rescued a ten old irl from her step-father _from being raped and I was told "we are not ready for p here". I was told byl .(in uniform) that ifI didn't quit fighting with the_ they are big raspberry growers' that "them people are from Carolina and they will burn your house at 3 in the moming".It didn't matter than was a _was

I was trying to protect my family and property from them because they always let their cattle and stallion, mare and colt run the neighborhood and into my yard. I had to protect my children from neighbors because the neighbors bad the same name as a judge_in town,


I reported that~as coming to MT.Baker school with a sawed off shot gun and selling mariquana in front of the school ,to __ was told" we don't see it and besides I won't touch that name, I have to live out here." J / ./ 4/


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