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A unique service from KVH Media Group International maritime news for seafarers Thursday, April 17, 2014

USCG rescues 3 crew members in New Orleans

The U !oast "uard #U !"$ said that it rescued three crew mem%ers a%oard a towin& vessel ta'in& on water and reportedly &rounded in (a'e )ontchartrain* !oast "uard ector +ew ,rleans- command centre received a report on Tuesday that a ship was &rounded on roc's near the (a'efront Airport with three people a%oard* The a&ency said that it launched an ./012 3olphin helicopter crew, which hoisted two people from the ship and a response %oat crew, which removed one person on a %ar&e attached to the towin& vessel* All three men were transported to hospitals* The !oast "uard did not provide details of in4uries and crew mem%ers- conditions were not immediately 'nown* The owner of the tow %oat said hi&h waves pushed %y a passin& storm front %ro'e a line connectin& the vessel and a %ar&e it was pushin&* The captain had no choice %ut to run the vessel onto roc's at the la'e-s south shore to 'eep it from sin'in&* The %ar&e was not carryin& car&o and had %een moved to another site %y 5ednesday mornin&* The incident happened early Tuesday as a line of violent storms moved throu&h the +ew ,rleans area and alon& the .ississippi coast* The storms spawned hi&h waves in (a'e )ontchartrain and stron& winds that overturned recreational vehicles and trailers at a camper par' in "autier, .iss, a%out 20 miles to the east* (a'e )ontchartrain is a shallow %rac'ish la'e used mostly %y recreational %oats and for inshore %ar&e transportation* It connects to the "ulf of .e6ico throu&h two narrow passes on its eastern end* #with inputs from A)$

SAFETY EMPA adopts resolution on VDR

The 7uropean .aritime )ilots- Association #7.)A$, in association with the +autical Institute, has adopted a resolution a%out the use of 8oya&e 3ata 9ecorders #839s$ in the maritime industry* The resolution su&&ested that the 7.)A encoura&e the use of 839 to help accident investi&ators review actions and procedures, to ena%le the causes of incidents to %e identified and lessons to %e learned* It further recommended that the !ode for Investi&ation of .arine !asualties and Incidents %e strictly followed* )articular attention was demanded for the protection of privacy when usin& 839 data* The 7.)A presupposes that the !harter of :undamental 9i&hts of the 7uropean Union re&ardin& privacy protection is ta'en into account at all times* The use of 839 data for disciplinary, criminal or lia%ility investi&ations is not accepta%le* The le&islation re&ardin& :li&ht 3ata usa&e in the aviation industry should %e used as a standard for the maritime industry* ource; 7.)A

3 dead a ter !lac" Sea base attac" in U"raine

U'raine-s Interior .inister Arsen Ava'ov said that three pro09ussian militants have %een 'illed and 1< wounded after U'rainian troops repelled an attac' on a +ational "uard %ase in the =lac' ea )ort of .ariupol in the south0east part of the country* Ava'ov said in a statement on Thursday that a crowd of around <00 men, armed with .olotov coc'tails, attac'ed the %ase late 5ednesday %ut were repelled %y the +ational "uard and police forces* Ava'ov said that 1< people had %een arrested and security officials confiscated weapons, communication devices and >9ussian cell phones>* The operation was still on&oin& with additional police patrollin& the port city and special forces %ein& helicoptered in as reinforcements, Ava'ov said* A well0armed, 9ussia0%ac'ed insur&ency has sowed chaos in eastern U'raine in the past wee's* .ilitants have sei?ed police stations and administrative %uildin&s in at least ten towns in the re&ion, includin& .ariupol* #with inputs from A), A:)$

C#ina accelerates plannin$ to re%connect Maritime Sil" Road

The !hinese &overnment is steppin& up the plannin& of revivin& the .aritime il' 9oad in the 21st century, with port construction as the priority, local media reported on 5ednesday* The plan is e6pected to focus on infrastructure construction of countries alon& the route, includin& ports of )a'istan, ri (an'a and =an&ladesh, the !hina ecurities @ournal said* !hina will co0ordinate customs, quality supervision, e0commerce and other a&encies to facilitate the scheme, which is also li'ely to contain attempts to %uild free trade ?ones* The 21st century .aritime il' 9oad was proposed %y !hinese )resident Ai @inpin& in a speech on stren&thenin& economic ties with the Association of outh0east Asian +ations durin& his visit to Indonesia in ,cto%er* outhwest !hina-s Bunnan )rovince and "uan&6i Chuan& Autonomous 9e&ion are stron& options for %ein& one end of the route* The .aritime il' 9oad dates %ac' to as early as 2,000 years a&o, when ancient merchants sailed from !hina-s eastern coast, passin& outh0east Asia, outhernmost of India and 7ast Africa, all the way to the )ersian "ulf and the 9ed ea, stren&thenin& economic ties and cultural communication, Ainhua reported*

Rescue wor"ers continue searc# operation in S &orea

9escuers wor'ed frantically on Thursday to find <00 people0mostly schoolchildren0missin& after a outh Dorean ferry capsi?ed, with prospects of pullin& survivors from the su%mer&ed vessel dimmin& as emotions %oiled over amon& an&uished relatives* 5orsenin& weather fuelled the som%re mood, with persistent rain and choppy seas further hinderin& dive teams already stru&&lin& with low visi%ility and stron& currents* +ine people were confirmed dead, %ut with every hour that passed fears mounted for the 2E7 still unaccounted for after the multi0dec' vessel with 472 on %oard suddenly listed, capsi?ed and then san' within the space of F0 minutes on 5ednesday mornin&* >/onestly, I thin' the chances of findin& anyone alive are close to ?ero,> a coast&uard official told an A:) 4ournalist on one of the %oats at the site* +aval and coast&uard vessels had used floodli&hts and flares throu&hout the ni&ht to maintain a search now involvin& more than 200 divers, 11F vessels and 2F aircraft* =ut distrau&ht relatives &athered in a &ymnasium on near%y @indo island insisted more should %e done, and vented their &rief and frustration to anyone who would listen* #A:)$

MP'RP ba$s Seatrade Award

.aritime )iracy /umanitarian 9esponse )ro&ramme #.)/9)$ has %een reco&nised for e6tendin& a supportin& hand to seafarers and their families* .)/9) has %een honoured with the eatrade Award for -support and assistance to seafarers and their families affected %y maritime piracy-* pea'in& on the occasion, .)/9) chair )eter wift said; >5e are most &rateful for this reco&nition of the )ro&ramme-s wor' supportin& seafarers and their families %efore, durin& and after incidents of piracy and armed ro%%ery*> Accordin& to wift, the award reco&nises .)/9) team mem%ers- e6ceptional dedication and commitment, the support provided %y the pro&ramme-s partners and IT: eafarers- Trust, the TD :oundation and eafarers UD-s much0need financial assistance*

SALVAGE Coast Guard responds to uel spill

The !oast "uard has responded to a fuel spill in the vicinity of "overnment !ut in .iami* After investi&ation, the officials released a statement that an estimated 2,000 &allons of diesel fuel had lea'ed from the vessel %erthed at 3od&e Island* The lea' reportedly started on April 12 ni&ht* A !oast "uard shoreline clean0up teams, which have already %een deployed to local areas, will monitor the impact of the pollution and commence clean0up efforts, if necessary* !oast "uard crew have already deployed a F20 feet of sor%ent %oom to contain pollution and minimise local impact* Accordin& to fresh reports, the lea'a&e of fuel has %een stopped and the ruptured tan' of the vessel has %een repaired*

PORT NEWS Mombasa Port to soon #andle lar$er (essels

The )ort of .om%asa is e6pected to handle lar&e vessels as Denya )orts Authority #D)A$ and "erman e6perts have a&reed to wor' on a simulation e6ercise to &au&e the port-s capa%ility* Upon completion of the dred&in& at (i'oni !hannel, car&o handlin& modernisation and construction of =erth 1F, the port-s capacity will increase up to 1,000 twenty equivalent units #T7Us$* !urrently, the )ort of .om%asa handles vessels of up to 4,200 T7Us*

D)A "eneral .ana&er ,perations, !aptain Twali% Dhamis, said the e6perts will assess the port-s capacity to handle the %i&&er vessels &iven that .om%asa is currently investin& more to increase the facility-s efficiency*

COMMERCE 'apa$%)lo*d a$rees to mer$e wit# CSAV

"erman container shippin& &iant /apa&0(loyd si&ned a mer&in& a&reement with its !hilean peer !ompania ud Americana de 8apores #! A8$ on 5ednesday to form the world-s fourth %i&&est container shippin& line* The mer&e, waitin& for the approval of authorities, would equipped >the new /apa&0(loyd> with a fleet of some 200 vessels with total transport capacity of around one million T7U, said the /am%ur&0%ased /apa&0(loyd in a statement* 5ith the help of !A 8-s stron& position in the north0south traffic, the new company would have an annual transport volume of 7*2 million T7U and an annual turnover of 7U9 F %illion, it said* In return for contri%utin& its container %usiness, ! A8 would hold <0G sta'e in the com%ined entity, and its share would %e increased to <4G followin& an a&reed capital increase of 7U9 <70 million, amon& which 7U9 22F million would %e contri%uted %y ! A8, Ainhua reported* .aers' (ine in 3enmar', the leadin& player in the container shippin& industry, announced last month that an alliance of the world-s three %i&&est container shippin& lines, another two %ein& wit?erland0 %ased .editerranean hippin& !ompany and !.A !". of :rance, was li'ely to start operatin& in mid02014*

Gdans" S#ip*ard launc#es complete s#ip

After several years of %uildin& hulls, "dans' hipyard on 5ednesday launched a fully0equipped &as tan'er for the Italian yner&as company* The 12<m vessel was christened yn Antares* "dans' hipyard 8ice )resident Adam Cac?eniu' told reporters that the &as tan'er contract could help the financially ailin& shipyard improve its situation as more such orders could follow* >The yard has shown that it can %uild such modern units>, Cac?eniu' said* "dans' hipyard is e6periencin& pro%lems in repayin& an around )(+ 1E0 million de%t &enerated in 200F010* Its crew is currently %ein& paid in instalments* !onstruction on the yn Antares was launched in 200E %ut was stopped in the followin& year owin& to financial pro%lems suffered %y its contractor, the Italian company !antiere +avale di )esaro #!+)$*

Two years after !+)-s %an'ruptcy the contract was ta'en over %y yner&as, who decided to complete the ship, )A) reported*

AoS to brin$ Easter +o* to crew

Apostleship of the ea #Ao $, an a&ency of the !atholic !hurch, has %een ma'in& a constant effort to %rin& support and cheer to the lives of seafarers every 7aster* This 7aster Ao is plannin& to visit merchant ships and provide faith resources, prayer cards and 7aster 7&&s donated %y the local community* In recent wee's, Ao port chaplains have supported U'rainian and 9ussian seafarers in the mist of crisis in U'raine* They would also %e providin& internet connection for crew to contact their families %ac' home*

Market snapshot: 1100 GMT Dry Index BDI 936 Capesize Index BCI 1613 ana!ax Index B I "9# &'pra!ax Index B&I 909 -34 -111 $1% -"

(e) *ork +,ed C-s. /0n C'rren1y in 2&D Britain + o'nd. 136"99 Canada +Do--ar. 039041 China +*'an. 031604 5'ro 1334#1 India +6'pee. 030166 Indonesia +6'piah. 0300004" 7apan +*en. 03009""4 (or)ay +8rone. 0316"4 hi-ippines + eso. 030##% o-and +9-oty. 033#99 6'ssia +6':-e. 030#"4 &in0apore +Do--ar. 03"99" 2kraine +;ry<nia. 0304"" 2&D in /0n C'rren1y 03%9%3 13101# 63##0" 03"#3% 60334%0 1144#300 10#3#"00 %39"## 4434%00 330300 3630001 13#%04 1134010


Tur'ey is on the .editerranean, in the Anatolian re&ion of 5est Asia, with a small section in outheastern 7urope separated %y the Tur'ish traits #=osphorus, ea of .armara, and 3ardanelles$* 5ith the =lac' ea to the north and the Ae&ean ea in the west and .editerranean ea to the south0west, Tur'ey is surrounded %y =ul&aria and "reece to the west, Armenia, A?er%ai4anand "eor&ia to the north0east, yria, Iraq and Iran to the south0east*

Gettin$ t#ere
By p a!e" Tur'ey-s primary international &ateway %y air is Istan%ul-s AtatHr' International Airport* An'ara-s 7sen%o&a Airport handles a comparatively limited selection of international fli&hts and there are also direct charters to .editerranean resort hot spots li'e Antalya in the pea' summer and winter seasons* By #rai!" Travellin& from 7urope to Tur'ey %y train is more of historical or perhaps even romantic interest than fast or practical* A cheap way of travelin& to or from Tur'ey mi&ht %e the =al'an :le6ipass*

,op attractions
Ha$ia Sop%ia" The /a&ia ophia is one of the %est preserved ancient %uildin&s in the world* =uilt in the si6th century A3 %y the =y?antine 7mperor @ustinian, the %uildin& was converted to a mosque with the Tur'ish conquest and today operates as a museum* Ep%e&u&" Tur'ey is full of ancient cities, ma'in& it tou&h to select 4ust one for this list* 7phesus near modern elcu' is one most popular of these attractions* It contains some of the %est preserved "ree' and 9oman ruins in the world and remains a well0trodden part of the tourist trail from near%y resorts such as Dusadasi and I?mir* Cappado'ia (!der$rou!d Ci#ie&" Under&round cities of !appadocia are amon& the most intri&uin& and fascinatin& tourist attractions of Tur'ey* =uilt over a period spannin& hundreds of years, the area now includes several such comple6es many of which are now open to the pu%lic* The main tourist locations are the under&round cities of Dayma'li, 3erin'uyu, ,?'ona', .a?i and Ur&up*