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Compliance Internship Reflection I like to refer to this reflection as the You Should Hire Me Because reflection.

Because my goal entering graduate school was to gain the requisite experience in a compliance office to place myself in a position to gain employment in compliance, I tried to focus the majority of my internship hours in that facet of the sport industry. I was lucky enough to intern with two great athletic departments: The University of Tampa and Belmont University. Both places offered great hands-on experience which placed me in the seat of a compliance professional rather than the normal busy work which is commonly assigned to an intern. Rather than piecemeal each internship and bore you with a bulleted list of everything I have done, I thought I would treat this reflection like a job interview and tell you my experience (cover to cover) with the NCAA Rules Manual, along with an introductory interview question. What differentiates you from other candidates? I have been fortunate enough to work with some outstanding people in every athletic atmosphere I have been, so I truly value quality people who keep me striving for greatness; there is nothing worse than distrust and disgruntlement in the workplace environment.!My experiences and interactions at NC State and Belmont have instilled in me the importance of valuing quality people. You could say I have adopted Coach Yow and Coach Byrds recruiting philosophy to the job application and acceptance process. When these coaches evaluate recruits, they do not just recruit them for their apparent athletic abilities but they first recruit them for their abilities within:! their character.! A recruit must first fit into your family youve built before he/she can fit into your offensive or defensive sets. ! Some people dont agree with this philosophy and, unfortunately, I feel as though the coaches who abide by this philosophy are few and far between these days.! And yes, it wouldve been nice to have been a part of a national powerhouse like UConn during my college years.! Im sure I wouldve walked away with some amazing stories to tell my kids someday and several cool rings and pictures of trophies to show them.! However, Coach Yow (just like Coach Byrd) built so much more than a winning record at NC State:! she molded young ladies into selfrespecting, driven, humble, never-ending, faithful contributors to society.! She gave every member of the Wolfpack family more than just a token of a championship.! She instilled in us a moral compass which wont fade or tarnish, but will keep our bodies and minds polished for service. As a result of these teachings and interactions, I am focused on pursuing happiness and an atmosphere that will challenge me professionally and personally (for the development of good). I am not seeking championships or spotlight first but the quality people behind that spotlight which will inevitably build a quality program. What experience do you have with the NCAA Bylaws? Article 11 - Conduct and Employment of Athletics Personnel - Athletically-Related Income Forms - Declaration of Staff Forms - Recruiting Certification Updates

Article 12 - Amateurism - Employment & Outside Competition Forms - Promotional Activities for Charity Approval - Student Athlete Appearance Form Article 13 - Recruiting This section of the NCAA Manual is probably our most-violated and most-education heavy section due to the technicalities of contacting PSAs. Much of the self-reporting I handle on RSRO deals with Article 13. Other experience in this section includes: - Official and Unofficial Visit Forms - Telephone Logs - Dead Period Reminders - Recruiting Calendar Reminders through the monthly compliance newsletter - Transfer Tracer Documentation - Release Request Forms - Game Pass Lists for PSAs and HS Coaches - Sport Camp Approval & Reconciliation Forms - Student Host Forms - Contacts and Evaluation Forms - National Letter of Intent Request Forms & Submission Article 14 - Eligibility - Legislative relief waivers submitted through LSDBi including (1) hardship, (2) one year of residency and (3) matriculation after 20th birthday exceptions - Initial-eligibility and transfer student reviews - Review of the submission of student-athlete statement, drug testing consent, and health insurance forms - Drafting and submission of medical hardship waivers to the conference office - Outside Competition Forms Article 15 - Financial Aid - Employment forms - Scholarship Counter Forms - Squad and Eligibility List reviews and submission from BUs Financial Aid Office - Voluntary Withdrawal Forms Article 16 - Awards, Benefits, and Expenses for SAs - Occasional Meal Forms Article 17 - Playing Seasons - End of season reminders - Countable athletic hour (CARA log) reviews and monitoring - Establishing seasons in CA - Counting of sport start dates - preseason practice date - Length of Playing Season Forms

What is your experience with rules education? Through my compliance internships, I have gained an understanding of the importance of statutory interpretation, research of educational columns on LSDBi, and have become proficient using CA, RSRO, and APP. In addition to the above-listed experience, I have also played an integral role in rules education for Belmonts athletic department, staff and community through the publication of the monthly compliance newsletter, educational meetings, and the implementation of admonishment after self-reporting violations. Furthermore, I have also taken on an administrative drafting role during my internship by taking the initiative to revamp several of BUs forms and compliance handbooks. In addition to athletics, every job I have held has placed great value upon presentation skills and successful collaborative efforts with a customer-service approach. In my previous position as an assistant district attorney, I served in a similar advising and training position for local law enforcement officers: researching relevant case law and relaying this information to local officers through various departmental training sessions. As an associate attorney with The McGougan Law Firm, I also held a counseling role for the Whiteville City Schools Board of Education when the local school board attorney had conflicting obligations. These experiences, in and out the classroom, have developed in me the skills and preparation needed to succeed in a position of this caliber.