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Introduction to Unilever Bangladesh Unilever Bangladesh (UBL) is the leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company in Bangladesh with

a heritage of ! years and products that are present in "#$ of Bangladeshi household%UBL started its &ourney in Bangladesh with the production of soaps in its factory in 'alurghat( Chittagong% )ver the years the company introduced many afforda*le *rands which won the hearts of Bangladeshis all across the country% +oday we are present with our *rands in almost every household of the country% UBL is the mar,et leader in - of the # categories it operates in( with .! *rands spanning across /ome and 0ersonal Care and Foods% Its operations provide employment to over 1!(!!! people directly and indirectly through its dedicated suppliers( distri*utors and service providers% ""%#$ of UBL employees are locals with a large num*er of local UBL employees now wor,ing a*road in other Unilever companies as e2patriates% 3oing 4ell *y 3oing Good Unilever *elieves in am*itious growth of the *usiness while at the same time fostering a sustaina*le environment% 4e *elieve the two must *e related and hence sustaina*ility is placed at the heart of everything we do% )ur philosophy of 53oing 4ell *y 3oing Good6 is captured in the Unilever 7ustaina*le Living 0lan (U7L0)% 7ome of the initiatives under U7L0 in Bangladesh are8 Life*uoy Lifesaver 0rogram 9 a Life*uoy initiative to reduce child mortality through /andwashing% )ral /eath : /ygiene ;wareness 0rogramme 9 led *y 0epsodent( this school<*ased activation program aims to reach =(!!(!!! children with its dental chec,ups and awareness% Life*uoy Friendship /ospital < Launched in March .!!. in association with the humanitarian organi>ation ?Friendship@( the hospital is situated on a *oat with a dedicated medical team and reaches out to people who do not have access to proper medical facilities% 0ureIt8 Launched in .!1!( 0ureIt is a water purifier which aims to provide safe drin,ing water to . million people *y .!1 % It has already reached a million people *y .!1A% 0ollydut8 these are young( unemployed youth of the villages of Bangladesh whom UBL has incorporated into their distri*ution networ, to provide them with a livelihood% ;pora&ita 9 In association with C;BC Bangladesh( UBL has created a sustaina*le *usiness opportunity for rural women in the form of ;pora&ita% ;pora&itas are recruited to sell UBL and other company products( door<to<door% )ver .( !! ;para&itas earn their living *y selling UBL products% 0ro&ect Laser Beam (0LB) 9 0LB started in .!1! a pilot pro&ect *etween (Glo*al) Unilever Foundation and 4F0( targeted towards eradicating child hunger and malnutrition% +oday the pro&ect includes

multiple partners such as 4ater;id( Friendship( Care and Brac and wor,s across four pillars 9 Dutrition( 4ater( /ealth and /ygiene and Livelihood% UBL is a Eoint Fenture of the Government of Bangladesh and Unilever( one of the world6s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods with strong local roots in more than 1!! countries across the glo*e% Unilever holds G!%=$ share in UBL%v 3)FC BC;U+H B;B7 Irrespective of seasons( our s,in needs moisturi>ing% 4ith 1I=th moisturi>ing cream( 3ove Bars provides a complete moisture care% 3ove *eauty *ars are availa*le in three variants8 3ove 4hite Beauty Bar8 Contains 4ith 1I=th moisturi>ing cream and mild cleansers that leave s,in clean( soft and smooth% 3ove 0in, Beauty Bar8 Contains 1I=th moisturi>ing cream richly *lended with its mildest cleansers( no other *eauty *ar has more s,in<natural moisturi>ers than 3ove% Cveryday moisture is the ,ey to *eautiful s,in% 3ove Fresh Moisture Beauty Bar8 Cnriched with an ultra<light hydrating formula and the crisp( soothing scent of cucum*er and green tea% 0rovides a refreshing( uplifting sensation for your s,in% CF)LU+I)D )F 3)FC8 1"=!6s 9 Formula for 3ove Bar (Mild 7oap) 1" !6s 9 Befined to original 3ove Beauty Bar 1"G!6s 9 Launched in the mar,et 1"-!6s 9 0opularity Increased as a milder soap 1"#!6s 9 Leading *rand recommended *y 0hysicians 1""!6s 9 3ove *eauty wash successfully launched 1"" <.!!1 9 C2tension of 3ove6s range of products

+he 3ove Beauty Bar was launched in the U7 in 1" -( promising women it wouldnJt dry out their s,in li,e soap% +hrough the 1"G!s( 3oveJs advertising focused on the demonstra*le difference *etween how it feels to use 3ove compared with soap% In 1"G"( real womenJs testimonials were used for the first time to advertise 3ove% In 1"#1( it created its first direct mar,eting effort in the U7( which included an at<home litmus test% In 1"## a J*eautyJ named Eean 7hy appeared on +F ads to tal, a*out 3oveJs *enefits% +his was the

*eginning of 3oveJs JConviction of UsersJ testimonial campaign( helping to drive the 3ove *ar to dou*le<digit share in the U7% In 1"#"( 3ove was launched in Italy using the JConviction of UsersJ campaign( as well as the Medical 0rogramme arm of the *rand( which shares research with dermatologists% 7uccessful test mar,ets in France and Germany followed in 1""!% In 1""1( 3ove *egan its glo*al roll<out and over the ne2t three years( it was launched in countries% new

In 1""1( a new advertising idea evolved from 3oveJs earlier litmus test campaign( using o*&ective evidence% +ogether with the JConviction of UsersJ campaign( it was adopted *y nearly all 3oveJs glo*al mar,ets% In 1"" ( 3ove too, its first significant step outside the cleansing *ar category with the U7 launch of Moisturising Body 4ash% In many e2pansion mar,ets( *ody wash *ecame an integral part of 3ove sales% ;dditional categories followed8 deodorants in 1""-K *ody lotions in 1""#K and facial cleansers in 1"""% In 1"""( 3ove was launched in Eapan% 4ithin one year( 3ove Facial Foam achieved 1G$ mar,et share( ta,ing over leadership from BiorL% In .!!=( 3ove launched the Campaign for Beal Beauty across Curope( winning accolades including British +elevision ;dvertising ;wards% +he campaign was then launched on all continents% In .!!G( the 3ove self<esteem fund was launched with the mission to touch the lives of one million young people *y the end of .!!#% 3ove operates in #- countries today%

)ur Mission Increase the sales *y =!$ in G months% 7ales o*&ective For achieving the sales goals i%e% increasing the sales for =!$ means selling more than . lac more dove soap in every month which needs a promotional e2pense of .! lacs in every month%

3)FC67 7+B;+CGH8 ;lessandro Manfredi( glo*al *rand director for 3ove( e2plains the campaignJs philosophy ?3ove only uses real women% It has to feel true and ma,e women feel good a*out themselves% 4hen I see a *eauty ad( I donJt need to feel I am wrong( I need to *uy a product to feel right%? ;s well as advertisements( 3oveJs Jreal womenJ mar,eting now includes a campaigning 7elf<Csteem Fund( launched in .!!G% +his has the lofty mission of not only selling moisturiser *ut changing 4estern ideals of *eauty and em*racing more diversity through a variety of local community programmes% Lucy 4a,efield( founder of lifestyle and *eauty *rand Calmia( says8 ?It is incredi*ly hard for women to achieve what they see in maga>ines% +hey are overwhelmed *y information and often pulled in conflicting directions%? 3oveJs strategy was originally devised to promote a *ody firming range( aiming to cut through a crowded *eauty mar,et *y advocating a different point of view% 3ove and its ad agency( )gilvy : Mather( felt consumers were apt to compare themselves unfavoura*ly with unrealistic images seen in *eauty campaigns% +hey saw a gap in the mar,et for a *rand that flew in the face of traditional *eauty advertising( focusing on the superficial values of appearance% 3ove was ,een to create a community around the idea that women would spend more money pampering themselves if they were shown realistic mar,eting that made them feel good a*out themselves% 3ove had already run a campaign using real women in 1"##( called JConviction of usersJ( which featured people testifying to its attri*utes in +F ads% +his had helped it e2pand from one product( a cleansing *ar launched in 1" -( to a range including moisturisers% But with am*itions to move into new countries and more product categories( 3oveJs parent *usiness( Unilever( needed to find a new mar,eting direction% 3ove didnJt have a consistent glo*al image in every country and people felt more affinity with the individual products than with the *rand% It needed something to unite it geographically and conceptually% Unilever also wanted it to produce dou*le<digit financial growth% ?+he *rand was successful *ut we felt we were in danger of having an issue in the future if we only relied on product and not a strong affinity with the *rand(? admits Manfredi%

M;B'C+IDG 7+B;+CGIC7 ;3)0+C3 BH 3)FC8

0BICC 0CDC+B;+I)D 7+B;+CGH8 3ove was launched at a very premium price of 1!!+a,a while the other *randed soaps were e2iting which priced Bs%A!< !%Gradually the prices have *een reduced

and have turned reasona*le and are around #!ta,a% 3IFFCBCD+I;+I)D )F +/C 0B)3UC+8 3ove had *een featured as the only soap which is mild with p/ *etween G% and -% and the one containing M moisturi>ing cream%% which render it gentleness and cause no negative effects to the s,in : no models were used to endorse the product so that people could get the feel that this was a true *eauty soap for common people% 7CGMCD+;+I)D8 It is a psychographic segmentation which had relied on the fact that on ,nowing a*out the negative effects of the soap which people used since long they would Nuit it and would even pay for an e2travagant price for a Nuality product% In addition an emotional appeal was conveyed to the customers through the campaign called Ocampaign for real *eauty@ which had a message Beal *eauty can only *e found on the inside and every woman deserves to feel *eautiful% which made people reali>e their self esteem and the no models were made to endorse the product depicting that this soap is for common people% %+he *rand relied on the consumers positive reaction a*out choosing dove on ,nowing the facts of the soaps they had *een using since long time% +;BGC+ 7CGMCD+8 +he group that prefer premium *rand : *elieve in Nuality products % 0B)3UC+ 0)7I+I)DIDG8 +he *rand is positioned as the Mildest 7oap% 3ove is 0/ neutral and this ma,es the soap soft on all ,ind of s,in types% Internationally this *rand is positioned as a *rand that cele*rates the ? Beal Beauty? % 3ove defines real *eauty as ? *eauty is not a*out how you loo, *ut a*out how you feel?% +he 3oveJs official site ? campaig forreal*eauty%com? highlights this *rand value 3B;M;+IC DC4 ;3FCB+I7IDG% CBC;+IFC 7+B;+CGH Lever and ):M *elieve in long<running campaigns 1% 0osition 3ove as the *est *ar( to attract occasional and non<users .% Beaffirm 3ove6s superiority with e2isting users ;t this point( they were still thin,ing tactically% they wanted to sha,e up the mar,etK *uild 3ove6s *usinessK and return to the -<3ay +est or something similarPall within the year% But to do this we needed news% +hey had no Jnew and improvedJ product to wor, with( *ut the answer started to ta,e shape% +hey ,new that mildness was a consumer hot*utton( and that 3ove6s superior formulation was milder than e2isting *ars% 0lus( *ecause of its formula( 3ove had an ama>ing product demonstration8 J4ith a litmus<type test( conventional soaps turned indicator<paper dar,( *ecause of al,alinity% It stayed completely clear with 3ove% +his was a *rea,through demo( even with no product improvement%J A D) L)DGCB ; +;C+IC;L 7+BI'C Creative ran nationally in Cnglish and French( starting with JLitmusJ% Business responded so dramatically that we ,ept postponing the return to -<3ay testimonials% )ur o*&ective was still to pre< empt )il of )lay *ar( *ut we were now turning our attention to Ivory and Eergens% 4hat had started as a tactical stri,e was *ecoming a strategic offensive% )ver the ne2t four years( creative rolled out in three phases( with mildness and credi*ility the strategic constants% +here were five commercials( and

corresponding print8 +he format of the commercials is worth comment% Many campaigns evolve *y pooling out a format% 3ove did not% ;ll e2ecutions had the same strategy 9 mildness and credi*ility 9 *ut the format changed to suit the story%G JLitmusJ was A! seconds of demo% JFocus GroupJ was real women% JEoe FurrierJ was an e2pert testimonial% JFle2 4ashJ and J;rm 4ashJ were demos again( though different from JLitmusJ% ;nd as the campaign evolved( the *usiness ,ept growing% 0ositioning 1) 0oint of 0arity (0)0s) 0)0s are generated *y the needs of category mem*ership and are desira*le *y the consumers% +hese are to stand up against the advantage of 0)3s of the competitors and thus *uild a strong consumer *ase for the product% 3ove soap is availa*le in different si>es in order to fit the consumer *udget +hese parities help to ta,e care the needs of the customers as well as *etter connect the products and the consumers% +he 0)0s can *e summari>ed as8< Q ;vaila*le in different si>es Q ;vaila*le for different s,in types Q ;lmost at the same prices Q Focuses on Bangladeshi s,in pro*lems .) 0oint of difference (0)3s) i) Belevance8 +arget consumers must find the 0)3 personally relevant and important% For 3ove soap products they position the features as essential to save s,in from damaging% 3ove 7oap has positioned itself as a product of premium Nuality% ii) 3istinctiveness8 +arget consumers must find the 0)3 distinctive and superior% 4hen entering a category where there are esta*lished *rands( the challenge is to find a via*le *asis for differentiation% 3ove comes with features to provide care for sensitive s,in% +hey create distinctiveness *y helping consumers who already have the pro*lems associated s,in with uniNue solutions developed in Bangladesh% iii) Believa*ility8 3ove claims it is not &ust a soap it6s a therapy that repairs your s,in : enhances the real *eauty in you which give an emotional selling proposition% It does not use cele*rity rather ma,es regular women to *e its super model which is &ust different from the strategy used *y LURwhere they ma,e of *ollywood film stars li,e ;ishwariya ray( 'atrina 'aif etc% +his helped the 3ove soap *etter relate to the young women and the targeted customers% +he 0)3s for the 3ove 7hampoo can *e summari>ed as8< Q +hree times stronger( smoother : softer hair% Q Focuses on emotional selling proposition Q It6s not &ust a soap it6s a therapy that repairs your s,i : enhances the real *eauty in you% Q It does not use cele*rity rather ma,es regular women to *e its super model%

C)MMUDIC;+I)D 3CFCL)0MCD+ +he *rand team decided to use these real<life anecdotes in their +F commercials% +he cast were also chosen from real<life characters% +hey might not *e perfect *efore a camera( *ut this reflected a much

more honest( candid approach( parallel to 3oveJs *rand claim% +arget consumers could identify themselves much more Nuic,ly and *e convinced a*out the *rand message more easily( moving towards purchase within a shorter period of time% 1% +he power of clear<cut( continuous *rand communication 4hile in .!!!( 3ove Cream Bar had a 1-$ share of total soap mar,et gross rating points (GB0s)( it increased this share to !$ in .!!1% Dot only Cream Bar *ut 3ove Body 7il, and 3eo also started en&oying much higher levels of *rand communication after ;ugust .!!1( following the shooting of new commercials% ;lthough 3ove Body 7il, was launched in May .!!.( it accounted for A $ of the total *ody<care mar,etJs +F advertising within the first month of its launch% 3ove *ecame a trend<setter and e2panded total *rand communication in every category in which it *ecame active% .% 0remium<priced *rand in a recession In line with its international pricing strategy( 3ove continued to *e a premium<priced *rand throughout the +ur,ish crisis% /owever( to show +ur,ish consumers its sensitivity to the changing economic conditions( it prepared gift pac,s especially for special days( such as MotherJs 3ay and FalentineJs 3ay% ;lthough it made considera*le price reductions in these gift pac,s( it never announced this in *rand communications% Because 3ove *rand is too precious to *ecome par<priced with any other competitor( it too, care that gift pac,s loo,ed e2travagant( to stop any possi*le *rand image erosion% In addition it did e2tensive free sampling via a daily newspaper( and engaged in heavy in<store activity in supermar,ets% /owever( it made a concerted effort to stay as a JpremiumJ *rand( creating added value for its customers too during recession% A% Brand communication ;ll *rand communication is concentrated in +F( as +ur,ish consumers watch at least four hours daily% Besearch indicates that the duration of daily +F viewing increased *y a further 1!.!$ during the recession across different target groups% +he 3ove commercialsJ message is clear<cut( easy to understand and hard to discredit% +he Jhalf a faceJ ad played an especially important role in 3oveJs mar,et success% 3)FCJ7 M;B'C+ 7UCCC77 +he mar,et share of 3ove Cream Bar was A%1$ in 1""-( rising to =%G$ in 1""#% 7u*seNuently it reached #%G$ in Fe*ruary .!!! and 11$ in Eanuary .!!1% 4ith these figures( it *ecame num*er<three *rand in the toilet soaps mar,et *y Eanuary .!!1% (In Eanuary .!!1( the num*er<one *rand had a .!$ mar,et share and num*er two 1 $%) +he new 3ove communication started in ;ugust .!!1 and in Euly .!!. 3ove caught up with the num*er<two *rand( gaining a 1 %-$ mar,et share% +he num*er<one *rand had now fallen to a share of 1-$% (It is worth noting that these figures cover the 1!!g 3ove Cream Bar only( whereas competitorsJ entire toilet soap ranges are included in their shares%) the mar,et shares of toilet soaps in +ur,ey from 1""- to Euly .!!.% In addition( from ;ugust .!!1 to Euly .!!.( household penetration increased *y %#$( indicating new households *ecoming purchasers% Further( Millward Brown +rac,ing results revealed that certain *rand<related attri*utes have improved from S1 .!!. to S. .!!.% For instance( JI am aware of 3ove +F advertisingJ increased from 1!! (inde2 points) to 1=A within three months% 7imilarly( unaided *rand recall increased *y 1G inde2 points( and aided recall *y 1! inde2 points( from S1 to S. of .!!.%

BC;7)D7 F)B CMCBGCDCC )F 3)FC ;7 ; 7UCCC77FUL BB;D3 3ove has a heritage of repositioning the competition( and using real people testimonials% It6s *een a trusted model for them% Bac, in the !6s they had real women telling us that( ?3ove doesn6t dry my s,in li,e ordinary soap?% )f course they found their U70 (uniNue selling proposition) of . $ moisturiser in soap( and played to their strength% +oday in a world of parity product( it is a lot harder to maintain this competitive edge%

M;ID+;IDIDG C)M0C+I+IFC C3GC +/B)UG/ BCLCF;D+ 0B)3UC+ IDD)F;+I)D% 4omen actively see, those innovations that ma,e life easier and more comforta*le% )r products designed with a woman in mind 3ove has at least *rought their product *rea,throughs into our world% +heir latest innovation is repositioning the cosmetic segment of the mar,et( ,nown as ?anti<ageing?% But in the world of 3ove it has *een renamed ?0ro<;geing?%;geing is a fact of life and one they em*race% Do dou*t a loo, at the female Boomer mar,et has driven this positioning% Dot only are Boomers the largest segment of the population( *ut in the U7; it is estimated that they will spend T.%1 trillion on consumer goods and services% 4ith many Boomer women at the pea, of their careers and earning capacity( it ma,es sense to secure their loyalty now% D)+ IGD)BIDG +/C GB)4IDG 7CGMCD+7 )F H)UB M;B'C+% 3ove are so good at recogni>ing the power of loyalty amongst their female constituents% +hey leave no stone unturned% +he 7elf Csteem campaign for young girls% Dot only is this a stunning display of social responsi*ility( *ut an effective way to procure tomorrow6s customers% It smac,s of Cmotional Intelligence( which is palpa*ly non<e2istent within too many corporate organisations% Unilever fostered a ?Leadership In ;ction? program( where new thin,ing and ideas were given a hot house to thrive and *e ac,nowledged in% +here is no denying that 3ove are smothered in authenticity% +hey have genuinely gone to their consumers to perform an archeological dig of what matters most to women% Cven their UBL address campaignforreal*eauty%com( was interacted with *y million women online% ;ctively see,ing the opinion of the people *uying their products meant million people spent time with their *rand% D)+ F;'IDG I+ 4I+/ 4)MCD% +/CH BC;LLH 3) DCC3 +) LI7+CD +) 4/;+ M;++CB7 +) +/CM% 4omen much prefer to *e consulted with( heard( and then to arrive at a mutual decision% Falidation and ac,nowledgement of their needs% 3ove may have the *ac,ing of Unilever and deep poc,ets with far reaching glo*al tentacles

74)+ ;D;LH7I7 )F 3)FC8

7+BCDG+/78 Unconventional strategy Cffective advertising( Free pu*licity Continuously evolving the campaign 7trong emotional touch Cross<selling 0ossi*ilities

4C;'DC778 Insufficient distri*ution channel Contradictory in nature )*&ectification of women 4omen featured were comparatively slim Use of ideali>ed images in other *rands under the same flagship Contradictory Eapanese campaign

)00)B+UDI+IC78 +arget male customers Maintain *etter standards of Nuality Unified advertising throughout the glo*e Continuous innovation

+/BC;+78 Involved mar,eting ris, Copy *y the competitors

Undermining the aspiration of consumers 7ustaina*ility of campaign in long run Bis, of *eing a *rand for Ofat girls@(due to their campaign)

C)M0C+I+)B78 ;mongst the most prominent competitors are 0B)C+CB ;D3 G;MBLCB (C;FID';BC : DIFC; 0 :G +;BGC+7 3)FC 4I+/ )L;H B)3H 4;7/ B;DGC 0 : G67 /C;3 ;D3 7/)UL3CB7(0;D+CDC (4CLL; ;D3 BCE)ICC ;BC C)M0C+I+)B7 )F 3)FC BB;D3 0 : G67 IF)BH ( C;M;H : )L;H (;LL 0BCMIUM 7);07);BC C)M0C+I+)B7 )F 3)FC% Camay was launched *y 0 : G along with dove which was a product having Nuite resem*ling features li,e dove *ut which could not do as well as dove in the mar,et %ivory was pre< e2isting *rand which gave a tough competition to hindustan unilever6s dove at the time of its launched %0 : G is planning for olay *ar soap to compete with dove 0 : G67 7CCBC+ ;D3 +;G 3C)3B;D+7 C)M0C+IDG 4I+/ 3C)3B;D+7 )F 3)FC % C;FID';BC67 0B)3UC+7 LI'C 70IDU( DHLC 7/;M0))(DHLC L)+I)D( C/I' 7/;M0))7 ;BC FC4 )+/CB C)M0C+I+)B7 DIFC; /;7 ; B;DGC )F 0B)3UC+7 LI'C L)+I)D7 (7);0(B)3H 4;7/ 4/IC/ C)M0C+C 4I+/ 3)FC%

;3F;D+;GC7 )F 7UCCC77FUL 0;BCD+ BB;D3 8 3ove6s moisturi>ing soap acNuired a huge amount of success and 3ove emerged out to *e leading *rands thus the other products launched after soap had an added advantage (less cost was incurred in their promotion and advertisement% 3ove has e2tended its range to a great e2tent which includes complete hair care range( deodorants( lotions (*ody wash etc %4ith the image of moisturing *rand the *rand could do eNually well in the products other than soaps% /UL acNuires GA$ share in hair care products% 3ove was one of the earliest to *ring up the concept of total repair which has *een imitated *y pantene and others later% Innovation has pertained in the *rand and new products are continuously launched after dove moisturi>ing dove e2foliating(having granules within to e2foliate s,in) and dove refreshing cucum*er(for cool effect) were launched followed *y dove nutrinum which is . in 1 soap and has vitamin C% 0eople usually have recogni>ed the role of vitamin C in nourishing s,in thus the product has *een launched% BCC)MMCD3;+I)D78 In Bangladesh( the *rand did not had the success of its glo*al counterpart% )ne reasons are the small ?

0remium ? mar,et and another is the price *arrier% 3oveJs initial price was around 1!! ta,a that put off even the premium customers% Becently it *ecome #- ta,a% ;lthough the ?Campaign For Beal Beauty? and the mildness are e2cellent selling points( the *rand is still not a*le to catch the fancy of Bangladeshn *eauties% 4ith lot of sales promotions happening with the *rand li,e 1V1 free ( there is a possi*ility of *rand value erosion% 4ith the *rand now priced at Bs #!( the price has somewhat *ecome reasona*le It has *een felt that still the *rand does not fit into the ? value for money? proposition for the Bangladeshn consumer% It is a truth that Bangladeshn consumer loo,s for ? Falue ? even in premium products% 3ove have a negative point in that the soap usually does not last enough ( partly *ecause of our *athroom ha*its)% +his have reduced the value proposition for this *rand% 4ith the emergence of an attractive mar,et in the premium cosmetic mar,et in Bangladesh( 3ove have lot of potential to *ecome a ,ey player( it has got the positioning right( now it has to set the ? Falue? right for the Bangladeshn consumer%

Sales plan for 2014 (March) to 2015 (March) Fision A< years +o stay in the salient group in the customerJs mind ie the top millions annually and earn ! crore ta,a annually% soap seller in Bangladesh% 0roduce

Mission Cvery Customer a strong reference

)*&ectives .!1= increase sales from ..crore to ! crore Increase the distri*ution to .!$ in every ma&or cities( esp in 3ha,a and Chittagong% 7ince Unilever have an overall 1.! distri*ution channel( the num*er will *e increased to 1==%

;ctions to achieve the goal we need a sales team for the two main cities who will cover the target areas with a minimum of 1!!!! sell in their location% +he . lac sell will *e divided along the districts according to

the demand% +he *udget for promotion will *e allocated to tv and maga>ines only% +here will also *e a finance department and a monitoring team to monitor the e2pense on sales% line items for a sales plan *udget will include allocations for areas such as la*or( increased production( advertising( travel( eNuipment and supplies% we will also develop a top<down strategy to communicate goals and o*&ectives of salespersons and other human resource personnel necessary to implement the sales plan% additional sales force training may also *e reNuired component to implement the sales plan% 4hether newly promoted into the position or *ringing e2perience to the post( the sales manager can find the &o* daunting% +he sales manager must staff( train( coach and lead the team% /eI7he must also help close the *ig sales and *e a liaison *etween the sales team and others in the company( many of whom regard salespeople with suspicion% Being organi>ed and following a plan can help the manager create order out of chaos% Foundation 7tep 1 Lay the groundwor,% For a manager esta*lishing a sales organi>ation( the planning process *egins with decisions a*out hiring salespeople( writing a compensation plan and laying out territories% 4hen assem*ling the team( the manager must decide whether salespeople should *e direct hires or independent reps% 7o in this case( since Unilever have a good reputation( we are going to go for direct hires not independent reps% 7tep . 3ecide whether to hire seasoned reps or roo,ies who might reNuire more training% If there are reps in remote locations( they should *e more e2perienced and a*le to wor, independently% 7tep A Csta*lish pay scales% +he compensation plan must *e sufficiently rewarding to assure that the team will *e well<motivated% ;ssignments might *e geographic or *y product line% +he reward will *e higher since we will not have to compete with other companies *ut also our own products% Ground Game 7tep 1 )rgani>e the territory% ; ma&or part of sales management is forecasting revenue% +he manager must determine how many prospects there are in the sales territory( how many are li,ely to *ecome customers( and what the average revenue per sale is li,ely to *e% +his will provides a rough guide that can *e revised as actual num*ers *ecome availa*le% In our G= districts( we want to go to every possi*le city within our distri*ution channel% 7tep . 4or, through the sales funnel << that is( develop a good sense of how many prospects will *ecome Nualified leads that convert to customers% It is also important to ,now how long the sales cycle is% since 3ove have pro*lem with stoc, so we would li,e to improve it% 7tep A Budget for salaries( commissions and miscellaneous e2penses% +he sales organi>ation is typically run as a profit center( so the manager must plan for cash outflow as well as inflow%

Maintenance 7tep 1 Monitor wee,ly reports and ma,e necessary ad&ustments% +he wee,ly report *y sales reps is the manager6s *est tool for monitoring activity% Beports should contain a record of sales completed( prospects( pro&ected revenue( closing pro*a*ility and time frames% Monitoring wee,ly reports will reveal who is succeeding and who needs help% 7tep . 7chedule regular training sessions% +he top sales reps receive the manager6s support *ecause they are producing( *ut the others also need help to ,eep them on a path of improvement% 7tep A 7et aside time for trou*le<shooting% 4hether it is to help a rep close a sale or to calm a disgruntled customer( the manager must schedule availa*le time for these activities% +he manager must also *e a liaison with the rest of the company and defend the team *ecause salaried employees do not understand why sales reps ma,e so much money% +he sales team must also *e defended if they do not ma,e their num*ers% 7ales : 3istri*ution Detwor, of Bangladesh Unilever (BL) ; mar,eting channel is a tool for the movement of goods from producers to consumers% It plays an important role in decreasing the time( place( and possession gaps resulted due to the separate goods and services from the people who need and use them% ; num*er of ,ey functions ta,en care *y the mem*ers of the mar,eting channel li,e forward flow of activity from the company to the customers li,e goods and *ac,ward flow from customers to company li,e order( 0ayment etc% Bangladesh Unilever transfers the finished goods to Carrying and Forwarding ;gents (CF;)% 7toc,ists receive the goods from respective CF;% 7toc,ists then in turn indirectly deal with the Betail outlets from where consumers get the desired product according to their convenience% +his is how the BU reaches to consumers% )n an average each 7toc,iest caters to -!!<"!! retail outlets of the city% CF; can *e classified into . types8 1) 4ith investment% .) 4ithout investment% +he without investment CF; are mere the Forwarding agents and act as the transporter to the company% +hen depending upon the type of products( sales( turnover and the num*er of retail counters a stoc,ist is dealing with( the company has classified the stores into8 Q 7uper Falue 7tores Q 7mart IFL) +he stoc,ist apart from retail outlets deals with Modern retail outlets li,e shopper stop( pantaloon etc% +he stoc,ist also supplies the goods to C73 Canteens and *ills them for the same and the difference in the amount is reim*ursed *y the company 7ales force *ehind the 3istri*ution channel +he successful functioning of the distri*ution channel depend upon having a good and dedicated sales force% In the case of BU (in a particular region) the sales are coordinated *y ;rea sales manager (;7M)( ;ctivation Manager (;M)( and a +erritory 7ales In charge (+7I)% +hese people are wor,ing on *ehalf of BU and are a Lin, *etween the stoc,ist and the company% +he goods moves to the stoc,ists go<down *y the company6s +ruc,% +he stoc,ist then appoints a (Be 7toc,ist 7alesman) B77M who is reNuired to collect the orders : payments from the retail outlets% +he delivery is made *y either cycle or through a van depending upon the si>e of the order% +he lead time for delivery from the company is 1 day% +he

orders are also placed online using the CBM software of Unilever called OUDIFH@ CvaluationI 7election of Channel Mem*ers Based on the factors li,e the investment capacity( num*er of retail stores covered( appropriate 7ales force( infrastructure etc%( the stoc,ists are evaluated and are selected *y the company% Company6s policy is to wor, in advance payment mode% +his is to ensure that the there is no delay in fulfilling the demand of the consumers and sufficient stoc,s are availa*le to cover the entire range and categories of 3ove shampoos% 0romotion From 1"" to .!!-( 3)FC used to target young Bangladeshi population with the pro&ection of its *rand aiming at 5perfect6 female population% +he *rand earlier portrayed its main theme for 5perfect6 women as role models% Main o*&ective was to form a *rand image of leading and 5*est6 *rand for *eauty products and other personal care products enriching the s,in with glow and maintaining *eauty of *eautiful women% ;dvertising Mission8 In .!!# mission of 3)FC changed from increasing sales among *eautiful women to concentrating over all age women without any categori>ation on the *asis of loo,s% Its mission now stated 9Oto ma,e women feel more *eautiful every day *y challenging today6s stereotypical view of *eauty and inspiring women to ta,e great care of them%@ Money8 +he stage in 0LC is 5augmented product stage6 where this product has come up with sensitive augmented *enefits li,e< damage therapy for s,in and intense the glow of the s,in% Mar,et share8 Mar,et share is less than .! percent Message8 Message generation and selection8 as a result of surveys and research it was found that< Q "!$ of all women 1 <G= worldwide want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance (with *ody weight ran,ing the highest)% Q G-$ of all women 1 to G= withdraw from life<engaging activities due to feeling *adly a*out their loo,s (among them things li,e giving an opinion( going to school( going to the doctor)% Q G1$ of all women and G"$ of girls (1 to 1-) feel that their mother has had a positive influence on their feelings a*out themselves and their *eauty% Q "1$ feel the media and advertising need to do a *etter &o* of representing realistic images of women over !% Q "-$ *elieve society is less accepting of appearance considerations for women over ! compared to their younger counterparts( especially when focused on the *ody% Q Dearly G!$ of women *elieve that if maga>ines were reflective of a population( a person would li,ely *elieve women over ! do not e2ist% Q #-$ of women *elieve they are too young to *e old% Message e2ecution8 Message is e2ecuted *y various advertisement strategies that no more included *eautiful and slim models *ut the actual users< average loo,ing woman% It launched 53ove Campaign for Beal Beauty (CFBB)6 as its advertising campaign% It included following as its parts at different time periods to create awareness a*out the recent changes< Q 3aughters6 campaign8 this was a su* campaign under CFBB which focused on

young teenage girls who are sensitive a*out the way their loo,s are evolving with age% In the +F commercials and audio visuals young girls with different loo,s and different perceptions a*out their loo,s (spotty( fat( dull( pale( dar,) were showed along with them gaining confidence as they loo, different and de<relating loo,s with self esteem or glamour% Q Cvolution is a campaign8 it captured one of the first online< focused spot *y any company% It derived its *udget from daughter6s campaign% It aimed at providing as much e2posure as possi*le to women through online means% Q 3ove self esteem fund8 it included inspiring advertisements during ma&or live events li,e 7uper Bowl where women were inspired to value the way they loo, and the way they perceive their loo,s% Q 7tudy 5voice68 in voice( dove was advertised to gain attention of ur*an class as a premium product% +hus main strategy was shifted from concentrating over the product to concentrating over the target customers< women of all ages and si>e% +he message to *e spread among them was that 5each woman is *eautiful( irrespective of her age or si>e%6 Media8 Ma&or media types used in advertisement campaigns are< Q 0rint media Q +v media Q )nline media8 www%campaignforreal*eauty%com is the we*site availa*le for woman for their information and cast their votes on the Nuestionnaire given% )nline dialogues are also *rought up through *logs and discussion *oards( research studies a*out *eauty( reading articles and opinions of the users% Q Bill*oards8 3ove placed mo*ile *ill*oards in ma&or cities% Cach *ill*oard challenged womenJs notions of *eauty *y encouraging them to cast their votes online% 7ales promotion8 activities related to sales promotion included Q Free trial pac,s which were distri*uted along with newspapers to have a larger reach to the population for creating high level awareness%

Implementation Budget +a*le 9 Forecast for the mar,eting C2penditure In millions Suarter 1 Suarter . Suarter A Suarter = 7ales of 3ove !%= 1%!! %.G G%."

Media ;dvertising (AA$) (.#$) (. $) (.A$) 7alary (7ales team) and ;dministrative C2penses (. $) (. $) (. $) (. $) 7ales 0romotions AA%== (..$) A1%G (.!$) A.%"= (.!$) A=%A (.!$) Mar,eting C2penditure as a percentage of sales 1 $ 1 $ 1 $ 1 $ ;ctivity 7chedule8 ;ctivities 0lanned . crore .! lacs for a year .!1=<.!1 3uration of the ;ctivity Budget in +a,a 7ponsoring events in Girls Colleges 7ponsor around 1 events over the year lacsW1 X- (!!(!!! C2perience 3ove Campaigns at Malls in cities such events in malls spread in various >ones in the cities 1! lacs Launch online s,in help portal(0romotion) )ngoing < 7,in e2perts in 3ove should answer the Nueries daily ! thousand per month ;dvertising Campaign Y1 in B;7UD3/;B; +o *e aired for A months starting 9 1 th ;pril .!1= " lacs ;dvertising Campaign Y. in 3hanmondi and Gulshan +o *e aired for " months starting 9 1 th ;pril .!1. 1 crore ta,a Mar,et survey 9 +o find out *randI product awareness +o *e conducted A<= months later lacs 4or,shops for self<esteem Cvery =months

1 lacs Financial 0ro&ections8 Current financial position calculated8 ;verage usage per consumer X .%A per month Folume per usage X .A! grams (appro2) 4eighted 0rice per usage of soapX Bs% Do% of dove users X !%A million Hearly Bevenue generated X almost .. crore

0roposed 0lan8 Mar,et growth over previous year X %A$ Hearly revenue pro&ected X ! crore

UDILCFCB Bangladesh )BG;D)GB;M In Unilever the hierarchy is very lean( in general the whole setup is centrali>ed( all the matters are to *e reported to the head office and all the policies and targets are approved at the higher level% But at the *ranch level the structure is decentrali>ed% ; generali>ed )rganogram of Unilever Bangladesh head office with reference to designations is mentioned *elow8 General +rade 7ales /ierarchy )rgani>ation of the 7ales Force8 +he organi>ation of the sales force at Unilever is OCom*ination )rgani>ation@% +he structure of most sales forces is com*ination of two or more of the types of speciali>ations( such as com*ination of 0roduct speciali>ation and Customer 7peciali>ation( or com*ination of Customer speciali>ation or Geography speciali>ation% Unilever too uses a com*ination of O0roduct and Geographic speciali>ation@% Because Unilever has a range of products for all of its products( therefore( there are different sales personnel for each of its products% ;nd as evident from the sales structure of the organi>ation( the sales force is also organi>ed *y the geographical regions of the country% 7trategic decisions have *een ta,en *y B7M whereas ;dministrative decisions have *een ta,en *y D7M% +hey sell *ased on what they want to sell strategically and what they don6t want% 3ivisions in Bangladesh8 Bangladesh is divided in three geographic regions for the sales operationsK these divisions are supervised *y the General 7ales Manager%

3ha,a south and north and the rest of the cities% In rest of the regions( Unilever sends its outsourced sales +eam which is hired through their distri*uters% B;7I7 F)B +CBBI+)BH F)BM;+I)D ID UDILCFCB +here are many elements that help and interact to determine the type and character of the territory( some of them areK Dum*er and types of outlets +ype of ma&or channels 7hopper *ase and profiles (0opulation Census) Geographical 7pread C)M0C+I+)B7 DC+4)B' ;D3 ;C+IFI+IC7 General economic conditions 3evelopment of infrastructure 3istri*ution networ, 3istri*ution 0hilosophy (Unilever may plan to e2tend coverage till the incremental volume *rea,<even with the cost to serve( it could *e C)G7 or B)I driven philosophy) +erritory distri*ution in 3ha,a8 In rest of the regions( Unilever sends its outsourced sales +eam which is hired through their distri*uters% In 3ha,a are a*out . !! outletsI;ccounts% 7ales force in 3ha,a for all the Unilever products constitutes of A!! 7ales Bepresentatives% +hey contri*ute one day to each 0roduct Line% +here are a*out si2 different ;reas in 3ha,a and for each area they have an individual ;rea 7ales Manager% C7+IM;+C3 )U+LC+7 0CB 3;H ;dding up the volume from each outlet as per catalog can give is the num*er of calls to *e managed in a day *ased on volume% +his gives them the estimated volume per representative in a day% Cach sales person has to cater to minimum of A! 0)0s in a day% +his volume forms the *asis for daily target setting and *alancing the loads for delivery purposes% FC;+UBC7 ;D3 BCDCFI+7 )F UDILCFCB +CBBI+)BH 3C7IGD FC;+UBC7 CU7+)MCB<BCL;+C3 Intensive mar,et coverage C2cellent customer service Cffective time management 7;LC70CB7)D<BCL;+C3 Foster motivation 0erformance Cvaluation BCDCFI+7 0roduce higher sales Customer 7atisfaction Lower cost of operations

Lead to less turnover /igher Incentives

C)M0;DH<BCL;+C3 Focused 7ervices 3I7+BIBU+)B BCL;+C3 Cfficient Coverage

Lead to less wastage

lower cost of distri*ution

+erritory Bases8 +he Bases for territory formation followed in Unilever Bangladesh is 7ales 0otential% +erritories are divided according to the OIncome groups@( the terminology used *y the Dational 7ales Manager% 4hen further discussion and as the Interview proceeded( we gathered that the territories are formed according to the sales 0otential for each category of products% For the s,in Cleansing 0roducts( the territories are formed according to the Income Groups and according to the turnover each Income Group *rings in for the company% +he accounts are divided in three types of Income Groups8 Income Group ;8 Income group ;( that *ring in a *usiness of more than Bs% . !!! in a month( constitute of a*out !!! outlets in 3ha,a Income Group B8 Income Group B( that *ring in a *usiness of more than Bs% 1 !!! in a month( constitutes of a*out "!!! outlets in 3ha,a Income Group C8 Income Group C( that *ring in a *usiness of *elow Bs% 1 !!! in a month( constitutes of a*out 11!!! outlets in 3ha,a ;n average 7ales 0erson ma,es a*out .!<=! calls a day for each Income Group Calls Made In a wee, )utlets In 3ha,a ;<Class )utlets .<A times a wee, ;*out !!! B<Class )utlets 1<. times a wee, ;*out "!!! C<Class )utlets ;t least once in 4ee, ;*out 11(!!! Bouting8 Bouting refers to esta*lishing a seNuence of locations a salesperson will visit% 4hen as,ed( the ;rea 7ales Manager replied that for its 7,in Cleansing 0roducts( they follow 7traight Line Method% +his pattern is often achieved *y identifying customer locations that are situated at the outer perimeter of the territory% +he sales person *egins with a call on a customer located at the outer perimeter and then wor,s *ac, to the home *ase% 7traight line Bouting Method

UDILCFCB +CBB)+)BH C)FCB;GC 0L;D 0E0 (0ermanent Eourney 0lan) Unilever Follows straight line pattern called 0ermanent Eourney 0lan( Cvery 37B has to sell )ne BB;D3I0B)3UC+ LIDC each day( 3edicated 37B 0roduct wise for all Ma&or ;ccounts and )DC

37B for small towns and remote areas% Unilever assess the current volume *ase of territory as per individual route 0lan in 0E06s for all distri*utorsIsales representatives( (+a,e monthly averages to identify current *ase of the outlets)% 7ales Bep has to cover all the routes in their territory for complete territory assessment% Based on the current volume calculate and record the gross margin generated on each route% Calculate the estimates cost of servicing that route and record the availa*le 5margin per person6% ;fter 7ales Bep initial assessment they plan the field coaching days for each sales representative on all his routes% Identify and discuss the potential opportunity with representatives after each full day field contact% Beview the situation for all 0E0s in the light of s,ill gaps( mar,et opportunity and *rand trends% 7ales Bep discusses the mar,et potential with manager with special focus on 5low margin per person6 routes% 0lan for revised targets( revised outlets and if any support needed for personal development% Based on assessment of availa*le potential allocate the new targets and monitor them closely for each sales representatives% 7ales Bep su*mit the performance results with their 0E0 improvements plan to their manager% 7ign off the coaching sheet with their report for future referenceI record in the training log *oo,% Unilever does not include overheads( warehousing costs( capital cost and other related costs as the o*&ective here is to access the economic via*ility of the routes% ; route *ecomes self<sustained only when its potential has *een fully e2ploited% +his is a form where they have to *uild the territory do the necessary *uilding investments% +erritory Brea,even ;nalysis ;fter allocating the resources they carry out the *rea,even analysis for their territory% +hey estimate the minimum possi*le volume reNuired to sustain each individual route% Clements that need to *e calculated for the *rea,even analysis are as follows8 7alary of all representatives% Fuel and maintenance cost for all vehicle deployed (driver( patrol( par,ing and toll% Boad ta2( repairs( regular maintenance etc) Communicate gross margin availa*le on all categories as per the product mi2 estimated territory volume% Gross Margin (A) < Cost (1V.) X margin per person Y of Bepresentatives If the Margin per person is around !$ of the gross revenues for the territory then they have a *alanced route% Channel and territory focused plan 3epending on the si>e of distri*ution operation and types of outlets( they have a territory whose designed is *ased on either channelI category focus or on geographical spread% (Geographical *asis of territory is suita*le for less segmented mar,ets and rural territory coverage)

Channel focused territories would reNuire more travel time as compared to territories *ased on geographical only% +hey need to ensure the effectiveness of the coverage plan and ensure sustaina*ility for regular coverage% Channel category focused territory 0E0s are reNuired where we have the need and resource to provide the via*le added services in the group of selected outlets% )nce they have done the analysis *ased on the a*ove factors( they would *e in a position to determine the num*er of people and vehicles reNuired to service their customer% Based on the estimated volume per route( they can easily estimate territory volume and get a sound *asis for forecasting% +CBBI+)BH )FCBFIC4 Good territory management contri*utes to the development of8 7trong *usiness partnerships ;chievement of growth targets Better use of resources It is important that you ,now your territory and have a detailed ,nowledge on outlet mapping to from managea*le clusters% Hou need to understand your responsi*ility in managing all the resources availa*le% Managing territory is the role of an am*assador in *uilding long term trade relations for the company% Hou don6t wor, in isolation and the effectiveness of your wor, has an impact on the wor, plan of others% Hour efficient e2ecution contri*utes toward the achievement of *road company o*&ectives% +CBBI+)BH M;D;GCMCD+ Ideally sales territories at Unilever are structured in a way that facilitates planning and control of the selling efforts% ; strong territory structure has helped Unilever in implementing selling discipline and demarcates the operational span for their distri*utors% +CBBI+)BH Unilever defines territory as a customer *ase in which they operate% ;ll the current and potential outlets that are counted in a geographical *oundary represent a sale territory% M;D;GCMCD+ Management refers to planning( setting direction and control of sales team involved in providing *asic and value added services% +he aim is to ensure the implementation and Nuality performance of tas,s in order to achieve predefined o*&ectives%

B;7I7 F)B +CBBI+)BH F)BM;+I)D ID UDILCFCB +here are many elements that help and interact to determine the type and character of the territory( some of them areK Dum*er and types of outlets +ype of ma&or channels

7hopper *ase and profiles (0opulation Census) Geographical 7pread C)M0C+I+)B7 DC+4)B' ;D3 ;C+IFI+IC7 General economic conditions 3evelopment of infrastructure 3istri*ution networ, 3istri*ution 0hilosophy (Unilever may plan to e2tend coverage till the incremental volume *rea,<even with the cost to serve( it could *e C)G7 or B)I driven philosophy)

+;BGC+7 7C++IDG ;nnual targets are reflected in the targets set for each distri*utor% +he distri*utor targets would then *e allocated to each sales representatives wor,ing for that distri*utor according to his territory potential% Based on their annual targets they set monthly( wee,ly and even daily distri*ution targets as per *rand and outlet% +hey need to incorporate the *rand cycle activities in their targets *e a*ide to ta,e full advantage of the promotional support and to ensure regular availa*ility of stoc,s% 0L;DDIDG F)B ;C/ICFIDG )BECC+IFC7 +he first step in the planning for achieving o*&ectives is to assess the territory volume through *uilding 7M;B+ &ourney plan% ;ll outlets in the territory are mapped for coverage (Mapping stands for actual mapping on a plot) and potential permanent &ourney plan (0E0) is the starting point in the wor,ing of a distri*utor sales representative% +he num*er of outlets in a day will determine the potential availa*le and effective utili>ation of his entire day% +ime is one a*le sales force resource and needs careful planning% +he &ourney plans are made for each route which than forms a section of the sales representative or his territory% ;ll routes have assigned num*er of customers for each sales representative% +he flow or the seNuence outlets is ,ept in line with the customer needs and the logical ne2t outlet with respect to time and distance% If possi*le the wor,load is *alanced each day for an effective utili>ation of time during the wee,% 0E0 is a flying document which needs to *e updated regularly% Dew outlets needs to *rought under coverage( changes in road networ,s reNuire appropriate action etc% they ensure that the routes and &ourney plans are valid and updated regularly%

Monitoring 7elling ;ctivities +o monitor selling activities( Unilever use a device called //+ (/and /eld +erminal)% +here6s a scanner at the *ac, of the device which is used to trac, the e2isting location of a 7ales Bep% 4hen a 7ales Bep reaches an outlet( a detector( present at the outlet detects the 7ales 0erson and notifies the system of sales 7upervisor that the sales rep has reached the location% ;fter this( report of the order gets uploaded in the Unilever6s server% +his way manager sitting in the office can trac, the following8 0resence )rder 3etails Current Location +ime 7pent in every outlet 0urchasing 0attern of an account for cross selling and up selling 0remium products are mar,ed red in the device means 7ales Bep has to sell this product% 7ales Bep also sell product *ased on the class i%e% they sell soap to C class accounts( whereas sell *ody washes to

; class accounts% Big 7'U6s will not *e allowed to sell in small outlets%

0erformance Management If there are 1!! outlets a 7ales Bep has to cover according to the given plan then his performance will *e measured on completing the atleast " outlets% If 7ales Bep completes "= outlets then it will not *e counted as an effective coverage% +ime Beport can *e e2tracted from the system i%e% how much time he spends in one outlet% ;ppro2imately <G minutes are reNuired to serve an outlet% +hrough this( the sales supervisors ensure a minimum of A$ B)I per month% CR0CC+;+I)D7 Following is the descriptive o*&ective set for each sale representative for *etter resultsK 'ey elements for managing a territory at Unilever are the *asis for running an efficient operation% Cffective use of O+erritory Management 0lanning Model@ to clarify( identify and determine the implementation plan for the agreed o*&ectives% +o appreciate the process for field implementation through *uilding a O+erritory operation 0lan@ for eliminating time wastages% I%+ 7H7+CM7 'ey remedy for a lot of issue is the automation of distri*ution networ,% +he data is helpful in assessing the customer *ase coverage and the prioriti>ation of customers for investment of resources% I+ has helped Unilever in planning out trade coverage planning in a num*er of ways( some of them areK In classifying outlets *y channel( type and volume In calculating the coverage of each Brand with productivity( activity etc% Building up of territories *ased on volumes( *rea,<even analysis( focus etc% Implementation of incentive planning through installing commission system( targets achievements reporting system etc% Unilever operates around philosophy of fire preventing approach rather firefighting approach% )D +/C E)B CRCBCI7C F)B +CBBI+)BH M;D;GCB7 ;+ UDILCFCB Unilever *elieves in learning as an ongoing process and for this purpose they invite all territory managers once in a month to participate in different e2ercises( one e2ample listed *elowK CRCBCI7C Formulate your territory operation plan based on the tools defined earlier. The format will facilitate you planning and plugging in the necessary details. You must expand and decide the tactics based on SWOT analysis and discuss them with your managers. Go through your Territory Operation Plan document with your manager. nsure that it is a line with o!erall company"s strategy and captures all the #ey areas. 7elling +ime 7ince there6s less paper wor, now *ecause of the current technology *eing used therefore selling time

is "!$ whereas 1!$ is on other activities% BCDCFI+7 )F ; G))3 +CBBI+)BH 3C7IGD ; good territory design would always deliver optimum geographic area coverage and a *alanced wor,load for all the resources deployed% +his would mean ma2imum sales and profits% It would help in maintaining a good co<ordination and *etter control among the distri*utor sale representatives and identification of performance assessment indicator in each cycle% It can *e used as an effective tool to *uild the confidence and higher motivation among the team through transparency and recognition% ; part from the geographical demarcation( the selection of outlet in each channel is a second ma&or factor at Unilever to *alance the volume and it6s very much important to monitor the channels with similar clusters for provisioning of appropriate channel tailored support% Suality customer services are yet another ma&or outcome Unilever is en&oying from its effective territory design%

DCC3 F)B +CBBI+)BH F)BM;+I)D ;+ UDILCFCB +he formation of a territory at Unilever is done with a *asic o*&ective *y measuring performance within smaller outlets or town clusters for providing a focused approach% 7tarting at a territory level also helps in easily managing the e2pected results and initiating controls within a relatively smaller area% Basis for territory formulation can *e evaluated either *yK ;*solute sales volume and growth Belative mar,et share 0rofita*ility of the distri*ution operation 7pan of control +he *iggest challenge for Unilever in territory formulation is the achievement of optimum coverage levels over a sustaina*le cost structure% ;ny deployment of resource would demand a thorough understanding of the opportunity areas and competitive strengths% For a wider coverage( if too many distri*utors are createdIhired( the *usiness *ase might *ecome fragmented( and in that case Unilever sales force may not *e a*le to provide sufficient after sales serviceIsupport to the trade% ;lso( it may not *e economically via*le to invest in the growing I+ needs that capture valua*le 0)0 (0oint of 0urchase) data in //+ (/and /eld +erminal)% 0B)FC77I)D;LI7M +erritory management starts with resource planning to ma,e *est use of availa*le resources( and for this purpose Unilever must e2pand its coverage at an optimal level to ensure regular supply to the trade through availa*le routes to the mar,et% +he way sales force wor,s in a territory and the outcomes is the direct reflection on the professional approach of Unilever sales team% Cach territory is a smaller part of the total mar,et and hence involved all sort of managerial duties reNuired in field operations limited to scaled down level% ;n effective and efficient territory management develops the territory and hence *uilds career growth for the individual wor,ing in the territory%

Dew venture 4ith a growth rate curving upward( the Bangladeshi s,in care mar,et is going through a ma&or paradigm shift% +here is such huge potential that ma&or Bangladeshi manufacturers are now relaunching s,in care *rands% +he change is visi*le at two levelsPconsumer *ehaviour and mar,eters trying to grow the mar,et *y introducing new product categories and services% Men are fast emerging as a separate consumer category in a mar,et traditionally dominated *y women% +he change in the *uying pattern includes men loo,ing for care and styling products that cater to their specific needs% ; growing num*er of men go for shopping on their own with more income in their hands to *e spent on personal care products due to demographic features such as the rising num*er of single<occupancy households( as consumers delay committing to marriage and children% +he proposed plan is to enter into a new mar,et segment i%e% men% +here is a huge potential for this segment as inferred from the survey given% ;00B)0BI;+CDC77 of men6s new mar,et segment8 Q 7,in care is meant for men as much as it is meant for female population% Q CFBB can support Men in a su*stantial way as men are also sensitive a*out their loo,s as verified *y% Q Men consider glowing s,in as an important attri*ute in a shampoo to *e cared a*out more than women% /ow to tap this new mar,et segment8 Q Include men (average loo,ing( not cele*rities) into advertisement campaigns% Q Create awareness of advantages and rationale for dove products to *e used *y men% Q +here is enough value proposition in the product hence there could *e a potential opportunity to cater the men6s segment% Q 3ove has already introduced its men6s segment in U7%

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