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Best Industrial Packaging Machine Manufacturer in India ALLESPACK is one of the leading players in the field of industrial packaging

machine since 1997 and has a large installation base co ering a !ide segment of the industry co ering follo!ing product groups" #o kno! more about our products reach us at $ho %akes Auto Strapping %achine in &elhi '(&)S#*+ SE,%E(#S CA#E*E& %eat and Sea .ood E/porters Airlines and #ransport segment 0ank and Postal &epartment Electronic goods #iles and ceramics Agro and food Products Chemicals and Pesticides (e!spapers and Publishers Engineering ,oods +arn and made ups etc" Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics Automobile segment

't !as one of the first companies in 'ndia to import and distribute automatic strapping machines from #ai!an and slo!ly o er the period of time has also added follo!ing product segments" #o kno! more about our products isit us at $ho is Strapping %achine Supplier in &elhi P*1&)C# ,*1)P 1" 2" 4" 6" 7" 8" 7" Cartoon strapping and tapping machines" Shrink packaging e3uipment" Skin5 blister and acuum packaging machines" %anual and continuous pouch sealers" Coding and marking machines" Plastic !raps and Shrink film" Automatic packaging system"

SALES A(& A.#E* SALES (E#$1*K 't is ser ing its customers through a country !ide dealer and ser ice net!ork and maintains ade3uate stock of spares for all e3uipment sold and ser ice by it" #he company is also pro iding ser ice and contracts for machines of other reputed makes as and !hen re3uested by its customers" 't also belie es in pro iding comprehensi e training to customers in art of basic maintenance to reduce do!n time and dependence on supplier" #o kno! more about us isit at $ho %akes Semi Auto Strapping %achine in &elhi #EC9('CAL E:PE*'E(CE A(& 0ACK,*1)(& ALLESPACK is sister concern of %;s Sumech Enterprises <P= Ltd leading manufacturing of high speed bag stitching and material handling e3uipments for last t!o decades the sales and ser ice staff is regularly updated on arious technical matters to pro ide proper ser ices" >isit #he e3uipment is being sourced from highly e/perienced and reliable manufacturers5 and all support e3uipment like con eyors5 control systems are produced in house using the best engineering practices"


%;S ALLESPACK S+S#E%S P>#" L#& .lat no" 75 4rd .loor5 1@A;285 $ard no" 1 %ehrauli5 (e! &elhiA11BB4B

Phone? BB91AB11A28862B865 288668275 28862B86 .a/? BB91AB11A 28862796 %obile? 9@8@7227745 9@8@1776B6 Sho!room? &A795 1khla 'ndustrial Area5 Phase A '5 (e! &elhi A 11BB2B Phone? BB91AB11A284714795 284712B7 Email? allespackCgmail"com