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PHIL 1105: Intro to Ethics Seton Hall UniversitySpring 2014


RSE SYLLABUS AND SCHEDULE Dr. Mario Garitta I am available to see students on Tue. and Thurs. by appointment *Email: mariogaritta@shu.edu Cell phone: !"1# $!$%&&"' Department (e)retary *hone: +&"%&!1%+,,, * -ou may )onta)t me either through email or te.t messages on my )ell phone. Te.t messages are the pre/erred /orm o/ )onta)t. I 0ill usually respond to te.t messages as soon as I re)eive them1 unless I am in )lass. TEXTS (r !"ir #$ Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Iss es! seventh%edition 0ith readings by 2arbara Ma)3innon1 available in the )ollege boo3store.

COURSE DESCRIPTION Ethi)s is a bran)h o/ philosophy 0hi)h employs a rational methodology to thin3 about issues o/ right and 0rong1 and to evaluate and /ormulate ob4e)tive norms )apable o/ guiding human a)tions to0ard 0hat is good. The )ourse 0ill be divided into three parts. *art I 0ill )over logi) and )riti)al thin3ing s3ills. *art II 0ill /o)us on some o/ the ma4or ethi)al theories o/ 5estern )ivili6ation. In part III based on our ne0 /ound understanding o/ ethi)al theory and sharpened )riti)al thin3ing s3ills 0e 0ill attempt to address and illuminate a number o/ )ontemporary moral dilemmas su)h as abortion1 animal rights1 euthanasia and geneti) engineering.

This )ourse satis/ies the )riti)al thin3ing pro/i)ien)y. This means that the )ourse 0ill in)lude spe)ial emphasis on )riti)al thin3ing s3ills. 5e 0ill begin 0ith a se)tion on )riti)al thin3ing 0hi)h 0ill in)lude re)ogni6ing1 evaluating and /orming arguments1 /ormal and in/ormal /alla)ies1 as 0ell as re)ogni6ing and evaluating di//erent types o/ arguments. The )on)epts o/ validity and soundness1 0ays in 0hi)h arguments )an /ail1 as 0ell as su))ess/ul argument strategies 0ill be )overed. The /irst test 0ill )ontain a good deal o/ material on )riti)al thin3ing. The /irst 8ui6 0ill be entirely devoted to )riti)al thin3ing s3ills )overed in the reading and le)tures. CLASS ETI%UTTE AND POLICIES: Th "s or h&n#'in( o) c '' *hon s &n# oth r ' ctronic # +ic s in c'&ss is strict', *rohi-it # &n# n)orc #. These devi)es should be entirely removed and put a0ay at the beginning o/ )lass. (tudents 0ith )ell phones and other ele)troni) devi)es visible on their des3s 0ill be as3ed to leave )lass. I/ your behavior is any 0ay rude or disruptive I 0ill 0arn you about it on)e and then ta3e a)tion to have you removed /rom the )lass. I reserve the right to assign seats. I/ students 0ish to ta3e notes on a lap%top )omputer in )lass1 see me and I 0ill give you spe)ial permission to do so. POLICY ON TA/IN0 %UI11ES 9ui66es may be administered at the beginning or the end o/ )lass. I) & !"i2 is (i+ n &t th - (innin( o) c'&ss &n# & st"# nt is 3or th&n 10 3in"t s '&t h or sh 4i'' not - &''o4 # to t&5 th !"i2. I/ a 8ui6 is given at the end o/ )lass any student 0ho has the need to leave )lass early 0ill not be allo0ed to ta3e the 8ui6 earlier in the )lass or ta3e a ma3e%up. I/ a ta3e home 8ui6 is given1 a student must be present in )lass the day it is handed out in order to return it /or )redit. LEARNIN0 OUTCO6ES :/ter su))ess/ully )ompleting this )ourse students 0ill have gained: (ome genuine understanding o/ the nature1 limits and methods o/ philosophi)al re/le)tion. : broad% based understanding o/ 0hat ethi)al theory is all about. : pra)ti)al 0or3ing 3no0ledge o/ ho0 ethi)al theory provides a real basis /or thin3ing about issues o/ right and 0rong. :n understanding o/ ho0 philosophi)al )laims are supported by arguments. : broad% based understanding o/ some o/ the most important moral issues o/ our time. :n enhan)ed ability to thin3 about )ontemporary moral dilemmas in a )lear1 logi)al and systemati) 0ay.


:n enhan)ed ability both to evaluate and to /ormulate philosophi)al arguments. ;aluable e.perien)e in reading and understanding philosophi)al te.ts.

0RADIN0 AND ASSESS6ENT There 0ill bet0een <%& 8ui66es throughout the semester. %"i22 s 4i'' "n&nno"nc # &n# th r 4i'' - no 3&5 7"*s on !"i22 s )or &n, r &son. (tudents 0ho have ta3en all o/ the 8ui66es 0ill have their lo0est 8ui6 s)ore dropped. :ll o/ the 8ui66es put together 0ill ma3e up the value o/ one test 7<=#. " E.ams1 ea)h 0orth 7<= o/ your total grade. >ne e.am 0ill be a )omprehensive /inal1 )ondu)ted on the ?niversity s)heduled e.am day. E.ams 0ill )over 3ey )on)epts and basi) philosophi)al positions in a short%ans0er /ormat. E.ams 0ill also develop )riti)al thin3ing pro/i)ien)ies vis%@%vis appli)ation o/ ethi)al theory to moral dilemmas. 1 *aper optional# 7,= o/ your total grade due date T2D#. The paper 0ill determine 0hether or not you )an 0rite intelligently about a spe)i/i) issue in ethi)s and )learly arti)ulate your o0n insights. The paper should be argumentative in nature and /urther develop )riti)al thin3ing pro/i)ien)ies. The paper 0ill also determine 0hether or not you )an e//e)tively use internet resour)es and distinguish bet0een reliable and unreliable sites. L tt r (r&# : :% 2A 2 2% CA C C% DA D D L tt r (r&# c&'c"'&t # &s +<= +1.<= ''.<= '<= '1.<= &'.<= &<= &1.<= !'.<= !<= <<=

0r&#in( sc&' +$= A B : +, C +$= B :% '& C +,= B 2A '$ C '&= B 2 ', C '$ B 2% && C ',= B CA &$ C &&= B C &, C &$= B C% !& C &,= B DA !, C !&= B D C !,= B D

ACADE6IC INTE0RITY :ll /orms o/ dishonesty1 0hether by a)t or omission1 in)luding1 but not limited to1 )heating1 plagiarism and 3no0ingly /urnishing /alse in/ormation to the ?niversity1 are prohibited. Intentional disruption or obstru)tion o/ tea)hing1 resear)h or administrative pro)eedings is prohibited. ?niversity san)tions may e.tend to suspension and dismissal. 5or3 submitted in )ourse must be the produ)t o/ the e//orts o/ the student presenting the 0or31 and )ontributions o/ others to the /inished 0or3 must be appropriately a)3no0ledged. The presentation o/ anotherEs 0or3 as oneEs o0n is a serious violations o/ the a)ademi) pro)ess1 and it is penali6ed a))ordingly. The de)ision on the appropriate penalty is in the /irst instan)e the pro/essorEs1 and it may e.tend to a /ailing grade /or the )ourse1 0ith a /ormal report /iled 0ith the DeanEs >//i)e. 1 DISABILTY STATE6ENT It is the poli)y and pra)ti)e o/ (eton Fall ?niversity to promote in)lusive learning environments. I/ you have a do)umented disability you may be eligible /or reasonable a))ommodations in )omplian)e 0ith ?niversity poli)y1 the :meri)ans 0ith Disabilities :)t1 (e)tion <,$ o/ the Gehabilitation :)t1 andHor the Ie0 Jersey Ka0 against Dis)rimination. *lease note1 students are not permitted to negotiate a))ommodations dire)tly 0ith pro/essors. To re8uest a))ommodations or assistan)e1 please sel/%identi/y 0ith the >//i)e /or Disability (upport (ervi)es D((#1 Du//y Fall1 Goom !& at the beginning o/ the semester. Dor more in/ormation or to register /or servi)es1 )onta)t D(( at +&"# "1"%!,," or by e%mail at D((@shu.edu. DOIN0 8ELL IN THE COURSE *hilosophy is a di//i)ult sub4e)t1 and one 0hi)h most students have had little or no e.posure to in their edu)ational e.perien)e. (in)e philosophy is a purely )on)eptual dis)ipline1 it is imperative that students have a )lear and a))urate )on)eptual grasp o/ the )on)epts 0e )over in order to su))eed in the )ourse. Th r is no r &son &n, st"# nt h&s to #o *oor', in this co"rs . (tudents 0ho have any )on)erns 0hatever about understanding the )ourse material1 or doing 0ell in the )ourse are strongly advised to see me a/ter )lass and ma3e arrangements /or e.tra%help and to do so early in the semester. I 0ill meet 0ith you by appointment as o/ten as ne)essary to insure your su))ess. I have had many students 0ho e.perien)ed initial di//i)ulties in a )ourse1 but h&+ n + r h&# & sin(' inst&nc o) & st"# nt 4ho 4&s not &-' to i3*ro+ 4h n *ro-' 3s in "n# rst&n#in( 4 r &##r ss # &r', &n# 4or5 # on consist nt',. 9uite o/ten those 0ho are having the most di//i)ulties initially1 i/ they are 0illing to address these problems 0ind up moving 8ui)3ly to the Lhead o/ the )lass.E 9ui66es are meant to give you /eedba)3 on ho0 0ell you are understanding the )ourse material. *lease ta3e this as an important indi)ator o/ your level o/ )omprehension. I/


you are doing poorly on 8ui66es early in the )ourse please ma3e arrangements to see me be/ore the /irst test


Geadings must be done prior to )lass. Intro#"ction to thics Jan. 1$th M Ethi)s as a bran)h o/ philosophy1 ho0 to do 0ell in the )ourse1 the nature o/ philosophi)al reason B (in *&rt I9'o(ic &n# critic&' thin5in( Th too's o) *hi'oso*hic&' r &son &n# th n&t"r o) 3or&' r &sonin( 71th M2egin )riti)al thin3ing1 re)ogni6ing and /orming arguments1 evaluating arguments1 validity and soundness1 /ormal logi)al /alla)ies and /amous valid /ormsN(te0art and 2lo)3er handout. 7'th M Dedu)tive and indu)tive arguments and in/ormal /alla)iesN (te0art and 2lo)3er handout1 Oeith :llen Oor)6 handout1 the nature o/ moral reasoning general and applied ethi)s1 pres)riptive and des)riptive approa)hes to issues o/ right and 0rong1 ethi)s and religionN Oeith :llen Oor)6 handout1 Ma)3innonN)hapter 1. B (in *&rt II9th th or tic&' )o"n#&tions o) thics Ethic&' th or, Deb. $th M Introdu)tion to ethi)al theoryN E thyphro by *latoNMa)3innonNpp. 17%1<. The )hallenge o/ ethi)al relativismNethi)al vs. )ultural relativism1 so)ietal vs. individual ethi)al relativism NMa)3innonN)hapter 7Npp.7,%7!. 11thN Criti8ue o/ ethi)al relativismNTrying " t "ne#s $e% S%ord by Mary MidgelyN Ma)3innonNpp. 7&%",.

1'thNegoismNethi)al vs. psy)hologi)al egoismNMa)3innonN)hapter "Npp. ""%"+.

! 7!th M Criti8ue o/ ethi)al egoismNUpon the Social $at re o& 'an by Joseph 2utlerN Ma)3innonNpp. $'%<1. Gevie0 /or the /irst test

Mar)h $thNDirst test on )riti)al thin3ing1 moral reasoning and ethi)al theory 11thNIo )lassN(pring 2rea3. 1'thNConse8uentialist approa)hes to ethi)s N?tilitarianismN)hapter $Npp. <7%!1. N(n Introd ction to the )rinciples o& 'orals and *egislation by Jeremy 2enthamN Ma)3innonN)hapter $Npp. !7%!&. Utilitarianism by John (tuart MillNMa)3innonN)hapter $Npp. !&%&". Criti8ue o/ utilitarianism1 Deontologi)al approa)hes to ethi)sNOantian moral theoryN)hapter <N&$%'". 7<N Oant )ont.# N+ ndamental )rinciples o& the 'etaphysics o& 'orals by Immanuel Oant Ma)3innonN'$%+1. :pril Criti8ue o/ Oant. 1stst MThe so)ial and politi)al basis o/ ethi)sNso)ial )ontra)t theoryNMa)3innonN )hapter !Npp. +!%1,". Ethi)s based on natureNnatural la0 theoryNMa)3innonNpp. 1,'%11<. 'th M Iatural la0 )ont.#N"n $at ral *a% by (t. Thomas :8uinasNMa)3innonNpp. 11<%11&. Second Treatise on Civil ,overnment by John Ko)3eNMa)3innonNpp. 11&%17,. The virtue ethi)s o/ :ristotle and (t. Thomas :8uinasNMa)3innonNpp. 17$%1"$. 1<th M (e)ond test on ethi)al theory B (in *&rt III9cont 3*or&r, 3or&' #i' 33&s EuthanasiaNMa)3innonN)hapter 1,Npp. 1!7%1&'. The -rong& lness o& E thanasia by Gay 5illiamsNMa)3innonN)hapter 1,N pp.1&'%1'1. M :bortionNMa)3innonN)hapter 11N1+!%7,+. -hy (.ortion is Immoral by Don Mar8uisNMa)3innonNpp.77,%77&. 77nd (e.ual morality%%Ma)3innonN)hapter 17Npp. 7",%7$,. )re/ dice and Homose0 ality by Gi)hard D. MohrNMa)3innon )hapter 17Npp. 7$!%7<1.

& (e.ual morality )ont.#NperversionN)erversion by Thomas IagelNMa)3innon N)hapter 17Npp. 7$,%7$!. 7+thNM E)onomi) 4usti)eNMa)3innonN)hapter1$N)hapter 1$N7&+%7+1 1 stice as +airness by John Ga0lsNMa)3innonN7+1%7+'. :nimal rightsNMa)3innonN)hapter 1&N"&<%"'<. (ll (nimals are E2 al by *eter (ingerNMa)3innonNpp. "'<%"+". Geneti) EngineeringNMa)3innonN)hapter 1'N$,7%$1&. The -isdom o& 3ep gnance by Kean OassNMa)3innonNpp. $1+%$7$. Gevie0 /or )omprehensive /inal May. &th%1"thNDinals 0ee3 Co3*r h nsi+ )in&' :&3; ch c5 th "ni+ rsit, sch #"' )or :&3 #&t &n# ti3