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On 21st July 2009, I was given a task on a short coursework about set by my Mathematics lecturer, Ms. Ng Pek Foong.

This task should be done in a group of three members and submit it on 19th August 2009.We were asked to collect information from books, journals, and internet about history, theory and application about sets. After the task was briefing by Ms. Ng Pek Foong, I started to find my group members. Finally, Syarafina and Jamilah and I decided to become a group and we agree to take Jamilah as our group leader who will responsible in assigning the tasks and held group discussion. Then, we held a group discussion and began to divide the works fairly to each of the groups member, I was asked to gather information on application of sets and make reviews on that topic. Actually, this is my first experience on making a coursework. So, Im quite nervous and blur on how to make an excellent and impressive coursework. My group and I decided to ask everything about this task that we dont know to Ms. Ng Pek Foong and she gave a good explanation about the task which helps us a lot. After that, we started to collect information as many as we can about sets. My groups member and I went to the library and its a relief that we had found a lot of books and journals about sets at the library. We collected all of them, Photostat, and made a review. Even, I had to use a lot of money in order to copy the information but it is worth for me because I want to give the best commitment as I can to this task. However, we know that there must be a great challenge in making a good thing. In my case, my groups member and I had a difficulty in finding information on the internet because there is no wireless connection in the hostel except at the library. We had to find it

on the computer at the library and save it on the pen drive. This way is quite hard as the wireless connection is really slow and the computer that is provided is in a small amount and many students want to use too. Finally we found the solution to this problem and agree to borrow the broadband from the senior to find the information. For this problem, I want to suggest the institute to provided the wireless connection at the hostels as we know that internet is really important for the students to find information about a lot of thins in order to make it easier for us to do our assignment. Besides, my group and I also had a problem in managing our time well. There area lot of jobs to do and we had to steal sleeping time to finish this coursework. However, we got a great learning from this experience that is we have to make a timetable fromthe beginning to make sure our jobs are done smoothly. Although, I had to sacrifice my time for rest and sleep, my money and my energy to complete this task it is worth when eventually I managed to accomplish my goal of finishing this works. One of the reasons is because I had works with such an amazing persons, my group members, Syarafina and Jamilah who are ready to give the best cooperation and go through all of the problems in making this task together with me. Moreover, I had learnt a lot from my experience in making this task such as we have to be patient and try to find the solutions when the problems come rather than make it as an excuse for us. We must also give our best and our commitment when do a thing so that we will satisfied with our jobs at the end.